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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • Inside the passenger footwell, high near the blower motor is a flat four pin connector. Unsnap it, spray it clean and wipe a bit of copper paste anti-seize into each little female pin hole. Press the connector back together. The connector apparently gets a resistance and an oxide forms. The copper paste makes a solid electrical connection. If no success, meter the voltage at the connector power side, to track down the lost voltage. Possibly a fuse. DaFlikkers
  • That bright red light, IF seen in conjunction with another seperate indicator light in the center console panel switches, indicates that the passenger seat is un-occupied or has a small weight load (child) on it. The passenger airbag is turned off when that light is lit. This can be a good thing, and save an airbag destroyed dashboard, in a 'hard hit' front end collison. Or it can be bad if ... a normal weight is in the passenger seat. In that scenario, the passenger would not be protected. It also serves as an indicator of any air bag sensor/connector malfunction diagnosed as well. DaFlikkers
  • mnwillymnwilly Posts: 2
    The switch correctly engages fan motor from off to any position (A/C, heat, defrost, mix) but directs air to defrost only. I have replaced the switch (did not correct the issue) but fear that something behind the dash is causing problems. have dash 1/2 off but cannot ID the problem Any help?
  • rlipcz01rlipcz01 Posts: 11
    I took my 03 jgc to a mechanic who diagnosed the problem. look up the bbb to find a reputable shop. I had a problem with my jeep and it was the 3 control knobs, its sold a set of 3 knobs. there is a sensor in the control panel that is connected to the computer system. it controls the temperature of when the knob is turned to heat or cold. You may also have to replace the expansion valve to ensure a proper job. It worked for me. it runs about $450 but money well spent. It took me 5 years and 1300 dollars to resolve the problem..... :)
  • demateldematel Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with Fan relay on my 2004 Grand Cherokee. I even took it to my mechanic because he did not believe me over the phone that I do not have any fan relay under the passenger light. There are only 3 holes and no sign of any relay or wires for it. Does any one else have any info that could help me figure it out where to look for that FAN RELAY ??? Thank you in advance.. Marcel
  • its_jessits_jess Posts: 1
    I wish I had more of an answer for you, but I'll give you what I have: I also have a 2003 JGC. I bought it used during mild weather, and like an idiot, never even checked the heat. The A/C seemed to work good. Along comes winter........and the heater blows just as cold as the A/C. At first, I would occasionally get some heat randomly upon starting the vehicle....but as soon as I touched any control knob, back to cold air. I researched this on-line, and to my dismay, found that this is actually a pretty common problem on the JGC once they hit 60-65K miles. Also discovered that it can be a $1500-$3,000 fix- the problem is with the "blend doors" that stop working correctly, and will eventually break and stick either in the open (nothing but heat) or closed (nothing but cold) position. The blend doors are a $300 part- the rest is in labor, as they have to remove the entire dash to fix it. My problem has only gotten worse- now the fan has quit, so now the A/C doesn't even work. I've seen that there is a kit you can purchase for $150-$300 (find them on Ebay) that is an alternative fix which involves cutting out the back of the glove box to access the original part. Apparently, after this fix you will get heat/A/C, but it bypasses some of the original automatic climate controls, leaving you with limited control. :lemon:
  • topat46topat46 Posts: 20
    I had the same problem when I purchased my 2004 JGC Limited. It was purchased last August. It was a trade-in at a Mecedes dealer. The A/C worked fine (at least I thought it did). In September we had a one day cold snap so I tried the heater. Only cold air came out. I found out as you did that the blend-doors are a problem on these cars and the dealer wants an arm and a leg to repair it. After some searching I found the kit with the fix behind the glove compartment and installed it. It's now 10 months since the installation and everything is still fine. The climate control works as designed for both the driver and passenger side. I also had a problem with the blower-motor harness which I purchased at the dealer for $25 and replaced it myself. The kit for the blend-doors were purchased on E-Bay. There are two kits available. One gives you back full control of the system while the other gives you control with one dial. You should check the fault codes to be sure the problem is with the blend doors. I hope my experience helps you.
  • mnwillymnwilly Posts: 2
    Thanks for your help! I appreciate it.
  • smokebeesmokebee Posts: 30
    I, too had a similar problem. It turned out that the control door motor was stuck. Drop the glove bos door by opening it, feel along the top edges for two" ears". Manipulate those ears to align with slots in frame work. Pull the glove door all the way down. You will be able to see the motor housing near the left side of the dropped door. Two screws hold the motor in place, remove them and slip the housing off the shsft on the door flap. Test the door flap by twisting the exposed shaft. If it is free---do this(just be sure the door flap shaft is in same position as was at start). leave the electrical connection connected. Remove the screws holding the top of the motor housing--keeping it in upward postion. This will expose the gearing system which is driven by a tiny motor and worm gear shaft. . Turn the ingition switch on--rotate the heater door postion switch while watching the gear train.( If it moves you need to look somewhere else) If it does not moveYou will need to remove three gears to enable removal of the tiny motor(carefully note gear positions--they need to go back exactly as removed).Again do the igntion and control knob bit. If the motor does not spin-- Lift the motor out(after removing the two screws) and manually turn the shaft with fingers until it turns freely. put it back in and again do the ign and control knob( move from position to position, slowly). If it spins you have corrected the cause of no control position. Carefully replace the gears, top of motor and slide motor back onto housing shaft. Check it out. This corrected my problem. It's the pits doing it but hell of a lot cheaper.
  • smithedsmithed Posts: 444
    2005 rear wheel (2X4) v6

    Today wouldn't shift into park, RND were fine. I drove it home.

    Now won't shift out of R. Can't get it into neutral to start it. Shifter will move down to N and D, but remains in R. Will not go into P. :confuse:

    Thanks for any ideas.
  • mrspankymrspanky Posts: 1
    dematel....I have a 04 GC also with the 4.0 and I could not find my FC relay either. Nobody at a local dealer here had ever heard of this phantom FC relay problem. I was able to find an electrical diagram on the web that does not show the FC relay for the 04 GC but that was it. The diagram only showed the PCM and two relays in the PDC near the battery. My GC was overheating now and then. It would seem to overheat when you were in stop and go traffic or letting it idle. I was not losing any coolant so I replaced the thermostat but that did not fix it. After much frustration I started the engine and sat there and watched it run until it began overheating. I paid particular attention to the fan. When the engine began to overheat the fan was barely spinning and would even shut off at times during the overheating. I knew this was not right so that is when I began this search for the FC relay but I could not find it. I disconnected the fan and did some checking on the two speed electric radiator fan. It has a 3 pin connector where the center pin is ground. When I ran power to one pin and grounded the center pin the fan would run. However when I switched the power to the other pin I got nothing. I had already checked operation of the Low and High Speed relays in the PDC near the battery and all checked out so I went and picked up a new radiator fan assembly and installed it. That was yesterday and that fixed the overheating problem. I have concluded that for some reason jeep eliminated the FC relay for some models and now relies on the computer to determine when and at what speed the fan should run based on coolant temperature inputs and A/C compressor status. I also found out that although my GC does not have the towing package it does have the max cooling package. When I went looking for a new motor for the radiator fan at local auto parts store I was asked if it had the towing package and I answered no. Everytime I did they would bring out a motor that only had a 2 pin connector. Not one of them kept the motor that would be needed if you had the towing package. I bet if they did it would have a 3 pin connector on it. So while my GC does not have the towing package I think it has the max cooling package that usually comes with the towing package. I think the standard cooling package uses a one speed fan where the max cooling package uses a two speed fan. It may be that the standard cooling package uses the FC relay which is supposed to be under the passenger headlight but the max cooling package eliminates the relay and uses the PCM to control two relays in the PDC which in turn run the fan. One more thing....replacing the radiator fan assembly involves removing the shroud. One of the 4 screws that holds the shroud is in a very tight space. I fianlly got to it with a long socket extension and swivel. I know this is long but I hope it helps because I was very frustrated at the lack of informartion available locally and on the web in reference to this oddity.
  • veetoveeto Posts: 1
    Has anyone experienced these problems and if so, are they related and what is the solution? (My best guess is that it is related to the Automatic Headlight On feature.)

    (1) When the vehicle is parked with no key in the ignition, the headlights come on, stay on for less than a minute, then go out.

    (2) When driving the vehicle during the day (with the auto headlamp control in the "Auto" position), it seems as if the headlights flicker on, then off intermittently.

    Any ideas on what my problem is??
  • I had the same problem, this has happened twice in a period of one year, the first time it happened, I found the right headlight plug to be shorted(black melted plastic). So I replaced that, now I wonder if that was the problem because this time is fine. I recently replaced the battery. Any suggestions are welcomed. Thanks!
  • smokebeesmokebee Posts: 30
    On a 99 --4.0 engine--electric fan drive---the fan starts at 217 F temp and stops at 208
    F degrees. Might check radiator coolant temp to verify high enough temp to turn fan on. The fan relay is located in the same control center(box) as the fuses--passenger side ajacent to fender just in front of the coolant tank.
  • 2xer2xer Posts: 1
    I have an '06 JGC, and it seems like every time it gets hot here (90+), when the radiator fan tries to kick on it blows the fuse (which then gives me P0480 and P0481 DTCs -- this sort of sucks because then the A/C won't kick on).
    Short in the radiator fan? -- any other ideas?
  • smokebeesmokebee Posts: 30
    Have you manually inspected the fan ? Does it turn freely in off mode? Perhaps a piece of trash has it locked down??
    Good luck,
  • bielssbielss Posts: 2
    1989 jeep cherokee, it's a deer lease limo. All is going fine until I try and shift into 4 wheel (high or low) the gears engage but not the front axle. There is no slipping or grinding going on, it drives normal in 4 wheel mode (high or low). What could be causing this? What is the fix to this issue? Has anyone else had this happen to their cherokee?
  • pams5pams5 Posts: 1
    I currently have 2 of these. One does this same thing. It only happens occasionally and is most noticeable at night (obviously). The lights will come on, turn on the motion sensors on the porch, then go off. It is like it is possessed! It has helped to turn off the Auto Headlight function, but that is a pain.
  • jrm6677jrm6677 Posts: 1
    I am having issues with my 04 JGC overheating when I am going to slow and idling. I doesn't get hot as fast when I put in neutral when idling though. Really what I want to know is where is the thermastat at and how do I remove it? I need to see if the is the problem.
  • Where is the liftgate sensor locatedon a 1993 Cherokee? I also need to know where the body control module warning buzzer is, because it wont stop and its driving me crazy! The liftgate sensor says the liftgate is not latched even when it is, so i need to either repair the door sensor or rip out the alarn buzzer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • murf11murf11 Posts: 1
    Just purchased and ran fine for the first week. Now it skips between 0 - 40 mph. Tried "good" gas, dry gas. Had it checked and they said nothing wrong with transmission and is all they could suggest is a tune up?????
  • I had exactly the same problem and the oddest thing about it was that only the driver's side rotor locked, the passenger side was fine. I got to know the folks down at Auto Zone pretty well too. Did you ever find a solution? I'm driving around right now with one new and one old rotor. Let me know if you were able to find a rotor that fit.
  • I have a cherokee 2001 2x4 . WHen i bought it the ac did not work,not a big deal however today. I heard this loud rumbling or humming noise from what i believe is the condenser(it is where the clutch is) I am not a mechanic so bear with with on this. I investigated it and i witness metal shavings coming from it. Remember this has the serpentine belt wrapped around it. Is this something that I need or can i just leave it.

    Help me if you can. email me at adolfson3hd@,
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Please don't ask for "personal" help via email. We all benefit when a problem is discussed on the open forum. Thanks.
  • asceasce Posts: 3
    I have a 1996 Grand Cherokee Limited with the V8. The entire fan and pully assemble has come loose. How do i fix it? Can some help me please/
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    my v8 has a large nut just behind the fan clutch that holds it on ,auto zone pep boys , in there tool loaner program has the wrench to tighten it down
  • I am having this same problem. Where were you able to actually purchase the fan motor? Thanks
  • I have water in the passengers side floorboard. I realize that it could be the a/c drain hose clogged or worse the heater core (but it is not over heating nor do I smell anti-freeze) I'm hoping that someone can tell me where the a/c drain hose is located. I've looked where the Haynes book showed it to be against the firewall it's not there, and I've looked around the passengers side tire well near the frame rail and I cannot find it. I don't if its fallen off or if I'm not looking in the right place. Does anyone know of where it might be located at?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    the pasage way is right above your left foot on the pass side
    heater box is like flat with a bump hanging down on the bottom

    easesy way to clean is drill small hole in the end of the bump and clean with wire through the hole then plug the hole up again
  • I have a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. When I am driving on the highway at speeds of 60 mph or higher, I hear a faint, pulsing whine coming from the front end of the jeep, but the noise stops as soon as a take my foot off of the gas peddle. It is not a really loud noise, it's more of an annoying one. Any ideas? Please help!
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