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2014 BMW 5-Series Lease Questions

Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
edited May 2015 in BMW
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  • jgavjgav Posts: 12
    edited November 2013
    I am considering a lease of a 5 series and would appreciate feedback as to whether I am getting a great deal or not.

    2014 535xi
    jet black
    Mocha Nappa leather
    Cold weather package
    Driver assistance package
    Lighting Package
    M sport
    Premium Pack
    M sport Package
    concierge services
    suggested price including $995 destination charge ——>$67,875.00

    36 months, 15K a year. rubber mats included. Aprox $3,400 drive off. including first month, registration, taxes, aquistion fee, Monthly payment.. $795.00 Dealer is in N.Y. , I was told this is the best deal he can do, no more room. Very nice salesman so I tend to believe him. Is it possible to do better? Thank you in advance for any comments.
  • Right, Bad deal.

    Nov numbers are way better. WW BMW offering the following in their ad, and you can always do better than the ad...
    $379/mo 36 months
    $4k oop
    Tech package
    Heated Seats
  • Hi Carman, What is the MF and residual for 2014 M5 for 10K miles and 3 years Thanks
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,693
    .00125 MF and 58% residual


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  • ak48ak48 Posts: 3
    Where is ad at WW BMW ?

    I was there earlier in the wk and they gave me this option:

    2014 528xi
    My Price: $51,500
    Heated Seats
    Rear Camera
    1st month, DMV, bank fee - OOP

    Is this a good deal?
  • konacougkonacoug Kailua-KonaPosts: 196
    You need to provide more info. What is the MSRP, the Invoice, the money factor, the residual %, acquisition fee, tax rate?? What incentives and rebates are you getting?

    It would be very helpful, if you take the time to read about BMW leases. There is a wealth of information on these forums. All of the above components factor into the lease.
  • ik71ik71 Posts: 2
    BMW of Manhattan?
  • Hi,
    I just picked up my car (2014 528xi) today from BMW of Freehold in NJ. So wanted to share the exact lease details with this group. I negotiated everything over phone/email prior to going in. It was a very good experience - i was in and out of the dealership in less than 2hrs. Couple other BMW dealerships in central NJ were willing to match this deal as well.

    BTW - i purchased a DIY report from prior to start talking to sales guys. That was a huge help. Otherwise, I would have easily ended up paying at $100/month. It is only $99. I highly recommend it.

    My lease details below-

    MSRP - $58,075. (Alpine white, premium pkg, cold weather pkg, drivers assistanc e pkg, )
    Sale price - $49,774
    Residual Value -61% (36 months,12k/yr)
    Money factor - .00076 (with 7 MSD)
    Monthly payment - $499/month.
    Total due at signing - $5575

    This includes
    First month payment - $499
    Lease acquisition fees - $725
    Doc fees - $360
    DMV fees - $310
    Cap cost reduction -$170 (this is to get payment below $500/month).
    Upfront taxes (on cap cost reduction) $11
    7 MSDs of $3500. ( $500 each)

    Hope this helps everybody.

    Moderators - hope it is ok to post the name of the dealership. I know i cant post the name of the salesperson I worked with.

  • robrtgolfrobrtgolf Posts: 15
    edited November 2013
    Hello Kyfdx and everybody else,

    After hard negotiations with 2 dealers in the Miami Fl. area I think I found a great deal on a 2014 M5. Here are the deal details on the lease I'm getting:

    Car specs:
    MSRP $110,925
    White with Shakir orange interior
    Extended full merino leather
    LED headlights
    Executive Package
    20" wheels
    Drivers Assistance package
    Bang and Olufsen stereo

    Lease details:
    MSRP $110925
    Selling price $103390
    Money at signing $2700
    36 month / 10,000 miles
    Payment $1,294 + 7% tax ($1,385 tax in)
    Money Factor .00125 ... Tier 1
    Residual 58%
    **dealer is including in the payment the tire protection package which has a $1500 cost.
    I took advantage of the $1000 holiday credit and $1000 loyalty.

    Kyfdx and everyone else....What do you think about this deal? Should I try to push for more or should I just pull the trigger?.

    Your comments will be appreciated.


  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,693
    I think 7% off MSRP on a 2014 M5 is probably pretty darn good... not that I've ever shopped in that price range.. ;-)

    The lease payment is right on the money, using the base money factor, so no markups..

    Not sure how much lower you could go... You could knock off $82/mo, pre-tax by doing 7 MSDs, but that's $9K-$10K extra upfront... (which you get back at lease end)..

    Good luck!


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  • The prices quote are less than the invoice? Can you really get a new 2014 528xi with an msrp of $58k for $50k?
  • infinitimninfinitimn Posts: 138
    edited November 2013
    Please share the details of your deal. $1,000 option credit is available to everyone. Did you have loyalty, turnkey, anything else?
  • bluffmatebluffmate Posts: 14
    edited November 2013
    Adding 2014 ActiveHybrid5 to the mix. I am always ONLY into leasing so I think in terms of monthly payments (with zero down). The payment per month on it is same as 2014 528i since there is a $4500 eco credit which drops the payment on the car by $120 per month with it's current residual of 55% for a 12k mile/ 36 month tenure. Gas mileage is similar to a 528i. The power is great - phenomenal actually (I drove a 2013 AH5 for about 2 weeks - exchanged with a friend). The trunk is about 30 percent smaller than other 5 series but it still quite enough IMHO. Only drawback is that you can not fold down the rear seats for additional occasional hauling. Plus, the badge looks much classy than any other 5 series badges.

    On Nov 12th, my brother in law leased a 2014 AH5 so this is very fresh in my memory. We also ran the numbers for 2014 535i so I know the AH5 made more sense than the 528 or AH5 numbers wise with 100% same options/line/etc. My bro in law got the discounts including loyalty and the turnkey (turnkey only impacts the first month payment and does not lower the overall monthly payment).

    Here are the details:

    2014 AH5
    MSRP: $75675
    Monthly payment: $630 plus sales tax
    Cap reduction: $0
    Doc fee: $0
    Buy rate MF used and then reduced further by using 7 MSDs
    Dealer was is Bay Area of California
    If I remember correctly, cap cost was at $9xxx below invoice (this included ALL discounts apart from turnkey which was applied to first month payment).

    If it matters, his credit score was about 830 with a very good income to liability ratio.
  • Hi,
    this is my first BMW so no loyalty cash for me. I am not returning a BMW so turn-key credit for me either.

    I didn't really negotiate on dealer incentives, coupons, credits etc. I used monthly payment to negotiate. I dont really care what options/credits/incentives the dealer is using or not using as long as he gets down the monthly payment to where I want.

    that may not be the ideal way to do it but I am very happy with the deal I got in the end. so how I got there doesn't matter much.

    Sales person and I agreed on (over the phone) $550/month with $1944 due at inception (first monthy payment, bank fees, DMV fees, and doc fees). but when I talked to the finance manager while I was there, idea of 7MSDs to get the monthly payment down by another $46/month seemed very appealing to it. couple of my friends already use the MSD program so I knew the basics pretty well. then he suggested I put $170 towards cap cost reduction to get my payment below $500 so that my MSDs come to 7 x 500 = $3500 instead of $3850. I did that too!!

    that is how I ended up $499/month.
    so I really don't know what all options/incentives/credits the dealer gave to me.

    Hope this helps everybody.
  • firstlease01firstlease01 Posts: 21
    edited November 2013
    Yes, it seems hard to believe but it is true.

    I picked my 2014 528xi on Friday. MSRP - 58,074, Sale Price - $49,774.
    14.3% off MSRP.
    seems like another user cand1unc got an even better deal than me from the same dealer (BMW of Freehold, NJ).

    you can get a better deal if you are an existing BMW customer as you can avail loyalty credit (I am not).

    other dealers were willing to match/beat this deal too. so definitely there are dealer incentives out there which not many people are aware of. if you are paying at/over invoice, you are overpaying by at least $3000 in my opinion.

    but it also depends on which state you are in. north east is full of BMW dealerships so customer get advantage of the tough competition. we have way too many options to choose from - NY, NJ, CT, PA, DE :)

    Hope this helps.
  • Hi car man

    can you post MF and residuals for a 2014 535 xDrive for both 12K and 15K miles @ 36 months? Do these expire Dec 1 or Jan 1? (i know last year the Nov sales support sheet said they were good until Jan 1)

    Also, are there any other incentives beyond the 1K loyalty and 1K option credit? (don't qualify for turn key)
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,693
    2014 535 xDrive 36mo, 15K/yr lease
    .00125 MF and 57% residual. Add 2% for 12K/yr lease

    The incentives you list are the only ones that I know of..
    The numbers are good through January 2nd.



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  • Did you have a trade in?

    One of the questions I am having issues is this:
    My trade in value was $23,000 but the dealer only used 17785 and the payoff was 15262- so he used 2523 for the 1st payment 562, NJ Tire 6.00 Doc 359, DMV- 304.50, Luxury Tax- 214.29, Sales tax 408.78, so then he said I would get back $5215 from the trade payoff.

    My question is why did I get charged apprx $5800 at 7.00% NJ sales tax if my trade in value $23,000 exceeded the total payments 562x36= 20K.

    Please advise
  • No. I did not have a trade in. I sold my car to a private party on Craigslist for the exact same reason that you mention.

    I am so scared of going in to a dealership to buy a new car and trade in at the same time. That opens up so many avenues for the sales guy to make money off of me and I dont want to get a good deal on a new car but get dinged on the trade in.

    My monthly payment of $499 includes the sales tax too. I didnt pay any tax upfront.

    Your transaction sounds very complex to me. Cant help. Sorry
  • Wow then that is a SICK deal you got then for only $499, the sales tax for your deal is around $35-40 a month if financed into the lease. Did you explore trade in value at all? I've never sold a car privately.
  • Just heard that Dec incentives have started today. Do you have more details on that?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,693
    Haven't heard anything about new incentives....


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  • Great deal on 2014 AH5 your BiL got - thx for your clear update.

    2013 Active Hybrid 5 - leased 36 months 36000 miles $629 (zero - zero - zero - zero)

    MSRP: $67200 (61200 base MSRP + about 6000 options including Destination) -- Purchase price $52300
    Plus $1329 Tires and Wheels Protection 3-years package (T+W at cost; MSRP $1629)
    Plus $329 Dent 3-years protection (at cost; MSRP $449)

    Zero - Zero - Zero - Zero (except $4200 refundable MSDs to reduce Money factor; Sales Tax WAIVED by BMWFS too ! First-month payment + $300 DMV fees paid at signing).

    With MSDs, $45/month saved;

    Monthly payment: $629 (TX sales tax waived, using BMWFS tax credits)
    Cap reduction: $0
    Doc fee: $199
    Buy rate MF used and then reduced further by using 7 MSDs -- 0.0076 (Total MSD Security Deposits: $4200; technically it should be $4550, got an extra break here; somehow the each deposit of $600 (rounded up to next $50 multiple based on $581 payment prior to adding the TW+dent packages at finance manager's office)

    Dealer was is BMW of Dallas (Autonation franchise owned)
    CreditScore: Equifax: 846 Trans: 850 Exp: 850-860)

    Thought we got a killer deal of $540 on 2013 Mercedes Bezn E-350 4Matic ($62K MSRP) - in late June, end of model year; (zero - zero - zero - zero; truely zero security deposit, ie No MSDs used ! )

    But this 2013 AH 5 (with MSRP $67200) -- seems to better the above Benz deal! Lovin both !!
  • What are the rates for Dec for '14 535 xDrive for best term with 12k or 15k?

  • Glad my post helped. Congrats! E350 and AH5 are both very good cars if the technology and drive appeal to you. I would not recommend anyone to buy a AH5 since the tech is not well established yet but leasing is cool.

    Congrats again!
  • saranrsaranr Posts: 17
    Hello Lars, What was your starting offer on this car? With BMW loyalty credit it appears invoice -$3500 might be doable...
  • Oh wow that is a sick deal on the E350, did you have a MB lease back or a true zero zero zero what dealer? I am in NJ, my father in law just got one $63K for $615, with 10K off sticker for 15K 36 mo and around $4K due upfront which included around $1900 in NJ & luxury tax
  • gericogerico Posts: 24
    Helping a friend lease a 2014 550i xDrive
    Looking for the current RV and MF's for a 10k, 12k and 15k lease.
    Also, what incentives are being offered this month ?
    He will be using the MSD's to get the lowest MF.

    Thanks in advance !
  • A Michigan dealer just offered me a 2014 535i xDrive with the following:
    - $MSRP of $70,125
    - Actual Price of $66,000
    - $1,100 down for first month pmt, taxes, fees
    - $786 Per Month
    - 10K Miles Per Year
    - I qualify for loyalty cash

    Decent deal for a 2014? Any help or thoughts are much appreciated.

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