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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • I own a 2001 JGC and the heated seats do not work. Purchased the extended warranty but the heated seats are not covered by the warranty. Go figure!
  • Technically it is supposed to have a cat on it. However, they are not necessary for the engine to function properly. I took the cat off my 98 Ram not long after I bought it. Taking the cat off increases air flow and results in greater power. The check engine light only came on once for the O2 sensor, used a scan tool to remove the code and its never come on again. My truck actually gets better mileage with the cat gone. I plan to do the same to my 98 Grand Cherokee Limited when we need to replace the exhaust. Luckily we live in a state that doesn't require cat's.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Federal law requires catalytic converters; your state may not check emissions but you're still risking fines and impoundment when they catch you. (link)

    Not to mention that your perceived hp gain or mpg is probably minimal at best and you may in fact lose power and have worse mpg removing your cat (link).
  • could poss be a front or rear differential carrier bearings jeeps are famous for those proublems espacially if your tranny isnt slipping
  • you always have power at front wheels on your vechicle. do not use 4 low to drive in like you said it is only rated for like 8 mph. also the jeep when on slippery conditions when you turn the wheel iyll feel like its binding up this is also common
  • This problem has come and gone over the past few months and it's back so I figure I'd try and find out how to fix it while it was acting up. But what happens is, 1, my battery doesn't hold a charge in cold weather. The battery is about a year old. Is it possible I may just have a bad cell? The alternator is new. 2, when I start it it dies immediately. It'll stay running but once I take my foot off the gas it'll die. Sometimes though it will run but idle low and sometimes die when I come to a stop. I thought maybe i could be the throttle position sensor so I put a new one in but that obviously wasn't the problem. If anyone has any idea I would really appreciate some advice.
  • 5213252132 Posts: 62
    Sorry for the long reply, my internet wasn't working. You better get a cat on it before the emissions check (unless you live in a state that doesn't have checks) but still recommend that you get it done for the environment.
  • naatz1naatz1 Posts: 188
    Did you buy the Chrysler ext warranty (service contract)? The new Added or Max care plans cover heated seats - I asked when I got added care on my 07 JGC 2 months ago. I had that plan on my 01 JGC and had the driver heater element replaced 3 times (2 under the ext warr, 1 prior under the 3/36) but now 3-4 years later no more failures thank goodness. I think the problem with that old style is it's easy to leave the switch on all the time, vs the new ones (and our Chrysler 300) have momentary switches that reset when you shut the car off (but they don't come one when your remote start the car to warm it up before your leave work like I did yesterday at 2 deg ... ah, I guess that would be just too cushy to have both hot air & a hot seat to plop into). I hope you get it resolved since rumour has it the brakes, window regulators and seat heaters are problem areas on these 99-02 models and there was a recall on 02 seat heaters due to fires as well - take a search through these forums to learn more and good luck.
  • Yes I have the Max care warranty. The dealer said since it was an electrical item it wasn't covered. I sent an email to Chrysler Customer Care complaining that the seats weren't covered. Still waiting for a reply from them. Thanks for the info you supplied! Oh I have experienced the problems with the brakes, window regulators and seat heaters already. Wish you luck with your 07!
  • 1994 Jeep cherokee stalls out while driving I have to wait until it decides to start between 10-35 minutes
  • i have a 98 jgc i had alot of small problems with it....battery cell dyin,sensors goin bad,brake booster goin bad,it would stall when i drove it but act right when three different mechanics drove it.......took it to the jeep dealership and they did a scan on it said it was a sensor,i replaced that and it did good for a few days.....then it started messin up again...i finally had to replace the computer on it......$400.00 to $700.00 but a friend of mine works at a salvage yard and had one for $75.00 i had already put about $2000.00 into it tryin to figure out what it was,between the sensors,brakes and battery it runs good now still has a small stutter once in awhile.....small things go wrong and make you want to rip your hair out.....i love my jeep and was ready to sell it i was at my wits end and had numerous postings on here tryin to figure it out and nobody had any ideas.......i could be at a stop light and it would stall but i could crank it back up and keep my foot on the gas and go so i know what you are goin through.......the computer only takes a few minutes to replace mine is on the firewall on the passenger side so it wasnt hard to do....but check a junkyard first before spendin alot of money on a new or refurbished one,if you cant find one at a junkyard go on ebay they have lots of them........if you cant find one send me an email and i will talk to a friend of mine and see if he can find one for Luck..........Leslie
  • naatz1naatz1 Posts: 188
    I am sure you can get resolution via Chrysler and pretty much EVERYTHING is covered on that Max warranty other than wear and tear (belts, brake shoes) & maintenance stuff like fluid changes. And if it's even covered on the new Added care it's gotta be covered on Max (makes me question your dealer, or maybe I should question mine as I have not looked in the fine print but they told me on 300M and 07 JGC service contracts it would be covered!). You have experienced the typical 3 bugs in the older JGCs we did, but so far nothing else major since my kid has it now.

    Good luck and yes at 2000 mi's no problems "outa da box" for our 07 4.7L. We will put approx 2500 mi on it later this month through Feb on a trip to central TX so I'll add to the MPG forum after that time as well - have just averaged 15.9 in probably 70/30 mostly City/hiway 700 miles but there has been almost daily remote start & warmup here in MN cold December, I am not expecting MPG miracles in these temps.
  • I'll keep my fingers crossed for some positive information from Chrysler, but I'm prepared for the worst! I will say getting the extended service plan from Chrysler was the best investment I could have made. After reading some of the postings its ashame that so many people opted not to get the extended warranty. I would like for my next vehicle to be a Jeep GC. Want a Hemi, but with the cost of fuel going up up up, the 4.7 L seems the better choice. I will continue to monitor your postings to see what kind experiences you have with your GC.
  • We had a similar problem intermittently with a 96 JGC, 5.2 L V-8. After much research and living with the problem for some time, we figured it was either the crankshaft or camshaft position sensors. Best to replace both of them at the same time, anyway. It solved the problem. If it is this, an OBD diagnostic (you can borrow a diagnostic tool from your local Kragen Auto Parts store) should capture a fault code for either the camshaft or crankshaft position sensor. Good luck! Ernie
  • skiboyskiboy Posts: 5
    That's the problem, I have no power to the front! Rear spins and front do not engage! I changed out the TC fluid (yes-Mopar) this weekend and that did not help other than give a smoother shift into 4-low. Also, my OM says 4-low can be used in wet/loose conditions up to 35 mph!!
  • skiboyskiboy Posts: 5
    So were you able to get your 4WD system checked out? Sounds like you have same problem as mine. I changed TC fluid but that did not help, another jeep forum says it is probably the "progressive coupling" in the TC and that is big $$$!!
  • They found that my transfer case was empty of fluid but no leaks. The suspected that the vent tubes got clogged an blew out the case. They replaced the fluid ,cleaned out the vent tubes and tested and it look like it working. I didn't have any problem this weekend.
  • Wife seems to think her 2003 Grand "bottoms out" over bumps. Is this a rear shock problem or are there struts and coils involved???How tough is it for Joe Average to replace them.Can someone talk me thru it??? Only 36k on this '03 but I did haul a ton of wood in it this past summer.
  • I'm stumped. How do you remove and replace those lenses? Thanks
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    While waiting for responses from owners of older JGCs , check out this Edmunds Answer for an '04. Maybe things haven't changed?
  • jhuckjhuck Posts: 17
    For my 2000 JGC it was three screws just inside the door jam. I did break one bulb pulling while pulling it out so be careful with those quarter turns.
  • I'm replacing the shocks on my 2002 JGC Limited (AWD). I want to upgrade to the best road shock I can get. Any suggestions?
  • My wife and I are the owners of a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee and recently the headlights and interior gauge lights have been flickering on and off for no apparent reason. We have brought it to 2 dealerships, which have not been able to solve the problem. They have said the computers are not showing a problem and our luck being what it is the flickering has not occurred when when the Jeep was in for service. Has anyone else heard of a problem like this before? Your help is much appreciated!!!
  • I had this problem and it turned out to be a bad cell in my battery. I didn't beleive it when they told me but have not seen the problem again.
  • It seems that electrical issues are somewhat common among owners of newer Jeep GCs. The interior lights no longer dimming was the beginning of the electrical probs...followed by all of the following suddenly quit working (one right after the other) my windows, cruise control, door locks, and the list. Jeep owners who I have talked to with similar problems havent been able to have them diagnosed by a mechanic or jeep dealer. This type of problem has to be some sort of short, bad relay, or bad chip in the system....but like you as of yet no one has been able to find the cause. My jeep is going back to the dealer today and if the problems cant be diagnosed or corrected they know they will be taking my vehicle back and I will be getting another vehicle that is not the same make or model. I wish you much luck with your jeep issue and wish I could offer you some insight!
  • moushamousha Posts: 1
    Hello ,...
    I have a problem with my jeep and i would like to know if it happened to you and wht to do ?suddenly my reverse in my car stopped working but the drive is working and the N is working so i would appreciate any help .
  • Hey everybody i've got a '00 JGC and it has the scratch guard type thing....I dont know the name of it but its like gray, im pretty sure you guys know now. Anyway thats been fading but when i recently washed my car i grabbed a flat head screw drive and a rag that was a moist and wrapped it around the screw driver. Then i started to rub the bumpers and it started coming off. It's hella hard on your arms and its just too much work for such little progress. Anybody now something i can maybe use or spray and clean it out and restore the color of it?

    p.s. If you still dont know what im talking about. Its like a scratch guard that some jeeps come with. You either get all one color or you get a two tone type one with the guard.

    Thanks for the help
  • Hi all my 97 Jeep GC just got a P1757 and i know it has something to do with the transmission...i was concidering a sollenoid or something but thruth is i dont know how to fix it....does anyone here have a clue as to what i should do

  • YES!! I am having the same problem!! Have you been able to get it fixed? It's back at the dealership for a 2nd time. It has been happening to me at night while driving on the freeway and its obviously an extremely hazaradous situation to be in.
  • jcc999jcc999 Posts: 1
    Did you get any answers to your oil pressure problem? We are having the same thing, just started. The Jeep garage wants to us to spend $675 to take off the oil pan and replace the oil pump. Seems as if they night do better than just try things with us paying, trying to figure it out.

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