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Toyota Matrix



  • slugbuttslugbutt Posts: 3
    I have solved the problem in a very easy manner. First I went to my friendly Toyota store parts department and purchased a "fog light switch" ($8.95) that fits in the blank accessories slot. I used the spare one on the console next to the parking brake. Next I removed the arm rest assembly (4 10mm bolts) and cut the red/white wire to the parking brake switch. I then rewired the red/white wire to the new switch and the other side to ground. You must also remove the original parking brake switch. The results are that I have the OPTION of using my DRLs or not using them depending on the position of the new switch I purchased. And I can also use the headlight switch if I choose to do that. What pcotugno is refering to about the brake light being on all the time is correct but it is the light on the dash...not at the tail lights at the rear of the vehicle. Again if I switch to normal DRL operation my "BRAKE LIGHT" on the dash goes off.
  • steine13steine13 Posts: 2,562
    Thanks a lot! That's a great suggestion, esp. since the finished product looks good.

    I don't think it would work with my Vibe, though... to be clear: Before the rewiring, did your parking brake turn off the DRL's? It's supposed to work that way, but it doesn't in my car.

    Thanks again,
  • slugbuttslugbutt Posts: 3
    In answer to your question...before rewiring, my parking brake turned "ON" the DRL,s assuming the brake was set before starting the car and they remained that way as long as the car was running. If the parking brake was not set before starting the car the DRL's come "ON" automatically. Normal operation. My new accessory switch effectively is a substitute for the brake light switch under the center arm rest, next to the parking brake handle. Depending on where the switch is set before starting the car the DRL's either do not come on at all or they come on when starting the car. If the DRL's do not come on the "BRAKE" light on the dash will be "ON". Make sure your parking brake is released before moving the car. Since I have removed the parking brake switch completely, the position of the parking brake handle has no effect on the dash "BRAKE" light. I hope this helps explain what I have done and how it works.
  • wleewlee Posts: 3
    When was Matrix 2005 out? and when will 2006 be out?
  • wleewlee Posts: 3
    When will Matrix be re-designed? :D
  • ranmanranman Posts: 4
    I have read elsewhere that the Matrix will be redesigned for 2008, so we still have a few years to wait for the new model. I am also curious about any improvements in the 2006 model.
  • lmacmillmacmil Posts: 1,758
    The Goodyear RS-A tires are almost gone at 32,000 miles. Would like something with better wear and snow performance. Best sellers at Tirerack range from the $111 Turanze LS-H to the $62 Kumho HP4. They both have similar owner ratings. Any suggestions?
  • tommyg12tommyg12 Posts: 158
    I saw on one of the Vibe boards that the '05s are no longer being produced and that the '06s are due at dealers in July. I can only guess that the same is true for the Matrix. Pontiac has released the specs and they appear to be only cosmetic/trim changes. If anybody hears anything else, please post.
  • wleewlee Posts: 3
    Shall I wait? I'm in Canada.
  • skycartskycart Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Toyota Matrix xrs but mine has an automatic transmission, did they not sell many of these? Haven't seen many ,actully none with an automatic transmission and the xrs trim line. Is my car one of a small few?
  • steine13steine13 Posts: 2,562
    The auto was largely pointless, as it shifted well before the hot cam comes on unless you absolutely floor it. So if *I* owned one, I'd reap the benefits of the engine once a month... the rest of the time I'd "know it's there". Sorta like platinum jewelry; nice for some, but pointless for most people.

    For this reason, the Vibe GT never offered an auto, and the XRS didn't after the first year.

  • ranmanranman Posts: 4
    It is not an option on (at least not for me), but I have found a number of Matrix that have leather in them. 1 week ago, I only found 2 listed. This week there are 16 listed. These figures are just for the Southeast U.S., but maybe more and more of them will be produced.

    Option: Leather Faced Seats-LA10 $1,099

    There is even one that is 4WD (it is base though not XR) with leather.
  • Sincerus,

    Did you ever find anything out? Bought a Matrix two weeks ago and I'm desperate for the beep-beep. I know other Toyotas do it - my dealer seemed to know nothing about the Matrix! Can't find in manual or Internet either. This makes me crazy!!!! :mad:
  • orengoreng Posts: 2
    I hope I can use your knowledge to solve this very mysterious problem I had with my 2003 Matrix.

    After jump starting the car, I noticed that both low beam headlights are not working.
    Both bulbs are OK, and so are the fuses (left low and right low) same goes for the light master fuse (40 AMP).
    High beam and all other electrical components work fine, when testing the bulb socket with a voltmeter I noticed I don’t get ground on the socket.

    I get 12V on the fuse; I’m real confused about that

    I’ll appreciate ant advice on the matter

  • petlpetl Posts: 610
    Sounds like you answered your own question. Improper grounding is the problem. Finding a solution may be a little more difficult. Did you check the wires on and near the battery? You may need an electronic expert to help you locate the ground break. Maybe it's sheer coincidence, but it appears that jump starting the vehicle may have caused the problem.
  • jtomjtom Posts: 26
    hi, gonna do alot of city driving, have a chance to get a used xrs 03. What's the real world mpg's? Thanks everyone!
  • capitanocapitano Posts: 509
    Don't know about the 03's exactly as they are rated a little lower than the 04s. But my 04 gets 20-22 here in Miami. AC is on all the time and I spend a lot of time sitting at lights.

    Back in Virginia where I had a longer commute but few stops, I got 26-27.
  • jtomjtom Posts: 26
    wow, 26 vs 20 is quite a difference. thanks, I'm going for a test drive today
  • lmacmillmacmil Posts: 1,758
    Don't know about city but my son gets 32-33mpg in 75-80 mph highway cruising.
  • natolinatoli Posts: 2
    I am currently in the market for a Toyota Matrix.
    I live in Florida, commute 120 miles a day. Does anyone out there knows how Matrix behaves on the highway during the rain? Is it worth to buy a Matrix with VSC (stability control) or ABS with traction control is enough? Or maybe AWD is a better alternative to VSC?
  • capitanocapitano Posts: 509
    I am in Florida and I have an XRS. It doesn't have VSC, traction control or AWD. I think it is fine on the highway (turnpike). My tires are a getting worn, so wet performance has dropped.

    I don't think you need AWD. ABS and traction control with a good set of tires will do you just fine.

    Perhaps you could find a way to test those options on a rainy day?
  • natolinatoli Posts: 2
    Thank you! That's a great suggestion.
  • canccanc Posts: 715
    Hi everyone,

    I'm in the market for a Matrix and drove a family member's new Vibe for a little while, and found the ride to be really harsh. Are there suspension differences between the Vibe and Matrix to make the 'Trix have a better ride? I was a bit disappointed when I drove the Vibe because I was looking to get a Matrix because of its good looks, practicality, and fuel economy. Would getting the 17" wheels help or hinder the ride comfort? Finally, would the Corolla be a better choice in terms of ride comfort?

    Your comments or suggestions would be much appreciated. It seems that the Buick Rendezvous is the only one I've seen so far that combines road comfort and practicality, but the big V6 guzzles far more gas than the Trix would.

  • capitanocapitano Posts: 509
    What version Vibe was it? A GT will ride more harshly than the base model.

    The 17" wheels will make the ride harsher.
  • canccanc Posts: 715
    It was the model with the 16" (Bridgestone 205-55R16) tires... it didn't have, however, black body cladding like the base models does.

    The 17" wheels look great, but it's sad they take away from ride comfort.
  • The 4WD also may feel different from the FWD due to a different rear suspension. We have an '03 Matrix AWD, and I also have ridden in a fairly basic '03 or '04 FWD Vibe. To me the ride felt pretty much the same, though the ride in the Vibe was in Chicago suburbs and didn't exceed 40 or 45 mph.
  • canccanc Posts: 715
    Thanks Herzogtum--I haven't tried the AWD version because they didn't have one on the lot, but what you say could make a difference.

    Has anyone tried replacing the stock tires with larger tires?
  • Has anyone seen or done anything on converting the XR rear drum brakes to the XRS disk brakes. I would like to do this but haven't seen anything printed about it. Thanks for your shouldn't be REAL difficult...maybe?
  • bajbaj Posts: 2
    I am considering towing a very small (400 lbs) popup camper with my 2004 Matrix and wondered if it was a good idea. I realize it is rated to pull 1500 lbs. With 2 people and camping gear the total weight could be 1000 lbs. Has anyone towed a camper with a Matrix? How did it do? Mine is the standard front wheet drive with automatic transmission. Thanks, baj
  • bajbaj Posts: 2
    Did you buy the Matrix? Tow with it? How did it do? I'm interested in doing the same thing.
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