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2014 Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jurizarjurizar Posts: 23

    Hi Everyone! Wanted to see what feedback anyone has. I live in Los Angeles, CA and I've been quoted $37,510 for a 2014 Odyssey Touring. This seems like a pretty good deal...right? Anyone know how much license fees and paperwork fees are in CA? Thanks in advance!

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,503

    License/registration fees run about 1%-1.1% of selling price in CA.


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  • jurizarjurizar Posts: 23

    thanks kyfdx! So otd, it looks like a 2014 touring for 40,964. Is that a good price for a touring?

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,503

    Oh.. beats me.. I don't shop for minivans... peruse back a few pages, and see what others are paying.


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  • dicejamdicejam Posts: 9

    The dealer in Bethesda, MD.

  • rags10rags10 Posts: 7

    Thanks dicejam

  • redbull_redbull_ Posts: 1

    @ jurizar, Hi there, could you please let me know from which dealer in LA you got an offer for Touring with $40,964? Did you actually get the OTD price as well? Thank you so much in advance.

  • prish_ashprish_ash Posts: 1

    Hello ripplev1, Please if you can email me at

  • chandaszchandasz Posts: 1

    32,327.70 (OTD) for a 2014 ex with 2100 miles- not CPO. Seems like I could do better since I've had offers of 31,298 for brand new.... what are people seeing in Chicago area?

  • jurizarjurizar Posts: 23

    Hey Redbull. The actual quote I got for the touring was $37,510. The $40,964 is what I calculated for tax and all the other fees. I received the quote from Honda World of Downey.

  • odyjeep22odyjeep22 Posts: 3

    $33,000 EX-L RES + $550 Roof Rails and Cross Bars + $2000 Taxes, Tags, Processing, Fees + $940 6yr/100K $0 Ded Honda Care = $36,500 Out The Door in Virginia

  • Paid 29,099 after fees but before tax for an 2014 EX Odyssey yesterday in Oklahoma. Feel pretty good about it as we were given $700 more for our trade than other dealers offered along with lifetime oil changes.

  • odyjeep22. Can you tell me the dealer you go that price? We are looking for that model.

  • So I have a bit of a dilemma. I have a dealer in MD (1.5 hours away) quoted me out the door for an EX-L w/ RES in our color we requested (they have to transfer it) in Obsidian Blue Pearl for $35,600 out the door (no accessory package). Asking them for warranty quotes for 6 yrs/100k miles and 8 yrs/100k miles. Our NJ dealer (30 min away) we test drove 3 times and very patient/friendly, offered $36,600 out the door but have included accessory package (wheel locks, mud guards, all weather mats, trunk mat) and they haven't located the color yet. I also emailed them after that quote to get warranty quotes. Any advice on lowball quotes for warranty? Also any advice on who to purchase from? I can't forget to factor that there is a 1% tax difference higher in NJ.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,503

    You pay sales tax where you live.. so, tax differences between states won't matter.


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  • odyjeep22odyjeep22 Posts: 3

    kgeorge0263: Pohanka Honda in Va

  • macombmacomb Posts: 3
    Hi chopran or tauras11 would you please share your otd price and dealer info for your oddesey. I am in Macomb mi looking to buy oddesey 2014 model. Thanks
  • macombmacomb Posts: 3
    Anyone recently bought oddessey in Michigan ????? Please share your deal.
  • jurizarjurizar Posts: 23

    Going to take delivery this weekend on an Odyssey Touring in Los Angeles, CA.
    Price - $37,510
    Taxes - $3,375
    Title/Registration - $381.67
    Tire fee - $8.75
    Documentation - $80

    Total out the door - $41,355.42

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042

    A reporter is looking to interview a car shopper who has found car pricing complicated and/or confusing. Please email no later than Friday, June 20, 2014 to share your story and opinions with a reporter.


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  • njhondafannjhondafan Posts: 1
    edited June 2014

    Anyone with recent Honda Odyssey EXL purchase experience in NJ? I recently got a quote from a local dealer (central Jersey) offered me the price which is 2,000 higher than back in April. The same dealer….. So their explanation is that Manufacture rebate changed. Should I shop around with other dealers or wait until September (hopefully by then, dealers will try to get rid of 2014 cars)? I have friends got the same experience: dealer offered them much higher price than that in Jan this year. Is now a bad timing(supply vs. demand) to shop for car?

  • So Edmunds and TrueCars has the price of a Honda 2014 Odyssey EX-L with RES at $38,055.00 MSRP, $35,008.00 factory invoice and $34,160.00 estimated dealer price.

    I've seen a few people getting the car at $31k before TTL. That is $3k under estimated dealer price. Am I missing something?

  • idigggidiggg Posts: 7

    Did any one get an Odyssey EX-L in the east coast recently ? (VA to NC / GA ). what is a good selling price range for an EX-L with no Navi No Res.

  • idigggidiggg Posts: 7

    My friend got a EX-L with RES and propack from Rock Hill Honda for sell price 33950. they gave him 500 more on the trade-in to meet his OTD target price. Doc fee 499.

  • We 2 friends started shopping for Odyssey EX-L with RES and asking for OTD 34000. So far no one accepting this price of 34000 and they are telling OTD would be 3K more i.e 37000 atleast. Any one had bought recently in NJ area? please advise... thanks

  • Noticed EXL prices went up slightly over $1k since a few months ago. Was getting ready to purchase and not sure if I should wait. Anyone know if there are any rebates coming up July 7?

  • Shopping for Odyssey EX-L in North NJ. Best OTD is around $35,000. Lowest quote I got was $31700 including destination. Hopefully with sales down more than 20% from last year in a up market for minivans, Honda get the message that their pricing is causing them ton of sales. Town & Country and Caravan are killing them this year. They were #1 last year at this point but barely holding on to #3 over Sienna this year.

  • @robertinohio said:
    Noticed EXL prices went up slightly over $1k since a few months ago. Was getting ready to purchase and not sure if I should wait. Anyone know if there are any rebates coming up July 7?

    I'm monitoring that 7/8 date. Too bad they'll miss out all the sales over July 4th.

  • robertinohiorobertinohio Posts: 21
    edited July 2014

    Yes was ready to buy over the holiday weekend but might wait. Already paying more for the Honda vs getting another Sienna.

  • egib44egib44 Posts: 10

    In NJ, was offered an EX-L for a selling price of $31,000. When buying instead of leasing, I am guessing the next step is to ask for the OTD price.

    Also, is there any way around a destination charge?

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