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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • loosenutloosenut Posts: 165
    You got a air bubble in them cooiling system.
    the way I got the bubble out of moms olds was to open the way cap when cold. Fill with coolant. Run the engine with the cap off till the level drops.refill and drive again.
    You must. Be careful with straight s :sick: ixes.a air pocket will let the engine warp the head and ruin a good motor
  • bretmbretm Posts: 3
    Sounds similar to my problem:

    I have a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0 liter/6 cylinder that has 164 K miles. I've kept it in pretty good shape with tons of new parts over the past 3 years or so, and don't want to part with it. However, lately it's been getting horrible gas mileage (about 10 MPG highway), has been running roughly, and smells bad.

    Finally took it to the dealer after several attempts by my local, independent shop. Dealer said that the car has been dripping oil down onto the ECU wiring harness for so long that the oil corroded the wires and harness plugs/sockets to the point that they are un-repairable. He said this harness is no longer made, and even if I could find one in a junk yard, it would be "pure luck" to be able to use it and have it work.

    His solution? Buy a new car, mine wasn't worth fixing. Would cost several thousand dollars, more than the car is worth.

    Actually, the guy sounded sincere, like he really was trying to save me a ton of money and hassle on a difficult problem that did not have much chance of success.

    But what do YOU think? Can motor oil really corrode wires and sockets, or just gum them up? Can't this thing just be cleaned really good with an electronics degreaser spray?

    Any tips appreciated...
  • loosenutloosenut Posts: 165
    Before id spend 40k on a new one,id give it a shot.
  • baron325baron325 Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Laredo 4.7. It has been bucking a bit the first few miles, and took it in to the dealership when the CEL came on. I had the CMP and CKP replaced. After 20 miles it started again. Upon taking it back to the dealership they told me there was metal shavings on the cam sensor blocking the signal. Any idea where these shavings could be coming from?
  • tejeeptejeep Posts: 1
    My 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee has 56k miles on it. For a couple months, the check engine light has been coming on randomly, staying on for about a week, and then going off. This has happened 3 times so far (at random times, not right after getting gas or an oil change). I took it to a shop and they said a bunch of codes were stored, having to do with the transmission and a cooling system. The ABS light also randomly comes on while driving as well as a message saying "service electric brake system" and they go off about a day later - this issue has been going on for a couple years.
    The jeep seems to run fine, about a month ago I had the rear pinion seal fixed and I still hear a slight humming sound when I accelerate.

    Anyone know what could be causing these lights to come on and go off randomly?
    I will be taking it back to the shop tomorrow afternoon, but wanted to see if this is a commonality in Jeeps or what the issue is that I will be paying for.
  • I've been reading through these post trying to find a problem I'm having with my 98 Grand 5.2 and what I've noticed is that most of the owners on here are new to jeep. These are the two most common problems I've seen. If it wont shift into 3rd its your output speed sensor, left side trans 5 min fix ($20.Autozone). Jeeps are notorious for transmission issues but what you think might be an expensive trans issue can be simple. Reverse lights just stop working its your back up light switch right side trans 5 min fix ($50 dealer part) it can get gummed up try cleaning it first. When that wonderful little red light comes on (CE) there is a problem even if it goes away on its own it will come back and eventually stay on. During this time of intermittent check engine light you are driving your jeep with something broken. It does become normal for your jeep as it gets older to grown, pop, hum, and even gurgle. These sounds are indicating that something is wrong no matter how hard you look you wont find it till its broke. I do suggest when buying your first jeep that you start an emergency fund just for it because you will need it. Now this is not to scare off those who are interested in adding a jeep to the family, I say family because you will learn to love and hate spending time with it. I bought my Jeep brand new and for the first hundred thousand miles it was the best and still is now pushing 300 thousand miles. The saying it's a jeep thing comes from all its oddities cause you can only say them about a jeep. If you can't find how to fix something in a forum search utube there are alot of awesome knowledgeable jeep owners the document all of their jeep fixes for those of us who don't mind getting dirty to save on labor.
  • that's like the worst idea ever. The output speed sensor is located on the left side of the trans right about at the end of the drivers door. You do not have to remove or dismantle anything to get to it. Gently unhook the wires may need a flat screw driver for this. Some of these sensors are plastic so don't go at it like heman if it resists coming out. Trans fluid will come out the opening so have the new one handy to instal DON'T TRY TO TORQUE IT snug is fine, like anything check after some use to see if it needs a bit more tightening
  • Come To find out I figured The problem out For those who need to know the blend doors were not the problem found out the evaporator was clogged up on one side now the ac works on both sides of the vents!!!!!!!!
  • This is helpful info, suziq_62.

    I'm considering the purchase of '99 Jeep GC Laredo auto w/ appr 178K miles. Got it from a private seller for $1K who has agreed to let me take it to my mechanic for thorough inspection before finalizing the deal. I expected some issues which would need to be addressed, but I may be looking at a bigger-than-expected headache.

    The primary problem I'm concerned w/ is that the brake lights don't come on when I press the brake pedal. HUGE safety concern. Also, the left blinker appears to need the bulb replaced. Other than that, the other indicator lights seem fine - reverse, parking lights, right blinker, all ok...for now. I'm concerned that this is the beginning of more electrical problems, which I know from previous experience can become expensive.

    Guess I'm hoping to hear that these aren't necessarily expensive problems, and that I'm not making a huge mistake.
  • I would check the fuses first for the break light issue jeeps don't usually have wiring issues unless they have sat for a long period of time. The back up lights are the only ones that dont have a fuse you can change. My jeep has 240,000 miles on it and its had issues but mostly just regular maintenance. I have found most everything I need to do to it on utube. Jeeps are expensive to fix at a shop but parts cost arnt to bad if you do it on your own. has been a huge help for parts at really good discounts. Good luck with your new purchase.
  • OMG thank you ive been trying to disarm my system and couldn't figure it out but this worked and now my car is working Thank God and Thank you for the information
  • I have the same trouble. It is caused by the transfer case. Usually pretty expensive even from the junk yard.
  • I went to Advance Auto Parts today to replace some light bulbs. The catalog and my manual say to use bulb type 194 for the front park lights and front side markers (Laredo). But the guy there said if they are behind a clear cover I should be using amber bulbs. It does appear that the original bulbs are amber. But the amber is type 194NA and the manual says those are only for the Limited. Which is correct?


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