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Toyota Matrix



  • mo5mo5 Posts: 8
    Is it essential to get AWD? I prefer to get FWD for gas milleage and power and price. But I've never driven in snow, and will be going up to Iowa for med school this summer, so I'm not sure how bad of a handler a FWD would be. I keep hearing different views and I just don't know what to do. Can you guys help me out? Thanx.
  • herzogtum71herzogtum71 Posts: 470
    Well, during the summer you won't have to worry about snow :)

    I spent one winter in Iowa -- in Davenport -- with a FWD Honda. Except for getting stuck in the alley behind my house after a heavy snowfall, I didn't have any problems. I didn't venture out at all after a couple of nasty ice storms, but 4WD wouldn't have changed my mind about that.

    4WD would of course offer more traction, and you would be better able to move about before the roads are fully plowed. But Iowa doesn't get all that much snow in a typical winter, and most people do not have 4WD and they get around fine.
  • mo5mo5 Posts: 8
    Thanks for your reply herzogtum71. Very informative and useful. :)
  • azorglubazorglub Posts: 43
    It's a nice little car that's quite roomy inside. I really like the seats and the finish of the interior.

    The trunk looks big enough to store my mountain bike.

    I found the handling to be adequate (XR) and comfortable. The 5 speed was peppy enough while the 4 spd auto is a bit more sluggish although it has no problem going over the speed limit.

    Overall, I liked it. Now, I have to decide whether I want to get it now or wait for the year end model incentives. I can get it for invoice minus $500 rebate which is a decent deal.
  • oacoac Posts: 1,594
    '03 XR slush box wit 36K miles, fully broken in by a lead footed driver. Getting 25mpg, mostly city driving. Great car/wagon, excellent handling for a FWD tall wagon. Will do 90mph without breaking a sweat.
  • johnc19johnc19 Posts: 15
    I picked up my new 05 Matrix XR 5-speed about 1 month ago and have been pleased with the gas mileage so far. The first fill-up I got 31 MPG with a suburban commute that's a pretty even mix of highway and city driving. On the second fill-up I did slightly better at 33 MPG. I'm expecting these numbers to go up slightly as the car gets fully broken-in and to have no trouble meeting the EPA mileage estimates of 36/30. To this point I have been driving the car fairly gently with no rapid high-RPM accelerating or high-speed cruising (over 75 MPH).
  • angy168angy168 Posts: 18
    I got a quote from my local Toyota dealer for invoice+$500 for XR, at $17800 with 6-disc in-dash changer. I thought I seen people are paying below invoice price now?
  • azorglubazorglub Posts: 43
    At least in my neck of the woods (SF bay area). I almost bought one, and then decided to hold off until the summer.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    cash back right now, so you should be paying AT MOST invoice minus $250. Tell them $17K flat, or you will walk. Check out some of the bigger volume dealers - they will give you that price.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • mo5mo5 Posts: 8
    Hi guys,

    the remote control that came with my matrix doesn't have the feature to open the rear only has the lock/unlock/panic features. The car is a base model with the power package. Should't the keyless entry that comes with power package open the rear hatch window as well? My dealer refuses to give me the right remote, they say that's what toyota supplied them with. Anyone out there w/o the full featured remote? thanks.
  • herzogtum71herzogtum71 Posts: 470
    I thought they all came with the three-button remote with additional panic button on the back side. (In fact, for a long time I thought you had to have the remote to open the hatch window.) I hope this isn't a cost-cutting measure from Toyota.
  • mo5mo5 Posts: 8
    Okay guys, this really sucks. I called Toyota customer service, they said they understand my concern so they transferred me to their corperate office---which then again referred me to the dealer..."Your dealer is supplied with the appropiate information to resolve your case"..yea the dealer again, same o'answer NO. Come on Toyota..gee...i just bought this car 3 days ago. Anyways, the remote is not even programmed to work with the car (another indication that its not the right remote) has me come in next week so they can program it..what a fuss, didn't expect it from Toyota..really disappointed.
  • petlpetl Posts: 610
    Is this a new vehicle? If it is, there is no reason why they should not have provided you with the proper remote. Speak with the Manager at the dealership (if the salesperson is unable to help). If he/she is unable to resolve the issue, inform him/her that you will be filing an official complaint (in writting) with Toyota. The only other advise I can give you is "do not get angry". Just stick with the facts. Have a copy your receipt(s) handy. You may even tell them that they are forcing you to do something that you would prefer not to do. Any reputable dealer should be able to accomodate you (without giving you a hard time). Good Luck. Remember, it takes about 3 to 4 seconds of pressing on the remote button before the back window will unlock (it isn't instant).
  • brazucabrazuca Posts: 95
    Hello, I bought a Matrix AWD XR about 2 months ago and it has the three buttom remote + panic, however, it takes a few seconds before the back glass is released and it does not "pops out" like the one in the Jeep Liberty, you have to do it manually. It does not botter me, the car is so handy that my wife prefers it over the minivan to drive downtown. We have a small baby and this car is just perfect, you will see. Talk to your dealer and in last case, I'll tell you, we never use this feature in the remote, normally we just open the back door. Good luck.
  • herzogtum71herzogtum71 Posts: 470
    I have never heard of a having to program the remote on a new vehicle. We had to have one replaced for our 2003 Matrix last fall. It looks like the part was $111.06 and labor was $25.00 for programing it to match the car.

    BTW, ours came with two remotes plus a third standalone key. Did they give you just one remote?
  • I have been getting as high as 37-38 on the highway...around town is another story. I need to learn to stay off the gas I guess
  • mn_jamesmn_james Posts: 1
    I bought an '05 XR last week, I have 200 miles on it, and when I went to go start it this morning the check engine light came on. Everything sounds alright, has anybody heard of a simple problem that may cause this? I have already checked the easy things, gas cap, oil filler cap...

  • mo5mo5 Posts: 8
    Thanks guys, I went to another toyota dealer, and they took care of it immediately. I agree that I won't use the feature that often, but I just couldn't go along with the idea of getting less for what I paid for. At least now I could move on with other problems that the car has...hard start (read the maint. thread), and a large gap btw the front bumper and the left headlight, a noise coming from the driver's side door, etc...
  • herzogtum71herzogtum71 Posts: 470
    When we were traveling and had the cargo space packed full. We put frequently used stuff on top, and by using the remote button to open the rear window we were able to access this stuff without having to open the entire rear hatch.
  • walleye5walleye5 Posts: 26
    Just drove my new Vibe to work for the first time. The wind was 20-30 mph and gusty. I was extremely disappointed the way the wind throws the vehicle around on the road, plus some wind noise. My '96 Saturn SC2 handles 10X better. I know the Vibe is higher, but did not expect it to be this bad. Has anyone else noticed this? Is the Matrix any better with it's slightly different roof line and side design? I guess I'm stuck with a new car that am less than impressed with. Thanks
  • capitanocapitano Posts: 509
    The Matrix gets tossed around by the wind too. It's a function of the large cross-section and light weight. You can't expect it to perform the way a coupe does.
  • kriyakriya Posts: 10
    I am researching options to purchase my first car. Among my other choices, is a used CPO Matrix XR (a 2004 mostly). Here are my concerns:

    From some of the photos I've seen, the spoilers in the front seem to touch the ground or are very close to it. Does this cause any problems (such as dragging on the ground)? It is supposed to be an option, but isn't really if you want one of the Packages (1 or 2)

    Also I suppoes I wonder about its reliability .. I know its a Toyota, but its still relatively new. Any comments on it?

    Anyone have an idea on how the FWD measures against the AWD on automatic transmission?

    Thank you very much
  • herzogtum71herzogtum71 Posts: 470
    We were concerned about the spoiler because we have a big hump at the end of our driveway (to keep rainwater in the street so it goes into a storm drain instead of down the driveway). Our '87 Nova (aka California-built Corolla) would scrape when loaded, but we haven't had that problem with the Matrix.

    However, at least one person in this forum reported damaging the thing in a snowbank, and you don't want to pull into a parking place and drive forward until your tires hit the curb.

    We have an '03 AWD and have had no issues whatsoever except for the headlight sensor that kept turning the lights on and off. They replaced the sensor and fixed the problem, and by the 2004 model year they were coming with the new sensor off the assembly line

    As for AWD vs. FWD, if you want a lot of pep you won't be happy with the AWD. For our purposes the AWD has been more than adequate, though.
  • thndrstmthndrstm Posts: 47
    I got a quote of 500 below invoice and that was before the 500 rebate. Has anyone done better?
  • sincerussincerus Posts: 6
    Hello there--

    I just picked up my 05' Matrix XR 5-SPD in Suburbia Detroit on last friday--and so far, I LOVE it! I paid $16,860 (dealer invoice) + tax, which came out to $18,102. It came with the QP Package (sunroof, fog lights, etc.), the 6-disc changer, Preffered Accessory Package, and the All-Weather Package. Love the color--dark blue.

    Sound like a decent price to everyone?

    I wish it had tinted windows and the compass rearview mirror, but I LOVE every other part!! Great gas milage, smooth drive, and changing gears is a breeze. Would like to get some accessories (rearview mirror), anyone know of a good place?

    Weird thing--I totaled my old car on 3/17/05--St. Patty's Day. This car that I bought--the Matrix--was invoiced and shipped to the dealer on 3/17/05. I think I was born for this car... :)

    In response to the post about the Remote Security button not having the hatch--I noticed on 1 site (either, or that in the options, there were 2 different options for the Remote Keyless entry, and one of them didn't have the hatch button on them.

  • herzogtum71herzogtum71 Posts: 470
    Was that site specifically for remotes for the Matrix? My Highlander has no button for the hatch window since the glass doesn't open separately.
  • sincerussincerus Posts: 6
    This is what I saw:

    When I was on one of those websites, and I was building my car, I noticed that there were two different options for "Remote Keyless Entry". One of them was cheaper than the other, and this is what lead me to believe they must have a basic remote keyless entry.

    I hope this helps...I tried finding that site, but to no avail :(. In my endless researching for a new car I forget where I saw it...sorry!
  • sincerussincerus Posts: 6
    OK--Kind of a picky question, but none the less.

    Has anyone figured out how to have the Toyota Matrix XR remote keyless entry button have the car "beep-beep" when you lock it? All my car does is flash the lights twice.

    I would like some sort of a sound to confirm so that I can walk away without having to stair at my car and see if it is locked or not.

  • petlpetl Posts: 610
    I think a loud "beep-beep" sounds cheap. I prefer the fact that it doesn't make a sound (I find very annoying when I hear that loud sound on other vehicles). Look back as you walk away. The stare is only for 2 or 3 seconds. I would prefer to see my lights flashing (to confirm the lock-up) as opposed to assuming that it was my vehicle making that sound (you're going to look anyway).The muted or near silent sound is more classy (even sophisticated). Just my opinion.
  • herzogtum71herzogtum71 Posts: 470
    Our Matrix is silent, and the Highlander beep-beeps. I agree with petl, as beep-beep might disturb others late at night. But at least it's not the horn going honk-honk like it was with a Subaru I once rented.
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