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Toyota Matrix



  • P0420 does not say directly that the converter is bad. It only says there's a problem in that part of the system. You need to look at the signals coming from the O2 sensors. It could be an exhaust leak or bad O2 sensor.
  • laserbluelaserblue Posts: 313
    Why don't all the Matrix come with the same size of tires?
    What are the advantages of getting the 17 inches tires option rather than the 16 inches?
  • We bought a Vibe rather than a Corolla because:
    Same mileage, more hauling ability.
    Awesome looks.
    My husband liked the Vibe's looks more than the Matrix. I kind of preferred the Matrix and wanted stability control but he won.
    We love our car but after owning BMWs we are kinda spoiled and wish it were a bit quieter (road noise - it IS quieter than all the rest in its class!) and that our year had offered telescoping sterring wheel, now standard.
  • I'm shopping for a new car and the Matrix has ended up near the top of my list so far. I test drove last week and liked it pretty well. However, so far as I can tell, you cannot get Bluetooth on a Base Model? Is this right? It looks like you can only get BT thru the upgraded audio option on an S or XRS? If I go for the base model, what would be the simplest 3rd party option to add BT hands free phone support? Is BT any easier to get on the Vibe?
  • laserbluelaserblue Posts: 313
    I was looking at what options I could take before ordering my 2010 Matrix and noticed that the "remote starter" was very expensive as an option... 820.00$ manufacture installed. It's really ridiculous.
    Can I buy a Matrix without that option and buy a remote starter and install it in a remote starter dealer? or it will cost almost the same? or have problems with it or with the car? or the remote install by someone else will damage something and then Toyota will say that their not responsible for the damage caused by the remote starter and tell me that the warranty does not cover the damage and bla..bla..bla...?
    What would you do?
  • laserbluelaserblue Posts: 313
    Is there a really difference between the 1.8 and 2.4 engines?
    I do mostly city driving with short distance on the freeway and take 1 road trip (vacation) each year in summer, usually from Upper State N.Y. to Florida but next year we plan to go to Washington State so got to cross the Rockies.
    Will the 1.8 L be powerful enough to cross those mountains or I should go for the 2.4 L?
  • laserbluelaserblue Posts: 313
    If you buy a Matrix, which engine would you go for? and why?
    The 1.8 L or the 2.4 L?
  • You may try disconnecting the battery and reconnecting it. This resets it and hopefully the problem will disappear.
  • laserbluelaserblue Posts: 313
    My friend just bought a 2010 Matrix and she says that she'll need winter tires pretty soon. Her original 4 seasons are 205/55/16 does she have to stay with the same size on winter tires or can she buy other sizes. If yes, what sizes can she buy?
  • q_ballq_ball Posts: 2
    I have a 2003 Toyota Matrix whose odometer is stuck at 299,999. You must pay to change the odometer and Toyota refuses to change this even though the vehicle is not near the end of its lifetime.
  • Since the engine doesn't need as much cooling in the winter I blocked the lower grill:



    I made it with a 4x30" piece of black foam core and a couple of cable ties.

    I hope I save a little gas by warming up the engine faster.
  • What you'll you buy If you had to start all over again?
    2010 Toyota Matrix or 2010 Chevrolet HHR? and Why?
  • I'm in the market for a used Matrix. A 2005 XRS (6-speed manual) has come up for sale in my area. Searching the forums here, it sounds like there were a lot of problems with the transmission and clutch on 2003 and 2004 manual-transmission Matrixes. Does anyone know if these problems also occur in the 2005 XRS?

  • Did Toyota tell you that 299,999 intentionally set at the factory as a maximum reading? It makes no sense, especially considering the Corolla commericals that brag about how many miles the vehicles have gone.
  • My original tires are 205/55/16 all seasons.
    My friend told me that I can install 225/70/16 winter tires on the same rim.
    Is it possible or I need the exact size?
  • I wanted to buy a HHR but my wife is more interested in a Matrix because she says that there are more Matrix's on the road than HHR's. I had never noticed that but now that she has mention that to me, it's true. I've checked on the road, in parking lots, I see Matrix's everywhere but not to much HHR's.
    On average I see 10 Matrix for 1 HHR.
    How come? What's the reason for that?
  • 225/70/16 will be quite a bit taller, throw off the speedometer and maybe scrape in the wheelwell when turning.
  • My wife wants our next car (probably 2010 matrix) to be "black".
    Did you ever owned a black car?
    If so, how was it?
    If no, would you?
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Had a black Dodge Ram dually pickup for 9 years. Have soap and water, and lots of it... it will attract dirt and dust exactly 47 minutes after it's been washed and waxed. ;)

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons Host

    Some light reading for anyone interested.
  • I also have my eye on the HHR. If cargo space is an issue, the HHR wins hands down. The Matrix gets better gas mileage and likely has better reliability ratings, but most people seem to be happy with the HHR as well.
  • I own a 2009 Toyota Matrix. Driving around town has been okay, but just went on my first long distance road trip with my husband and the driver and front passenger seat are so uncomfortable! No lower back support and way too firm for any ride longer than a couple of hours. Does anyone else have this issue?
  • Yeah, pretty uncomfy. My DH says we can get some different seats.
  • Does your DH know of any good references/websites I can look at for better seats? I like everything about the car except for the seats. I wish that I could get a whole bunch of Matrix owners to come together and petition Toyota to recall these damn seats! ;D
  • 2004 - Toyota Matrix

    We went to put new plates on vehicle and guess what folks - they are PLASTIC! The heads of 3 out of 4 of them simply broke off - leaving us to use a wrench - drill - and muscle to get out. I could not believe how they bent! I phoned dealership service department to see if they'd fix this for free (I know you are all laughing and slapping your knees) and of course they would not - claiming it would take 1/2 hour because they'd have to drill out the screw then re-whatever it's called to put new threads on the hole to hold another screw. At first I thought how ingenious to have plastic ones that won't rust - then I saw how the heads just popped off when trying to loosen screw and shook my head. If you own one - double check to see if they are plastic or metal and replace as soon as possible.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    If you are a Toyota owner and interested in sharing your reaction about the recall with reporters, send an email stating the vehicle you own, your telephone number, and the best time you can be reached.

    Send to:

    Edmunds Manager UGC Click on my screen name to send a personal message. Need help navigating? Check out Getting Started in Edmunds Forums.
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  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    If you own one of the models listed in the recall and have actually experienced the unintended acceleration, please send an email with details of the experience and how it felt.

    Edmunds Manager UGC Click on my screen name to send a personal message. Need help navigating? Check out Getting Started in Edmunds Forums.
    Need help picking out a make/model, finding inventory, or advice on pricing? Talk to an Edmunds Car Shopping Advisor

  • I have a 2008 Matrix (automatic) and within 5,000 miles I began having problems with my gas pedal and acceleration almost identical to the recall problems on the 2009/2010 models. Is anyone else having this issue with their 2008 Matrix? I'm currently at 29,500 miles and need to resolve this issue while it is still covered under warranty. However, I'm getting push back from my Toyota servicing dealer because (1) my year is not listed on the recall list, (2) they are only performing "checks" on vehicles brought in, (3) the problem is intermittent and service techs need to "feel" the problem happen in order to diagnose it. This is frustrating to me because I cannot wait for Toyota to add the 2008 model to the recall list since my warranty is coming to term soon.

    Here is a description of my problem:
    Intermittent issue of gas pedal feeling "hard" as a rock and difficult to push down while driving (this occurs mostly on the highway when I'm driving at speeds 55+ mph. When I push down my gas pedal as hard as I can the car barely accelerates. When I finally get the pedal to move... acceleration happens in rigid and intense speeds. It almost feels like it jumps through 2-3 gears in seconds. That is the most severe. Other times... I just have very weak acceleration and it almost feels like my engine is flooding (you get that feeling of a lot of air going through the engine, but not actual acceleration).

    Is anyone having this problem with their 2008 Matrix?
  • mantechmantech Posts: 28
    I used to own 07 Matrix but that was 5 speed manual. The automatic trans. is around 100 lbs heavier than the manual trans. This 1.8L engine which is 1ZZFE for 08 model is a kind of slow acceleration when equipped with 4 speed auto. especially when the auto trans. is downgearing and it doesn't help either. But in Corollas 1ZZFE has adequate accelaration. 0 to 60mph is 7.9sec,5 speed manual see Car & Driver. Of course Corolla is lighter and a bit lower in height than Matrix.
    Speaking of accelerator pedal, the 08 Matrix use drive-by-wire accelerator. (electronic) It might part of the recall, Those are the same manufacturer of this parts. CTS who make this parts not Toyota!
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