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I have a 93 Cavalier that won't start .

wkbwkb Member Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in Chevrolet

I had a fuel leak at the injector and pulled the fuse at the fuse box instead of disconnecting at fuel pump. I've got spark at the plugs injectors has got power [test light] , all fuses checked out good in the box, I spark plugs looks to be wet with gas [ got new plugs] new ignition coils .New fuel pump about 3 mos. ago Sprayed throttle body cleaner in throttle body. Nothing can get almost try to start but sound rough . Car ran just fine before. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated . 2.2l tranaxle multi injectors


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    carfixer4carfixer4 Member Posts: 6

    Does the car crank at all? Check for fuel pressure and check for spark with spark tester, not test light.

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