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2014 Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • Hey guys bought a car today but wanted to share some of my experience to help people in the future. Was looking in MASSCHUSETTS for a CRV-EXL

    • FOLLOW-UP: Emailed 15 Dealers, got response from 4. Had to call and pry to get the rest. Do your follow-up.Some had my email in spam filter, some use a different email and some just hadn't responded yet and gave me a quote by phone.
    • MAKE THEM AWARE OF THEIR COMPETITION: After collecting and pushing all quotes, best initial deal was $1950 below invoice ($26,200). During the process when they would give me quotes I would tell them what my current lowest was ( sandbagged a couple hundred less) and ask if they can make it worth while for me to travel by beating it. Some took a swing, some said they couldn't, a few old school small town dealerships got almost "angry" lol.
    • PUSH MORE: Mid afternoon I told everyone that I was going to buy in a bit, and told them where they stood in comparison to the best quote so far. This had them making better and better deals and coming back. I gave them my very low number and said this gets it done right now ... they can't hit it, so I say how close can you get so I come down and buy within the hour? A few dealerships responded. One near me said they were trying to make a month number and doing deals at steep discounts so would beat my best deal by $200 dollars and throw in a years service. Deal now is $26000. Sent out an email telling everyone I'm leaving my house to do this deal for $26000 and if they can make it worth my while to detour and travel let me know within the hour before I sign and I'm taken off the market. Got an email response ... $25,875 incl dest if I get it done today by 6. This place was a haul though. So I call back the closer place trying to hit a number and tell them the deal I was just offered. They tell me they will beat that deal by $100 and give the service if I go to them. So I contact another dealership which is the closest to me and tell them that "so and so down the street is giving me $25,750 and service"... they agree to match.
    • NOT DONE YET: At this point I keep saying what can you give me to take my business away from them etc? and they are throwing in goodies and freebies. At the end of the day I had multiple dealership options willing to sell to me for $25,750 ($2,415 under invoice) for the Honda EXL AWD Automatic.
    • MOST WILLING TO DEAL: These were my findings, but I;m sure it changes month to month depending where they are vs. bonus and goals: Kelly Honda, Bernardi Honda (Natick), Herb Chambers (Westborough), Honda Cars of Boston, Boch Honda
  • stayghost - CONGRATULATIONS! great job on a great deal.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683

    Great post @wbad and congrats! I had my doubts about Nissan dealing - you found just the right dealer.

  • wbadwbad Posts: 15

    Thanks @stever. All the stereotypes about new car dealerships have been shattered when buying from them. It was a no BS way of buying.

    I'll post again in the Rogue thread for future Nissan buyers. Those here that are set on a CRV like we were...before you pull the trigger, take a new 2014 Rogue(new body style, not Select) for a spin. You might be surprised!

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    In addition to consumer car reviews, we also have Dealer Reviews.

    Feel free to knock yourself out. Love to see a pic too.

  • Well, I caved a little bit because I wanted to get it done but I came pretty close to what I had hoped to spend. I could have done a little better but tonight I have my new 2014 twilight blue Honda CRV LX sitting in my driveway, freshly washed from the thunderstorm that blew threw after I got home!

    • Vehicle Price $20,641.39
    • Bogus fees I paid: $529.50 (predelivery service charge, electronic registration filing fee, lead acid battery fee, new tire fee ($1.00 per tire))
    • Lemon Law Warranty Enforcement Act $2.00 (Bogus fee?)
    • Title, Registration and License: $156.85
    • Tax: $1270.26
    • Total Out the door: $22,600.

    One problem I kept hearing is that a dealer could match if I had a buyer's order but no one would send me a buyer's order because they knew the next dealer would match.

    Long post but thought I would share.

    My best offer was about $22,900 OTD out of Honda of Ocala, about two hours away. I decided to hit the road and head up there yesterday but stop at Honda of Clearwater on the way to see if they wanted to make a deal. (Clearwater is local for me.) While at Honda of Clearwater on the test drive, Love Honda of Homosassa finally returned my call from earlier that morning. I let it go to voicemail. Called them back from the restroom at the Clearwater dealership. :-) They told me the same price as Ocala. I told them that and that I was waiting to hear what Clearwater was going to offer me. She said she would get back to me. While waiting patiently for the Clearwater guy to finish his long sales pitch about their customer service, Love Honda texts me $22,600.

    Clearwater finally gets around to the numbers and offers $23,999. I had so many offers so far below that I couldn't believe it. So I told them what Homosassa was offering. He said he was willing to work with me but couldn't go that low but would get his manager. He and his manager both told me that Love Honda was going to add fees when I arrived up there. (It was about a 90 minute trip.) They told me to call them and ask for that infamous buyer's order. They said Love Honda wouldn't send it because they couldn't really give me that price. So I called Love Honda right there, in front of these two guys. At the time Love Honda didn't think they had my color on the lot but could get it for me. The Clearwater guys said Love Honda would charge me a transportation fee. So the Love Honda manager came on the phone and I told him what I'm hearing. He said he promised me there would be no transportation fee, there would be no additional fees. It would be $22,600. He said he wasn't sending a buyer's order because he knew they would price match. I said fine.

    Clearwater said they couldn't match Love Honda. And just as shocked as I was about their silly offer, I think they were shocked they were watching me walk out the door. I hung out in my car in the parking lot for a few minutes, calling back Love Honda and Honda of Ocala to see if they could match and they could not. The Clearwater guys never chased me down.

    As it turned out Love Honda found they did have my color on the lot, moved it to a different area and put a sold sign on it because it was mine. But they closed at 4:00 and I wouldn't make it. I drove up this morning.

    When I got home last night, the Clearwater guy sent me an email. He says if I bring him a copy of the buyers order (which I would not get until I drove to Homosassa), he could match plus throw in an extra detail, tank of gas and a cargo cover tray. He reminds me about the good customer service there in Clearwater.

    I would rather not drive to Homosassa but I felt like I had made a commitment to them and I also felt like the Clearwater guy had his opportunity when I was right in front of him. He could have asked to see my text message to confirm the offer or call Love Honda himself.

    This morning I headed up to Homosassa and along the way, I got an email and some texts from Clearwater about the price matching and customer service. He was ready to price match without the buyers order. But I was headed to Homosassa. When I got there, it was exactly what they said.

    While filling out the financial paperwork, Crown Honda of Pinellas Park called me to check in. The best they had given me was $23,298.53 but they didn't have my color. She was surprised I got the price I wanted.

    When I was headed back and checked my email which I hadn't seen all day, Port Charlotte Honda had sent me a note this morning that they would price match Love Honda and drop another $500. (They had offered me $22,500 via text the other day but when I asked for the itemized list of prices via email, it came in at $23,000.) As I arrived back in town tonight, Port Charlotte followed up by phone and I let them know I was talking to them via bluetooth on my new CRV. :-)

    I realize Love Honda had me once I was there. I had a friend go with me as I was hoping to trade in my car but I ended up selling it to CarMax on the way back. If I had been by myself, I might have headed back to Clearwater or even Port Charlotte to avoid some of those bogus fees. But with a friend being nice enough to spend her day off going with me on this journey, I decided to just accept it. I could have called this morning before I left and asked for an itemization. I probably could have pitched a lower number to them yesterday from Clearwater and gotten it. But in the end, I'm not far off from what I hoped to spend and probably would not have been this close at all if I had not found this forum and Brian's notes. I will strive to be a better negotiator the next time, in about 10 or 15 years. :-)

    One more note about deciding to trust Love Honda and driving the 90 miles up there. I went with my gut feeling. A week ago, a guy at Wilde Honda of Sarasota had sent me a text offering $22,500. I asked him to send me the itemized list in email. A little while later he told me he was having problems with my email address and asked me to call him. I sent him a text suggesting a different email address. Didn't hear from him again until after the weekend asking if I had bought a car yet. This weekend while talking to someone else at Sarasota, they tell me the best they could do was $22,900. As they tell me this I recall the text and tell them I had one of their guys offer $22,500 the previous weekend. They couldn't do it. Sarasota is only 45 minutes away and I could have had lunch at a favorite restaurant down there. But I just didn't trust them to take the drive down there. And Hendrick Honda of Bradenton, which is between me and Sarasota, wanted to charge me a $100 fee on Saturday to transport my desired color to their lot and then on Sunday told me they couldn't get my color because I had not put a deposit down on Saturday. They were at $22,700 but I didn't trust them either. And I told them I wasn't paying the $100 transportation fee.

    Thanks again to Brian and Steve for all the great advice here.

    Congrats to everyone on your purchases and enjoy getting used to your new car.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683

    @elliefr said:
    I will strive to be a better negotiator the next time, in about 10 or 15 years. :-)

    It's hard to match wits with people who sell cars everyday. You done good. Nice color too!

  • Hi,
    Does anyone know what is the difference in terms of equipment (?accessories) for the CRV-EXL with navigation with MSRP 30025 and 30200 is/are? Thanx.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,730

    @macgandalf said:
    Does anyone know what is the difference in terms of equipment (?accessories) for the CRV-EXL with navigation with MSRP 30025 and 30200 is/are? Thanx.

    It's most likely a mid-year price increase... with one model being produced before the increase and one after.


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • @stever Thanks. I just like that the storytelling on this car will be that I got my deal with Homosassa Honda in the bathroom of the Clearwater Honda dealership. :-)

    I still can't believe the shocked look on the Clearwater guys faces as I left their showroom. I guess they really thought they could sell me a car for $23,999 or close to that.

    This morning while getting my paperwork together I was reminded my credit union had this offer that if you buy a car right now, they give you $200. So I actually bought my car for $22,400. Now that's a deal! :-)

  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
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    I closed the deal on Sunday afternoon (8/31/14) at Cambridge Honda. It is a CR-V EX-L AWD with Navigation, no accessories added. It is $27,588 (includes destination charge) + $349 doc. fee + 6.25% sale tax + $135 plate.

    The dealership don't have Polished Metal (or Titanium - my second choice) so they have to locate it from other dealership. They told there is no Titanium for EX-L AWD with Nav in New England.

    We agreed on the price via email. Some dealerships didn't even reply to my emails and some offered $27.7K to $28K. I took the $500 dealer cash (with 1.99% APR for up to 36 months) for finance with Honda. So that is $2000 under invoice plus $500. However, they only gave me $3000 on my '06 VW Jetta (83K miles). I believe the KKB trade-in value is $4000+

    Anyway, I am happy with my research here (Brain and everyone) and my new car!

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683

    Great @lok888 - let us know when you actually take possession.

  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
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    BTW stever, it has Navigation. I just edited my post. Car should be here within a day or two. I decided to buy the Honda OEM mud guards, all-weather mats and cargo tray online for about $200. That's probably saves me $100+ if buy from dealer.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
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    Wonder how far away it has to come. I hear through the grapevine that there's some excess inventory at Clearwater. B)

  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788

    That's probably the dealers' tactic or it could be the limited inventory. This dealer only has black, red and blue for EX-L AWD with Nav in the lot. They do have my color for EX-L AWD but without the navigation on.

  • in DC metro area, was offered CR-V LX AWD for $2,200 below invoice. Dealership claimed that even though I have excellent credit, I wasn't going to be given the 0.9% APR promotional rate because they were selling the car at a good price. Is that standard practice among dealerships?

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683

    Hm, I think I'd tell the dealer you either qualify or you don't. Or call Honda and tell them what the dealer told you. Doesn't sound "standard" to me, sounds more like it's just a case of the dealer trying to make some extra profit.

  • During his pitches for the extended warranty and maintenance packages, which I refused multiple times, the finance guy offered things, like raising the cap on the amount of down payment I could make via credit card or dropping the 2.99% rate to 1.99%, if I would buy the extended warranty and maintenance packages. Made me feel as though the guy is allowed to manipulate the rate/terms however he wants.
    I went ahead and bought the car there because my wife had been nagging me about getting it done so she wouldn't have to drive my old car. Even though I got it at a "good" to "great" price, I regret not walking out when they took the 0.9% off the table.

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    Well, you could ding them on the survey but that'll most likely just hurt the salesperson.

    You could write up a Dealer Review - that'll get the word out even better than posting in the forums.

    You know what they say, happy wife, happy life. Enjoy the new ride!

  • Thanks, Stever. For anyone in northern VA, AutoNation and Pohanka of Fredericksburg gave the lowest offers ($2200 below invoice). Koons held at $1840 below invoice. Pohanka of Chantilly held at $1600 below invoice.

  • Same story here in So. Cal. No 1.9% rate even with 800+ ficos...unless we took their worthless ripoff KARR flashing blue light security system for almost $600! Now we have a disabled aftermarket alarm system under our dash!

  • Hi all, thanks for the great info on all the dealerships tips and helpful guidance. I have a question, I wanted to make sure I get a good deal on the CRV-EL-with Entertainment AWD. I got an offer for 28,470.56 OTD price. Is that a good price to go with? I am also trying to check with other dealerships for this price match if they are closer.

    Thanks in advance!

  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,897
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    2k below dealers invoice is a good price on your model. Your target price to buy should range from low end 1500 below to the 2k mark.

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  • steverstever Posts: 52,683

    Pardon the diversion:

    A reporter is looking for shoppers who recently traded in a midsize sedan for an SUV because they think gas prices aren’t a big deal anymore or they were just blown away by the fuel-efficient crossover offerings now available. If you think you can help, please reach out to by no later than Wednesday, September 10, 2014.

  • Brian125: Thank you. I think I will forgo Honda and seek Toyota instead. I just don't like their speed shifting gear location. I hate it so much that I rather go for something else rather.

  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,897
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    Forester, Rogue and Santa Fe may be good alternatives.

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  • First post here. Looking to buy 2014 Honda CRV EX-AWD or 2015 Subaru Forester 2.5i premium w/all weather pkg in Chicago area. Started pricing online using through AARP TrueCar & received several responses. Best price I received for the Honda is $24, 058 (includes destination) + 166 doc + tax + registr. fees. The internet rep said the car is on its way to them & will hold it for me w/o a deposit at this price. However after reading previous posts it looks like I could do better. If invoice for this car is $25519, the price I'm quoted is $1461 below.
    The best price I recd for the 2015 Subaru is $24,905
    I like both vehicles so I'd appreciate any advice on getting the best deal for either. Thanks

  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,897
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    The Subaru Forester 2015 is a excellent choice and best in its class. $ 24,905 is invoice price with the 417 dollar weather pkg added. You may get lucky and get dealers to discount a few more dollars on the 2015 but that is it. As dealers stock rises with Foresters on lots pricing will loosen up. Most of the 2015 model Foresters will need to be ordered taken probably 6 weeks or more. Dealers without your model on there lot will not go out of there way with better pricing. So if you could order one and get dealer to sell at invoice consider it. That's a good deal for SEPT.

    Check out.......... Grand Subaru, Gary Lang auto group.... if either dealer has your model you may do a little better price wise.

    Pricing here in the NY/ NJ area on the 2015 Foresters are ranging from 500 above invoice to some at Invoice price. If I was buying a 2015, Forester today My 1st target price to buy would be ;

    Invoice price Minus that dealers doc fee charge, Minus Half of the dealers hold back on the vehicle.

    Dealer hold back on Subaru's are 2% of total MSRP

    The 14 CRV you probably could negotiate another 500 dollars off your 1461 below invoice price by getting more dealerships involved in the price wars and buying closer to the end of this month.

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    A good negotiating ploy when trying to BUY THAT 2015 model in 2014 when pricing may not be good due to supply and demand is;

    Send out a quick messaged email to 25 Subaru Int/ mgrs. Tell each dealership you are in the process of buying a CRV possible by Tomm. . You then ask each dealer If I reconsider buying the Subaru will your dealership sell me my model....... then list model........ for 500 below dealers invoice price. Wait till you get at least 10 response's back before negotiating price with contacted dealers. You have now broken the ice and are Negotiating online with maybe 10 or more dealers who are biding for your business who think they may have a sale that day if you agree on a price with them.

    The other way you could handle this is direct calls to each dealerships Internet MGR. That is the route I would go. One on one talks with the person who has the authority that moment to say Yes or No to me. If your not a good negotiator or a 1st time new car buyer simple send out this email and negotiate online.

    This method works great with any car scenario not just for Subaru's.

    Your emails/ Phone negotiating Talks should always paint the picture to dealers

    1- There is another car I am buying

    2- A better price right now earns your dealership the sale.

    3- There are other dealers competing.

    4- Id rather buy from you your the closest dealership to me.

    5- I have no problem buying at Joe's auto there pricing is lower.

    Good luck

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