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2012 Camaro Stalls While Driving - Dealer Won't Help

ohheyfayohheyfay Posts: 1
edited February 2014 in Chevrolet

Hi! I have a 2012 Chevy Camaro SS and it's stalling while driving. It's happened 3 times in just under 12 months. I 've taken it in to the dealer but they cannot duplicate the problem so they send me on my way. The first couple of times this happened I was in my neighborhood moving at 25-30 and the car stalled. All the lights, stereo, steering, brakes, etc. I let it roll to a stop and it started right back up. I brought it to the dealership and they didn't find a code so they sent me home.

This time it happened 3 weeks ago while driving 75 mph on the freeway. I was scared to death. I let it roll to a stop and did my best to man handle it away from traffic. I brought it in and again, no codes. They have driven it for 3 weeks and keep telling me to come and pick it up. I contacted the GM regional office and was given a case number and a towing number so I can have it towed for free next time this happens.

I understand intermittent problems are the hardest to diagnose, but my dealership/Chevy really isn't putting any effort it. I called on Monday to ask if they found anything over the weekend and they said "No, no one has been in it since Friday." I have navigated all the appropriate channels and I'm out of options. I asked how much they would give me for a trade it (it's under warranty, convertible, with every upgrade the SS has) and they said $22k. It blue books $31-33k. It's insulting how this is all playing out.

I bought it used so I don't have any lemon recourse, but are there any other options? How can a car under warranty be rejected by the dealership? They didn't even look under the hood. If there are no codes and it can't be duplicated, that's really it?

A few highlights of my customer service include: no loaner, a lecture from the service department about how they don't get paid to put miles on my car, and a call asking for permission to put gas in my car - and I would be paying for that gas.


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