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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • lkksamlkksam Posts: 1
    I have a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee with approx 149,000 miles.
    I was at the repair shop today and the guy said the front differential has been badly damaged and the cost for a new front differential alone is approx $2000. He will try to find a used part for me but would not give me a ball park estimate until he find the part. But he did mention the entire job (part + 5hr labor)should be just about $2000. Can anyone give me an idea how much a new front differential costs and how much a used front differential costs? Is it worth it to spend that kind of money to fix it? Your input will be very helpful. Thanks.
  • kforcekforce Posts: 8
    It is NOT a virus! The PCM is bad. The dealer will do everything not to replace the part. They make more money replacing one little thing at a time before replacing the computer. Federal law requires them to warranty the PCM for 8 years or 80,000 miles. They keep that a secret too. ;) There is no way there are 73 things, all controled by the PCM, on your vehicle going bad all at the same time. Also they dont "patch" the software. They may attempt to "reflash" the software on the eeprom which consists of a wipe of the software that is on the chip and then reloading it with the most current version for your vehicle. If the issue is not resolved insist on them replacing the PCM!! If they hassle you, call your states auto repair agency.
  • frostyyfrostyy Posts: 52
    About 6 months ago, I bought a new 2006 Grand Cherokee Overland. I washed it by hand up until about one week ago when it was so cold out, I took it to a touchless car wash....when I got home, I noticed some water in the rear cargo area and some water dripping down the rear quarter panel window....the car was leaking...

    ...brought it into a dealer who indicated that the entire window needs to be replaced, which essentially means ripping the interior and exterior apart...

    ....needless to say, I am not too impressed with the quality of this vehicle....for the price I paid, I at least expect the vehicle to be I asking too much?
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    I have a 2006 Grand Cherokee and from day one it had a leak from the A-pillar handle of all places. Took three attempts, and Dealer had to actually send it to a leak specialist who charged the dealer $175.00 to fix the problem. I have since spoken to three other people with the same problem. Also had the lifters and calipers changed at 3,000 miles. So much for Dr. Z. and quality control.
  • frostyyfrostyy Posts: 52
    Unbelievable!!....looks like somebody on the manufacturing line who is responsible for the trim work quality control needs to get their butt kicked...

    ...all I have to say is...there is a lot of competition out there in the Grand Cherokee segment and Jeep better get its' act together or loyal buyers like myself will be looking seriously elsewhere for better quality...

    ...there is no excuse for having to bring in a new vehicle with very low miles for leaks or anything else!!!
  • s1908s1908 Posts: 2
    I could not agree with you more! And not only that! The dealers knows and they do not fix tha problems either! They are getting paid anywya for looking! My 1999 Grand Cherokee still runs down the battery and no dealer knows why! Hope the electriacina I took it today knows something! It is amazing though that the 2006 models still are having problems... I will not buy another Cherokee ever..maybe if they stop selling them they can sit down and ask themselves why!
  • Where is it leaking? I have a 05 5.7L. What should i look for?

  • My 2004 JGC 4.0 6cyl. Had the camshaft fall apart at 10,000 miles. The "expert mechanics" at Daimler / Chrysler allowed the dealer to only replace the camshaft + lifters. They were to sorry and cheap to even change the contaminated oil. Unfortunately for me the lemon law in Virginia did not apply since I had the vehicle about 1.5 years before the 10,000 miles. Since you have taken yours numerous times, I would advise you to check the lemon law in your state (forget any prior releases... see an attorney ASAP). In my case, the motor was never right again. Daimler-Chrysler would not do anything more to fix it, other than say it had no problems. I had the same loud, jolting thunk you describe for the last two years... same story the three different dealers on 6-7 tries never could reproduce the problem. Finally, I made the dealer ride with me (driving) and reproduced the thunk 2-3 times. I was told that this was normal for that model due to changes in the computer. In other words, you appear to be in a similar situation as I was. Jeep REFUSED to fix mine, wore me down to the point that I sold mine with only 20,000 miles on it. I took a huge, huge hit on the depreciation. But, Daimler would do nothing to try to fix mine. Needless to say, I did not buy a Chrysler product and never will again. I urge you to push the lemon law, under which you should be able to make them take the vehicle back. At 6,000 miles you should not deserve to be stuck with a piece of crap expensive lemon. Daimler Chrysler is happy, since they have your money, you will see over time that they will refuse to make the car right. I know I sure did.
  • when I turn the jeep on after about 5 secs it cuts off, I try to restart and it basically shakes and cuts off again. I wait about a 30 secs and then it restarts and it runs. I've taken it to the dealer here and they can't duplicate the problem so they can't solve it. This has started happening once I got the transmission fixed by them, at first they thought it was the battery, so they replaced the battery and plugs, then they said the computer indicated it was an electrical problem and it was miss-firing, so we had that fixed. The problem continues. Does anyone knows what would cause this problem or has anyone had a similar situation? I need HELP!
  • This weekend, I get to replace the brake light switch on my son's JGC. I purchased the part and it doesn't look like any brake light switch I've replaced in the '70s.

    So, I'm asking if there are any special tools or tricks to replace it please.

    The symptom is no rear brake lights. And since it was recently inspected, the odds of all 3 bulbs going out are not as great as the odds of the switch wearing out. That's my hunch. Thanks for the help.
  • taffy3taffy3 Posts: 26
    My '98 GC Ltd has developed a front end knock when turning right or left at almost full lock after several days of travelling thro' flooded roads. I suspect a constant velocity joint ( a common Austin Mini problem). Anyone dealt with this on a Grand Cherokee? Big Hammer needed???

    Cheers ...Jim H.
  • frostyyfrostyy Posts: 52

    Mine leaked from the top of the rear driver's side window (the one that doesn't open)....I noticed it after I took it through a touchless car wash...water was streaming down the window and dropping into the cargo area...

    ....don't know if this is an isolated incident or a widespread yours could be okay...try taking it through a car wash and looking for any water inside that wasn't there before...
  • I have an 04 cherokee. I'd noticed water coming in from drivers headliner leaving it wet and a puddle on drivers side floor. Noticed luggage rail, going under winshield molding had a gap. Caulked it. Brought to dealer. Cleaned drains, found loose grommet on fire wall. Fixed that. Still when rains heavy, I get a moist residue under floor mats. Actually turns to frost in winter. Been unable to locate problem exactly. Seems to be coming from water getting underneath luggage racks from where they meet windshield to a foot or two going back. Caulked both sides of railings from windshield on back. Seems to have helped. Not 100%, but better than before. I keep some paper towels under mats these days. Hope this helps you. Make sure dealer cleans drains too. :confuse:
  • I feel your pain, my 2005 GC Ltd was approx 1 year old, and I started having electrical issues since April, it has been towed to my dealership 5 times, they keep replacing modules, it started has a stalling while driving and losing all functions of the dashboard, steering can become a problem, I have heard a thunk a time or two, and braking issues with error messages, every time it happens I have to have it towed so the codes are in the system.(plus without signal lights, odometer, not safe to drive) They have replaced the front control module and many other modules, I live in VA also, the lemon law, to my understanding is before 18 months, we are at 15, and I have approx 20,000 miles, I have filed a lemon law complaint, they think they can fix it one more time by replacing some ignition thing, and something in the steering.... The car is not reliable or safe to drive, i am afraid to drive far from home because of these problems. When you have these problems you are stuck, I could not in good conscience sell this car or trade it to someone with these problems, our dealership has been great; but Chrysler has not impressed me.
  • taffy3taffy3 Posts: 26
    Driving with air con on full, the motor lost power and the tachometer went to zero. The radio distorted and the aircon stopped. managed to limp the few hundred yards home. Now it won't start, just clatters the relay and the wiper sweeps for some reason. Checked all fuses, lifted out all relays one by one but no joy. Battery pretty new and reads 12 volts.
    I see signs of burn on the aircon leads close to the blower.
    Ideas por favor?

    Cheers...Jim ( down Mexico way)
  • hi,my 98 cherrokee did same thing,was told it was the computer by dealer.not so! my friend cleaned throttle body and new battery,was like new,
  • I bought my Jeep about one month ago and for the first time put it into 4x4 and it engaged, when I went to return it to 4x2 it stayed in 4x4, even though the lever and the dashboard say it is in 4x2, any thoughts?
  • I have a 2003 Grand Cherokee with the same problem. Who did you contact at Chrysler to help get the problem resolved for $150. Two dealers have quoted me between $800 and $1000 to fix it. :mad:
  • eltipoeltipo Posts: 21
    I got my car back this past Friday. They had to replace the ignition switch. They would not replace the forward control module because Chrysler would not authorize it. Ellenm1 your car might need the same change.

    I truly hope this fixes it. I have talked to the State's Atty General Office already and they said I can pursue the Lemon Law here in FL.

    I am sorry any new car buyer has to go through this kind of headache; it is quite frustrating :mad:
  • I got my Jeep back on Friday also, the dealer did replace the front control module, and the OCC module.(that was done a while ago) That did not solve problem, the last thing they did is the ignition switch and something in the steering. Three days, and so far it is running great, I only hope this is it, I am going to insist that if nothing else Chrysler gives me extended bumper to bumper coverage, a lawyer I contacted said I have an excellent case for lemon law if I want to go that route, we will see...You are right about it being frustrating and a headache.... we buy something new in good faith......
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