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Hyundai Santa Fe Maintenance and Repair (2006 and earlier)



  • hutt2hutt2 Posts: 1
    Purchased 2005 Santa Fe from dealer after 2 weeks later I purchased mud guards from the dealer. Tried to install them but seems no. doesn't match the no. on bag think the dealer screwed up or are they all universal. Also any hints to install them Hutt2
  • My 2001 santa fe has cost me tooo Much. I purchased the extended warranty the day My family bought 2 new santa fe's one on each. Our dealer ripped us off by selling us an after market warranty that isn't worth the paper it's printed on. But he gave us a real deal. Not knowing anything about warranties, we thought it was the offical Hyundai warranty as that is what we asked for! Silly me!! I had done all my homework about the car, before going to the dealership, and didn't find out about this PROBLEM until the milage hit the 50,000 mark. What warranty. This past year my car had cost my over $2000 above the normal . My driver side electric window fell into the door, A bolt had come loose, not broken, cost to me for repair, $135.00 labor. November I took my car in for a leaking power steering hose. Cost at dealership to replace $341.00. Same time I had some noise in my front end. They said I needed Stabilize brackets and bush stablizer. Total cost for parts $7.86, labor cost $270.00. Just to let you know, this is a different dealership then the one I bought the warranty at. right now it is in the dealership for the trans of course, the part it needed isn't covered, or the labor. It still has the 100,000 Hyundai engine trans warranty. Do you see a problem? I have contacted Hyundai, but had no response. I will never buy another one. ">
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    I like to respond to these warranty issues. If I follow your post correctly you have a 2001 (more than 5 years old) Santa Fe that has more than 50,000 miles. You bought an extended or aftermarket warranty that you now expect to cover your "more or less normal for an older car" repairs. You have found that the extended warranty is useless for those repairs...does this pretty much cover it? Oh, I are blaming Hyundai and since you have not received any guidance from them you now "will never buy another one". OK if that is accurate then lets look at the issues.
    1) you bought something that, as you have found, is basically worthless and that "something" is most extended warranties. Admittedly, through your own ignorance about such things. This warranty is not connected to Hyundai even though you may have purchased it through your selling dealer. There are companies whose business is marketing and selling these to people like you. They may be reasonably good if you need them, they may duplicate services during the time frame the actual Hyundai warranty is in effect, the company may fold and disappear leaving you with nothing, or they may cover things that may never need service and ignore common repair items....It has been determined that you should not buy these extended warranties, generally they don't give you any extra protection as you have found.
    2) Since your car is older than 5 years and has more than 50K miles it is no longer covered by the original Hyundai 50K/5year bumper to bumper warranty.
    3) The parts you have been repairing and replacing are not uncommon or unusual to possibly need replaced in ANY 5 year old car. The window problem is somewhat unusual but not unheard of...power steering hoses are under high pressure at all times so a leak there is expected sooner or later and 5 years isn't unusual...the rubber stabilizer bushings are exposed to all road hazards, rain, salt, snow, gravel,basically everything you drive through or over so for the rubber to harden and deteriorate, again isn't unusual.
    4) labor costs almost always exceed the cost of the part..again this applies to any manufacturer or brand.
    5) "do you see a problem?" Yes, I sure do...the problem is you purchased something about which you had no knowledge and when it didn't perform as you had been expecting put the blame on Hyundai who had nothing to do with the product you purchased and when they didn't respond (rightly so) you have condemned Hyundai. You are also experiencing normal "older car" problems and find you need to pay for repairs..what a surprise!!! You are out of the 50K/5year Hyundai warranty period which is clearly stated on every piece of Hyundai literature.
    I like Hyundai products and since they already provide the most comprehensive warranty in the auto industry I am amused when persons such as yourself loudly proclaim you will never buy another when in fact nothing unusual has occurred...except you got suckered into buying a mostly worthless extended warranty, nevermind that Hyundai didn't sponsor it. Good luck on your new whatever.
  • had the same problem,close the moonroof about 6 inches while traveling at high speed.The wind delecter works alright but wont solve the problem Bill
  • just wondering why this thing won't stay on the correct date. I know its a trivial issue but its there for a reason and I want it to work properly. I've tried to set the clock 12 hours ahead and 12 hours back incase that had anything to do with the date changing when its supposed to. I even changed the date at Midnight (my time) and it still changed in the middle of the day.....anyone know what's up with that?
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    There is a Hyundai TSB (technical service bulletin)#03-90-019 issued in 09/2003 to spell out how to do this. Since this TSB was issued in 2003 I assume the updated information would have been included in the owners booklet of newer cars but if not...
    The calendar on the overhead console must be set to the correct time to ensure the date will change at midnight. If the internal clock is not properly set the date may change at an incorrect time each day.
    A)First, set the internal clock of the digital calendar.
    a)Press and hold the "M" button for at least 3 seconds until the digits for the HOUR blink.
    b.)Use the UP or DOWN button to adjust the hour accordingly to military time (example 3=3AM, 15=3PM)
    c.)Press the "M" button to set the MINUTES and the press the UP or DOWN button to adjust the minutes.
    d.)Press the "M" button when finished.
    3.)Next, set the date of the digital calendar.
    a.)Press the "M" button to display a blinking YEAR, use the UP or DOWN button to adjust the year.
    b.)Press the "M" button again to display a blinking MONTH, use the UP or DOWN button to adjust the MONTH
    c.)Press the "M" button again to display a blinking DAY, use the UP or DOWN button to adjust the DAY.
    d.) Press the "M" button once again when finished.

    For your information military time is based on a 24 hour format where midnight is 00...1 AM is 0100...2 AM is 0200 etc. and noon is 1200hrs and 1PM is 1300 hrs and 2PM is 1400 hrs etc.
    Basically the overhead calendar has its own internal clock that needs to be set along with the current date ( Hope this info helps all who have wondered how to do this.
  • mgblazermgblazer Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Santa Fe with almost 87k on it. Yesterday, I put it in drive, and I noticed the D lit up and also the 1 lit. It would not shift, so I put it in neutral & back to Drive as I was moving and it shifted to 2, then I had to do the same thing for 3 & 4 gear, all the while the D & the # staying lit. Now today, I had to do the same thing, only 1 time the # stayed off and it shifted by itself, then anoter time I had my blinker on and the # blinked on and off with the blinker. Tranny fluid is fine, up to level and nice and red. Any ideas?
  • rick42rick42 Posts: 9
    We are 99% sure about buying 2006 Santa Fe limited, but my wife has 1 complaint. The head rest hits her wrong. Can the head rest be turned around? I know it won't stay up if it's flipped, but we'd never pull it up anyway. On most cars the head rest will pull completly out. Will the Santa Fe's come out.

    And also, are most of you happy with the Santa Fe? We were thinking of the Tucson, but she hates not having a power seat.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    It sounds as though the shiftronic function is intruding into the strictly automatic function. As you know when the shift lever is slid right you enter "Shiftronic" mode with the ability to manually up-and-downshift (within preprogrammed RPM parameters) by bumping the lever forward + or back - . There is something that defines which you are in...either fully automatic or Shiftronic and they work differently. I do not know what that "something" is but clearly your transmission control module is confused as to which mode it is in. A trip to your dealer may be required but I think it may be something external to the transmission...possibly the "something" that defines to the transmission which mode it is in.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    In the interest of safety I would not reverse the headrest. I would guess that a fair amount of engineering went into it to reduce whiplash type injuries. You may want to check out the totally revised 2007 Santa Fe due out soon. More expensive but much more car too!!
  • thanks for the worked and this minor pain in the [non-permissible content removed] has been resolved!
  • My santy with 25,000 miles on seems to get stuck in gear and will not upshift into drive on the highway, it's intermittent .I also get a 3 shudders when i accelerate from a stand still also intermittent . Also i have had some serious vibrations when i reach 60mph.I noticed the vibrations when i bought it used at 11k miles and took it back and they surfaced the rotors which lasted a little while.I took it to another dealer and they wanted to flush transmission fluid for $220.00 which i declined.Im pretty sure this would not solve my problem and didn't want to spend the money since ive seen some similar post.All these symptoms happen at the same time. I also noticed a smell when i stoped. Anyone with any solutions? Thanks
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    Which gear does it get "stuck" in? You can tell what gear the transmission is in at any given time by simply slipping the shift lever right (when in "D") which places it into Shiftronic mode. At that time the indicator on the dash will change from "D" to the specific gear you are in i.e. 5-4-3-2-1. If you have a 2.7 V-6 top gear or overdrive will be 4...if you have a 3.5 liter V-6 top gear will be 5. Although the transmission should be in overdrive at highway speeds (over 55 mph)conditions may dictate that it temporarily be in a lower gear. If, while in Shiftronic mode you find that it is "3" for instance you can manually upshift to "4" but don't forget to then slip the lever back left to re-enter the automatic mode of the transmision. If nothing else you can see what gear you are in. That you "notice a smell" is pretty broad...what does it smell like? any light smoke or vapors? Transmission fluid clean clear red colored with no burned smell on the dipstick...does it show full on the stick...??? Lots of variables that may be unanswerable on a forum type format.
  • Thanks for the reply. It gets stuck in 3rd gear and the front end will start to vibrate.I Checked Trans fluid and it is fine.It's very strange.The smell is hard to describe.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    OK..if it stays in 3rd beyond when you would expect it to upshift into 4th...wait does it EVER shift into 4th or only beyond when you would have expected it to? If it truly absolutely won't upshift, even if you remove throttle pressure esentially putting it under no/light load then place it into Shiftronic mode viewing the current gear on the dash display (3rd presumably) then bump the shifter to the "+" or forward..the transmission should then, by your command, upshift to 4th gear. There is also a vehicle speed sensor that "tells" the transmission control module what the road speed verses engine RPM is and to upshift at specified points. Bad news is that modern vehicles have so many inputs that monitor everything from ambient temperature to engine temperature to RPM to road speed to cause all the onboard computers to function properly that is is virtually impossible to self diagnose these types of glitches. It may be traced to the transmission control module itself. This is where having a savvy dealer service network is very important. There is test equipment (OBD-II) that can and will track down, via failure codes stored, these frustrating problems.
  • cfunkycfunky Posts: 3
    can someone help me? my santa fe 2004, the clock keeps turning itself off. just blank screen, then it will come back on about 5 seconds later. I had radio and heater on and nothing messed up with them.. only the clock turns off by itself and comes back on with correct time. Is this a electical problem ?? cfunky
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    There's been a couple of faulty clock reports in here. Like this post:

    beverly, "Hyundai Santa Fe: Problems & Solutions" #733, 16 Jun 2004 9:48 am

    May just need to replace it.

    Steve, Host
  • cfunkycfunky Posts: 3
    thanks for the quick info steve. cfunky
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    Since I experienced the blank out display on a 2003 SF I can say with certainty it is a faulty clock. Mine was replaced under warranty....end of problem.
  • cfunkycfunky Posts: 3
    targettuning, thanks for your help/reply..cfunky
  • kiucoolkiucool Posts: 1
    Hi, I have a 2002 Santa Fe also. Now I have the same problem as you do. It is hard to start. Have you ever find out what happened to your Santa Fe?
  • glabersglabers Posts: 1
    Hi folks - Got a 2002 Sante fe. I started getting these 2 warnings the last 2 weeks or so. I start the car, drive about 15 minutes and they come on at the same time and stay on untill I turn off the engine. Start it again, same thing.. 10-15 minutes later.

    I read about them in the owners manual and they represent Anti-lock braking system and Traction Control system... Of course, it really only reads to get service, but what's that really mean? Can anyone elaborate on what the issue is, warranty coverage if there's a broblem?

    Also, are struts covered in the 60K 5yr bump-to-bump warranty? These things died I think after about 6 months and have since sounded like I have a bowling ball in the trunk while hitting bumps.

    I'm also a victem of squeeky brakes since day one, had the brakes serviced many times and an entire break job $700... still get the squeekies.. only goes away when I exceed 25 MPH.

  • scieszkascieszka Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 and 3 months after I got it a crack formed on the left corner of the windshield and created a semi-circle crack. The dealer stated something hit it and wasn't covered. Nothing hit the windshield. Yesterday the same thing appeared on the other side of the widshield in exactly the same spot but this time headed straight the right side. I'm sure the dealer is going to tell me 'something hit it'.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    Ok, regarding the ABS and TC warning light issue. I do not believe traction control was available in 2002 but became standard in 2003. Why then do you have the warning? TC was available in other than USA markets in 2002 (there are many features available in Europe/Asia/Middle East that are not necessarily available in the US) and since the traction control works by incorporating the ABS function it makes financial sense to use the same basic instrument cluster package so you have a TC warning lamp even though you may not have you follow? You DO have ABS however and if its warning lamp illuminates you probably have a problem. The brakes work normally but the ABS function does not when the light is on. If the Santa Fe is configured as most with ABS it has the following: wheel speed sensors ( per wheel)an ABS controller or computer, and a ABS hydraulic/motor module..this last is underhood on the right (passenger) side near the fender well and has 4 metal brake lines sprouting from it. At minimum a single wheel sensor may have crapped out and repairs get more extensive and expensive from there. But, the good thing is that the ABS computer WILL store fault codes pertaining to the ABS brake system and a tech at the dealer using a code reader will be able to pinpoint the fault.
    With regard to the do not say how many miles on the car but struts in any car have a finite life meaning that they will need to be replaced. They should have lasted beyond 6 months however. Check for oil leaks around each strut because they are oil filled. Since they are what is considered a "normal wear item" I do not know if they are covered by warranty...they may be but do not be surprised if they are not.
    On the squeeky brakes, it is NOT abnormal for modern brakes to make noise mostly due to the fact that asbestos has been removed from brake materials and the substitute is metallic powdered material. So, unless this is a major issue for you and you do say it subsides after 25 MPH you may have to live with it, unless you are willing to change the pads one more time using a ceramic material. Hope this sheds some light on your concerns..
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    Broken and cracked windshields can be a tricky situation. Some cracks can be traced to a stone hit with line radiating from that point however it sounds as though your may be a stress crack. Further, the windshield may not be covered in Hyundai's (or any other manufacturer for that matter)warranty simply because of its "in the line of fire" nature. At best the windshield would only be covered for a limited time probably the 12 month/12,000 mile part of the warranty as a faulty originally installed part if it failed within that time frame. Your car is 3 model years old and given the fact it probably HAS been stone hit sometime in the past which could have contributed to your crack even years later I would not expect the dealer to warranty the part.
  • rick42rick42 Posts: 9
    Thanks to all of you for helping me decide what to buy. Both in this site and the Tucson site. Just bought my wife a new Santa Fe Limited...and she loves it.
  • I had the exact same thing happen to my windshield two weeks ago. I got on the internet to see if common problem. It was really strange because I know nothing hit it, and it came from bottom of glass under hood and spread half circle low all the way across in two days. I have had my Sante Fe three years in September, but I only have eighteen thousand miles on it.

    Also, I have had the same calendar problems almost since I got it. I know it is under warranty. I just haven't taken it in yet.

    Anyone else with windshield problems?
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    I hope my prior post helped you set the calendar on the overhead display, or if you had the display blanking out problem the solution is a new clock.
    I have not heard about a widespread problem with windshield cracks but if you are sure nothing has recently hit it then it could be a stress derived crack where flex may start a crack in a curved section of the glass. As I previously stated glass breakage isn't warranted beyond (I'm guessing on this) the basic 12 month/12,000 mile period. You need to call the dealer for the facts on this but don't be disappointed it it is no longer covered.
  • Hi

    did you ever find out what caused the hard starting on the sante fe?
  • I am having the same problem with hard starting, have you had a repair yet?
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