Non Negotiation Honda Dealership - Marysville, Wa.

sterlinghawksterlinghawk Member Posts: 4
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Test Drove an EX-L with navigation. It was really nice. However I have not run into this since the Saturn days.

Dealership supposedly does not negotiate. Their price is 30500.00 w/o t/l/f. Has anyone run into this lately. And does it really mean no-negotiation? or can I negotiate a little bit. I would like to ask for 350 towing credit or back up alert.

You see, I just wanted to drive it, I am actually looking at another car and that would be a Sante Fe so I really do not need this and can easily walk away if needed. Thanks everyone


  • MarkHolthoffMarkHolthoff Santa Monica, CAMember Posts: 101
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    Looks like TMV right now for the 2014 CR-V EX-L with Navigation (and AWD) is about $1000 less than what you were quoted. So that doesn't seem like a particularly good deal. I would suggest working with a different dealership.

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