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Kia Sedona (2005 and Earlier)



  • Went to and submitted my exact specs to four dealers for quotes. Two dealers responded. One wanted me to call for more info, but the other had exactly what I wanted on the lot and gave the following price breakdown. MSRP $26,585, Dealer cost $24,540, selling price after rebates $21,040. This is for Sedona EX, White/Platinum, leather, DVD system, 4-wheel antilock brakes, spoiler, tow hitch. I understand from the website the rebates are $2,500 or 0%, plus $1,000 owner loyalty or competative rebate. Am assuming this price does not include my trade yet, which is a 96 Dodge GC (about $3,000 wholesale). Any comments welcome (soon). Going to the dealer SATURDAY.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    what more could you ask for? The dealer is starting at invoice price and passing along the full amount of the rebates. You probably won't do any better anywhere else. Take a minute to think about exactly what you are getting for 21 grand. 3.5L DOHC, 24 valve V6, 5 speed automatic, good build quality, a pretty luxurious and well-appointed cabin, good safety scores, etc etc etc. This is a pretty good minivan, and you are getting it loaded for $21,040. There are a lot of people spending WAY more on their minivans and getting far less.
  • cambreacambrea Posts: 26
    Few days ago, I forgot to turn off few things in my 2002 Sedona EX for an overnight. Next morning, its battery was drained.

    So I jump started without much difficulties.
    After jump start, I sat on the drive's seat and waiting for to charge up the battery. (My wife was going to drive it few hours later.) To save charging time, I pumped gas pedal hoping it high RPM would save more electricity to battery.

    As I pumped, more and more, noticed some vibration at high RPM, say 3,000. When RPM gets 4,000, the whole car gets shaked and doesn't seem RPM would go up higher. The shift lever was on P position.

    Is it normal to be shaken at 4,000 RPM?

    Also, is it hard to get over 4,000 RPM when its parked?
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    I don't know how our 2002 EX feels parked with the engine running at 4,000 RPM. It wouldn't surprise me if it is 'normal'. The more important point is, this is not good for the engine.

    If you want to charge the battery, you should go out for a 20 mile drive instead of racing the engine while the van is parked.
  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243
    Let me say that whether your at idle speed or 4000 RPM's...your car is applying about 14 volts to the battery so racing your engine in effort to charge the battery faster is not effective. All cars have voltage regulators to maintain a proper charge level no matter the RPM.

    As for the vibration your referring to it may be normal or a perception issue.

    '04 Sedona EX
  • At 4000 R.P.M. you could be at, or near, the rev. limiter. Haven't tried it in our Sedona, but I know from experience, that's where our Sorento starts to cut out.
  • Hi rciii, Congratulations on your new Kia. We bought ours last September, it now has just over 15,000 miles on it. We have had three warranty repairs on it, but they were all minor things and the van has never spent the night away from home.

    I know what you mean about being paranoid, I was that way at first. Reading the Kia Sedona Problems board helped to identify some of the potential problems. Once I realized I had owned a Dodge Grand Caravan for nine years and waited for it to self destruct every day I owned it, I decided with a 60,000/100,000 mile warranty, why worry.

    I looked closely at my sister's Sienna when she visited this summer, and I like our Sedona better, especially when I think about how much more she paid.
  • jendjend Posts: 6
    I have been browsing this board for all and any info I could get on the Sedona before buying. Thanks to all for sharing your experiences (good and bad). Our new van is in our garage now! We just signed the deal yesterday. I have so many questions and now I know where I can get them answered. But, my first would be this; we have an EX with moonroof (which wasn't a necessity for us, but they seemed to all be included with vans that had ABS..a must for us). We didn't want the moonroof because we wanted a dvd...but finding exactly what we wanted with the color and ABS etc...was becoming an impossibility here in we opted for this one..but my question is...we would like to get the dvd installed but I think it would sit back too far for our kids to actually see it because of the would be almost on top of their should we opt for the "headrest" version...thanks in advance for replies..I know this isn't a major issue...but being a mom of two little would be a nice feature. We have a portable dvd but an installed version would be nicer I think. Thanks :) oh and p.s. I happen to LOVE the moonroof now that I have one!
  • I was looking for sunroof/DVD combination also. One dealer said it was not possible, but another dealer had one in stock and I bought it. The screen is not too far back (I could measure where ours is if that would help). Don't know if the dealer will do it for you, but you can find a very professional high end auto accessory store(alarms/stereos/etc)which would be cheaper. I would recommend the headrest version if you can afford it, as the screen will not block your rear view mirror like the overhead one.
  • jendjend Posts: 6
    Thanks for a quick reply...I thought I had seen the moonroof/dvd combo, too. Congrats on finding what you wanted! I don't have any ideas even what headrest versions cost..but it's worth looking at. I was told that because of the dip in the roof where moon roof slides down into, it would almost impossible for a dvd there?? I hear so many different things.

    I thought that maybe the third row passengers wouldn't be able to see the headrest screens so easily until my husband pointed out that each passenger would look at the respective diagonal screen and not the one directly in front of the passenger in front of them (confusing???)

    I absolutely love my new van and we are fortunate enough to have the portable dvd..but having one installed would be a tremendous convenience, I think.

    We found our Sage/Beige van, but I was adamant about not having leather, it gets way too hot here in Florida!! A tow hitch would have been nice too, but getting exactly what we wanted was taking way too long and the deal we got on this van was too good to pass up!

    I honestly don't know why people would pay more for other vans! Mine feels like luxury! I test drove the MVP and Nissan Quest...not a good one for short people..I am only 5'. That center console is hard to see and some of the knobs were hidden from my sight because of gear shift.

    I couldn't be happier with our choice...and all of your comments made it easier for us to choose...THANKS!!
  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243

    Congrats on your new Sedona! We(my wife and two kids) also live in Florida(Spring Hill) and also just bought an '04 Sage Green/silky Beige EX. Ours has the Leather and to be honest its not really that hot to sit on but then again its garaged 95% or the time. We too got the Sunroof, ABS and no DVD. Ours has the rear window spoiler(which makes the van look a little more trendy) and the trailer hitch was a must because we tow our boat with it.

    Keep us posted on your DVD system search. Are you a member of the Kia Sedona Yahoo mail list?

    '04 Sedona EX
  • jendjend Posts: 6
    Hi! Thanks again for the replies. Our van, too, is garaged all the question, the leather looks very nice, I just don't like the way it feels on hot summery days...we live in Melbourne, east coast..not sure where Spring Hill it near Ocala?

    Congrats on your van too! Ours doesn't have the too tired of trying to find every single thing we wanted at the price we wanted, so we sacrificed what we could live without. It is a nice feature though. We will probably have a tow hitch attached later.

    I am not a member of the mailing list. Thank you again for telling all of your stories..I love my Sedona!!
  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243

    Spring Hill is on the west coast about 40 miles north of Tampa.

    Our van didnt come with the spoiler so the dealer had to add it after the fact but it is the factory one from Kia. The dealer painted it and it matches exactly. They did a fantastic job installing it too(thank god cause I'm really anal about my cars).

    Did your van come with the Hankook or the Kumho tires? Ours originally came with Kumho's but when the dealer scratched all our wheels on their balance machine(we have a small vibration) they replaced all the wheels and tires with a new set they had on hand so we now have the Hankooks.

    So far I have used clay magic(clay bar that cleans the paint before polish) and am getting ready to apply a few coats of Liquid glass polish. I'll let you know how it turns out.

    '04 Sedona EX
  • jendjend Posts: 6
    Our tires are the Hankook...and as far as the polish and cleaning stuff...ya got me there..fortunately my husband takes care of that!! But I will have him read any suggestions you all have on this has been quite helpful!

    My van has 60 miles on it and can't wait to drive it somewhere else besides 2 blocks to my son's school!! We usually walk..but why now that we have our new "3 seats" as my kids say!! :)
  • suv_fansuv_fan Posts: 24
    How do you guys feel about not having power sliding doors, especially if you've had them in the past?

    I keep hearing how wonderful they are, especially with kids, but you know, I've never had a car or SUV w/PSD, so I can't imagine it being that big a deal (?)! Can it really be worth that much more money?

    Thanks :) I'm impressed by the Sedona, what you get for the price, but I haven't driven one yet.
  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243
    SUV FAN,

    We have never had the power sliding doors on any vehicle either so keep that in mind when you read my comments on that.

    There are a few car features I refuse to purchase. One is a DVD entertainment system and the other is the power sliding doors. Why one might ask? Here goes......Lets start with the DVD system. My sister has a system in her Expedition and while on a trip with them to the Great Smoky Mountains in NC/TN we're in some of the most wonderful country you can imagine and here all her kids wanted to do was watch the LION KING ON DVD!!!! I said look out the damn window will you!!!!(Meanie uncle I am).

    Next is the power sliding doors. I can see a few instances when this feature would be a true benefit such as bad weather or when your hands are completely tied up with stuff. That being said I still wouldn't want to pay for that option. First I feel the more gizmo's the more that can break. Next I feel we're becoming such a lazy society(I'm not calling owners of these cars lazy!)I want my kids to get SOME exercise so sliding a door isn't really that big of a deal. Additionally this feature does come with a cost. At what point are we spending so much on a vehicle that its insane? Remember when we used to buy cars to get from point A to point B?

    There is one feature I wish our Sedona did have and that is the "Magic" or "Stow and go" rear seats. I would have paid for that option.

    Otherwise, My suggestion is to take a Sedona for a 30 minute test drive. Even drive it home and see how it fits in your garage or driveway. Take it to a parking lot and park it and simulate real world living. Have someone else drive it and try riding in each seat. Experiment with the different seating arrangements.

    Only you can determine when you need. I have determined what I need and the Sedona fits my family in terms of budget, functionality and comfort.

    '04 Sedona EX
  • yoloyolo Posts: 57
    Haven't checked in in awhile so I thought I would post. Have 35k miles on the 2002 EX. Finally had the weak alternator with A/C on issue come up and not charge the battery. Took it in to the dealer and they put a heavy duty alternator, new belt and even a new battery in with no questions asked and all under warranty. The dealer even put in a new ECM because the existing one would not take an update. Even though there was nothing wrong with the previous ECM as far as it functioning goes, I got a new one with updated software. Oh, and no charge for that either. The fan was also replaced because of the noise when the A/C is turned on. This was another TSB so no charge and it is super quiet now. Other than these known TSBs, the van has been a pleasure to own and the dealer/service experience has been second to none. For a comparison, the previous 97 Grand Caravan had a faulty horn from day one and the dealer never fixed it for the 5 years that I owned it.
  • suv_fansuv_fan Posts: 24
    I love to hear different viewpoints. You brought up some very good points I had not considered, so thank you very much!

    I'd love a DVD system, but I want my children to notice beautiful scenery, too. Will ponder this more, if I can afford option.
    As for the doors, I agree our society is becoming more lazy. I am a lazy person to some extent, but hear you on the "gee, I have to push a door open"! My children are young enough now that they can't even reach the door handle on my 99 Bravada, let alone open the door! So if all they know is sliding a door...

    Excellent things to ponder. I appreciate your post very much. I plan to test drive a Sedona fairly soon, but I can tell you for what I've researched so far, this minivan is a surefire contender! Most minivans are too long for my garage, unless my husband would clean up a little...

    As for prices, I can't even believe how much cars cost. I think it's ridiculous we pay thousands and thousands of dollars for cars. I don't know how much they cost to make, truly, but come on!

    Really like your suggestion about simulating real-world conditions. I've never done a test drive longer than an hour, but I've seen a few over-nighters.
  • My wife and I are picking up our new Sedona LX tomorrow. I'd like to thank this list for helping us make our decision. The relative lack of serious problems and the incredible value of the Sedona (we are paying less than 16K) sealed the deal. I just hope KIA is successful and around long enough to honor the 10 year warranty.

    I read with interest the comments on the Kuhmo and Hankook tires that seem to both be coming on new Sedonas. I noticed on our local dealer's lot both tires were represented, and I specifically asked for one with Hankook tires since people on this list seem to indicate that the Kuhmos don't last very long.

    I did want to make another very important comment on tires. I have noticed that several people here have decided to buy S or T rated replacement tires for their Sedona when the factory tires wore out. I believe this is a bad decision. I know the ratings are called 'speed ratings', and you may rightfully assume since you never drive your van over 90mph that an H rated tire is unnecessary, but that assumption is wrong.

    An H rated tire that comes on these vans from the factory offers a lot more than just high speed capabilities. An H rated tire has a much stiffer and more substantial sidewall than an S or T rated tire. This more substantial sidewall not only offers a higher speed rating, but also gives more protection from blowouts and damage, which is especially important with the heavy Sedona, which puts a lot more stress on the tires than passenger cars which S and T rated tires are designed for. Even if you never drive over 60mph, you are less safe on an S or T rated tire.

    Also, Kia has designed their suspension around an H rated tire. H rated tires handle differently due to the stiffer sidewall and putting a softer sided tire (S or T) on a Sedona could have negative effects on the ride and handling, also possibly causing safety issues in certain situations.

    I don't want to alarm anyone with all of this, but I feel it is important to know when purchasing tires that the tire 'speed rating' is much more important that most people think. As a rule of thumb, never put a lower speed rated tire on your vehicle than came from the factory.

    - Chad
  • Chad,

    Be certain to post here as soon as you bring the Sedona Home. Share your excitement with us. As for Kia being around.....Hyundai Owns Kia now and you can bet Hyundai isnt going anywhere. Sales are going through the roof. The Hyundai factory thats being built in Alabama is like a billion dollars!!

  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202
    I've got 30K on my 2003 Sedona EX. Hard to get my wife out of it!

    We too wanted built in DVD players. However, technology is cheap...based on our experience you can buy 2 or 3 individual DVD players (paperback sized) for about 250$ each now, and still save around $1200 on a factory installed system.

    These systems are then available for use in the hotel on rainy days, or at Grandma's when she doesn't have one. Plus, you don't have to listen to fights about what they are going to watch. Plenty of power outlets to plug into.
    Also those units can be used with gameboys/video games. Just my 2 cents.

    Have seen on other boards that headrest mounted units are frequent targets of break ins for theft.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Plus, you can choose NOT to bring along the portable units, if desired. That's not an option with the built-in units. For example, taking a 20-minute trip to the store and back, movie entertainment for the kids really isn't necessary. A 6-hour trip with preschool-age kids is an entirely different story. Our vehicles will never have a built-in DVD/VCR entertainment system because I do not want it to turn into a crutch for our kids. I have seen this happen to other families with young children.

    I like the option of being able to NOT bring along the DVD entertainment. We have considered adding a portable unit (either dedicated DVD player/screen or laptop computer) but so far have not found it necessary for our 3 year-old daughter. She travels better than most kids, I guess. Of course, she absolutely LOVED having the DVD player in our friends' minivan during a 500-mile round trip weekend vacation last fall.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554

    Thanks for your post. Your comments are cause for concern, as we recently replaced the OEM Hankooks with some T-rated Bridgestone Turanza LS-T tires. I am by no means a tire expert, but have a decent amount of 'general' tire understanding. Your comments have encouraged me to learn more about the implication of speed rating. I suspect your comments in general are accurate, but I also suspect they do not apply in EVERY case. For example, within a given tire size I speculate it is NOT true that every H-rated tire has a stiffer sidewall than every T-rated tire.

    Before reading your post, I was confident that our Turanza LS-T choice was better than installing another set of the OEM Hankook tires. I felt they offered better grip and overall performance and were likely to hold up longer too. I am a little concerned about these tires being unsafe for the Sedona, but not concerned enough to remove the tires.

    I have heard before about the general advice not to install a tire with a lower speed rating than the OEM tire. I did not think this was important in a minivan - I am not aware of any other minivans that are delivered with H-rated tires. Generally, higher speed rating tires cost more, the OEM Hankook and Kumho tires notwithstanding. My impression was Kia outfitted Sedonas with H-rated tires because doing so was cheaper than fitting Sedonas with a speed governor - Car and Driver noted its test Sedona achieved 122mph top speed, so an H-rated tire would be the minimum speed rating above this top speed. My impression was Kia specifically chose these Hankook and Kumho tires because they are Korean brand tires (I think?) and the least expensive H-rated option for Kia.

    Perhaps this is a false sense of security, but if tire shops are willing to take on the liability of installing T-rated tires on a vehicle that came with H-rated tires, how dangerous can it really be? Additional factors that, perhaps falsely, gave me good feelings about the robustness of the Turanza LS-T were the fairly high load rating and maximum inflation pressure. Any comments?

    The marketplace reality is that there are VERY FEW P215/70/15 H-rated tires available in the U.S. consumer tire market. Other than the OEM Hankook and Kumho tires, I recall one Michelin tire (the MXV4?) and that was it. The Michelin was far too expensive and I felt better about going with something like Michelin HydroEdge or Bridgestone Turanza LS-T (the 2 tires that stood out in my moderately detailed research as having the best value quotient in the P215/70/15 size) than another set of Hankook RA07.

    Can you point us to a web reference which expands on the general characteristics of an H-rated tire vs. a T-rated tire etc. I do not recall stumbling into any of this information on I realize there is an active Tires Tires Tires topic on Edmunds Town Hall, and I may explore that again.

    Enjoy your new Sedona!

    Hypothetical question for you: If you were to drive over a nail strip and ruin all 4 tires on your new Sedona tomorrow, which tire model would you choose as the replacement?

    By the way, which Saab do you drive? It is interesting to hear a Saab owner (I'm assuming here) purchasing a Sedona. I suspect Kia would like that, from an owner demographic perspective.
  • Bluedevils,

    I didn't want to worry anybody with my comments, but it seems I did. You will likely have no problems with your tires. If I bought a used Sedona with T rated tires on them and the handling seemed acceptable I would keep them on until they wore out. I simply would not choose to buy lower speed rated tires than the manufacturer designed the vehicle to use. I wanted to let people know the speed rating has more meaning than just how fast you drive.

    Since as you noted I drive a Saab, I usually buy European performance tires. In Europe the 'speed rating' is called 'load rating' which I feel is a more accurate description since by default as the sidewall is beefed up to handle higher speeds it also becomes more resistant to damage.

    Regarding shops not putting on lower rated tires. Some do not. I once tried to get Sams Club to install H rated (130mph) tires on my Saab 9000. They refused to do it since the car came with Z rated (149 mph)tires from the factory. I pleaded with them and it finally came out that it was a company wide policy due to a lawsuit from someone who bought lower rated tires and subsequently had a blowout and a crash.

    Regarding the marketplace having few H rated tires in the 215/70/15 size, you are probably correct, however don't just look at Tire Rack or go to your local Firestone. There are lots of other quality tire companies that don't sell through mainstream American tire outlets. My personal favorite tire manufacturer is a Finish company called Nokian. Here is a link to a fantastic tire that I feel would work great on the Sedona: 215/70R15

    I run this model (but not size) tire on my Saab in the winter and it can't be beat for all around traction in many different types of weather. Mind you, this is not a cheap tire. I don't know what the Sedona sized tire costs, but in Saab sizes they cost $160 each but last 50k miles. I feel the expense is worth it considering I live in Minnesota where winter lasts half the year, and tires are the single most imporant safety feature on any vehicle.

    You asked what I would buy and run on my Sedona. My plan is to run the Hankooks during the half the year here it isn't winter, and get the Nokian WRs on a separate set of wheels for winter use. You can run the Nokians all year around if you like, but I prefer not to wear out their incredible and expensive tread on summer highways. If I like the Hankooks enough I'll probably buy another set for summer time use when the originals wear out, however that will be a long time from now since they are also 50k mile tires and will only be on half the year. Their price can't be beat at $55 on Tire Rack.

    You asked about the Saab I drive. It is a '97 9000 Aero. My wife is selling her '99 Saab 9-5 and taking on the Sedona. Even Saab drivers need more room when you've got two young kids. ;)

    - Chad
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Chad, thanks for the reply. You may not get 50,000 miles out of your Hankooks. Ours were doing okay at 38,000 miles or so, but at 50,000 they probably would have been at or below the 2/32" limit. To get 40k miles out of a set of tires costing $55 each is pretty darn good.

    Do you think Kia puts H rated tires on the Sedona because of the H-rated tires' better characteristics, or simply because of the 122 mph top speed which requires something higher than a T rating?
  • I don't know why Kia puts H rated rubber on the Sedona, but I'd rather err on the side of safety than pass it off as simply a speed thing. As you've pointed out, who is going to drive a van at 120mph? The sales person who sold us our Sedona did say it was the heaviest mini-van available. I can only wonder if Kia was adding to the safety of the vehicle with H rated tires due to its heft. In theory H rated tires should hold up better to abuse than T or S rated ones, but as they say Y.Y.M.V. (Your mileage may vary. ;)

    I love the Sedona by the way. We picked it up today with all of 13 miles on it. I think we are up to 72 miles now. I'm a little concerned that the gas gauge is already below 3/4ths after so few miles, but we'll have to learn not to expect 30+ mpg like we got out of our cars.

    - Chad
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    This would be a good question to pose over in Tires, tires, tires too.

    Steve, Host
  • People aught not to discount the quality of the Hankook tires. I did some research and it appears Hankook over the past couple of years has been contracted with Michelin to make many Michelin tires for them. I seriously doubt Michelin would do business with a company putting out poor products.

    '04 Sedona EX
  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202
    Will let you know how the Nokians work with the Sedona. I've been looking for steel wheels to go with a set of 4 Nokian RW's for this winter since I too have moved to MN. Although the Hankooks did great in the terrible snow, sleet and ice en route to the Army/Navy game last winter, I didn't like the salt effect on my alloys, so looking for a set of good old steel wheels for the cruddy days ahead. Will put the alloys and Hankooks back on during the nice weather.

    BTW, at least one dealer has quoted around $110 tire for them stock size.

    RE H rated tire discussion. One other factor is heat build up and tread separation. The higher the rating, the more heat it can take...a factor when you drive on the freeways in the summer, even if it is just I64 or I 70 speeds.

    My introduction to that was a dash across the US after college graduation with a set of Gislavads on my 914. It was a 90+ degree day, and speeds were"north" of the temperature. (OK, I was young, foolish, and following a great looking Camero). I threw tread off all four tires...fortunately the steel belts held.
  • Thanks for very informative and civil ;) posts.

    Looking to buy a minivan and Sedona is definitely on top of the list. Got two boys (3 and 1) and we're trying to squeeze as much out of 2001 Hyundai Sonata. Maybe I can hold till 2006 models come out.

    A quick question on the weight on Sedona.
    Does anyone know why it weighs so much. I think its curb weight is like 4600lbs. Someone pointed out that's like 600lbs more than a typical minivan.

    Obviously this has to contribute to poor mileage. Just curious.

    Oh, also, are all Sedonas 7-seaters? Or are there 8-seaters as well. Thx.
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