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My SRX 2008 V6 repair bills keep coming... trade it in?

fromwin2lafromwin2la Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Cadillac

Hello, first I would like to say that I loved my car at first, my previous car a Buick Lucern 2006. We bought the SRX from the local GMC dealer second hand with roughly 74,000 KM and the interior look and still looks immaculate, so is the outside paint, etc. Everything worked fine for the first 6 months. Two years into the ownership of this car and this is what has happened so far: (prices are rounded up and in order as they have happened)
1. Rear Rotors $625
2. Coolant leakage from radiator $750
3. Front Drivers lumbar support $325
4. Turn signal $325
5. Low beam light $450
6. Front disc replacement $750
7. Brake, transmission fluid replacement (required) $700
8. Front Rotors $625

And the dealer has warned me of a oil leak under the vehicle that I should keep an eye for it because it looks like it will require attention in the future a job that they have estimate to cost $3500

I've never own a Cadillac before and we bought it due to the fact that my Husband works at GM and we want to show some loyalty and the fact that it was a used in perfect condition vehicle was too hard to resist.

I am not very happy with the fact that we just keep paying bills after bills, my frustrating - prompt solution is that, I would like to just fix the front rotors and trade it in for a Honda CRV. I used to own a Honda a few years back it was a small hatchback 2003 Civic Si and we bought it new, and I loved it but felt it was too small for me and my gear equipment. So I guess the reason I am posting this here is to hear and know what your opinion will be? At the same time, we are moving in a few years too so it seems a bit odd to buy a car right now for some reason. Anyways I will appreciate your comments!
Thank you

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