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2007 Saturn ION check engine light

dmciverdmciver Posts: 3
edited March 2014 in Saturn
I have a 2007 saturn ion 2.2 , 98,000 miles. Trying to clear check engine light/code so I can pass state emissions requirement for clark county,nevada. I have accces to a scan tool and a smog machine.
The secondary air injection pump and the air check valve that sits
Behind the manifold are both brand new..when the light is reset, it will
Return after a couple drive cycles. The smog machine will show
1 trouble code indicating "insufficient secondary air flow"
All other codes are clear...
This model does not have a barometric press sensor
Alldata indicates that the barometric pressure must match the manifold
One other note...
The scan tool will not read the info ,so we cannot command the air pump
To activate...
The smog machine will not indicate baro pressure

Really scratching my head on this
This our only car, wife is disabled..
Any suggestions are appreciated
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