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Hyundai Santa Fe Maintenance and Repair (2006 and earlier)



  • codata99codata99 Posts: 123
    At mileage the problem started?
  • When I bought it I think. So about 43,000 miles.
  • codata99codata99 Posts: 123
    ok then the repair should be covered under the powertrain warranty...slight problem here as your complaint hasn't been documented during the warranty period, but I'll help you to get your SF repaired free..first you need to have the dealer diagnose the shuddering problem.
    Before you do that, call Hyundai Motor America to discuss this issue.
  • Mine does the same thing. When the temp gage gets to a certain point the defroster turns off and the fan kicks up a notch or 2 depending on how cold it is outside. I like it since it defrosts the window everytime you start it.
  • densmithdensmith Posts: 1
    We also have a 2001 Sante Fe V6 which experienced the same problem. When we had around 40,000 miles on the car we noticed an annoying shudder at about 40 mph in 4th gear, especially when traveling along on a slight incline. The dealership couldn't figure out the problem, so Hyundai told them to replace the transmission. We were told the company policy was "replace instead of repair."

    Now at 92,000 miles we're having the same problem again. As stated in the previous post, the car kicks into 4th gear at about 40-42 mph if you back off on the accelerator. If you gently apply the accelerator at about 40mph, the car remains in 4th gear and shudders the way a standard drive would if you try to start from a stop in 3rd or 4th gear. We could hit the tiptronic and gear it back into 3rd and then accelerate very quickly to bypass the shuddering. We cannot cruise along at 40 mph without experiencing the problem.

    We're now out of warranty. I need to know if anyone else has had this problem. Was it diagnosed and if so, what was causing it? We can't afford a new vehicle and need to keep this one a little longer. We'd like to avoid replacing the transmission, and any information we can give the mechanic would be helpful.
  • boltguyboltguy Posts: 94
    Are you sure you're out of warranty? Wouldn't this be covered under the 100K powertrain warranty?
  • codata99codata99 Posts: 123
    This might apply to your case.
  • jjridgejjridge Posts: 1
    just bought a 2004 santa fe and am having a sweeking noise in the breaking system. It was a demo with 6,000 miles when I bought it. The noise only happens after I have been driving for about 40 minutes. The noise pulsates and speeds up as i go faster. When I apply the brake it stops but when I release the brake it starts again. It is very annoying. the dealership said that the parking brake was to tight but am still having the problem after they adjusted it. anyone else having that problem or suggestions?
  • avitwebavitweb Posts: 2
    Hi all!!
    I have a 2003 GLS 4WD and I wanted to get some opinions.
    1 - High pitched whine intermittently regardless of speed, (heck it even does it in park)
    2 - Ride has become very loose (I feel eveything in the road now!) (Mind you I have had it for just over 2 years - it never used to ride like this)
    3 - when I depress the brake pedal slightly, the sound of air escaping can be hear at my feet
    4 - tap tap tap from behind the firewall...louder then softer, louder then softer.
    Those are the major ones - Dealer ALWAYS say "Cannot Duplicat Concern"
    Personally i think this is how they get out of Lemon Laws!
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Welcome to Edmunds.

    When you get the "Cannot Duplicate" response, make sure your complaint is noted on your work order. Then if the problem persists you can show the dealer or manufacturer that you've complained about the problem before.

    Steve, Host
  • avitwebavitweb Posts: 2
    Oh...I plan on it...only problem is that it has been going on for over a year now with the same results.....I am hopefully speaking with the dealership manager tomorrow, and maybe he can help me out!
  • slukeyslukey Posts: 3

    Does anyone know why my 2003 Santa Fe makes a lunging movement, (bounce movement), when it is shifted from Park to Reverse?

    It doesn't occur with any other gear changes.

  • danf1danf1 Posts: 935
    Call your dealer. I believe there was a TSB on this issue to reprogram a computer.
  • slukeyslukey Posts: 3
    Hi danf1,
    Thanks for the info. The dealer has apparently checked the computer and all is OK. I will keep searching. Hopefully, a Hyundai dealer or service mechanic with Hyundai should be able to short track this issue for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • bicstwobicstwo Posts: 2
    Are these regular scheduled maint checks or should I have concerns? The carfax shows regular service visits with suspension serviced at 19k, 33k, 48k & 52k. This concerns me since I noticed a left rear noisy tire during test drive.

    Also see electrical system serviced at 33k (03 switch assembly recall), again at 42k & 48k. Any known electrical problems I should be aware of?

    And finally,Engine serviced at 19k, 48k & 52k. Do these match up with schedule intervals in the owners manual or am I buying a problem?

    I'm trying to get the original dealer to send me the service records. Don't yet know if they will.

    Thanks for any help, bicstwo
  • bicstwobicstwo Posts: 2
    I'm new, and this may be too late but, I feel your pain. I had the same problem with a Taurus. The gunked up engine was caused by chips and cracks in the valves on one side of the V6. They replaced that side under warranty. Good luck.
  • As I recall, the adjustments are free within the first year. I am about to have the first oil-change (aka 7500 miles service) this weekend and am wondering what typical adjustments have people done usually.

    In addition, the tire pressure was specified as 30 psi, but I can tell it is insufficient especially for the front tires by looking at their shape. I usually keep it 32 psi but still feel under-inflated. Has anyone else noticed this?

    Thanks for your input.
  • cjb2486cjb2486 Posts: 26
    We now have about 14,000 miles on our 1+ year old Santa Fe and the only thing that we have had done are regular oil changes. As far as I know, nothing else needs to be done or adjusted, regardless of what the dealer's "recommended" service items are.
    As far as tire pressure goes, stick with the recommendations in order to maximize ride, handling, traction, and tire life. Many of today's radials frequently look underinflated at times.
  • lpjxk0lpjxk0 Posts: 10
    I have a 2004 & 2002 Santa Fe's, both have the automatic climate control, on the 02 when you set the temperature,eg.70 degrees and it calls for a/c, the a/c light comes on, on 04 when set the temp at 70 degrees and it calls for a/c the a/c light on the switch does not come on, this is in auto mode for both santa fe's. The dealer was not sure if this was a function that was discontinued, they stated they would check another 04 when one comes in for service, that was last week, have not heard anything yet.. Appreciate any feedback

  • sarrat25sarrat25 Posts: 2
    I also have noticed that at about 43 MPH my car shutters. If I drive through 40-45 then I do not have the shutter problem. I have also noticed that if my car starts to shutter, then I will take my foot off the gas and then reapply; the shutter is gone. I took my car into Hyundai on April 18, 2005 and they replaced the ball joint on the drivers front wheel. They told me this would fix the problem; later that day I noticed that my car was still doing it. I took my car back to the dealer and they said that my car needed a transmission flush and that would fix the problem....I don't think they know what they are talking about. :mad:
  • zeusmemzeusmem Posts: 1
    My friend has a 2004 Base 2.4L 4cyl Automatic. She was parking her car in a garage when it suddenly lurched backward into a cinderblock wall (her foot was on the brake). She thought she had probably put her foot on the accelerator instead of the brake. However, when she went to put the car into drive and made certain her foot was on the brake, the car lurched forward again. She caused some pretty major damage to her car and minor damage to the others. When she called Hyundai, she was told that they never heard of this happenning with any other Santa Fe's. However, in searching this forum, I've seen a few similar, if not identical, problems. Has anyone had some similar experiences? ANy assistance is appreciated.
  • sarrat25sarrat25 Posts: 2
    Hey just wanted to say that I went to the site you listed. I took that information to Hyundai, and they put in the information that my car needed; and well now my car does not shutter!!! THANKS for listing the site. I believe that site fixes the problem that people have with there 2001 Santa Fe shuttering between 30-45. :D
  • edr4edr4 Posts: 2
    I also had an 02 and bought a new 04 last December. I just noticed this same thing when returning home from the dealer after service for one of several other issues. It seems to me that any time the AC is On, the light should be On, I just assumed it was one more electrical problem (Cruise Control and Heated switch indicator failed) and that I'd be taking it back to the dealer one more time. I will call and ask my service dept. their opinion.
  • slukeyslukey Posts: 3
    Update Information on lunging problem with 2002 Santa Fe:
    Dealer cannot find problem after performing computer checks, line and fittings inspections, and pressure checks. They have no idea what the problem is and have now offered me a new $3000.00 transmission to be installed in my Santa Fe. (Warranty job). Hopefully, this will solve the problem.
  • paulukpauluk Posts: 2
    I have a 2003 TD Santa Fe which has an engine rattle at 2500rpm. This rattle only occurs when the engine is warm and with the air-con off. As soon as I press the air-con button the rattle stops for a few miles and then comes back. The car has 30000 on the clock and has done this from about 10000 miles. The dealer has had the car back on many occasions and has replaced a short motor, air con pump belts etc but nothing seems to cure it. A friend has said it could be something as simple as a tensioner. Can anyone help?
  • lpjxk0lpjxk0 Posts: 10
    Thank you for responding to my question, I now believe that function is working correctly, by not being on, according to the manual every time you use the climate control and ambient temperature is 32 degrees or higher the ac will automatically be on. I guess hyundai feels if the ac light was on at 33 degrees everybody would be complaining that something is wrong with the climate control. Hyundai service dept told me it was a function that was eliminated in the 04 models. Another difference from the 02 Santa fe is the way the ambient control works, in the 02 when pressed the ambient switch it would show the outside temp then default back to the set temp on the display, on the 04 santa fe when you press the ambient switch the outside temp stays on the display until you turn it off.

    Thanks again
  • earltashearltash Posts: 2
    Just bought a new one, and love it. Put 1000 miles on it in 4 days. Checked gas milage today on back roads at 50-65 MPH. Average of 26 MPG. I have the 2.7 L engine with the 4 speed tranny. Hooked it up to my double ATV trailor to see how it tows. Great!!!! Hardly know the trailor is behind me. Oh it may have to shift up big hills, but it will work just fine. I'll keep everyone posted with updates on how it does in time.
  • skuuterskuuter Posts: 144
    Your friend may be right. I had a 2.7L that started rattling to high heaven, especially when idling. It turned out to be a bad tensioner pulley bearing. The tech diagnosed it the "old fashioned" way, using a stethoscope.
  • paulukpauluk Posts: 2
    Just got Santa back from dealer complete with new tensioner and old rattle. We have had a 'steth on it and the rattle is coming from somewhere around the tensioner area but can't pinpoint it. Guess I'll just have to invest in a louder radio!!
  • debellidebelli Posts: 7
    :) Anyone have a "creeking" noise near the windshield towards the dashboard edges?

    I also posted on the other Hyundai SF board I most frequest a question if anyone else had problems with any of their tire lug nuts rusting, it's just one, so I know it's not normal. Also notice the "frames" around the fog lights are pitted.

    Radio reception stinks too - and I'm in a major city.

    Anyone else have any problems with their '05 2.7 FWD? Mine are slight, but still, it's annoying - only have 1800miles
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