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Ford Escape transmission/electrical problem

bigdaddy16cabigdaddy16ca Posts: 1
edited February 2014 in Ford
Hi all,
New to the site and looking for sime help. I have an 09 base model escape. It has roughly 250k on it and I noticed one day coming home from hockey that my speedometer amd rpm gauge started bouncing and when I got home and shifted from drive to any gear other than park the truck jerked as if it was hit from behind. I have it at a shop now. They put in a new transmission from a 2010 and it lasted for an hour befire it did the same thing. Now the mechanic has no clue other than it might be electrical. I'm already $3000.00 into this guy and I might have to go to a dealer. Help please..


  • chimo2chimo2 Posts: 1

    Sounds similar to a problem I had with the throttle controller - jerking of the car/RPMs and accelerator pedal stopped working. Appears to be a not uncommon problem based on internet search.

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