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2014 Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • suriyasuriya Posts: 9

    Thanks, Can you give me contact number of the sales rep you have dealt with in Honda of Waldorf?

    If you want you can send a private message.

    Thank You!

    @dhart1268 said:
    Sure: 2014 Civic EX Sedan

     Selling Price            = $18395.81  
     Processing Fee        = $199.00
     Sales Tax (6%)        = $1115.69
     Honda Flex Cash      = (-$500)
     Registration             = $189.50
     Title/Lien Fees         = $100.00

    Total Out the Door = $19,500.00

    I put $7000 down and financed $12,500 for 48 months at 1.9% = $271/month.

    Hope this helps someone else. Let me know your thoughts or questions.
    @dhart1268 said:
    I did not get any extra options added. Sticker was $21,880.00 (including destination) if that helps. I also have the actual window sticker if you need it I can send a pic.good luck...loving the car.
    @dhart1268 said:
    This was at Honda of Waldorf in Waldorf MD. It is formally Ken Dixon Honda. I'm pleased with the dealership

  • remowilsonremowilson Posts: 1
    edited May 2014

    just bought 14 Civic EX for $19000 + TLR $5000 down with 3 year 0.9%.

    BTW, does EX come with alarm?

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,536

    I don't think any Civic comes with an alarm. They do have immobilizers that will keep the vehicle from starting without a key.


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  • bayarealabayareala Posts: 7

    I haven't much date for the honda civic LX automatic (4dr), does anyone know what a good price would be? I'm in the LA area. Thank you.

  • thsmiththsmith Posts: 10

    @remowilson - where did you get that price? Did you qualify for flex cash and is that included in the $19k price? Thanks.

  • bayarealabayareala Posts: 7

    Bought the LX today in the LA area. OTD was $18,462. Think I could have gotten it down a bit lower but everyone was pretty aggressive with their pricing this weekend.

    Selling Price: $16660
    Processing Fee: $80
    Sales Tax: $1464
    Other local fees: $228

  • rvajwrvajw Posts: 2

    I signed the paperwork so I hope this is a good deal. 2014 Honda Civic EX-L 4 dr sedan. I got out the door for $21,350. I did take advantage of the current $500 from Honda in lieu of 0.9% because I got similar rate outside Honda so I would not have saved more. Breakdown:
    20032.90 Base
    399 Processing Fee (I realize this is higher than other places)
    Rest was tax, title, and license.

    One recommendation is if you are shopping, always always always get an internet quote from several places first! This takes a lot of the back and forth and make it easy to leverage dealers.


  • laker34laker34 Posts: 27

    bayareala...which dealer did you end up buying from?

  • bayarealabayareala Posts: 7

    @laker34 said:
    bayareala...which dealer did you end up buying from?

    sorry just saw this message today. got it from airport marina off the 405.

  • dancingdivadancingdiva Posts: 39
    edited June 2014

    Hi All,

    I am turning in a leased 2011 Accord at the end of the month and am interested in leasing a 2014 Honda Civic EXL CVT Sedan with Navigation and automatic tranny. I would like a smaller car and I really like the new Civic. If the price is right I might do the buy instead of a lease this time but I am still more serious about leasing. Obviously either way I would need the best price. I am in Southern Connecticut (Fairfield County) and am also near dealers in Westchester County, NY.

    A price I got from one dealer was MSRP $25030 (incl the $790 dest fee) and an invoice of $23,306 ( incl dest fee). His best price so far is $21,800 + tax and DMV fees which will be a bit higher because he is in NY State. I will need new plates with a buy since the leased vehicle plates belong to Honda. If I lease I guess I can keep these plates and just pay for a transfer of vehicles. I asked about dealer cash for a buy and he said it was in that price already ($500). He said for a lease there is $800 dealers cash so that may bring the price down a bit. Usually when I try and lease they like to throw out the best price and go to their own deal which is not a good. Most lease deals through Honda are for lower end models and with money down. BTW, I do not drive a lot of mileage so it would be for either 10,000 or 12,000 miles a year or less depending on what Honda offers.

    Any idea if this is a good deal or could I do better? I am lousy at leases so I always come here for some guidance. What is the money factor and residual on this car? I know to ask that but do not understand any formulas. And what would be a good monthly payment with $0 down for this configuration (EXL Sedan with Navi). My credit is great so that should help.

    I always get good feedback in the forum so thanks for help in advance.


  • Just wondering if anyone was around in this forum. I need to do a deal this week as my other lease is ending soon and they need to get a car for me in my preferred colors.


  • bayarealabayareala Posts: 7

    Hey Dancingdiva,

    My friend bought the EX without Navi for $21300 out the door here in Los Angeles, CA. So removing taxes, local fees and what not--the selling price was $19,406. Hope this kinda helps even though its not exactly the same trim. Good luck.

  • l1ndsayl1ndsay Posts: 2
    I just bought my new Honda Civic LX sedan with manual transmission for $19,200 OTD. I'm from Alberta Canada. Has anyone paid less?
  • Thanks for the feedback, bayareala. I know the navi will be more but your friend did great. I'm not close to his number with tax etc. Hope your friend enjoys the new car!

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042

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  • thawda1thawda1 Posts: 1

    I am looking for Civic EX 4 Dr in Houston, TX. Does anybody have suggestions on which dealer I should look for and what kind of price I should expect if I buy it before the end of this month? Thank you very much. I really appreciate the help.

  • Hey guys not many comments on a base model civic lx cvt with no options... I'm in southeast florida so any advice is helpful. Thanks all for the wonderful resource that empowers consumers :)
  • zerogramzerogram Posts: 1
    edited June 2014
    Hello, bayareala.

    2014 Civic EX-L w/out Navi's base price is 19,406? OMG! Could you give me more information? Thank you:)
  • What are the June figures for a 2014 Civic Si sedan with/without Navi?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,536

    @shaymasdaddy06 said:
    What are the June figures for a 2014 Civic Si sedan with/without Navi?

    Either .00030 or .00079 MF (depending on state) and 59%/57% residual for 36mo, 15K/yr (lower residual is with NAV)


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  • bayarealabayareala Posts: 7

    @zerogram said:
    Hello, bayareala.

    2014 Civic EX-L w/out Navi's base price is 19,406? OMG! Could you give me more information? Thank you:)

    Hi Zerogram,

    My friend bought the 2014 Civic EX, not the EX-L. So I'm not sure what the base price for the EX-L would be. He also bought the car at Airport Marina in Los Angeles, where I had bought my Civic LX with no options at a base price of $16,660.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,536

    @shaymasdaddy06 said:
    I'm in Tx

    .00079 MF


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  • @bayareala said:
    My friend bought the 2014 Civic EX, not the EX-L. So I'm not sure what the base price for the EX-L would be. He also bought the car at Airport Marina in Los Angeles, where I had bought my Civic LX with no options at a base price of $16,660.

    Bay Areala,

    Was your Civic LX a manual or automatic at 16.6?

  • bayarealabayareala Posts: 7

    @elcheaposfl said:
    Was your Civic LX a manual or automatic at 16.6?


  • vb8188vb8188 Posts: 1

    Hey everyone,
    I am interested in buying 2014 Honda Civic EX, what are the OTD price paid by the members for 2014 Honda Civic EX and living in the SF bay area.

    Thanks for helping me to buy my first car.

  • bayarealabayareala Posts: 7

    A buddy of mine recently bought a civic lx st SF Honda for about the same price I paid in LA. It should be the same. So assuming my friend bought his EX for 21,300 in LA, anything below that should be a good deal considering SF tax prices are lower than LA.

    @vb8188 said:
    Hey everyone,
    I am interested in buying 2014 Honda Civic EX, what are the OTD price paid by the members for 2014 Honda Civic EX and living in the SF bay area.

    Thanks for helping me to buy my first car.

  • bmqtxbmqtx Posts: 1

    Hi, I am in the Dallas, TX area and have been offered $17,000+TTL for a 2014 Civic LX CVT by a local DFW Metroplex dealer. Could someone please tell me if that is a good price? Or is there still some room for negotiation? Thank you very much for your help.

  • howieboyhowieboy Posts: 1

    I'm in So Cal and want a 2014 Honda Civic Sedan EX-L with Navi. Simi Valley quoted me $22,753 without taxes and fees. I'm seeing $22,600 - $23,030 at KBB.COM. Please tell me if and where I can beat these prices in So Cal. L.A. Area. I'll travel to save $300 or more. Thanks.

  • karhill1karhill1 Posts: 152

    The key to buying a Honda, I have bought six, is knowledge. The key is to arrive at a price goal before visiting a dealership. Arriving at a price goal is an art, using math.

    One method I have found which always works is as follows:

    Obtain the invoice price for the desired vehicle.
    Reduce that price by the dealer holdback. This can be found on Edmunds.
    Reduce the resulting price by all customer incentives.
    Use Edmunds to determine any manufacturer to dealer incentives. I believe at this time for a Civic this incentive is $500. Reduce the price once again for this amount.

    Now you have a rough estimate of the lowest price anyone could reasonably expect. Recognize it is never possible to truly understand the real cost of the vehicle to the dealer. There are too many unkown incentives such as stair-step.

    If you have a trade, the purchase is complicated a bit. However, with a bit of research you can quickly learn a rough estimate of the value of the trade on a purchase.

    You can ignore any advice which suggests it is best to hide a trade until the last moment. Dealers are not stupid, they know people do this and it really will have no impact on the deal.

    Arrive at a condition estimate for the trade. Don't overestimate be realistic. Use Edmunds, KBB, and NADA to obtain trade values. Average the three. Consider this the maximum amount you can expect for the trade. However, recognize the dealer will almost always offer around $2,000 less. Your goal should be $1,000 or so less than the average you computed.

    Do not forget the tax benefits of trading the vehicle. The dealer will likely use this as a ploy to get you to lower the trade value. This is incorrect, the tax benefits to you have no relation to the value of the trade.

    Once you have a price goal and trade value, contact as many dealers as you can to request a price quote. You should receive many. You will be amazed at the differences in prices.

    Select a dealer and visit to negotiate. Don't be concerned about disclosing your pricing and trade information to the dealer. This will alert them you are knowledgeable. Let them come back with an offer. If that offer appears reasonable accept it or counter. If the offer appears unreasonable walk away. There is always another dealer. Furthermore, you rarely get a dealer's best offer until you show them you are willing to walk.

    It is good to remember, a dealer must make a profit on the sale of a new vehicle. Therefore, a price which is 2-3 percent higher than you computed amount might be very good. Perhaps not the lowest but certainly not the highest.

    It is always a good idea to compare your computed price to Edmund's TMV. This will give you a rough idea of the validity of your price. Remember TMV is sort of an average. Many pay less. You want to be one of those who pays less.

    This process works. I have used it for years. Generally, I have to visit a couple of dealerships. This is mostly due to the different values dealers place on trades.

    Just last week, we purchased a new Civic. I did all of the above. Went to one dealer who indicated they would sell at a fair price. Sadly, they lowballed my trade vehicle by $3,000. This was an insult. They ultimately came up to $1,000 under my desired trade value. Since the intial trade offer was so silly, I had questions about the overall integrity of this dealer.

    Next day went to a different Honda dealer. I gave them my numbers, both price and trade. This dealer offered the same selling price as the first dealer but allowed my desired trade value. At that point, while it is possible I could have seen an additional couple of hundred price reduction had I visited yet another dealer, this deal was close enough to what I desired. I took it.

    One caveat, under no circumstances tell a dealer during negotiations that you will pay cash or that you have outside financing. All dealers hope to make big profits on the back end in the F&I office. They make this profit through the sale of overpriced and unnecessary extended service contracts, GAP insurance, paint protection, LOJACK and other similar items. They also make a dealer reserve on financing. To gain this they often can and do have rates lower than you can find on you own. However, the are allowed to increase these rates if they can convice the buyer to accept the higher rate. They have no legal requirement to inform a buyer as to the rate the buyer actually qualifies. The dealer and F&I person retain much of the difference in payments from the bank.

    Of course, you can always accept their higher rate and then pay off the loan or refinance immediately. This really angers them as they get a call back from the bank and do not earn the extra profit they were anticipating.

    Best to let them think they will have an opportunity to make this back end profit. Once you have reached a deal and entered the F&I office you can let them know you will pay cash or already have financing. They can do nothing as you have already agreed on the deal. The F&I guy might be upset but do you care?

    If you do have financing, it is OK to let them have a chance to beat it. Often they can. If they do, no reason not to take the lower finacing as it will save you some money.

    Just say NO to any product offered in the F&I office. Remember, these F&I people are actually the dealership's top sales people. They are trained to persuade people, while the people are in a buying mode, as to an inflated value of the products they sell. Do not buy at this time. There is not need because if you later decide you want the products, they can almost always be purchased later at a much lower cost. Recognize any product an F&I person sells is almost always more than double what it cost the dealership.

    Finally, you can essentially ignore any addendum sticker a dealer posts on a vehicle. Dealer's do this to deceive buyers into believing they must purchase the items on the addendum. You do not have to buy these items. They are always overpriced. As an example, on the Civic I just bought the dealer added an addendum for $200 for wheel locks and nitrogen in the tires. Air is made up of nearly 80 percent nitrogen. I did not pay extra for these two items though they left the wheel locks on the vehicle. They always do.

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