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Land Rover Freelander



  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    What can you tell me about this 2002 Freelander S re: options and any TSBs- the last 8 digits of the VIN number are: 2A388131. The truck is a dealer service loaner with @12,000 miles. Would $20,000 be a fair offer? FWIW, I live in the Louisville KY area. Thanks for your help!!!
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    I can tell you that it has the heated seat option, that seems to be it. The vehicle was built on 02/08/02. There were 2 minor warranty repairs done. There are no outstanding service actions needing to be done to this vehicle, however there are TIB's that might apply if specific problems come up. These only apply if a vehicle exhibits these problems and are not applicable to every vehicle. If you buy this vehicle and an issue does arise, the retailer has full access to these TIB's and a service technical hotline to help diagnose any issue. I have no connection with marketing or selling cars, so I'm afraid I have no info on your pricing questions.
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    Many, many, thanks for your help! It seems like a pretty good deal; I'm going to give it a once-over tomorrow...
  • There is actually a "bit" more cargo space than it appears because the cargo area is very tall. I seem to recall hearing somewhere that the opening is bigger vertically than an Excursion. Things like back packs and duffle bags do well if you stand them on end. That being said, cargo space is not a Freelander's long suit. When my wife, infant son, and I went on a two week vacation, I got all our luggage in the back without much problem (and without much room to spare!)
  • riri23riri23 Posts: 15
    freelanderak, thanks for your reply. It was very helpful. Especially were you mention that you were able to pack for two weeks with an infant. I know how well you need to pack when you travel with a child.

    I think the space will be adequate. I am willing to scarify cargo space for this LR. I have always dreamed of owning a Land Rover and the Freelander will be my introduction.

    This message board has been very helpful in re-affirming my decision. Unless there is a surprise compact/luxury SUV's by Toyota/Lexus in 2004/05 and that I would like better than the Freelander,I am definitely getting an SE w/sunroof next year.

  • sfosfosfosfo Posts: 1
    After the perfect storm in the past 2 weeks in the Bay Area, I'm totally convinced that my Freelander 02' is one of the best purchases I've ever had in my life. Thanks for the continuous heavily rain and slippery road, especially when you’re driving on the Golden Gate Bridge, Bay Bridge and Gough Street, I can really feel how safe and stable it is (all-wheel drive, traction control, Hill Descent Control, and a surprisingly capable suspension). Oh…not to mention the unbelievable price—19,999 (it’s a service loaner car with 1,100 miles). Therefore, I recommended my father-in-law to buy another one last week! (I’d never recommend anything to him unless I’m totally convinced…)

    Also, I found the sales person was very professional and my experience was very pleasant. No-hassle, knowledgeable and friendly! In fact, I want to know how many Freelander owners who live in the Bay Area? Just want to get together virtually and share our experiences (building a website is my next goal…)

    Please let me know!
  • riri23riri23 Posts: 15
    Hello Sfosfo, It seems like you got a really good deal on your FL. What model is it: S, SE, HSE?

    To find out of any members in CA you may want to check This site is very helpful and it has over 400 members so most likely there will be some members from CA.
    Don't forget to check their Forum, it is great!

    Have fun in your Freebie!
  • Has anyone experienced problems with their left front brake seizing up & the cruise control not working? Also, what about the stereo system.
    I love my HSE, but the brake thing was a bit scary.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    I saw the 3door SE3 at the LA auto show yesterday. I really liked its looks, but have a question. How hard is it to take off the back hard top? Anyone know? If it isn't a big production to get it off, I could be really interested in this vehicle.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    The article was very interesting. It sounds like it isn't heavy - just awkward. That wouldn't stop me from getting it, but the article makes a number of other points that need considering. Since I'm still something like 6 months out from buying anything, I think I might reconsider all of this.
  • And so did I. This was in northern Italy and it was a Td4. I rented the FL and drove from the mountains in the north, down to Tuscany and then over to the Adriatic coast back up to Venice and then Milan. There were 3 adults on this trip and we were very comfortable and had plenty of luggage space. LOVED IT!!!!!!! The model I rented had very nice wood trim and seemed so much more luxurious than the HSE I test drove here. Also, the TD4 got nearly 50 MPG as opposed to the 18 MPG the V-6 gets. This has been my first choice vehicle and only wish that the TD4 was being sold here. With all the hoop-la about gas guzzeling SUV's and gasoline prices on the rise, now would be a great time for Land Rover to save the planet!!! (I would buy the TD4 in a New York minute.
  • I may need therapy for even thinking about this, but I was contemplating trading our 99 A6 quattro wagon and getting the freelander se3. The Audi's been fine, but it may be more car than my wife and I need, and while the Audi only has 60k, I did get seduced by the idea of the removable top, the still reasonable cargo space, and the quite nice ride of the Land Rover. Mid life silliness. Who knows? Anyway, the reliability data seems scary, but I hear some comments that suggest that it has improved considerably over the past year, and that the weak AC issue is no more. Personally, I found the V6 fine for my acceleration needs and the car went like a dream on a pot-filled dirt road outside town. The interior leaves a lot to be desired when compared with the A6, but then that's not why one would buy the se3 anyway. Any owners out there who have put enough miles on a 2002 Freelander to get a sense of quality updates?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Check out the Freelander video linked at the left (Helpful Links).

    Steve, Host
  • I don't understand why Edmunds continously says how overly expensive this vehicle is. I don't think it's 27,000 price tag is high at all considering it is almost a convertable, and it has such a great ride on and off the road. I plan on getting one of this in october, probably when the 2004s are coming out. I just wish there were more color options for the SE3
  • I went off-road with the local LR Club this past weekend. There were a number of RR, Disco I's, Defenders, my DII, and a FL. All vehicles except the FL were modified in some fashion. Of course, we all laughed at the FL knowing just how cruel the trails were. Well, we all watched in utter amazement as the FL went everywhere we did, except for one rutty area where even the rest of us got stuck, and high centered. This is truly an amazing vehicle !!
  • A year after purchasing the Freelander, I thought it might be useful to post a short review. First, the FL is running well and there are no rattles that many suv's (and cars) seem to get after a run or two over difficult terrain. However, reliability is an issue. The FL has been in the shop four times...1) power windows stopped functioning after 1500 miles; 2) A/C failed and blew hot air ~3000 miles; 3) lower cooling hose leaking coolant ~5000 miles; and 4) FL not able to move in replaced entire transmission ~10k miles.

    Bottom line, if you don't mind a bit of unreliability to suit your needs for "prestige" and an otherwise fun drive, I wouldn't completely dismiss the FL...I recommend doing what I it for as long as the warranty lasts...with problems like this, I wouldn't want to get stuck owning one of these things...resale values could be low after a couple of years.
  • So, if these were out of warranty repairs, you'd be stuck with $10K of repair bills. It just adds to the legend of British cars: junk. I find it funny that people spend the money that they do on Rovers. I guess these cars were designed to be leased for 3 years then junked. You may say that it's just problems with that first year model but the FL has been out on the world market for over 3 years already. Now you know why BMW dumped them.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    There were issues with early NAS Freelanders having the wrong amp fuse installed for the power windows, I would be surprised if csebasti's problem wasn't that issue. There was a TIB to address this issue. It was a nickel and dime repair. The transmission is actually sourced from Japan from a company called JATCO, it is not an english part. If I recall Honda had some major issues with early Odyssey transmissions, requiring replacements of the transmissions. The A/C compressor is also a Japanese sourced part from Sanden or Nippon-Denso. The hose is another inexpensive issue. So the major $ repairs are failures of Japanese components, not English ones. Freelander has actually been on the market in Europe since 1987 so it is a six year old design, but over 75% of the parts on the US version were new to the vehicle in 2001, including the transmission and A/C unit.
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