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2014 Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dyung, I had a quote for 53160 from them. I asked for 1k less and could have got it if pushed for it since Acura of Denville was willing to go 500 lower. Ended up buying AWD Tech.

  • dyungdyung Posts: 12

    skrish - Is your quote included destination chrg? If not, then that's what I got as well. They are offering almost nothing for my trade-in.

  • vipulvipul Posts: 4

    Purchased MDX FWD Base in Northern NJ for $39765 which includes destination + tax, title, etc...

  • skrish08820skrish08820 Posts: 15
    edited January 2014

    dyung, The price of 45387 for AWD Tech & 53160 (-500) AWD Advanced include destination charges.

  • I just bought an MDX AWD w/ Tech for $46.1K + tax, title in the bay area. I also ended up buying Acura care for 60,000 miles/4 years for $1300. In the calculations I've run it seems like the Acura care is just a break even proposition at that price - but would be interested in others opinions or knowledge there. Thanks.

  • @eric081 said:
    Hi, I am looking to buy an MDX 2014 AWD Tech in SF bay area. Dealers offer 47,460 + TTL through emails. Anyone recommends local dealers here with better prices? Thanks

    We got bids for 46.5 from several dealers - Marin, niello in sac, and Sunnyvale. Then we were able to get to 46.1 ultimately with the all weather mats thrown in.

  • Can anyone provide what they paid for a MDX 2014 AWD Tech? What should a monthly lease payment be for 36 months 15k miles a year? Did you role in T&T? What was your MF etc. What were your fees? Thanks in advance

  • dbworkerdbworker Posts: 3
    edited February 2014

    @skrish08820 said:
    body side molding $275, all weather mats 120 (1st & 2nd row), Cargo triple folding mat $120 and wheel locks $79.

    Skrish08820 - were all of these accessories included in your $45,387 price? And thank you for all of your comments...I'm in NNJ and will definitely check out Denville

  • @drakej, was wondering if you got any extras besides the floor mats thrown in: chrome roof racks, etc. I'm assuming the $46.1k included destination charge. Any chance you'd share which dealership you ultimately bought from? Thanks!

  • Hi all, I am looking to buy an MDX 2014 AWD Tech (Black/Ebony) in LA area. The best I got is $46.4K included destination and Protection package IV + TTL. Is this good deal?

  • @dbworker said:
    Skrish08820 - were all of these accessories included in your $45,387 price? And thank you for all of your comments...I'm in NNJ and will definitely check out Denville

    No, they are extra. 45387 includes destination

  • Hi, I am looking to by MDX Base AWD in Pittsburgh area. Is it right time to by Acura?

  • Hi I'm getting the Truecar price for the AWD Advanced/Ent package in SF Bay Area ($55,399) plus tax/title. Do you guys think I can get the price any lower? Has anyone purchased this model recently in this area? What was the deal you got?

  • Got the price quote: '14 MDX Base AWD 43013. Looks a bit high for the winter time. Am I wrong?

  • jnad1jnad1 Posts: 7

    Has anyone purchased Acura remote start or had Acura install the sensors in the front or rear bumpers that beep when you get to close to something when parking? How much did you pay?

  • 2014 Acura MDX SH-AWD (base) leaseing questions.
    1) Whats the best total cap cost people are paying?
    2) Whats the best 36 month with 15K?
    3) Whats current month money factor & residual based on the above?
    4) if anyone has recent 'positive' leasing experiences in NJ/Long Island or NJ, please mesasage me.

  • best price I received for the '14 MDX SH-AWD (base) so far $42,902 ( total cap cost).

  • Just bought 2014 AWD advance msrp 57400 in south jersey. They sold it to me for 54700. I got them to throw in roof cross rails($276 installed). A competing dealer offered me $3000 off internet price. My dealer said they throw in wheel locks, cargo net and mud flaps. He says other dealer wont. Experience was good overall except when i found out 1.9 apr for 60 months was for base mdx only through acura. I wound up with 2.9 for 60 months.
  • Im in Northern VA but went to MD and bought a 2014 MDX w/tech 45,060 + 895 destination fee = 45955 + VA T&T.
    Thought I did good considering most Northern VA dealers don't seem to want to sell below true car price but still pondering how some are getting for 45,000 to 45500 with freight. No trade by the way either.

  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,175

    It depends on the local market. In some places they can't even get your price and maybe in some they can beat your price a little because of competition or the dealers sales situation. Markets differ in otherwords.

  • That monthly payment I am driving a $65k MSRP ML 350 (2014 model) with 20" wheels and massage seats etc

    Does not add up - try if you are around NJ-Ny area

    @xhlar8cf said:
    Jan. 2014 latest quote for 2014 MDX w/ Tech package

    36 month lease
    MSRP: 49460
    CR: $47,990
    MF: .00200 (4%)
    RV: 12k = 61%
    RV: 15k = 59%
    Sales tax $2100
    TF: $1,451
    If all rolled in total Balance: $51,498

    $0 down w/ 15k miles: $794
    " " 12k miles : $768

    $3k down pays for TF / Sales Tax: 15k = $705
    " " 12k = 679

    What are your thoughts?????


  • SehKonNJdudeSehKonNJdude Posts: 19
    edited February 2014

    Do NOT lease MDX - for $800/month you can lease new X5, ML350 , ML 550, GL 350 Blu Tec and Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne (V6 one) and Range rover Sport

    Those are much expensive vehicles compared to MDX

    I am trying to get 0.9% APR from local credit union (20% down) -

    @kyfdx@Edmunds said:
    Looks like they are marking the base money factor of .00170

    $800 seems like a lot for a $50K vehicle.

  • pfetayapfetaya Posts: 13

    To all prospective MDX buyers in the NY/NJ area - here is my narrative about my recent MDX AWD Tech purchase. After visiting Open Road East Brunswick, Precision Acura in Princeton, and Bridgewater Acura , all of whom gave me lowball values on my 2010 trade in and fought tooth and nail over every dollar of discount on the new car, I called Ramsey Acura and discussed a deal over the phone. Not only did they give me the best trade-in value, but they agreed to sell me the car for $45000, more than $800 under invoice. Not only was the conversation straightforward and painless, but it was all done OVER THE PHONE. After a confirming phone conversation with the finance manager, I drove more than an hour from my house half expecting some significant gottcha in the deal. Did not happen. Arti was so honest, straightforward, knowledgeable, and consultative in his dealing with me that I felt I had died and gone to car buying heaven. Fantastic deal done in a fantastic way.
    Chose the Forest Mist with parchment interior. The light tan interior works so well with the wood trim and seem to give the interior so much more elegance than the other colors. Also loved the exterior color - my pause was about how well the grey green and the parchment went together, but the people I was with seemed to really like it, so I went with it versus the less risky choices that were possible.
    Thanks to all in this forum who provided the insight I needed to negotiate, and hope this helps those who are still in the process.

  • getmdxgetmdx Posts: 1

    Did anybody buy "MDX, AWD, Tech package" in Birmingham, AL area? I went to Kings acura and promptly disappointed with them... They are trying to hand me the car at MSRP.. Really!! I am considering driving down to Atlanta or Nashvile for my purchase..

  • njrajanjraja Posts: 9

    NY/NJ Area - Shopped for 2014 MDX SH-AWD Base. Bridgewater Acura offered $41500 and $320 in service coupon. Is this a good deal?

  • hoodwinkhoodwink Posts: 25

    skrish08820 - Did the Tech package included DVD player in the rear? If not is it worth paying extra for entertainment package? What APR were you offered by Danville?

  • pfetayapfetaya Posts: 13

    In my very recent buying experience, Denville and Ramsey were nearly $1000 better than Bridgewater. Clearly a profit rather than volume strategy is in play there.

  • rsc6rsc6 Posts: 2

    Can anyone suggest to me what is the best price for 2014 MDX
    SH-AWD with Advance and Entertainment Packages in the Princeton, NJ area

  • szarilloszarillo Posts: 4

    Anyone have any updated pricing on the MDX awd techs? I submitted some leads to local NJ dealers except I keep getting the stupid template looking emails and it pisses me off. I just asked for a price and they keep saying how they are willing to help and answer any questions....hello!!! I already asked you one and you don't frigin answer!!! sorry - had to vent. Anyway I got pricing of $46k-$46,300....anyone have any recent deals? Im hoping pricing got better since earlier on in this post.

  • gvgrgvgr Posts: 4

    I got a quote from a local dealer in Maryland for an MDX AWD with Tech package for $44,850+TTL. What you guys think?

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