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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • There is a TSB for this to replace the cancel-cam in the steering column. It is a simple repair, should take 1 hr or so at the dealer (repair pays 0.4 hr). Your dealer should do it under warranty, even if you are past 3yr/36,000 miles, because it is a known issue.
  • I have many problems with my 2000 jeep grand cherokee. But I need to concentrate on the most important right now. Please someone give me guidance.
    1- I have no brake lights, and my left turn signal works when its warm out. I dont know if these problems are connected, but thought it worth mentioning.
    2- When I come to a stop, I hear and feel a cluck near the pumpkin, or center of car. Could this be a tie rod?

    Can anyone offer any suggestions,Please
  • We are having extremely similar symptoms and are very much in need of any help we can get.
    Could you please reply with any advice and possibly share how your issue was fixed?
    Thank you
  • I have a 2005 Grand Cherokee that I leased brand new. Since I have had this jeep, it has been in service 14 times for 10 different problems. I love my jeep, but it has left me stranded numerous times. Since it is a lease, I can't get out of it for another year and a half. My sister, mom, dad, & boyfriend all have 05 Grands and none of them have had any problems. I don't know who to contact about getting out of this jeep, so I'm asking for any advice.
  • you don't need to cut off the hinge you need to go to a welding shop and have them raise the door and put plenty of tack as to weld the gap between the hinge and the light sheet metal body so as to stop the hinge from tearing away.
    DO it now or you'll be doing it later
  • ahd05ahd05 Posts: 1
    I've had my 2000 Cherokee for about 4 years now. Just in the past 3-4 months when I hit 80K miles the Jeep has started eating more coolant then usual. Up to last week I was replacing the coolant at least every 3-4 days. At first it was about every month and then things quickly got worse. I took the Jeep into a certified Jeep Specialist in town three different times for pressure tests to the radiator at water pump and we discovered nothing. There were no leaks at all. Each time I took the Jeep I hoped there would be a sign that possibly there was leak in a house on the radiator or water pump had gone bad. Just last week, I decided to take a chance and replace the thermostat and water pump. At first the Jeep of course ran cooler and wasn’t eating as much coolant. Yesterday, evening I topped the coolant over flow off at the full mark and didn’t drive until this morning when I left for work which is about 6 miles from home to work. Within in that six miles and over night the over flow was about a half inch low. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to fix this coolant problem. I’ve tried to hash out all other possible problems but I’m left empty handed and low on coolant. I’ve been told that there’s a possibility that the problem could be the heater core. However, I just don’t want to get caught up in a guessing game with my money and Jeep. Please help I’m open to all suggestions.
  • rolljrollj Posts: 13
    I am having the same problem with my 05 with about 7000 miles on it. I just got it back from the dealer after replaced the drivers side exhaut manifold but the ticking sound is still there. I should be heading back in this week to get them to look at it again. let me know if anyone has had the same problem and if any one has had it fixed. Thanks.
  • xscoutxscout Posts: 141
    Since coolant can't disappear, there are three options. #1 It is leaking on the ground, in which case it should be obvious. Try parking on clean areas every time you drive the jeep so a fresh leak will be obvious. #2 An internal problem such as a failed gasket or crack in the head or block can allow the coolant into the oil pan. If this is the case your oil level will be way too high as well as the oil not looking right. #3 The coolant is getting into one or more of the cylinders while running and is being burned off and sent out the exhaust pipe. This would also be a sign of some internal failure as mentioned above and would possibly trigger a check engine light for a misfire on the problem cylinder/s. Since you just changed the water pump there is the possibility there may have been some air pockets after the refill especially if book procedure was not used. This should correct quickly though. On the heater core theory, if it is leaking you should either have a very wet carpet under your mat on the passenger side and/ or be getting a funny mist out of your vents when running the heat(coolant). Hope this helps. PS, the engine would be an L6, not V6.
  • Hey that ticking sound from the exhaust is actually normal. Although it sounds odd(something like an old dodge V-8) it makes that sound because the Hemi has a special exhaust system. If you ever look underneath you will notice how huge the main muffler is and that there are 3(!) resonators as well. Apparently its like this so it doesn't make an even worse sound when the vehicle is in MDS mode. I work at a Jeep Dealership and drove a ton of them just to make sure that they all sound consistent. No need to worry!
  • What if the exhaust makes a loud vibrating noise once and a while on acceleration... is that normal? The dealership is trying to tell me it's not the exhaust, it needs a new rear end. It only has 3k miles. Plus it only makes that noise on acceleration. I'm so confused :(
  • Well I dunno now I mean it does sound like an exhaust vibration to me but I think there was something with the rear differential needed to be replaced. It is kind of rediculous being that you only have 3k on it but some of them were sent from the factory slightly off and in time it will get worse. I see a few grand cherokees that needed new front differentials because they were making a howling sound. Mines doesn't vibrate on acceleration, but if yours does maybe you should get the new rear end, especially if it isnt out of your own pocket. Once they do that and it does or doesn't go away, you will be able to narrow it down quite a bit.
  • Try replacing the overflow bottle. It is made from plastic which expands and contracts over time and temperature changes. This constant change actually weakens the integrity of the plastic. Common problem areas are the seams, it was a certain problem on my sisters 96 ford taurus. After changing the head gaskets,radiator,water pump,thermostat and thermostat housing she was still losing coolant "somewhere" my local mechanic suggested replacing the overflow bottle and all is well. My 95 grand cherokee also has a new bottle so i can avoid trouble in the future. Hope this helps and happy jeepin'
  • I have an 04 JGC 2WD that has had a drive train vibration since 2K miles. The dealer has replaced drive shafts, axles, the complete rear axle assembly, transmission mounts, motor mounts, even took tires and wheels from another vehicle and put on my JGC, but did not make the vibration go away. Vibrates mostly above 65 MPH. Vibration changes with slight aceleration. The odd thing is when they have replaced the parts mentioned, the vibration has changed, sometimes gotten better, but has not gone away. I have been to the dealer now 10 times for this problem. Now has 33K.
    Anyone else have a similar experience?
  • I can't comment on problem #1 but problem #2 is a known issue among most Jeep service department. It's also referred to as "stop bump" and involves the removal of the drive shaft, lubricating the splines and yoke. I had to have this done 2-3 times over a 30K mile period because it goes away and comes back. This was on my 2001 JGC but is also an issue on 2000 models too.
  • I've had the same poltergeist problems three times with my 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee, (once in Nashville, TN, in 11/05, once in Oxford, MS, in 9/06, and once in Memphis, TN, in 10/06). Possibly just coincidental, but all Poltergeist scenarios occurred during major rainstorms. Also, after the first poltergeist problem in 11/05, I cleaned corrosion from the battery connectors with a brush and had no problems for nearly a year.
    I thought possibly the corrosion on the battery cables and battery connectors combined with the increased moisture might be causing the problem. I have since replaced the battery cables (about $57) and the battery (about $79) and have had no more poltergeist problems. But it's difficult to know conclusively that the problem has been solved.
  • Hi guys. I'm new to the forum. I've got a slight problem with my recently purchased 2004 Grand Cherokee Laredo. No matter how I adjust the AC/Heating controls, I can't get any air out of the front vents (the ones on the dash). All the air just comes out of the vent up against the windshield. Any ideas?


  • I have boughten an 1999 jeep grand cherokee and it has run great until the other day it just suddenly died on me and ever since then it has been starting fine and then within 20 seconds it dies i thought it was a bad gasoline problem so i bought stp and it ran fine for like 15 minutes then did the same thing any suggestions? please help!!!
  • a buddy of mine owns a 93 grand cherokee and recently he over heated it. the upper radiator hase blew off blowing coolant every where. now for some reason the jeep will only start and stay running for a few seconds? is there some kind of switch or some thing that might have tripped?
  • Probably a vacuum leak somewhere.
  • I have a question, a week ago my 2000 GC ignition locked up, I played with the gears and it was not in the driving wheel. the key wouldnt even turn in the ignition. I had to get a tow and now I cant move it, any suggestions?
  • I have a '02 JGC Overland and before the warranty was expired I had been complaining about the noises when you turn tight corners (a chittering in the steering). I'd take it to the dealership and it wouldn't do it there. Amazingly when the warranty was up it dawned on them it was the front and rear differentials needed servicing. Twice. It still hasn't solved the problem. Now they are saying the only thing left to do is start replacing parts. My other problem is that the check engine light is on constantly no matter how many times you mess with the gas cap (who's brilliant idea was that anyway?) I'm on my fourth gas cap so I'm ignoring the light since the dealership keeps blaming it on the gas cap. Anyone else had these problems?
  • rolljrollj Posts: 13
    Is the ticking sound supposed to be that loud? When i'm mildly accelerating on the street it doesn't seem that bad but when i'm up against a wall it is extremely loud. When i brought it back into the dealer after they replaced the manifold they told me it was normal. I tried to get a hold of someone i engineering at chrysler but they would only let me talk to a service rep. chrism1987 could you find out through the dealership why they make that noise, is it resonating in the y-pipe or something else. The noise is driving me crazy, its all i hear now when i'm driving it and its embarssing that 2005 jeep sounds like an 85 chevy with and exhaust leak.
  • buzz7buzz7 Posts: 1
    I had a similar problem on a 1996 Cherokee. Look behind the battery and see if you have a break in a vacuum line. If you patch it with a similar piece of hose your vent controls will work again.
  • I need some advice please. This weekend .. the pedal to the brake got hard to press down.. why? I have only had this Jeep for a couple of months. I have to press down really hard on the brakes to stop my Jeep. I am taking this thing in tomorrow to a mechanic but I wanted to hear from someone.. what do yo think it is? :surprise:
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    1994 grand cherokee 5.2 v8, when traveling along over 40 to 60+ mph, trasmission seems to kick in and out of lock-up,when.its in over drive. any ideas out there sure would be appreciated.
  • ok i have the simular problem in my 1999 limited cherokee. no matter what temp setting i put it at i get an abundance of cold air. its cold right now where i live and starting to rain so i need that heater to work. i took it in to an auto shop and they said it was going to cost 800-900$$ just in labor cause they had to pull the dash board off to get back there and look. so my question to you is did you ever figure out what was wrong and could you give me some hints or clues, it would be greatly appreciated.
  • I have the same problem, cold air comes out of the passenger side no matter what I set the control at. I have also read that even if you have the dealer do the work it is about the same price if not a bit higher and an all day job. I refuse to pay that kind of money to the dealer and for that amount of money I will let it blow cold air. One day I will attempt to either fix or break it on my own. Good luck.
  • jsamsjsams Posts: 3
    i have the same problem with my 98 jeep. its not wanting to start unless you give it gas i was wondering if anyone was able to have an awnser for you?
  • jsamsjsams Posts: 3
    i have a 1998 jgc its not wanting to start unless you are giving it gas but the weird thing is if you while giving it gas put it in gear and start driving after you hit 2nd. or 3rd. gear then it will idol on its own but not before then. i have already replaced the iac motor that didn't seem to be the problem. i am open to any suggestions...
  • I bought my 06 Grand Cherokee in May and replaced the stock radio with an Alpine Head Unit, added an amp and a sub within the same month. 6 months later, while looking for parking at the mall the car stalls on me_seemed like battery went out. Got it to restart in a matter of minutes but had it towed to dealer to check it out. Service shop said "no communication to body controller (bus error)". So they put back the factory radio and said that now the computer is "communicating to each other". Has anyone else ever had this problem? Has anyone had mods done to their sounds and had no problem, or is this with just the newer models of the GCs? Sounds kinda fishy to me since I've had my sound system in my car with no problems up 'til now. Could the problem be the the computer chip in my key was messed up because I tend to drop it a lot? I dunno, just desperate for answers... I really don't know what to believe. Please Help?
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