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Pontiac Bonneville Owners: Photo Gallery



  • can anyone tell me the difference or changes made in the Bonneville SSEI from '02-'03 ? I originaly looked at the '03 and fell in love with it, but the car I can get is the '02 model. Anything to look for? It seems to be just as loaded even w/moonroof. The '02 is coming from another state thats why I am asking. Thanks.
  • The leather interior is IMHO is much nicer in the 03's than the 02's,You don't see the stitching on the 03's which sometimes looked uneven.The leather looks more elegant([non-permissible content removed] Luxury)and more of what you would expect in a 35k auto.
  • I agree with surgeont. The leather seats have gone from what has been variously described as a "catcher's mitt" style to a more elegant look. Actually it looks like Pontiac just borrowed the seats from the Oldsmobile Aurora. The only other differences between the '02 and '03 SSEi that I have noticed are the Monsoon 8-speaker audio system in the '03 and the availability of XM Radio.
  • I own 2 bonnevilles a1993 and a2004 . Ifound this sight tryn to get info on a trans problem on the 04 glad to see so many other pontiac owners. very poor at typing
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