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Kia Sedona (2005 and Earlier)



  • Has anyone here replaced their air filter yet? Where can i buy one aside from the dealer? How much? Thanks in advance.
  • I got one a a local parts store, forget which one, for about $10. Had to try a couple of places before I found one had it.
  • My Kumho (sp?) tires need to be replaced. Mileage is about 40K and I don't want the same brand; have had a pulling problem resolved by keeping tires in place--not rotating. The front are worn but plenty of tread on rear. Anybody have the Hankook brand? Can't find any comparisons at Tire Rack for Hankook but Kumho don't look too good.
  • Jondot,

    We had the Hankook's on our '02 Sedona and also on our '04 Sedona as well. After much research in addition to my own personal experience with them I recommend them.

    Hankook and Michelin do a tremendous amount of business together. I learned that Michelin actually contracts with Hankook to make many of the Michelin tires for Michelin. This to me says alot if a leading tire company like Michelin hires Hankook to make many of their tires.

    In addition, The '02 Sedona we had drove great with the Hankook's. Our '04 had a vibration problem when new but it was the dealers incompentance and not the tire.

    Tire rack has them for something on the order of $55? In my oinion its a great value(price/quality).

    '04 Sedona EX
  • Craig, thanks for the quick reply. Pepboys Auto is advertising some Hankook Optimo Plus II for $70. I don't know who else carries them in the San Antonio TX area. Which of the Hankooks do you have and do you have any knowledge about the Optimos?

  • John,

    I dont know anything about the Optimo's. The model we have is the RAO7's that come on most Sedona's. Tire rack lists them for $58 each. If the Optimos are an 80,000 mile tire the Pep boys deal is probably pretty good.

    If I can offer a little advice......Buy tires from an outfit that has a "Roadforce" type balancer. Conventional balancers if calibrated correctly are fine but Hunter makes a Balancer than measures other irregularities in the tire and can help the installer make your car ride smooth as silk.

  • Thanks. Is it easy ton install?
  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202
    "I'am sure you will be hunting Air Filters too one of these days. KIA's price for the air filter is $49.00 at the dealer. I have checked around and found Purolater air filter part # A35434 for about $24.00 at Advance Auto parts,
    I then went to NAPA auto parts and they sold me one for about $14.00 which the sales person said was a bit of a discount. NAPA's filters are made by WIX and this filter has made in Korea on it so was probably made by the original equipment maker.NAPA's part # is 2086 and WIX's number is 42086"

    My dealer wanted $35 for a stock air filter. I bought two (one and a spare) at NAPA for $18.95 each. NAPA had to order the parts, but it only took 24hrs to get them. It is a quick change...less than 5 min with a screwdriver and easy access.
  • Navy air,

    Thanks. I called a local auto parts dealer, O'Reilly, and he did mention WIX with the same part number. Cost $19.99, at least $10 less than what the local Kia dealer is asking.

    More questions if you don't mind.

    1. How about the Transmission fluid, where have you done yours? Our van is a little over 50K miles and we have plans on having another road trip very soon.

    2. Also, have you replaced your belts yet (not the timing belt)?

    Thanks in advance.
  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202
    My dealer changed the transmission fluid at the 30k mileage service. I probably would have done my own service, but got pressed for time, and my wife was running the wheels off it and was going to go over the warantee period before I got to it.

    My understanding is that Kia uses its own brand of fluid, so you may have to obtain the fluid from the parts dept if you cannot locate an aftermarket source for it.

    I haven't changed my belts yet, as the van just rolled over 31k. I normally change out the belts and hoses at the same time, usually around 4 yrs. Occasionally, I've had to replace the belts on other vehicles more frequently.

    I armor all my hoses when I change the oil, which gives me a chance to look for leaks, cracks and wipe down any extra seems to make a difference in unscheduled replacement of stuff, and keeps the chance of a break down minimized.

    The Kia manual is on line if you want to take a look at how difficult those jobs are. (Shouldn't be too hard.)
  • Navy air,

    Got my air filter. I also talked to a kia service rep to inquire about the transmission power flush. He said it would cost around $160! The last time i had my transmission oil changed was like 2 years ago in PA and can't remember how much i paid for it.

    Is it wise to have it done in, like a PEPBOYS or VALVOLINE shops or something?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Navyair, thanks for that info! I was not aware that this info was available on Kia's website.
  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202
    I have mixed emotions about the aftermarket quick lube spots. If you have used the location before and got consistantly good service, then OK.

    I don't think I'd try a quick lube for transmission service unless I knew the mechanic and was comfortable with him/her...have heard too many horror stories about missing plugs, underfills, leaky seals, etc.

    If I were going to have the transmission serviced by anyone but myself or the dealer, it would be a transmission shop like Cottmans, AAMCO, etc. Even then, I'd make sure they knew Kia's unique fluid requirement and understood it. I've been using Cottmans for years and have found them fair priced and knowledgeable. They should replace the pan gasket and transmission filter at that time.

    If you plan on keeping your vehicle a long time, it can't hurt to change it every 25-30,000 miles or two years.

    I feel your pain on the flush. I told the Mrs. to call around to the 3 different dealers in our area to inquire about the 30k service (she didn't) and we got a bill for $500, including $98/hr for labor. Basically, they changed the fluids and lubed the door locks.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Went to a quick lube place yesterday for oil change, due to convenience. First time we've had our Sedona's oil changed somewhere other than Kia dealer or by me. I think they did okay - got off to a good start by advising me the oil was clean and at the full mark (before they did anything), suggesting I did not need a change. I don't know why the oil looked so clean because I'm 99% sure it was 4,000 miles since last change.

    Anyway, they adjusted the tire pressure and did the oil/filter change. No problems (I checked oil level the day after), but during the fill the guy splattered some oil. I could just enough below the bottom of the hood. He got some on himself, which he wiped off. He did not wipe off any in the engine bay of our Sedona. Disappointing.
  • I recently had an oil change also to a quick lube, VALVOLINE quick oil change to be exact. I had it done on a Saturday and didn't use the van 'til Tuesday. When i started the engine i heard some ticking noice. This got me scared so i didn't use the van that day. I took it to the dealer the following morning and when i got there the ticking sound was gone. When i explained to the dealer what happened, he said that it was probabaly because the shop i went to used an ordinary oil filter that doesn't have a check-valve that prevents the oil from leaving some parts of the engine (at least that's how i understand his explanation). I asked him if i need to replace the oil filter and he said that i shouldn't worry about it and just have it replaced on my next oil change.

    Has any one of you experienced this before?
  • I have only changed the oil once in our new '04 Sedona. I wanted to get full synthetic in there as soon as possible so on Saturday I changed the filter and oil to Mobil 1 10w30. I was very surprised to find the oil filter so buried up in the engine bay, hidden behind the sub frame. I don't know if anyone else changes their own oil, but this is the worst location for an ease of replacement perspective I've ever seen. In any case, I managed to get the old filter out and the new one on, but the replacement filter was noticeably smaller than the OEM unit. The replacement filter was SuperTech brand bought at Walmart, but made by Champion Filter Corp. It was listed as the correct model for the Sedona. Not sure why it was so much smaller, but since I'm anal about changing my oil regularly I'm not too concerned about it. I also don't see how to get the filter off without splattering oil everywhere since it comes out of the filter housing and pours all over the sub frame member.

    I did not hear any ticking afterwards, however I did not let the van sit as long as you did. The longer a vehicle sits without running the more likely there will be oil starvation in the valves for a short time until you have full oil pressure again. It probably doesn't cause much damage, but over long periods of time could cause premature wear.

    - Chad
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Yep, the oil filter is in an extremely INCONVENIENT location. I have changed the oil on our Sedona a few times, and always spill a decent amount onto the subframe. Access improves if you remove that squarish plastic shield, but it's still hard to get in there.

    I've tried stuffing a few rags on top of the subframe, sliding a cut-off plastic milk carton bottom to catch the extra oil, etc etc. But the mess associated with this do-it-yourself project has pushed me to have a shop do the job instead of me. This is disappointing, because changing the oil in our own vehicles makes me feel like I know what I am doing.

    I don't remember for sure, but the OEM filter on our 2002 Sedona did seem to be longer than the replacements I have purchased (mostly Purolator Pure One).

    If you are running Mobil 1, make sure you don't change the oil too often or you will simply be wasting money and missing out on the benefits of this excellent synthetic oil.
  • I discovered the same thing while using this Super Tech filter. The Fram filter was also shorter with a smaller diameter. I did not like the look of these, so from now on I get the OEM oil filter from the dealer. I hope to eventually find another manufacturer whose product is the exact same size as the OEM unit.
     That crossbar being in the way really makes for a messy oil change. This is what I do...I take a plastic trash bag and fold it up lengthwise so it just wraps around the crossbar (seam on the bottom...rulling parallel to the crossbar). I then use a piece or 2 of duct tape to keep it from moving. After the oil is finished dripping I wipe the excess oil from top of the bag, then remove the tape and bag - leaving the crossbar oil-free!!! Give it a try!!!

    p.s. - just ordered 2 air filters from NAPA - will be in today.

    2002 Sedona EX - 16,000 miles and counting
  • What?!?!? Only 16K miles??? Our 2002 EX is a little over 50K miles already. Bought it in Aug. 2001. But it is still running great, though. I dropped it off this morning at the dealer's service center for transmission power flush.

    BTW, i saw the commercial of the 2005 Honda Odyssey and it is somehow similar to the Sedona. Or maybe i'm wrong.
  • nornenorne Posts: 136
    yeah the 2005 honda odyssey rear looks very similar to Kia Sedona. So much for Honda never copying anyone.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    I like this trash bag idea for protecting the cross member from oil. This may just convince me to start changing our Sedona's oil by myself again.
  • BTW when i took my van for a transmission power flush yesterday, i also told my service advisor that i hear a thud when i hit a bump. He said that they will replace my shocks and it will be under warranty. Never knew that shocks are part of it. Anyway, hopefully the new shocks will give our van a lot more smoother ride.
  • arjay1arjay1 Posts: 172
    I have a VW Passat in addition to the Sedona. The Passat oil filter is even worse, if you can imagine. What I learned from the Passat, and I use the same technique on the Sedona, is to wrap the filter with a small zip lock sandwich bag after getting it loose.
    I loosen the filter with the filter wrench first. Then I wrap a small sandwich bag around the filter and start to loosen by hand moving the bag around with the filter. As the oil starts to drip/pour, it drips goes into the bag. When the filter is loose, I let it drop into the bag and pull the entire mess down without any oil getting out of the bag.
  • Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! Interesting solution! I am going to have a sandwich and ponder this!
  • Hi everyone. Just returned from my twice yearly road trip. everything was FLAWLESS. MPG on the way down was 22.37 MPG, empty. 21.94 mpg on the way back full up to the ceiling. this is WITH new tires i just bought 3 weeks ago. i opted for the BF Goodrich in the 225 width, slightly wider tire and NON 130 speed rated, these are 112.
    at 19000 on my 2003 EX i had picked up a screw in the road and had plugged. but in the mean time had the spare on and i was very uncomfortable with the body marks in the sidewall from being in the tire cradle. since i carry heavy pottery long distance, i worry about road construction and such blowing out the sidewall and lost complete faith in the old tires. needless to say ive slept fine ever since, and a fine van drives even MORE smoothly. now that im back i plan to do my mobil one this week, have it all ready. i do mine 2X year (even on my previous Sephia) spring and fall. i do notice that by those times the oil is indeed nasty dark color. so, being synthetic, am i too often, overdue, or just right for approx. 9500 a year?
    also did the air filter, got the WIX for $22 a few weeks ago and glad i did - the old was plugged up with bugs and pebbles/winter sand.
    "thank you" to everyone's great posts here.
  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243

    If you do 9500 miles a year and change with Mobil One twice a year your good to go. I have yet to switch to Synthetic since I like to change the oil every 3000 miles anyway. For some sick sadistic reason I enjoy doing oil changes. :-)

    '04 Sedona EX
  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243
    Guess who was named the best minivan value by "Strategic Vision"? -winners-chart.htm

    '04 Sedona EX
  • COOL!!! I knew i can't go wrong when i bought my Sedona. I wonder how the Sienna and Odyssey owners (as well as Kia bashers) will react to this).
  • I seem to recall seeing some posts regarding pricey air filters -even from Kia dealers. I just bought an air filter for our 02 Sedona from the dealer, for $16.40 plus tax. This is the same price I found online, at
  • craigmri, Was there an article with that chart? I'd love to see what went into scoring the vehicles!
      We are looking at minivans right now and leaning heavily toward the Sedona. Seems like you can't beat the features and value.
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