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Toyota Matrix



  • jcnaderjcnader Posts: 3
    Coolant can become corrosive over time depending on many factors. The Toyota dealer would not necessarily flush the coolant system and replace the permanent anti-freeze at 82K miles unless their customer asked for this service. We might all learn something here. There might be some risk in not flushing the coolant system earlier than recommended. Anyone know when Toyota recommends a flush?
  • herzogtum71herzogtum71 Posts: 470
    The service department at my dealer recommends flushing the coolant at 30,000 miles. Just had it done a month ago on our '03 Matrix.
  • jcnaderjcnader Posts: 3
    Interesting answer from a professional regarding the coolant flushing question. Click this link for the explanation:
  • capitanocapitano Posts: 509
    Funny, I find my XRS is very stable in a straight line.

    On a business trip I ended up with a Jeep Wrangler. It was squirrelly and wanted to pull to the right all the time. The passenger side front tire was severely underinflated. Putting air in the tire corrected the problem.
  • luvmbootyluvmbooty Posts: 271
    Why does these manufactures insist on building only compact wagons or hatchbacks? I want a large interior volume, versitility, fuel economy, good crash tests, and descent power all under 25000! I think of all manufacturers Toyota can come through! I don't want an SUV because of MPGs suck, especially since gas prices will be sky high in the coming summer! The VVT engine in the 2007 Camry and 2006 Avalon gets a good ratio of power to MPG(268 Horse power/22/31 MPG). I think the 2007 Camry make a hot looking 5 door hatchback! Any comments?
  • capitanocapitano Posts: 509
    I like wagons too. But the market has spoken and wagons just don't sell. Honda had an Accord wagon a few years back and there was aq Camry wagon too. They were discontinued several years ago. I applaud Mazda for bringing the Mazda6 Wagon to market. I would have seriously considered one if they were available when I was in the market.

    Wagons were the original image killer. Minivans took over in the 80s as the vehicle for boring family people. That's why everyone gets SUVs: for the image. Europe has discovered the sport wagon as a good combination of sport and utility, but like here, most are compact.
  • luvmbootyluvmbooty Posts: 271
    I think it's time for everybody to wake up and smell the gasoline! SUVs like the dinosaur are a thing of the past! It's time to bring back the wagon! Wake up SUV people!
  • herzogtum71herzogtum71 Posts: 470
    The Accord and Camry wagons were discontinued in the USA many years ago. It's time to bring them back. The Camry wagon still is marketed in other countries. It wouldn't cost an arm and a leg to reintroduce left-hand steering wheels if that's an issue and sell them here again.

    I too was awaiting the Mazda6 wagon, but it turns out to have only marginally more cargo space than my 1994 Corolla wagon had. Gas mileage figures also weren't all that good. I ended up getting a 4-cylinder Highlander with much more room and close to the same fuel efficiency. I still like our 2003 Matrix, but the cargo space isn't big enough to travel comfortably with 2 adults and 2 teenagers.

    IMHO it's a problem when you can't find a vehicle that provides both cargo space and fuel efficiency. Even some of the SUVs have less cargo space than the '94 Corolla wagon (e.g., Mitsubishi Outlander). I think the only wagon on the market today with EPA ratings above 30 mpg is the Ford Focus wagon. It has a good cargo area but no rear head restraints. When I was looking there also was the mid-size Saturn wagon, which had some major problems, and the Volvo V30, which required premium fuel. The Saturn and V30 are no longer on the market.
  • luvmbootyluvmbooty Posts: 271
    I agree about bringing back the Camry and Accord wagons. Especially the Camry since the 2007s engine gets such good gas mileage of 22 city and 31 highway and has 268 horses under the hood! What sedan can compare with that? Not to mention, I think the Camry is more reasonably priced.

    As for the moment, I like the Chevy Malibu Maxx. It has 22 cubic feet luggage volume, 106 cubic feet passenger volume, 60/40 folding rear seats doubling cargo space, a fold flat front passenger seat, and gets 22 mpg city / 30 mpg Highway. Only set back is horsepower is limited to 201 at 5600 rpm, but gets 221 lbs-ft of torque at 3200 rpms. gave Malibu a silver rating and JD Power overall score was 5 out of 5 circles! I'd say the best alternative to SUVs!
  • herzogtum71herzogtum71 Posts: 470
    Yes, I forgot about the Maxx. The 22 cubic feet is about the same as the Matrix, which in 2003 was listed as 21.8 cubic feet behind the rear seat. Too small for my needs, but with the rear seat folded down the Maxx does offer more cargo space than the Matrix.
  • bearabull1bearabull1 Posts: 3
    Can you safely plug in your laptop into the house current plug on the Matrix? I'm worried it might blow the electrical system.
  • bret27bret27 Posts: 10
    Anybody know if the 2007 Matrix will have any major changes in apperance or specs?
  • daka320daka320 Posts: 4
    If you look at your laptop charger it will list the amount of watts it uses. As long as it is under 100 watts, which is the limit written on the outlet cover, then it should be okay. I used and charged my laptop at the same time. Also charged camera batteries and it blows up an air mattress very nicely.
  • fear_hopefear_hope Posts: 90
    Can someone please post the instructions of how to turn off the oil change indicator light here? :confuse: I have a Vibe and there are no instructions in the manual. I guess GM wants customers to come to them for oil changes. I received a letter telling me about the light and inviting me to come in for oil changes and to have the mechanic "reset" the light! :surprise: Thanks so much (in advance)...
  • lorenalorena Posts: 2
    Help...How do I know if my 2006 Matrix is a Toyota Certified Used Vehicle, or if the dealership just told me it was. Quick history - 9/15/2005 bought a 2006 Matrix that was returned to dealership w/in 20 days (legal in TX-had to be sold as used b/c of title already processed). I bought it b/c it was a TCUV. 5/4/06 - Hail damage in Austin, TX. Filed claim. Took it for insurance est. Asked if I had repainted my hood. (No.) Took it 2nd body shop for 2nd opinion - was asked how my car was ever Certified, with a mottled 2-tone paint job on the hood. He noticed before I even said anything! Was told by dealership that no work was performed in transit, at port or dealership. Don't have complete paperwork, can't get an answer from Classic Toyota of Round Rock, Texas.....any advice, help, etc. Thank you!!!!
  • herzogtum71herzogtum71 Posts: 470
    I don't know anything about certified used Toyotas, but you should have the rest of the manufacturer's original warranty. That won't help you with hail damage, though.
  • bret27bret27 Posts: 10
    Looking to lease a XR in aug/sept. Will probably have to order one so based on what you are saying the 2007 will not change until the 2008 model which will be later in 2007. Does that sound right?
    Also I was reading some of the postings. How do you get power side mirrors. What package does that come with?
  • mschwebermschweber Posts: 1
    GM has said that AWD is being discontinued in the Vibe for 2007 but may return in the next generation. Does anyone have any info as to if this will be the case for Toyota Matrix as well.
  • steine13steine13 Posts: 2,562
    Next generation my sweet behind.

    Look at this article from edmunds:

    Motown Buzz: Pontiac May Go RWD Across Its Line To Promote Performance

    Date posted: 05-30-2006

    DETROIT — Pontiac could be betting its survival on a gradual shift to rear-wheel-drive cars and a renewed emphasis on performance[..]

    The compact Vibe, which shares its platform with the Toyota Matrix, is also expected to be phased out later in the decade. [..]

    The '07s are heading to dealers now. I have not been able to find out ANYTHING about the supposed '08 redesign. My guess is the Vibe will be discontinued, along with the Matrix.

    I don't like it... I guess I'll cash in my GM Card $$ in January on a base 5speed and then switch to the Subaru Card...

  • frananfranan Posts: 2
    did you hear anything yet about the 2007 Matrix I hate to buy a 2006 and have the 2007 come out a month later?
  • bret27bret27 Posts: 10
    Just picked up a 2006 Base Matrix with AWD, power window & door locks. Has anyone had any problems or comments on the AWD models?
  • 051378051378 Posts: 4
    Make certain your odometer is in the viewing pane on the instrument cluster, not trip meter "A" or "B". With the ignition "ON" depress and hold the trip meter reset push button while viewing the odometer. Continue to depress the button and cycle "OFF" and "ON" the ignition switch. When the ignition is cycled to "ON" you will see a series of horizontal bars where you would otherwise see your total odometer mileage. The horizontal bars will count down and disappear indicating the oil change monitor has been reset. Re-setting the tire low-pressure monitor is similar.
  • I just picked up a 2WD Auto with PO as a 2nd car. I only have 1 parking space in my garage so the Matrix will be on my driveway or the streets most of the time. I'm interested to know from matrix owners who don't garage their matrix, do you think installing an alarm is necessary? Would the features of the car (still reading on them now) be sufficient? I'm thinking that since my car is very basic, nothing in it is really that valuable... Thanks.
  • jessrjessr Posts: 5
    I'm in the market for a Matrix but am having trouble finding one with cruise control. I'm told it can be installed at the dealership for about $300. Does anyone know if the quality would be equal to one installed at the factory?

  • herzogtum71herzogtum71 Posts: 470
    When I bought a Toyota several years back, I was told that the corporation's policy was to not allow dealers to install cruise control. That should tell you something!

    I personally will never again go for an add-on cruise control. The cars I have owned with add-on systems (1987 Chevy Nova, 1989 Nissan Sentra wagon)would not hold speed very well even on fairly slight uphill grades, and they also increased fuel consumption to a noticeable degree.

    The cars I have had with factory cruise control (1988 Renault Medallion wagon, 1994 Toyota Corolla wagon, 2003 Matrix AWD, 2004 Highlander) have all done a good job at maintainig speed on grades, and with no negative impact on mpg.

    I don't think it's relevant, but I will mention that all of these vehicles had standard transmissions except the two most recent Toyotas.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    My clutch is at 210,000 miles right now. 30k is absurd.

    Have him put the warrenty in writing and sign it. The clutch should be 60k since it is a drivetrain component. Also ask a different dealer what the policy is.
  • manitumanitu Posts: 1
    i'm looking into installing a turbo kit for my '03 xrs (2zz-ge), any input would be appreciated.
  • 051378051378 Posts: 4
    Can someone help me identify the location of the IAT (Intake Air Temperature) sensor on my 06 Matrix XR please? It's not on the flexible rubber air cleaner to throttle body hose. The carbon canister purge valve happens to be tethered to that hose coincidentally but that’s not the IAT sensor. I purchased a fuel saving module (resistor) from the web and I need to install it in the two-wire harness that goes to the IAT sensor. It has to be somewhere between the air filter assembly and the cylinder head. I just couldn't locate it easily. If anyone else has tried one of these fuel savers I'd like to hear about that too. I'm guessing this resistor tricks the engine management CPU to make the fuel mixture leaner or perhaps advances the ignition timing. I don't know for sure. I certainly don't want to damage my engine but I would like to save up to 7 MPG as advertised.
  • herzogtum71herzogtum71 Posts: 470
    What happened to the "Matrix/Vibe Problems & Solutions" forum? I checked that one every few days, as a Matrix owner. When I go into my own information and check my recent posts, the comments I posted there appear to now be in something called "Vibe Maintenance & Repair Concerns." Can that discussion revert to its old name and access given again through the Matrix links? Thanks.
  • I am planing to buy Matrix 06 XR AT + Option D. (sunroof and all the goodies) As of now the sale price I am getting is $18.9K + taxes+ process+tags.

    because Cargo space, smaller than SUV, bigger than car, better mileage, cheaper than Volvo wagon.

    After reading many issues posted in forum I am little skeptical.:confuse:
    Can u please suggest if it is ok to buy or any other suggestion?

    Fit interior is cheap so did not like it.
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