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Hyundai Santa Fe Maintenance and Repair (2006 and earlier)



  • I've had my 2007 Santa Fe about 3 weeks and love it but I have a problem and wonder if anyone else has had it. When we are on the freeway and going over 60 mi/hr and the back windows are rolled down (the front are not) the steering shakes, the people in the front row's ears pop---it's kind of a weird sensation. As soon as we vent the front window or roll all windows up it stops.

    The only explanation I can think of is that the car is so tight that wind force from the front causes this. Has anyone else had this happen. I probably wouldn't have noticed until next Spring but it was unseasonably hot here last weekend and my kids wanted their windows down. Should I talk to the dealer?
  • Huh!? Lulu, that is strange. I've yet to have my back windows rolled down, but I'll try it next time Im on the freeway. You have the AWD, right?

    Noticed in my FWD, that the steering wheel is a bit off scew. Either that or the slight pulling to the right is causing me to continually counteract act it by keeping pressure counter-clockwise on the wheel. Remember reading this on a few posts in the past. What was the remedy?
  • davesuvdavesuv Posts: 149
    Air pressure oscillations are common in vehicles traveling at freeway speeds. As you've found out, it can occur with only the rear windows open. I've had one prior vehicle do it with only the sunroof open. If I cracked open a rear window also, it stopped. You have to experiment to see what combination will produce the effect. Usually, just cracking open an additional window (or the sunroof) will cure the problem by allowing the excess pressure to vent before the oscillation sets in. I'm sure there must be some interesting physics behind the effect.
  • I agree with davesuv. I had a 95 VW Golf that when the rear windows were rolled down there was a wierd pressure thing occuring, but if I cracked one of the fronts open things were normal. I should say it always occured at freeway speeds not driving around town speeds. Now I can't say I've ever had the steering shake though.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    there is some interesting physics. in general it's called helmholtz resonance. resonator
  • My wife and I have just experienced a similar issue with our 2001. We are at 110k miles, and the car does not jump out of third on it's own. We do have the auto stick, but when we move it up to 4th, it's very sluggish, and does not want to go much faster.

    Did you happen to take yours in and have someone check it out? Were they able to come up with a solution to the problem? I'm also curious if discipleguy's fix helped you at all?

    Does anyone else have any thoughts? Thanks for any and all help!!!

  • Sirvagabond,

    The skew problem and pulling to the right is generally an indication that your wheel alignment is off. A front end alignment should correct the problem.

    Your Hyundai warranty covers adjustments for the 1 year. I recommend taking it in to your dealer and having it checked/adjusted under warranty.


  • Thanks JC. I actually opted for the extended warranty in case anything else happens. But good to hear it's a simple fix. Think I'll make the appointment soon.

    many thanks.
  • Thanks everyone for the info!!! I was pretty sure it was not a defect in the car but I just wanted to make sure. It's almost like when your taking off in a plane when your ears pop from the cabin pressure! The Helmhotz theory is pretty thorough!!!

    It is AWD. Thanks again!!!
  • I actually did not check out discipleguys fix, but we have had it in and out of the shop now for over 4 months. The guys in the shop have already changed 2 speed sensors and the transmission, and now they believe that it may be the actual computer. Luckily they are not charging much since they originally changed the transmission with no luck, but so far it has been a mystery. They have hooked it up to a diagnostic machine, and it tells them something different every time, hence the problem. But they think they have it narrowed down. Any luck with you?
  • It just started last night. I'll keep you informed as to what I find...I'm off to do some research. Let me know if they have any information for you.
  • I have an 04 Sante Fe Limited. Has anyone installed aftermarket roof rails? (not the cross bars) The stock rails have a warning that says 75lbs max. I want to put a Cargo box up there that weighs 39lbs which only leaves 36lbs for gear. I did a "google search" and found one company, Perrycraft, that makes a set of rails that supports up to 180lbs but they say that the rails are not compatible with sunroofs. I'm not sure if this means that you can't open the sunroof with the crossbars installed (which makes a little bit of sense) or if it means the rails can't be installed, period...(which doesn't really make any sense at all). I guess I could call or email the company and find out what the deal is but was hoping to get some info from a fellow owner. Thanks anyone for the help.
  • Thanks for the forum. Very helpful information all be it a it scary. I purchased my santa fe from well known dealerhsip in the Denver Metro Area (no, not Elway.)
    When I turn the car on and put it in drive everything is fine for about 5 seconds. Then, I feel a vibration on the pedal and hear a sound that you dont want to hear when having just purchased a car! The sound then goes away and the car drives fine. Dealership was unable to help out. Is this familiar to anyone?
    Also- The S.F came with the 5 year 60k warranty. What do I have to do to keep this warranty active? Thanks,
  • The symptom you described sounds like the ABS system self test and has been found to be a normal occurrence.

    Confirm this with your dealer though. As long as you perform the required maintenance your warranty should remain intact. Again, confirm with your dealer. This will ensure you have your bases covered.

  • I have the same problem and have had the radio replaced 3 times so far. After the last replacement I was told that a service bulletin was just released discussing this issue. I was told that it wasn’t a problem that the tuner was switching to a stereo mono mix because the signal strength dropped. I don’t know about anyone else but mine will do it several times in a row one after another. I live in Cincinnati, Oh and have never had a problem with signal strength of the local radio stations. I’m currently trying to contact anyone Hyundai I can find that will listen! Mine seems to be doing it to an extreme and the dealer basically says there is nothing that can be done since the tuner is programmed to do this. If anyone has any suggestions on who I can contact I would appreciate the help. I like the car but the radio is literally driving me crazy with the switching it is doing.
  • I have been hearing a strange sort of beeping noise in my Santa Fe. It resembles a beep that you would hear if your home carbon monoxide detector needs new batteries. It happens maybe two or three times a day. Any ideas on what this could be? Also, when I start the truck the back end sometimes makes a noise like an airplane is flying overhead and then the noise disappears. Other then that the car is running fine. Any idea what is going on with my Santa Fe? Thanks
  • jntjnt Posts: 316
    Some background in mobile AM/FM reception:

    FM reception is also negatively affected by Multipath where radio signal (even from strong stations) arrives at radio via many paths (due to signal reflection off hill, mountains, bridges and tall buildings). The result is horrible FM sound in this situation. It makes FM radio unlistennable sometime especially if radio is left in Stereo and High Fidelity modes

    So to reduce the noise affects, many newer OEM radios now are using some noise reduction techniques. Such things are:

    1. Temporarily switch to Mono in presence of Strong Multipath Noise
    2. Reduce High Frequency Audio (where scratchy noise mostly heard)

    The drawback of the above techniques is the change of Audio perception (radio sound softer or "drop out" and have less fidelity). Older OEM and Aftermarket radios keep noisy audio constant regardless even if the bad signal condition occurs (Weak Signal or Multipath). So, it is the trade off between hearing high noise or softer sound (Low noise)

    Lexus rafios first set this Low Noise trend in the 90's and now everyone is using it.

    Back to your situation: it is likely the Multipath condition that makes radio switches back and forth between Low Noise and Hi-Fidelity modes. Cincinnati is notorious for this condition. This location is unique in the Midwest due to the hilly terrain and therefore signal reflections. This condition is most noticeable along the Ohio River near downtown area. This problem is very common in LA and San Francisco and other mountainous areas also. FM Multipath is similar to seeing ghost images on your TV Multipath in the old day where people used off-the-air antenna to receive TV programs. They had to play around with those antenna elements to reduce the ghost image.

  • I have a question for anyone w/ the DVD player/RS entertainment system. We've had our '07 for 2 days now and when we play dvd's, the screen flashes black intermittently and sometimes there is a wierd bar on one side of the screen blocking view. None of this seems normal and I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this and what the fix was?

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Please - a single posting of your question is quite adequate. The shotgun approach simply annoys the people from whom you're trying to elicit help.

    tidester, host
  • This may or may not sound dumb but a question for you. Does this occur when the engine is hot and the gauge reads a little hotter then normal? I have a 2001 withthe same problem, had the two speed sesnsors changed and the soleniod changed went through a summer of hell. Then the temp outside got cold had to turn the heat on and WOW no more problem. My mechanic thinks I'm nuts when I say it's a heat problem but with 200,000 km on it and I haven't changed the thermostate things a relooking that much better. KIA and Hyundia have had the same problem thermostate is not a NO fault so it will fail either open or close the engine heats up the truck stalls out. While driving it seems like tranny but it is actually a stall.
  • No its not a dumb question. I haven't really noticed the engine gauge go up any more than normal, but it is something that I have not really been looking at. I will try that. Are you saying though that once the thermostat is changed the problem was gone?
  • I am hoping so. I have a new stat in the back of the truck I just haven't the time yet to change it. I drive well over 600 km a week and am hopeing for mild weather over christmas to do the work. You may not notice the gauge all that high just sitting around the half mark. But notice on the gauge there are two dots below the half mark this is normal operating tempt. ANYTHING above or below those hash marks and you get stalls. Also notice were the gauge sits when it's hot. Turn it off wait 30 seconds and restart it and look were it sits, I'll bet it's within normal range. Hyundia will argue that they do not have a kill installed on the computer, I think they are full of S--t. A friend of mine drives a KIA and when I discribed the problem to him a light went on as the two drove exactly the same. He has changed his thermostate and everything workd fine.
  • Good call jnt. I think I posted this question originally. Just completed my first service with my dealer and had them look into this. They eventually printed off the bulletin and gave it to me. Bulletin # 06-90-023, dated December 2006 states:

    "All 2007 Santa Fe AM/FM CD audio receivers are equipped with digital AM/FM tuners. . . When a weak signal condition is encountered, they will attempt to maintain good frequency response and low (static) noise by temporarily limiting the high frequency information . . . a temporary reduction of 12dB at 10 kHz for 1 second or more (the actualy duration depends on th length of the weak signal condition). . . This may sound like a temporary loss of 'highs', 'treble', or a stereo signal temporarily going mono. This condition is NORMAL. . ."

    That's the basic info and all I felt like typing. Not sure I like this "feature". All other cars I've had have never done anything like this. "If it ain't broke . . ."

    Thanks for the input all.
  • I had seen a question posted on one of the forums about the rear wiper running constantly when it is switched on. Driving in the rain today, I realized my rear wiper was running intermittently. Here is how it works:

    1. Turn rear wiper to 'on'
    2. Turn front wiper to 'lo' (rear wiper will now be intermittent, but now front is not)
    3. Turn front back to intermittent setting and rear should still be intermittent until you turn the front wiper off

    I couldn't find anything in the owners manual regarding this, so I thought I'd pass it along.

    Happy Driving!
  • Well it only took 4 weeks for my first major problem with my SF.

    Bought right around Thanksgiving. New 2007 3.3 SE. No other options.

    We have put approx. 2500 miles on the car so far.

    Today, wife was driving doing some last minute Christmas shopping and when she stopped in a parking lot, she was unable to shift the car out of drive/neutral into either reverse or park! Luckily, she did not have to back up so she drove the car to my place of work where I too could not get the car out of drive or neutral.

    Seeing that the dealer was about 10 miles away, I told her to drive it right over there and I would phone ahead. She gets to the service dept and they find a problem with the tranny. They say it is not a real tranny problem but with some sort of switch under the console. Anyway, they tell us that the part is not in and that it won't be in until next thursday at the earliest.

    O.K. so now what? We were supposed to leave and sled to grandma's house on Saturday which is 400 miles away. I ask them what are they going to do since this is my only car. Ahh, they have a loaner program provided by Hyundai but it does not cover a loaner car driven to another state. Grandma lives in another state BTW.

    So I then say this is unacceptable! The freakin car is 4 weeks old and a switch in my tranny has already busted? What about that great new Hyundai quality?? Service manager then says the SF is O.K. to drive we keep the shifting lock depressed. So, they stuff a key into that little slot on my console and we can get the car through the gears.

    I phone the Sales manager who BTW quit a couple of weeks ago. Get the new Sales manager on the phone and tell him the story and say I am not a happy camper. Told him we gave up our Accord and now within 4 weeks, I have a big problem. I ask him if this is what I can expect in the months to come. Of course he was all apologetic, but said they could do nothing about a loaner since we were traveling out of state.

    He then tells me when we get back they will give us a loaner till the part comes in. I say why not just take the part from one of the 30 SF's you have on the lot and fix my car right now. He tells me that is a great idea, but all the service techs have gone home! This is like 3:30-4:00 o'clock! Hey, WTHell! I'm still at work and it ain't even Christmas eve. He should of called a tech back there to fix my car in my opinion.

    Anyway, we are now driving around with a key stuck in my SF console, and will do so until we get back on Tuesday!

    This is all pretty bogus. I took a chance on Hyundai after owning two Accords that had virtually no problems, and now within 4 weeks of owning this car, a part breaks on the tranny.

    Ohh, and as others have indicated, I too am having problems with certain radio stations that seeminly loose some tone. The station is crystal clear and then becomes muddy like someone has turned the trebble way down. Then it will come back without notice! I will also have them look into this but I doubt they will fix that problem according to some of the posts in here.

    Lastly, is anyone else having problems with your doors shutting properly? It seems like we have to slam the doors pretty hard to get them to close properly. Don't know if this is an adjustment, but it just seems like we have to put a lot of effort into shutting the doors.

    Anyway, other than these problems the SF has been running O.K. I am suspicious about my gas mileage though. I've see numbers all over the place and this will be my first real gauge of the actual milage. After fillup tonight, my trip computer says my range is only 364 miles which is barely 18mpg while my trip computer is saying I am getting 23.4mpg! If true, that is almost a 30 percent variance! This is totally unacceptable! What use are the trip computers if they cannot be accurate to within plus or minus one mpg!

    So we will see what develops, but I can say that at this point, I am not happy and Hyundai will be getting a detailed letter of my concerns. Not that is will matter, but they should know this will be my last Hyundai.

  • John,

    I know your pissed but hang in there. Your dealer let you down. These issues should have been addressed quickly and they dropped the ball. You did not make a mistake. The Santa is a good SUV but its all new. This is an electrical problem not a tranny issue. Bugs should be expected not poor service from the dealer. The dealers response to you is totally unacceptable.

    Sorry you and your wife are going through this. Better Luck!

    Have a Merry Christmas - Anthony/NY
  • You didn't make a mistake buying a Hyundai. The so called "reliable" Hondas & Toyotas are both experiencing major QC & design defect issues.

    Our last 3 Hondas all had major mechanical problems & we are taking them to Lemon court with our '06 Odyssey. Briefly, I will tell you our history: '00 Odyssey - 2 tranny replacements, '03 V6 Accord - trans failure, rear struts blown, front tie rod ends all around 40k. Lastly, our $35k p.o.s. Odyssey was repaired 5 times for the same defect.

    We are looking at buying the '07 Santa Fe also. IMO it is built better than a Honda & the ride quality is wonderful compared to the rough & noisy Hondas.

    Lastly, my old Honda service manager works at a Hyundai dealer now & says they are great cars. Hang in there -
  • I have a 1 week old 2007 Santa Fe GL 3.3L Premium with Leather package. I am having the same issue with closing the doors. I asked the dealer about it and they said it was the 3 layers of weather stripping???? I left it at that.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    re: closing the doors...short story, then a few suggestions:

    a long time ago (4 decades now), i remember the volkswagen beetle was advertised on TV as being so well put together, that it would float.

    and sure enough, and true to the ads on TV, i remember specifically as a tot, my grandparents hitting a stretch of river that had swept over a bridge on the road they were travelling in the northeast during a major downpour.

    we literally sailed across the river for about 10 seconds to the other side. bless his soul, my grandfather could only see out of one eye, and his co-pilot- my grandmother didn't drive, but it was raining so hard, no one would have seen the washout in time.

    ok, i'm sorry, now i'm in a nostalgic mood, i was in the area behind the back seat (remember the volks beetles had a "trunk in the front" and the engine in the rear. behind the rear seats was a (neat for a tike) storage area that i loved riding and hiding in.

    ok, back to the doors, i remember how difficult it was closing the doors on that car of theirs. certainly it should not be so difficult... and i remember slaming them harder and harder in an attempt to get them to close, but it seems the harder i tried, the more difficult it was...

    almost on back on track right? ;)

    then it dawned on me... the weather stripping on the vehicle was so thick, and the interior was seemingly so air-tight, that i was actually attempting to close the door on an almost air-tight compartment and trapping the air in the process and taking the interior to a higher pressure. not easy to do, right?

    this is called "compression".

    so I tried opening one of the side-view windows (they were triangular shaped) a tad and tried closing the door again. this time - no problem.

    lesson learned: you need a means to allow the air in the automobile interior to escape as you are closing the door, otherwise you are attempting to pressurize the interior via compression to a higher pressure than outside the vehicle; the increase in pressure will tend to exert force on the door preventing it from closing properly.

    this happens with other vehicles, specially when new... people complaining their doors don't close well. you are not alone.

    try these things:
    a). open a window slightly, or
    b). slow down the rate at which you are trying to close the door, or
    c). try to leave the air vent system off the RECIRCULATE position.

    happy holidays. :shades:
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