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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • Can someone give me an idea on how to get the fan bolt off? I have bought manual and it did not work. I have tried turning the bolt both ways and neither way will loosen. What should I do now?
  • We are working on the jeep tonight...replacing the freeze plug in the radiator do I remove the old one to put the new one it? Email is good or IM [email protected] same name for both the messenger or the mail...thanks!
  • How many bolts are there? Do you want to (are you able) to do a direct chat? I will talk you through it if you like...try me at StellaMazik on yahoo messenger. If it's just rusted, spray it with WD-40 and then tap it GENTLY with a hammer to knock the internal rust loose.
  • After reading the postings, I wondered if you ever got your Jeeps electrical probs solved and what was the cause. I have a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee and suddenly all my power windows have stopped working, my cruise control no longer engages, my interior lights have issues, and my air bag light stays on. I have only had this vehicle 3 months and all these things have happened within a week. All the fuses have been checked and are all good, but I can't figure out why this is happening. Please let me know if there is something I should check or know.
  • I have a 2004 grand cherokee limites and the heat is not working on the drivers side only , it blows cold on the drivers side and hot on the passenger side. I got diagnostic codes of 54 left temp door travel too large and 56 right temp door travel too large.

    I was wondering what you did to fix your heat? Did you try recalibrating the azc?
    could it be a vacum hose or leaves that are jamming the doors?

    please let me know.

  • i feel your pain about the over heating issues.. I have a new water pump, hoses, radatior cap thermastat. I have flushed her my self and professionaly.. when the tempertor is over 70degrees. she may or may not over heat some times in highway traffic running at 70mph if some slow car gets in front she will over heat.
    But my baby never over heats when i am near the auto shop ( I trust to do the service and maintance I dont like to mess with)
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    could be the fan clutch working and not working or the flow rate on the radiator coulb be pluged partley
  • Recently the dealer performed warranty service on the transmission, which would not downshift out of overdrive. After the service, there is a distinct ATF smell that comes through the vents when using fresh air intake. I can smell it plain as day, as can my passengers, but the dealer claims "unable to duplicate"

    I've checked as best I can for leaks, seepage, etc, but can't find anything. Any ideas?
  • Longfellow (and all those who may read this),

    You are correct in your assessment of the chrome clad wheels (available on Limited models). Thanks for the BIG hint. I have a 2005 JGC Limited Hemi with chrome clad wheels. When I purchased the vehicle used, I took it in to be balanced. It came out worse than before. I took it back and it was still worse. I would have spent hundreds of dollars chasing this obscure problem when all it needed was for the balancing to be done on a special balancing machine called the Road Force Measurement system (made by Hunter; The website will tell you where these machines are used (most Mercedes, BMW, even Jeep dealers either have a machine or have access to one. Also, America's Tires selectively have the machines). Basically, these machines balance your tires the way the factory originally balances them. And they are not bothered by the flexible (ungrippable) chrome clad. A quality tire house will tell you that they can't balance these chrome clad wheels because they can't get a good enough grip on them (again, because the chrome clad material flexes too much). But the Road Force machine can, and will balance the tires beyond description. I would recommend this machine for anyone having any kind of tire balancing issue, not just because of chrome clad issues. It cost me $65 for all 4 tires at the Jeep Dealer (I specifically asked for the Road Force machine and they located one next to their facility at the BMW dealer. They were aware of the issue). Again, thanks for the tip! Glad you contributed to this forum, and that this forum is around!
  • In my 2005 GC, my air bag light for both sides goes on and off randomly (so far as I can tell). I had it recalibrated when it was under warranty, but the 12 months has run out (as of Nov 20) and the lights are coming on again.

    Is there a known problem with this? Is there a way to fix it easily or recalibrate it without going back to the dealer?
  • How do you diable pernamentaly the security system on a 1995 grand cherokee it is a 318 V 8 if that matters also has remote starter
  • How do you disable pernamentaly the security system on a 1995 grand cherokee it is a 318 V 8 if that matters also has remote starter
  • leakleak Posts: 5
    Hi have a 2000 JGC WJ 4WD 4.0 Engine. My problem started I think last week when I notice that my headlight and my light console starting to dim. Then last night the battery power went down to its lowest level while Im driving. I totally lost the power in everything and the engine had just died down. I replace my battery about two months ago. What could be the problem? Please help. Thank you
  • 5213252132 Posts: 62
    Your alternator might be going out.
  • I've owned a Grand Cherokee laredo 2001 since 2003. It has about 130,000 miles on it now, and it still runs perfectly, never had any problems with it until a few days ago. it's not too serious, just weird. there is something wrong with the electric locks, and all of my doors keep getting jammed. whenever i lock them using the remote or the door switch it makes a loud noise, it sounds like its quacking, but when i do it manually, it doesnt. so it's obviously electric. also, lately when ive been locking them manually, they get stuck. i was just wondering if anyone had a similar problem, and if its something serious or easy to fix cus i dont want to start taking apart my door until i have a good idea of what it is, and i know what im looking for. maybe a wire got disconnected or something? help?
  • xscoutxscout Posts: 141
    From everything I've heard and read on the system, you can't disable it. If it is the factory system it is integrated in the Jeep's computer and can not be separated from other operational systems since they share components of their programs.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    check for broken wire in drivers door by hinges lots of wires in the rubber protector
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    check your fluid. Sounds like you are low on transmission fluid.
  • We had a similar problem on our 2000 GC, except the passenger side went out first. We had the same error codes. About 2 years after the passenger side went out, the driver's side went out.

    Turns out, the axel on the blend doors was broken (it's made of cheap plastic). The doors just fall off and cover the heat holes. (one door usually falls off long before the other, which explains why one side works and not the other). You might get cold air in the summer no problem, but if you want heat in the winter....nope.

    It apparently is a very common thing with Grand Cherokees. I found a thing called "HeaterTreater" on ebay....a DIY kit that replaces the blend doors. It's cheap ($150) compared to what the dealer wanted to do...(they wanted to replace the entire blend box for like $900 bucks). If you do decide to do the DIY way, you just have to give up dual climate get air on both sides, but the driver's side knob controls everything....passenger knob doesn't change the temp. It took me about 2 hours to put in and I have virtually no technical experience.

    Not saying this is for sure your problem, but it's worth looking into.
  • n0otron0otro Posts: 12
    I need help troubleshooting a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee "Check Gages" light alarm.
    My wife drives the car to work everyday and intermittently the oil pressure suddenly drops to zero, the "Check Gages" light dings and flashes, then the oil pressure goes back to normal. Her mechanic swears there is no problem with the car. There isn't any problem that I can find other than the annoying frequency with which this can occur (sometimes once every couple minutes). I can't seem to find any correlation between stepping on the gas or breaking, and it mostly happens while driving on the freeway, although it has been known to happen in city driving (stop & go) also.

    Is this just an oil pressure sensor gone bad? What should I do first?

    Thanks for any ideas and suggestions you have!
  • Every time i turn around i see a check engine light on my fully loaded 97 JGC laredo,most of them have ben the O2 sensors, but not this time. What happened was the exhaust manifold cracked, which in turn caused a whole pleuthura of problems to go off. manifold replaced, It now has the unfortunate ability to suck way too much gas. I m talkin like 6 mile to the gallon when it got a respectable 21-25 hwy. What in the world is going on?
  • I am having the same problem currently with my 2001. when locking or unlocking the doors there seems to be a noise/vibration coming from the truck lcoks. Has this happened to anyone else? and what was the solution?
  • Hi my name is jessica and i am desperate for answers!! I've been thru a lot with my jeep and it doesnt seem to get better at all. About a year ago i lost power in my passenger side windows. Then i noticed the lights on the drivers side door would flick off and on and they still do. Then my shifting consule had days where it didnt light up. Just a few days ago i lost my radio and everything. But it came back on. THEN, my lights turn on when i swtich it to off and turn off when i switch it to on. My light dimming control no longer works either. 3 days ago my battery went dead and assuming it was old and add in the cold i wasnt surprised. I put another brand new battery in. Today i went to start it and the battery was dead again! I dont know what to do and i've tried pulling a code but i dont have any. Please someone help me!
  • Over the past month I had also been experiencing what seems to be Electrical probs with my 2004 Jeep GC. We have checked all the fuses and had a mechanic look at it but to no avail. We still do not know what has caused the failure of all my power windows, airbag light stay lit, my inside lights no longer dim, driver's side door lock no longer works, and the list goes on and on. I have only owned this vehicle for 3 months and if i can not find out why this is happening then I will seek a legal remedy directly with the manufacturer. I posted a message but no one has, as of yet, been able to shed any light on the prob. The electrical issues seem to be a VERY common problem with the GC...which leads me to believe that there is a faulty chip or component that jeep should be recalling and replacing for all jeep GC owners.
  • I have a 2003 with 84,000 miles. It had 56,000 when I bought it June of 2006. I have not had any elec. problems. I have had air condition prob. with the latest being a leak in the condensing coil requiring a new coil. Pretty exp. I have also had the heater/AC door problem also very expensive. The oly good thing I can say for it is the tires seem to last a long time but that has nothing to do with Jeep that is the tire company.
    Read about the Toyota Highlander. That is my next SUV. I need a tow vehicle. The 2008 highlander is on an Avonlon frame. My wife has an Avalone and it has been a great great car. I have had several other Toyota's and that is where I get my best car life with no costs. I have had it with GM, Chrysler with a Plymouth Voyager, and now thier Jeep. I am done. Toyota has it together. Read Consumers report latest reports on Toyota's. All of them. Good luck with your elec. problems. If you are in Indiana I can recommend a good independant garage that employes a former Jeep Mech. He has helped me with my problems. By the way my heated seat on the drivers side does not work. Now tell me, how often do you run that thing and is is not working. I have never been able to get the two persons seat memory to work. If you are near the Lafayette, Kokomo, Montiecello, Peru, or Logansport area of Indiana let me know and I will give you the name and location of this independent garage. Bob
  • I am having the exact same problem, any luck.
  • I do not understand your question. "Any luck?" My Email explains what I did. Is there some other information you need from me?
  • I have odd problem with my turn signal, on a 2001 Grand Cherokee, which of course I can't duplicate at a repair shop.

    Randomly, when I start the car, the left turn signal does not work. If I turn on the flasher for a few seconds, then turn on the left turn signal, then turn off the flashers, then turn signal (usually) starts working, for the rest of that trip.

    Some observations:
    It's always the Left signal.
    Once it comes back, it works fine until the car is turned off.
    Will happen frequently for about a week, then not happen at all for 4-5 weeks.
    Seems to happen more frequently when the car is cold.
    The left turn signal has never stopped working during a trip.
    If it didn't work at start-up, it has never started working during a trip, if I don't turn on the flashers.
    Sometimes I have to do the flashers more than once, but eventually, it works.

    This has been going on for over a year.

    Any clues
  • Sounds like you need to put her on the NASCAR tracks and break her in for left turns. I had to replace the flasher(9pin) to get my 99 to work. That flasher is a [non-permissible content removed] to remove and install and the Jeep dealer did not list it in the parts breakdown. Had to identify by number on switch. The flashers at Autozone(3pin) etc., will not work. Good luck
  • Might be easier to trade it in.
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