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2014 Audi S4 Prices Paid and Buying Experiences

Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,148
edited May 2015 in Audi
This discussion is dedicated to 2014 Audi S4 purchase experiences.

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  • vicgillvicgill Member Posts: 1
    edited August 2013
    2014 Audi S4 manual trans, highest trim level (technik in Canada), metallic paint, sport diff, carbon fiber inlays, mats, trunk liner, oil pan heater, other dealer accessories.
    Obtained my own financing.
    Price: $57655, with dealer options included $63333. Then add tax and more tax.

    Total out the door price in Canadian Dollars $66500
  • jlaw305jlaw305 Member Posts: 2
    Hi all, looking at leasing a 2014 S4 Premium Plus and was hoping for some feedback on the numbers the dealer is giving me:

    MSRP: $58,945
    Invoice: $55,377.25 (I verified this figure against the known invoice prices and it matches, but also includes not only the $895 destination fee which I know is unavoidable, but a $195 prep/inspection fee and a $290 "FL Gulf Coast DAG" fee - not sure what those are or if they are standard)
    Dealer profit: $500
    Shipping (they had to get the car from another dealer across the state): $450
    "PDI and detail" fee: $450
    Sale price: $56,777

    Acquisition fee $695
    Audicare $880

    Conquest bonus cash $1,000

    So with the acquisition fee and Audicare rolled in, I get:
    Total adjusted cap cost: $57,352.25 (my calculation) $57,742.59 (dealer calculation?)

    42mo lease / 12k mi / 54% residual (with Audicare) / .00108 MF

    Base payment: $713.68
    Tax @ 7%: $49.96
    Total monthly payment: $763.64

    Due at signing:
    First month’s payment of $763.64
    State license fees $250
    Rental surcharge $60
    Tire & Battery fees $6.50
    Dealer Service Charge $697.50
    Cash Cap Red. Tax $76.47
    Tax on Florida fees $53.48
    Cash to cap reduction $92.41
    Total due at signing: $2,000.00

    What do you guys think of these numbers? The negotiated sale price of invoice plus $500 seems reasonable to me from what I’ve seen, although I don’t know what those extra things on the invoice price are. The shipping I don’t know if I can avoid since they went out of their way to get this particular car for me. The two things that really jump out at me are the $450 “PDI and detail” fee and the $697.50 “Dealer Service Charge”. Also, I can’t figure out how the dealer is getting their cap cost with the numbers above.

    Here are three screen captures from my sales guy’s computer that he sent me:

    Any and all feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 237,038
    The good:

    $500 over invoice is good..
    (DAG is dealer advertising group... Advertising fee charged to dealer on each car)

    .00108 is the base MF... residual is correct..

    Dealer sending you screenshots... at least it's all there to see...

    The bad:

    FEES!!! $195 prep/inspection fee on the invoice, and then they have the nerve to charge another $450 for PDI?? $450 to transport the car seems high, but okay.... but, another $697 for dealer fee?

    I'm not intimately familiar with the market for a 2014 S4... It's possible they would never sell for $500 over invoice, if they weren't getting you for $1200-$1500 in extra fees, you know?

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  • madness99madness99 Member Posts: 3
    2014 Audi S4 Premium plus - 60,165
    Black Optic
    Audi Side Assist
    Audi quattro w/Rear Sports Differential
    Bang & Olufsen Sound System
    Carbon Atlas Decorative Inlays
    Fine Nappa Leather Seat Trim
    Front License Plate Holder
    Supercharged Badges

    The dealer said I can have this vehicle for $55,000

    The lease is:
    $5000 $645/36 for 12K BO 34900
    $5000 $683/36 for 15k BO 33700

    I am wondering if I should lease or just buy the car outright. Do you guys think this is a good deal?

  • graphicguygraphicguy Member Posts: 13,665
    I'm with kyfdx...$500 over inv is good. Showing the screen capture, as he says, at least it's all there to see.

    But, also as he says, what's with the fees? Dealer inspection and prep fees? Audi pays the dealer to inspect and prep the car when it hits the lot. So, the dealer is double charging?

    I personally wouldn't touch the deal. But, if it's the best you can find, and you really like the car (they are wonderful cars).......??????!!!!!!

    I'd tell the dealer...drop the PDI/Detail (they're actually charging you to deliver a clean car to you?) and the alleged "Dealer Service Fee" (what the heck is that? It's a brand new car. It comes with oil, Anti-freeze, brake fluid, etc. What's there to service?).
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