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Hyundai Santa Fe Maintenance and Repair (2006 and earlier)



  • Tidester, thanx, just noticed your reply to my message. As soon as the weather changes, I'll take a look.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    This parts place sells one for the '02-'03 Santa Fe and says it's an OEM fuel filter. If you can believe the site, it fits on the bottom of the fuel pump inside the tank, which wouldn't make it something they'd expect you to change frequently unless access to the pump in the tank is lots easier than it is on most cars.

    The Edmunds Maintenance Guide says it gets changed at 52,500 and 105,000 miles.

    Any owners lurking who've actually changed out their fuel filter?
  • degemidegemi Posts: 2
    A new shop replaced both catalytic converters. Problem solved.
  • hi there,
    did you solve your problem with alarm as i am in the same boat with a 02 santa fe and would realy like if you could help me please.
    robbie :cry:
  • johncjohnc Posts: 7
    How does one remove the interior door panels and the rear interior side panels on the Santa Fe 2004. What holds these panels on? Is there a trick or a procedure to follow? Are there invisible clips or screws? Is there a special tool required? Where can I find this information? At this time I want to remove the rear side panels in the cargo area under the window.
  • Recently my heater core as gone out and I have had it replaced. The mechanic said that it flooded the computer (both located in dash) and said that is why the entire dashboard lights, gauges, radio illumination are working only sometimes. They wanted 300 bucks to diagnose it and said it probably wouldnt be worth it to replace. Is this true? Could it be a relay instead or some other issue all together? The problems only started happening after the heater core when out and before and after it was replaced. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
  • ncampncamp Posts: 2
    My Santa Fe gets stuck in 3rd gear when driving. Have to pull over turn it off and
    restart. In the morning after warming up, it won't go into gear, lots of stopping,
    jerking and thunking. Does this sound like the Transmission shift computor? or
    the sensor? I also see notes about a faulty switch in console shifter housing.

  • I have a 2.7 petrol Santa Fe' that I bought new in 2002. I've had numerous faults that are far too long to go into here and for reasons best known to themselves, the Cypriot dealers only give a three year warranty instead of the five offered elsewhere.

    Yesterday I had a 'check engine' warning light come on and the vehicle is running 'lumpy'. I have no choice but to go to a main dealer here in Cyprus but have no confidence in their ability to find the fault or charge the correct amount.

    Any offers anyone? What should I be looking at?

  • ncampncamp Posts: 2
    I had my Sante Fe into our Hyundai Dealer and 3 other mechanics. I was told everything from a module to a new transmission!
    I took it to our local Jiffy Lube and all it needed was transmission fluid. Although
    I have it serviced as required, it seems to run low. The check light in mine has
    always come on when low on oil or transmission fluid.

    Funny all the mechanics missed that!
  • v11lestatv11lestat Posts: 4
    I just had a rear lower control arm failure with my Santa Fe. It is at my mechanic now. In the course of doing research on recalls, I find that Hyndai has finally issued a safety recall for this defect.
    Santa Fe SUSPENSION:REAR Recall – ID# 67756
  • tristan123tristan123 Posts: 1
    My Santa Fe has started losing power going up hills and on the motorway over 40 mph. There was a crack in the manifold which has been repaired, however car still loses power and is barely drivable. The machine/computer is saying it cant detect a problem, and 3 different mechanics have failed to locate the problem as well. Does anyone have the foggiest what could be causing this or has anyone experienced anything similar?

  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    it's wierd you would have this problem with no svc eng light. was the crack in your intake or exhaust manifold? was there a svc eng light on when that occurred? most of the problems i can think of would turn on that service engine light...
  • sbrown1750sbrown1750 Posts: 1
    I've had a recent intermittent problem with my engine fading out when I'm turning. In the turn the steering stops responding and the red engine light comes on briefly, then the engine kicks back in and the car is fine again. It also seems to only be happening when it's raining. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I'm actively watching for it now and will take it to the shop if it happens again.
  • 1234693212346932 Posts: 31
    can you tell me what years(s) were on the recall for the rear suspension recall? also, how can I access the recall info? thank you
  • v11lestatv11lestat Posts: 4
    The Model Years affected were 2001 through 2003. I accessed the info through which is a NHTSA site. Their Action Number is EA08023 .
    I have just gotten my car back repaired. I was traveling in a city at slow speed when it failed, otherwise this may have been catasrophic...
    I was dealing with 3 seperate entities on this, Hyundai America, Regional and the Dealer. So some patience was required. It took about a week. The Dealer of course wanted to fix all sorts of things as when doing recall or waranty work Hyundai doesn't exactly pay them the shop labor rate. Be prepared for other components to fall apart when they do the work. age related. My Bill at the end of this was $680.00 which I am now adressing further with Hyundai America. Good Luck!
  • 1234693212346932 Posts: 31
    thanks for your help. I have a 2003 santa fe. I was in touch with hyundai america, about a month ago. They said my vehicle was not involved, due to the manufacturer date. when i went for my oil change, in april, the dealership refused to look at any possible problems, without a charge, as there was no recall for my vehicle, relating I should wait, to see if a recall notice, is sent to me.
  • yamaha123yamaha123 Posts: 1
    wont start in mornings put new glow plugs in ,new dripp pipes,will start with a bit of easy start through airbox,once started engine fine there is no back fire or black smoke when started ,now the car has cut out on me twice in one day just driving along and engine just stoped,had to wait about 3or 4 mins before i could start it again,engine management light come on got a reading from rac they said the code was 0009 fault can bus shorting fault has any body had same problem or can any one help regards chris
  • teacher447teacher447 Posts: 21
    I have a new door opening fob that I need to reprogram for my 2004 SF. Does anyone know how to do it?
  • teacher447teacher447 Posts: 21
    I need to replace my shock absorbers in my 2004 SF. What are some good manufactures and specific models that I can ask the mecnanic to install?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I'd check on factory shock prices. OEM shocks were designed for your particular vehicle while aftermarket shocks tend to be designed to fit multiple makes and models.
  • Help me my santa fe has the code kwp 2000
    and i cant find any info on that code any place

    kwp2000 2001 hyundi santa fe odb code ?????
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    That's odd. Are you trying to reprogram your ECU? the kwp2000 is a unit designed to reprogram the ECU.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • kreuzerkreuzer Posts: 127
    I have a 2004 Santa Fe 3.5 V6 2wd with approx. 66,000mi. I just seen my check engine light come on this morning going to work. I'm wondering what simple things I can check and replace to fix this problem. I know that it could be a whole slew of things, but was hoping I could check some things myself before heading to a mechanic. I'm fairly hands-on but am by no means a car mechanic. The last time the check engine came on it had to do with emissions and it cost me a lot of $$. I noticed at that time that it was affecting my gas mileage before the engine light came on, so I knew something wasn't right. This time it just happened outta the blue and my mileage doesn't seem to be affected. So, with this info., would anyone have any suggestions as what to look at first and possibly do for myself? Thank you to all!
  • Has anyone had problems with the car not starting? I've had the battery, alternator and started check and all is well. After a couple of hours the car will start. I am thinking its an electrical problem and know that the cost is going to skyrocket.
  • I would have the battery checked again. If you haven't changed the battery since you bought the car in 2003, then it is probably time to get a replacement regardless. Just a thought. Also, check the normal things like corrosion, and acid on top of the battery, etc. If you replace the battery, wash the carrier with a baking soda and water solution. If anything foams, you know you have had some acid leaking somewhere.
  • I have a 2001 Sante Fe all the power windows do not operate. It started as they would not work until the car ran awhile. Now they do not operate at all> I could not find the fuse for the windows. In the fuse box there isn't any labeled power windows. Any help would be appreciated
  • stushstush Posts: 62
    I have an 02 and there is another fuse box under the hood. It's on the drivers side, near the strut mount. Good luck!
  • Thanks for thereply> I cheched the fuse box under the hood and swapped the fuse it didn't work. Any other ideas on all 4 windows not operating?
  • stushstush Posts: 62
    Other than checking all the fuses again, I don't know. It's highly unlikely that all 4 power window motors went at the same time, but you can't rule it out either.
  • Found the problem.t was in the switch cluster on the driver's door. Very expensive to replace though
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