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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • No heat in my 1999 JGC: I have experienced nearly the same problem. After reading your comment I disconnected the negative battery terminal, and when I reconnected it and started the car I had heat! Up until then I had no heat on either side or from any vent. But, when I turned the car off and started it again the heat was, once again, not to be found. It seems like this would rule out the problem being broken air blend doors. Does anyone know?
  • Hello Friends,
    I occasionally hear a weird and horrible noise from the center console which originates after hitting a bump, pothole or whatever.

    It sounds like some sort of flapper or butterfly valve gets stuck and the noise gets louder with motion and stops when the vehicle stops. The noise lasts only 20 - 30 secs (as soon as I pullover) and the vent valve seats itself (i presume). The noise sounds god awful and would make you think explosion is near, but it fixes itself before I have a chance to pinpoint it.

    My questions are:
    1. Has this happened to you, so you know what I'm talking about?
    2. Is there a vent buried in the center console that controls the ac blow to the back seat?
    3. Any ideas?

    Thanks for your help!
  • I have a 2004 jeep grand cherokee with the exact same problem. The garage told me it would cost over a thousand dollars to fix the blend doors. I disconnected the cables to the battery, reconnected them about 30 minutes later and voila. Heat. Shut it off and 10 minutes later, no heat. Evidently this is a factory defect and everyone should complain to chrysler. I am.
  • My 2004 jeep grand cherokee blows air, but no heat. The factory wanted over a thousand dollars to fix the blend doors. I read where disconnecting the battery cables and reconnecting them fixes the heat problem temporarily. It did. TEMPORARILY. Everyone with this problem needs to contact Chrysler. This should most definitely be a recall. This is a factory defect!! You can e-mail them at the JEEP.COM website. Go to the bottom and click "contact us" or call 1-800-853-1403 or mail them at CHRYSLER LLC P.O. BOX 4639 OAK RIDGE, TN 37831. Do not give up. Chrysler created this problem. Now they need to fix it!
  • Still confused. What IS the problem? Still a blend door problem (but not the usual "broken" door issue)? Or something else? It sure doesn't sound like a blend door problem since the heat CAN work on occasion. thoughts?

  • :sick: Last night I was sitting n line and my oil pressure bottomed out. turned it off and started it again. it ran fine then died to now it won't restart. could it be oil pump? Checked and it has oil and yes has gas also? what could it be? HELP PLEASE
  • jhuckjhuck Posts: 17
    We have a 2000 JGC Lorado and the heat air problem appeared last year at Christmas. We open the glove box and slam it shut to get the air blowing again.
  • jhuckjhuck Posts: 17
    I had that happen last year when taking a child to school. As long as I put it in netural and gave it gas at lights, the oil pressure would stay up. I did that all the way to the guy who does my repair work. It turned out to be the oil pump and sensor. The total cost was $1800.
  • I just had the same problem. It was a broken oil pressure sensor. The heat never rose and oil level was fine. Cost of new sensor and labor - $126 They replaced it and the replacement worked exactly opposite of how it should. Pressed the gas and the oil pressure went to zero...and the alarm went off. Defective part. Mechanic replaced it with anothr for free.
  • I have a 99JGC with the same problem. Of course changing the blend doors is simple it's just that getting at them is extremely involved. Here's a couple of links that may be helpful...

    good luck
  • I have an '04 Jeep Grand Cherokee that started overheating today. The fan is not working and from what I am reading, it is not cheap to replace. Also, from what I read, there is more than just replacing the fan motor. First, I want to try hitting the fan motor like someone else wrote. If this does not work...I am hoping...what am I going to have to do to get the fan working again? :confuse: I hate taking any vehicle to a mechanic, but this is a fairly new vehicle and I don't want to screw anything up. :(
  • xscoutxscout Posts: 141
    Rather than hitting the motor, why don't you try running some temporary wires direct from your battery to the motor to see if the motor is the problem. There may be a relay or other problem that is preventing power from getting to the motor. There are quite a few posts on this issue, try a search to get some other ideas.
  • Consumers Unite! Go to this website to file a complaint for a recall on the heat system:
    enter complaint under visibility:defroster/defogger system:windshield:blower
    We have to unite to get results!!
  • I've owned my '94 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd V8 automatic trans. since 1995. It's been pretty decent with the normal repairs,140,000 miles. Last month the battery was dead, charged it up, the next day it was dead again. Had it towed to a shop near where I live. I had a remote starter for years, they told me it was bad and was draining the battery and disconnected it. Next day dead again, they told me it was the security system and were going to disconnect that. Next day, dead again. Then they said it had "electrical problems" and finally replaced battery and negative cable tip, which solved the problem. $220 for labor, $105 for parts, and no remote starter anymore. Two weeks later, I had a security lock out; come to find out, the security system cannot be disabled. Took it to the Jeep dealer, in their words, they had to "trick system to get veh running then unhook theft system and let run so PCM would not recognize theft system. If battery is disconnected or replaced, it will need to have steps repeated to activate and deactivate theft system." Another $305. Everything's fine, no theft system, but now Jeep won't go into overdrive. It's not the OD button, checked that. Took it back to Jeep, now it's a bad computer and will cost $800 to replace. Being a woman who knows next to nothing about vehicles, I don't know what to think. Any ideas? Thanks!
  • Sounds to me like they DID NOT take the neccesary prcautions when changing the battery the first time. Some vehicles REQUIRE some kind of battery back-up when changing the battery, Most times it is some kind of battey or deivce that plugs into the cigarette lighter and all it does is keep the system with another power so it doesnt loose memory / programming (main computer) .

    I think the shop is responsible for the problems becuase of the MIS-DIAGNOSIS the first time. Possible they cut a wire for the remote started that caused some kind of system error. There are many different things that could of lead up to where you are but what I do know is that iof they would of used a back up battery device, changed YOUR battery and terminals and then removed the back up device, you would not of had any problems with the theft system or other issue. (IN MY OPINION)
  • I too was havin small things go wrong with my 98 jgc simple little things that didn't make sense...before you get a new computer for $800.00 go to a junkyard and ask for a used one out of a wrecked jeep,I just happened to have a friend that knew someone that had a computer i put it in mine no more problems you could tell a difference when you first cranked it up after i put it on,but anyway i got mine for $75.00 there is also a place on here on ebay look up computers for the make and model and it will come up with a place in florida that sells them for $400.00 which to me is a lot better than $800.00 i got lucky with mine....i don't take it to the dealership anymore they are a ripoff.......but they have to get your vin number to put it in the computer they send you to make it work.........hope you get it fixed.....Good Luck
  • Thank you for the information. I didn't know any of that. I too believe they're responsible, and since I paid with a credit card, my bank has filed a complaint for me to try and get some of the money back. So we'll see what happens.
  • Thanks SO much for the advice. I'll try to find one.
  • catsucatsu Posts: 3
    Have a '94 Grand Cherokee and the "service 4WD" light keeps coming on when I put it in either part-time or full-time 4WD. Where is the switch at? Have checked the manual and can't find anything about it. Hope someone can help. thanks loads
  • I was looking for a fuse in my manual. when looking and trying to identify some of the fuses from the owners manual with the fuse box, i saw a few that i can't find. It would appear that you can't get to them without pulling the steering wheel cover off. Does anybody know about this? Are these accessible?
  • hi, just bought a 98 grand jeep, when you put your foot down it is spewing clouds of black smoke out. thought there was a problem with air flow sensor , car didnt smoke when this was diconnected, ran slightly better as well. after spending 90 quid on a new sensor , i have reconnected and it still spews smoke out when you put your footdown. as soon as you disconnect the lead to the sensor the car runs with not a sign of any smoke although it does run underpowered. any suggestions would be appreciated.
    Damia :cry:
  • catsucatsu Posts: 3
    Check under the hood, part of them are there.
  • Has anyone had to replace the axle mounts located on the front differental case? There are two: one on the upper left and one one the upper rear of the case. They are 37.00 dollar parts but the labor is well over 500 bucks. IF THEY ARE TORN ON YOUR JGC THE ENGINE WILL SHIFT VERY HARD FROM PARK TO REVERSE OR FROM PARK TO DRIVE. BUT NOT THROUGH THE GEARS. I feel this is a problem that Jeep needs to address as a recall since more and more JGC are having this problem....and the parts are on backorder.

    Let me know
  • I have an 07 JGC with 4.7 18,000 mi. and have the exact same problem. I can also hear a tick at idle along a wall, i.e. garage. I test drove another model last time at dealer and heard the same noise. Must be a problem typical to this car. If anyone has a suggestion, I'm open. I think it sounds bad and would like to elimintate the sound.
  • djp2tdjp2t Posts: 1
    I drive a 1997 jeep cherokee 4.0. A buddy of mine and I recently made a round trip of about 600 miles. Just about when I got home my check gauges light came on. It was just the voltage so I thought no big deal. Once I pulled into the driveway I smelled a burning oil sound and I noticed some steam coming from the engine compartment. It did not seem like the car was overheating, I mean the temp gauge was right on the middle. I immediately popped open the hood and then coolant was dripping out from underneath the vehicle. It turns out it was coming from right underneath where the drive belt is. The coolant was kind of a hazy green but then it started dripping out black like it had mixed with oil. I started it today to see if anything had changed and once it made it to operating temperature it made the strangest noise. It sounded like hard metal on metal screeching. The Voltage is the least of my worries right now but sometimes that gauge works and sometimes it doesnt. I dont know if the two are related. When I do crank the jeep up it seems fine like it did everyday before until it heats up a bit. If anybody on here can help me out that would be great. I will probably try to do the work myself if possible.

    Thank You
  • Hi all, I have a 1996 JChe Laredo, this last week started to fail the trasnmission: Suddenly push harder and seems to start running when you are stopped at the light...other times seems that the shift is out and takes a bit to start to run....
    My question is about the possible diagnosis and the probably price for the repair.
    please any help would be really welcome!!!
  • xscoutxscout Posts: 141
    I'm no expert but I think I would start by doing an oil change. After the oil is drained out check it to see if there is any water or debris in it. It would look and or smell unusual and the water and oil will seperate when sitting in the pan. You may also be able to tell by looking at the dipstick, and I would check both the oil and transmission dipsticks. Oil and antifreeze can get mixed in the engine by a crack or gasket failure and antifreeze and transmission fluid can get mixed in the radiator by a crack. The noise may be a result of whatever is dripping getting on your drive belt, but in any case I would be very cautious about driving it anywhere.
  • Im having problems starting my jeep while it is cold. It will turn over then die after just a few seconds. After awhile when the day would get warmer the jeep would start without any problems. Now that its colder It wont stay running no matter what time of day. We have found that if we take a hair dryer and blow it on the distibuter (I think thats what it is it's on the back of the engine) it will start and stay running. Please if someone can help us out with any suggestions. :confuse: :confuse:
  • 5213252132 Posts: 62
    I have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ. When I start it up after the engine is at normal operating temperature, it idles rough for a few seconds. There is no stalling or hesitation, just the rough idle. I noticed a smell of semi-burned fuel [which means that its running rich] when this happens and the RPM goes to 1,200.It's a 4.0 POWER-TECH I6. Other than that things are fine. By the way, the engine light isn't on.
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