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2014 Mazda CX-5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience

Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
edited May 2015 in Mazda
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  • v_a_t_nv_a_t_n Posts: 7
    I got a quote for a 2014 with Tech GT AWD, trailer hitch, roof rack for $30,780 for these options, anyone have the actual mazda or invoice numbers?

    approx 2100 tax (NJ)
    370 doc fee

    Quoted $33,627 as a total OTD (seems like 527 too high) and didn't really get much for being a AAA, Costco or BJ's member (perhaps $150 off?).

    Any negotiating ideas?

    Thanks for the advice

  • pavant1pavant1 Posts: 2

    I am planning to buy Mazda cx-5 touring model in Jacksonville area. Any suggestions on good dealerships or dealers to avoid is appreciated.

  • netgarnetgar Posts: 1
    edited June 2013
    I got Quoted $27300 as a total OTD for cx5 T AWD including: bose/sunroof package, side roof rails, remote engine starter, wheel locks, leather seats. This is not GT only Touring.

    Is it good deal?
  • v_a_t_nv_a_t_n Posts: 7
    DH wanted the CX-5 despite us being Sandy victims and stopping and starting the buying process. Actually stopping and starting the buying process hurt us as then the salesperson was less interested in giving us a deal as they may have needed to split the slim commission. So we spoke to the manager instead of sales but only after we were ready to buy and have worked out our numbers.

    We got an internet quote from a really nice sales guy at another dealer but once he wouldn't budge lower any further or go into details about numbers, we went with that number to our local dealer and they matched it! I had tried AAA, Costco and BJ's buying programs but they wouldn't come up with a quote, interestingly though the dealer I bought at came up with a very close number the first call around, so those buying programs really work to get a great first number. But I wasn't prepared with my numbers so I thought it was too high, so we wasted a lot of time and then got back to that original number minus a little. I finally bought via consumer reports build and buy program (free with CR print or online membership) which gave me the true car value and price and hence a starting point for informed negotiations. Then we were ready for business.

    Bought CX-5 GT, AWD $30 486, Includes: Sky Blue/Black interior $0, delivery ($795), $211 title/reg for 4 yrs, $269 Doc fee, NJ Tax 7%

    Options: Tech $1,625, Roof rails $250, All weather mats $100, cargo tray $75, rear sensor $475, trailer hitch $425, Total $2,950

    $33, 436 OTD

    To cut costs I also offered to 'help' them get the title, reg for actual 4 yr cost $211 instead of their charge of 3-400 (100 + for someone to do that, really?) I also offered to install the all weather mats and tray myself (really, are they kidding me, how can they charge for that?) But they didn't take me up on my offer! :) [But try that to really dig in to the install fees.] No finance as we had our own, and no trade in.

    Finally I can stop stalking this site!

    Good luck with your purchase.

  • I bought my 2014 Mazda CX-5 GT AWD in early May. I suggest contacting the internet/fleet sales department and asking them what their best price is. It helps in you specifics like all the features you are looking for as well as the color (know the packages). This website can provide you with invoice costs (use the TMV tool). I was able to get my fully loaded CX-5 for almost $1k under invoice. It helps if you are working with multiple dealerships because they often will compete for your business. Make sure you get the offers in writing otherwise they won't commit. Good luck!
  • jzmacjzmac Posts: 2
    netgar - If its got Leather then its a GT and that's a great price.
  • chowee21chowee21 Posts: 8
    What do you think about this:
    New 2014 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring FWD


    GT Tech package
    Remote Start
    all weather mats
    cargo tray

    price is $28600 OTD?
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 739
    before or after tax? if after, what was sales tax rate.
  • techeasetechease Posts: 2
    Just purchased two identical CX-5 GT FWD in white from Galpin in Van Nuys. No other extras:

    MSRP: $28,615
    Invoice: $27,797
    Purchase Price: $27,041 ($756 off invoice)
    OTD: $29,603 (including 8% tax, title, license

    They included LoJack free of charge (normally $695). Lojack costs the dealer $250. Obviously that gets absorbed into the price I paid for the car, and I would have rather just saved the $250 and not had it, but it was already installed and activated on the cars. Anyway, considering Lojack costs the dealership $250, this really puts the car closer to $1000 under invoice (assuming you have use for LoJack).

    If the car you want does not have LoJack already installed, i would think you could negotiate $1000 off invoice without too much work. Sadly for us we needed two identical white cars, and Galpin was the only one that had them, so that limited our negotiating strength.
  • techeasetechease Posts: 2
    jzmac: Considering invoice is $29,803, that price is excellent. I'm assuming that is pre-tax, or you're in a state with no tax, but $1200 below invoice is pretty much one of the best prices I've seen recently... and if that price includes title and license, than it's even better.

    Snag it, and tell us all what dealership!
  • chowee21chowee21 Posts: 8
    It is before tax/title. This is just the OTD price from the dealer and the other fees are paid when i title it.

    I will post more info on it when I get all my paperwork finalized.

  • I believe a full tank of gas is mandatory and should be included every time u leave the dealer with a new car...
  • jrwall68jrwall68 Posts: 1
    Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring AWD (no tech package)

    MSRP $29,665
    "Internet Price" $28,400

    OTD 29800 including 6% PA Sales Tax

    And a great experience with West Chester Mazda outside of Philly.
  • chowee21chowee21 Posts: 8
    2014 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring FWD (black/ black leather)


    GT Standard Package: leather-trimmed upholstery, dual-zone automatic climate control, Bose Surround Sound with nine speakers, Sirius Satellite Radio, power moonroof, eight-way power driver's seat with power lumbar, heated front seats, auto on/off headlights, rain-sensing wipers, heated mirrors, 19-inch alloy wheels

    GT Tech package: navigation system, advanced keyless and start, adaptive HID headlights with auto leveling, auto-dim mirror, HomeLink, burglar alarm

    Remote Start
    all weather mats
    cargo tray
    wheel locks

    Price is $28500 OTD ($29687 after sales tax and titling/registration)

    Purchased at Joe Machens Dealerships in Columbia, MO.
    Brokered the deal over email, drove out and spent less than 1 hour doing: paperwork, going over the manuals, short test drive to verify all was okay, and walk around.

    Even received a tin of cookies in the mail from them to top it off!

    Awesome dealership, really want you in one of their cars, quick and hassle-free service!
  • guest2011guest2011 Posts: 30
    edited August 2013
    lol true i don't know how they stay in business with those prices. I'm on the market for cx5 or crv. CX5 FWD Touring no extras over $28,000 OTD. NUTS! I wouldn't buy from Crystal if it was the last dealer on earth and cx5 was the last car. Nobody stopped me from walking away from this craptastic deal.
    Same numbers in Wayne and Mahwa so its not just Crystal. Nobody cares for my business anymore. Negotiation with dealer is thing of the past. If i don't buy today for 28 tomorrow some fool will pay 28.5 for the same car.
  • jimx7jimx7 Posts: 1
    This is where we are at right now.
    Mazda CX 5 AWD Touring
    Market 26860
    Dealer discount and rebate - 1090
    Accessories 324 ( all season Mats 125 + protection ? 199
    600 down
    Resedule 14773
    39 months at $ 342.00
    Rebate of 342.00 ?
    Should I pull the trigger or take this info to the Toyota dealer and get a Rav4 ?
    Thanks for any help.
  • 42 month lease
    CX5 [FWD] Grand Touring w/ Tech Package - White Exterior, Black Interior
    $28,990 - $500 Mazda loyalty = $28,490 + $396 [fees]
    $28,886....12,000miles a year @ $377/month including tax
    $863 due @ signing , which includes 1st month payment
    2 free oil changes, 2 free tire rotations, and includes a roof rack.
    Residual is $15,958 if I want to buy out @ the end of the term
  • $27300 +tax+licence .9%
    Pugi Mazda Downers Grove Il
    Bought the GAP insurance and tire and wheel protection for $400. The cost of the wheels and tire combined with our pitiful roads put me over the edge!
  • Went to Valencia Mazda and was quoted a very great deal for a 2014 Grand Touring but I then refuse their offer since I'm going to now wait for 2015 model. If anyone is currently going to buy a CX5 and ISN'T IN A HURRY, I'd suggest to wait due to major interior, minor exterior upgrades. (I will say that I was quoted under invoice, threw in dealer options at no cost, discount of extended warranty, being military did help for additional discounts) I will def purchase the 2015 model from them once its comes out hopefully early next year. ;-)
  • mozmozmozmoz Posts: 1
    edited September 2013
    wow i didn't even realize they were being updated!! thanks. the interior was a main sticking point for me. same in the cr-v. you could get much better interior from buying each brand's cheaper vehicles (accord and mazda 3).
  • Hi greyhoundly,
    Would you please share your dealer name?
    thanks a lot.
  • Hi,

    I am getting a quote from dealer here in Denver for CX-5 Touring (not GT) + Bose/Moonroof package as $26800 + Tax + handling (It is coming out to be $29600). Is it a good deal?

  • I was quoted a sell price of 29,295 for an AWD Grand Touring (soul red $300 upcharge) and no other options. My monthly lease payment was $372.83 for 36 mo. 12,000 miles ($361.60 for 42 mos.) The money factors were 0.00011 and 0.00035 respectively and residual was 55 and 51%. I am putting $1500 down. Does this sound in the ballpark. I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Thanks
  • Bought the car on Oct 7th. Till now so far so good. The price I paid is 23,700 plus tax, title and registration fee. Totally I paid is 26,100. Package includes parking sensor, roof rack, cargo cover and some minor stuff. For a CX-5 touring model this is the price I can't resist. I live in Bay Area, CA.
  • calscals Posts: 1
    Bought my 2014 GT this week. With the tech package and the crystal white paint I paid $28,038.00 before TT&L. Dealership is in Richardson, TX.
  • Bought 2014 CX-5 GT FWD few days ago. I paid 26500 + Tax/Title in Bay Area. Is this a good price?
  • apandyapandy Posts: 22
    Can you tell me who the dealer was? I'm looking for a very similarly loaded vehicle.
  • In the Bay Area, I bought the Sky Blue Mica CX-5 Grand Touring FWD w/ Tech Package with
    * Roof Rails
    * Cargo Tray
    * Cargo Cover
    * Rear Bumper Guard
    * Wheel Locks
    * Cargo Net

    I hope that this helps people get a good deal. I suggest buying at the end of the month or year-end to have a bit more bargaining power.
  • has anyone bought a 2014 Mazda cx5 GTAWD recently in Wisconsin? would like to know how much is a good ave prize. thanks
  • Hello, did you find out which dealer?

    I would like to purchase the base touring as well but I live in SoCal.
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