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2014 Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experiences

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
edited May 2015 in Honda
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  • txchihuahuatxchihuahua Posts: 4
    edited December 2013

    Just arrived home with a 2014 EX-L CVT sedan. Purchase price 25709 + ttl. Total 27626 OTD. May not be the lowest posted deal but I am happy with it. That is $1300 below what other dealers were quoting.

    Anyone looking in the DFW area, contact Rusty Wallis dealership. I worked with Mitchell Smartt and he was a pleasure. He will send you his best price right off the bat no shenanigans like other dealers.

    Thanks everyone for the knowledge. See you again in another 10 years or so :)

  • naazimnaazim Posts: 17
    edited December 2013

    @txchihuahua we both got very similar deals. Just off by a little over $200. Did your dealer have flex cash? Also did your Accord have all the accessories?

  • @naazim No flex was used. The vehicle came with these dealer added options; splash guards, Honda cargo tray, window tint, hand-painted pin stripe, door/edge molding and Honda wheel locks) plus two free oil changes in the next year.

  • Me again,

    I finally got a call from someone on Long Island all the way out (about 2 1/2 hours with no traffic). They claim they will give $1500 off invoice including the destination fee but quoted the wrong number at $28519 instead of the $28269 (27479 + 790) for the 2014 Accord EXL with Nav. Red flag? They then said they would adjust the price to the right one (duh) and then take off the $1500. They are not really clear on the fees but told me they would be around $200. They would have to transfer my plates - they are in NY. My plates are CT where I live. Then the issue with the color etc. She said she would search for the car and called back 15 minutes later to say eureka we have the car in black with an ivory int with nav on the lot - but of course it might not be here in the morning. It is rush hour now and would take us well over 3 hours if we are lucky to get here and I am still in my night gown lol.

    The three dealers closer to me: One refused to talk over the phone but finally promised to beat any deal by $500. What deal? My word or something signed?? I love when salespeople say that. If I have to shop for the best price and do your job for you why would I not give my business to the aggressive dealer. He originally gave me a price $900 over invoice and looked at me like I was crazy when I said it was over invoice.

    The second one, lovely guy but new said the manager would only drop his price from $28,980 to $28,500 and that's the best he could do and anyone saying they could sell a car under invoice is lying or crazy. Third guy gave us a wild and wooly test drive in a monsoon rain yesterday that lasted an hour because we all got lost lol. It was closing time so I told him we would talk today and he had to get a better price. He refused to give a counter yesterday off his $28644 until I came back with my price. Well he asked me so I told him I had prices around $1500 off invoice inc destination. He insisted that the destination fee was not included and that those dealers were lying and playing games with me. He would come down to $27992 (a few hundred off invoice). If my fake deals fell through he would be happy to help me. Two cars were leased and bought from this dealership previously. So much for being a loyal customer.

    Going to Boston is not an option and I am afraid this crazy dealership out on Long Island will get me all the way there for nothing. She will not send me anything in writing. I understand getting a particular color with equipment is a problem but at almost $30,000 we would like what we want. Xmas is over so red or green is not of interest.

    Hubby wants to cry because he wants (needs as he has to use mine which is a pain) and I want to punch him because he leaves me to do all the negotiating lol. Serious foot rubs will be in order tonight even if I don't get him a car deal. I feel defeated and my head is spinning. I don't know what to do now. I really wanted a closer place that I could deal with but even the far away ones do not give me a good feeling. It's late already and without a deal to look forward to tomorrow, I think we are going to miss this banana boat.

    Need some hand holding,


  • veersveers Posts: 80

    hmm... I would not drive 3 hours until I confirmed the OTD price with the internet MANAGER (not salesmean!) by phone, and also by e-mail as well. Even easier would be a fax purchase, which would remove all doubt. $1500 off invoice (or it sounds like $1300 after the doc fees) is very tough in NY, and there is a decent chance of a "misunderstanding," which would not be pleasant. In any event I would try Autosport, they should be good for $900 or so off invoice without any haggling involved.

    If you can't close the $1500 under deal, I would think that either New Rochelle Honda or Huntington Honda would give you $1000 under invoice if you walk in with a check written out and tell them that this is a final offer. Jersey dealers are much tougher to deal with, and I'm not sure any of them are likely to go $1,000 under, so don't invest too much effort in them. $1,000 under invoice should really be doable, you just have to decide that you are willing to settle for that price, call up the big NY players (New Rochelle, Huntington, Atlantic, Bay Ridge, etc...), get the internet manager on the phone, and seal the deal for $1,000 under, including doc fees and destination.

  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,897
    edited December 2013


    i'll never kiss and tell...

    If your 2 hour away dealer wont fax you a buyers order and you holding it with a credit card deposit assume its bs.. Get on the phone right now ask for that internet manager and call his bluff.. make them comtt..... Start elimanating dealerships.. Start with the 1500 offer..

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2012 MB ML350

  • lil_owllil_owl So-CalPosts: 47
    I'm finding all these dealers want to pull credit to verify identity or won't sell car (the loan is through a large national credit union). However one will accept the credit union but won't let me take the car for 10 business days (saying that is how long until the check clears).
  • naazimnaazim Posts: 17

    @txchihuahua Congrats! Have a Happy New Year and enjoy your new Honda!

  • lil_owllil_owl So-CalPosts: 47
    @brian125 @veers

    Do you just request them to send you a buyers order? Will most of them do it or bulk at it? If you do that, how do you get them the rest of the funds (down payment, loan check)? I really don't feel like doing some 5 hour round trip adventure to a handful of these people who want to jerk me around.
  • All, I have a bit of an issue I could use some help with. I had an offer with one dealer that was beat by another that is a good bit farther away. I contacted the first and let them know. Of course, they wanted the opportunity to at least match. However, I have been dealing with an internet consultant and she keeps telling me she is trying to speak to a manager and get back to me and this has been going on for a few hours. I don't really want to travel quite as far if unnecessary (dealership is a little under an hour and a half away vs. 40 minutes) but I feel that maybe I am getting the runaround and should just cut it off. The dealership in question is one that is recommended as "well run" in the NY area.

  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,897

    If a dealer wont send you a faxed bill of sale and you securing the deal by credit card deal is off and let dealer know it.. Only if a dealer is in very short driven distance do you take a chance with out email or wriiten doc.. Case closed move on . Not all dealers will do a fax buy. Dealer that want your business will..

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2012 MB ML350

  • Got a truecar quote of $26,283 for a V6 EX-L non navi accord from Spreen Honda in socal. They dont have any in stock so I tried to match it at Corona Honda but they were forcing me to buy a security system for $995 along with wheel locks, trunk mat and mud guards for $895 to bring the total abover $28K. Anybody have success getting a lower rate in socal? Seems like all dealers have accessories added.

  • lil_owllil_owl So-CalPosts: 47

    I have found that most of these SoCal dealerships I have talked to add accessories. Spreen seems to put a 995 propack on everything (wheel locks and trunk tray). Moss honda (Daniel) quoted a price without accessories but then claimed he needed to get car from another dealership that put them on. Art with goudy was fair as well as JD with metro and Amir with Freeway. However none were as inexpensive as Spreen (so far....well one was but when I showed up they wouldn't honor their email avoid Sierra if you can).
  • Well this was a bust today. Got 4 quotes of $1000 under invoice - even one for $1500 under but the first three didn't have the car and the fourth one seems like a flaky deal.

    Hubby wanted to know what is taxed - are the fees taxed too because he said the taxes seemed high on some of the quotes.

    I have another dealer an hour away who says they can get the car but will not budge on $200 under invoice with a dealers fee of $300. (He giveth and taketh away in the same sentence as most of the dealers did). He said if I had a deal for $500 or even $800 under invoice to go for it because he wasn't going to move off his number. The conveyance fee ate up the measly $200 off invoice and then some.

    I had seven dealers who were not so hot and didn't have the car. Another two dealers in CT came in at $600 and $400 off invoice but had $399 and $359 doc fees respectively.

    Closer to home one dealership came in at $250 under invoice and would not tell me if he had the car or delineate the fees. I bought and leased twice from them. Another dealer close by could get the car and was the "home of the lifetime warranty" which meant I would probably have to do every service perfectly with documentation to qualify and would sell the car at invoice He wanted $399 for dealers fee. The last close by dealer also had a lifetime waranty (btw it covers tranny, engine and drive train) and was at $229 OVER invoice with a $$199 conveyance fee.

    I wouldn't mind a day like I've had if it paid off but this was one of the most miserable experiences I have ever had buying a car. I usually dog good if not great with the help of diligent research and the forum with its' tons of experience and wisdom. I guess I've lost my touch and feel like a terrible failure. I don't even know what to do tomorrow with the few that will get me the car (or so they say) not budging. Seems like no one wants to sell cars. What's annoying is that they either call you a liar or crazy when you try to negotiate. One guy nearby - the dealership where I got the two cars before didn't even call me back with the breakdown of the fees and to tell me if he could get the car. He was pissy and annoyed with me when I asked for that. He just said, I took you for a nice test drive and you should buy the car from me because I'm a nice guy. If his attitude was nice then I am the dimwit he treated me like.

    Hubby wanted to know what is taxed - are the fees taxed too because he said the taxes seemed high on some of the quotes.

    I congratulate all of you that made great deals. I knew they could be made. I just wasn't so lucky this time - unless I'm willing to cave and take what is being dished up. That burns me up no end. I knew that in my area the really great numbers might not be had but if we end up having to pay over invoice esoecially once that fat fee is added in I might as well wait til they actually have some more cars available and there isn't such a miserable frenzy. Do I roll over and play dead and give up? Now I have hubby and my Mom mad at me for not getting this done.

    Sorry for venting. Glad you all are dealing with this day better than me. I think it was the banana.


  • carbuyer209carbuyer209 Posts: 26
    edited December 2013

    For whatever its worth, it was a very frustrating day for me too, Diva. Was working on deals all day. Had what seemed like two good deals - one relatively close to home. I decided I would take the deal closer to home even though it was a little higher quote. All set to put a credit card hold after hours of delays in communication from dealer and then I'm told there was a mistake and the car isn't in stock. "Let me check what the manager can do and I'll call you back in a few minutes." No call back, so I call. Oh, sorry there was miscommunication we DO have the car, someone must have pulled it off the inventory list because you were dealing on it. Put through to one of the sales people and then told that info was wrong, they DON'T have the car. And this is supposed to be a reputable dealer that is recommended on here.

    So I call the second place that does still have the car in stock, but they won't do a fax buy and won't take a credit card to hold. They assure me car is in stock and they will put it aside if I make appointment to come in About 60 mile drive. I do have an email with statement of price that will be honored and generally what fees I would be responsible for, but no detail yet. Email says I only have to pay taxes and motor vehicle fees. On phone when I push, I'm told I have to pay state fees that includes the documentation fee (low for NY, but still, that is NOT a motor vehicle fee as far as I can tell). I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this deal yet. Very tempted to let it go and buy a car in the dead of winter when nobody is buying.

  • hotshot187hotshot187 Posts: 4
    edited December 2013
    Tough day for me as well. I live in NY and I got one dealership 500 under invoice and the other one 300. I tried everything and they wouldn't come down. I am in the upstate NY area Rochester to be exact and no one wanted to sell. I was looking for a 2014 honda accord ex cvt
  • Sorry carbuyer and hotshot that you had a bad day too. Hoping it works out better tomorrow for you all. Maybe the New Year will bring some brighter times although I figure the prices won't be any better. Still not sure what I will do tomorrow. Was going to ask who this reputable dealer is in NY you were dealing with but I guess that is moot with how it ended up for you, carbuyer.

    Can I bribe any of the big guns in here with a great homecooked meal? I have a feeling they did great today. And I wouldn't want them to feel as if their wisdom went unappreciated. It's all in the execution and I guess I don't have the magic touch lol.

  • The dealers I talked to were Garber Honda and Ontario honda in the Rochester area. Dick ide didn't have the car I was looking for and Ralph honda never got back to me. Thanks diva hopefully it does get better. Thanks
  • veersveers Posts: 80

    hmmm... as expected the NY dealers playing games. If it were me I'd just do the 6 hour round trip drive to MD, the peace of mind is easily worth the cost in gas and time, not to mention the $800 savings.

  • I live in Dallas and am looking for best deal on 2014 Honda Accord LX (CVT). What is the best deal and who is the dealer in DFW metrolex area? Any dealer is giving FLEX CASH ($500) ? Please let me know.


  • The NY dealers don't seem to want to budge. It's the dead of winter here in upstate NY and with Hondas incentives and the slow time of year nobody wants to deal. It's like I'm trying to buy a subaru. This time a year van bortel subaru is making a killing but a Honda during the winter I don't get why they can't budge a bit.
  • Veers, you can count NY AND CT as game players. I think some of the higher volume dealers in Westchester might have been okay but none had cars. The two larger dealers on Long Island didn't seem trust worthy. So much for volume sales. But the three in my area, Mount Kisco, Greenwich and Westport were the absolute pits. Milford not much better. It was their way or the highway. And the condescending, snobby and snotty attitudes when I tried to be polite really pissed me off. It is their perogative to stick to their price but they were rude and unhelpful about it. Oh well. I guess that's why people often dread buying a car - which should be a joyous experience especially when you can afford a nice car.

    Just FYI, I can't really do a long trip right now so a nice jaunt to MD is not in the cards. And with a blizzard on its way, I don't think so.

  • veersveers Posts: 80

    Some of the dealers might crack and call you tomorrow. You could also try walking in to a place that you know has the car and offering $1,000 under invoice with a written out check and walking out if they refuse. Dealers really hate to lose a live customer. If things don't pan out, you could still go to MD next week and get a good deal.

    Good Luck!

  • bluemkn57carsbluemkn57cars Boston, MAPosts: 379

    @dancingdiva and to anyone else out there in the CT/NY metro area,

    Do not get discouraged. If you feel like taking a trip down to Beantown, I can put you in touch with the internet manager I dealt with at Honda Cars of Boston when I bought my Accord. He did not play any games with me, and although they had to get the car from another dealership, they did not charge me a finder's fee.
    I got everything in writing before walking into the dealership and they even took my credit application over the phone.

    I cannot guarantee that they would have the lowest price, but they will not give you the run around.

    I would agree with Brian when he says you should call the dealerships and ask to speak to the internet manager or sales manager who can make a decision on the spot. If the price you are being quoted is more than what you want to pay, you have two options: try and negotiate your best deal or wait another month to buy.

    If $1000 below invoice price is the best you can do in the CT/NY metro area, then you know that's the market price of the Accord in that area.

    Hope you guys have a better day tomorrow. Happy New Year.

  • lil_owllil_owl So-CalPosts: 47
    Since when did it become "policy" to run someone's credit when they already have a loan their bank?!? Or even if they are paying cash (supposedly)
  • carbuyer209carbuyer209 Posts: 26
    edited December 2013

    Does anyone have real world experience with Huntington Honda? I got a quote for a good deal, but it is a distance for me and all I have is an email with a quote that says they agree to sell me car for X including destination and no administration fees. I just don't want to drive down there, and pay tolls etc. just to get jerked around.

    On another note the dealer that didn't have the car they said they had told me that they could try to get it for me (same quoted price) by Thursday. Not sure if I should do this or not. It is closer to home, but if they can't get the car (not sure why they couldn't because at least a few dealers around have it - but I don't know who they trade with), I'll be without a car and year end deals will be over. That said, I don't necessarily need a car and perhaps the deals will be the same at the end of next month. They aren't so fantastic now anyway.

  • bluemkn57carsbluemkn57cars Boston, MAPosts: 379


    Well this was a bust today. Got 4 quotes of $1000 under invoice - even one for $1500 under but the first three didn't have the car and the fourth one seems like a flaky deal.

    Can any of those three dealerships get you the car in your color combination? What did they say when you inquired? Are they going to charge you a finder's fee? Does anyone have flex cash?

  • They just say that, but you do not need to let them run your credit unless you are financing there and have agreed on the price. Just keep insisting that you don't need your credit check because you have a loan already and know your score is good. They just want to run your credit because it will lower your score thus make it harder for you to leave the dealer. If they insist than just walk away or ask for a different salesmen/mangers.

  • veersveers Posts: 80

    It's dealer profit 101, lil_owl. Dealers are desperate to distract you from the price of the car and the value of your trade. So they love to focus on the monthly payment, and especially your down payment. They run your credit to see what kind of rate they can get, then add on a couple points for profit and give you the offer. More importantly, they will demand some absurd down payment, like 1/3, to induce some shock in you, and make you forget about the care price and trade in value. They will then slowly come down on the down payment, while leaving the car at sticker etc... That's how they "protect gross" and fleece you. Here is a presentation from the master himself

    This is also why dealers are so eager to get you into the dealership... that's where they can "protect gross." If you negotiate everything by e-mail/phone they can only win by giving you the lowest price. If you come in, they can confuse you, claim other dealers are lying, add fees, and trick you into a bad deal. In fact, they prefer financing to cash purchases, as they can make money on the points.

  • lil_owllil_owl So-CalPosts: 47

    I don't believe my loan that is already in place will be affected. It just seems like unnecessary bs.
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