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Toyota Matrix



  • My third brake light bulb is burned out. Does anyone know how to remove the bulb cover from the brake light assemby on the 2006 Matrix. I don't want to break anything by just forcing the cover off. Thanks for any help.
  • I've got a question: I am thinking about purchasing a used 2005 Matrix with 83,000 miles for $5,000. This will be a second car, driven less than 7.500 miles each year. Do you think I'd have any reliability issues? Is the mileage too much? Would there be hefty maint. costs (i.e. replacing timing belts). I lease my daily driver ('09 Maxima) so I never really pursed used or maintained a used car before. Also, the dealer had a 2008 Matrix with 57,000 miles for $8,000. Is it worth the extra 3k? Both cars are same color and options. Any advice is appreciated!
  • vuphamnvuphamn Posts: 1
    I have same acceleration problem with my Matrix 2009 2.4L model. The problem happens intermitently when I try to accelerate after traffic stops or enterring freeway. BTW, I recently brought my car in for repair from the gas pedal recall. After the repair, the acceleration problem still exists and seems to get worst. I'm not very happy with my car now.
  • hunkymonhunkymon Posts: 12
    edited June 2010
    The dipstick tube on my 20008 Toyota Matrix broke of where it goes into the engine block. It has 115.000 hard miles on it since I use it to teach driver training. Bought it new in Nov. 2007. No oil is leaking out of it. Will this affect the engine pressure? Dealer said it would cost a lot to fix, since they'd have to drop the engine to get at it. Anyone else had this problem? Thanx

  • chan9chan9 Posts: 3
    Hey ,

    I have a 04 toyota matrix & Im recently hearing some sort of vibration/resonance on my gas pedal and the sound of the engine has also increased . Have anyone ever experienced such a thing before if not any clue wat can be wrong ??

    I would like to add that I just made a trip on it with a full capacity weight on it. I hve been hearing these vibrations soon after the trip.

  • I own a 2003 Matrix. This morning I found liquid on the front right tire. It didn't have a smell and it appears to be oil? Maybe just dust/rust color. It appears to be coming out from lug nuts.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    edited November 2012
    2009 Pontiac Vibe with 1.8 liter engine. Pontiac site is dead, so I want to post here for some comparisons. First, I normally average about 33 mpg in suburban driving. The highest mpg I have ever gotten on all highway at 55 mph with cruise control was 42 mpg. My car is now 4 years old and has 62,000 miles. Now for some questions:
    1. Any -trix owners experiencing a light rattle from the front driver's side (small rock in a can sound) at low speed (driveway/parking lot) normally indicative of a strut top bushing or lower steering gear rattle?
    2. Any of you regularly experiencing the camshaft timing gear actuator one second heat shield sounding screech at start-up on cold mornings? Is Toyota covering the cost of repair on this? GM has a news flash on it but I am uncertain whether they will cover the repair. Apparently the Equinox is also suffering from a similar camshaft timing gear issue.
    The timing gear is my main concern. My valve tappet noise has gotten louder upon initial start-up, but normally dies down as the engine gets warmed up. I have been told that the camshaft actuator noise I experience (once a month) could also be causing the valve tappet noise.
    Any comments/suggestions for these two issues?
  • aly79aly79 Posts: 1
    edited January 2013
    My husband was in an accident in our 2010 Matrix and when the car was inspected after the accident it was found that the airbag sensor was fried.
    Is this something we should be reporting to Toyota?
    Will they do something about it??
  • This might a big deal! If Toyota won't do anything about it, you should get a lawyer, esp. if your husband or anyone else was hurt.
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