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Land Rover Freelander



  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    For a different slant on class actions and a fun read, try the The King of Torts by John Grisham.
  • Please make sure to include me in this....
  • OK, I filed my official report with the Massachusetts Attorney General's office and I have contacted a 'consumer rights reporter' in Boston. Has anyone gotten the class action rolling yet, or should I still pursue finding one? Let me know at [email protected]
    Thanks Everyone! :sick:
  • I was assuming you were in pursuit of representation. I believe Massachusetts is a good state for class action. Can you pursue? [email protected] Thanks, Dave
  • I sent in my complaint to the Ohio Attorney General Mark Dann today.
  • My lawyer has asked to speak to someone else's lawyer who is also pursuing class action to see what they can do together. Are you willing to provide your Attorney's info? I am aware of a great lemonlaw attorney out of California, but has an office on the east coast. If you got my email, could you reply to it so we can discuss things in more detail thorugh email.
  • Hi 'Kitten2' I have a few emails in my inbox @ [email protected] I wasn't sure which one was you directly, so I didn't respond. Could you send another email to me so that I know. I will be happy to use a lawyer who is associated with your in California. I've been having a hard time getting a response. I know that thes types of cases can be messy and many attorneys don't want to get involved. I think someone was saying that you have to make sure to hand type in the @ sign in the email b/c it will not copy/paste into the email....anyway, I'll look for your email and then we can go from there. I have a few other people who are definetly in with us as well. Giddy up....time for LR to face the music! Thanks
  • Hi jimny,
    We are all working together on this forum to organize something. I have an email; [email protected]
    (make sure you type in the @ sign if you copy/paste, as it does not copy it) Send me an email when you can if you are interested. I will let everyone know, as soon as I do, what our next step needs to be. Thanks!
  • If anyone knows of any Canadian consumers (or is one), please reply to me here as i am trying to organize a class action in Canada. 2 cases being filed simlutaneously in North America should make for some strong action.
  • You need a legal firm. Land Rover did not participate in arbitration in "good spirits" in my opinion. My car was diassembled till about 12 hours before the arbitration meeting and you need to bring the car to the meeting - on a truck or in pieces unless LR agrees you do not need to. Search for lemon law attornys on the web. It is less painful and you will not pay mileage. Yes, the Law Firm gets some money but, that can be negotiated with lawyer and LR. Mediation is not for the big problems. Small stuff. :lemon:
  • So I figured that I would let you all in on what I got for a weekend present. I had full intensions of attempting to trade my car in this weekend during the Presiden't Day I'm obviously not getting anywhere with LR. While backing out of my driveway, on my way to work (new job that I just started last week), I saw a huge oil spot in the snow......I pulled back into my driveway, looked under the front and there was oil-like substance spewing out from the front casing part underneath. Sound familiar anyone?
    Keep in mind, within the 2 months, I have had my entire transmission replaced, my 'bushees' replaced, but that ended up being a problem with my throttle......ummmmm, do they even know what they hell car I'm driving...anyway, I'm obviously frustrated. I called and told them that the keys were on the front seat.....I can't believe this bs. I'm posting this on the forum and on my other pages as well. Thanks for listening everyone
    Signed - the car victim
  • What is the status on the class action. My 2002 Freelander SE is almost 5 years old, but also has 90,000 miles. I believe because of this it does not qualify for the lemon law. Any ides?
  • :cry: We'll, mine has 87000 miles on it and is a 2002 model as well. It's really going to be a class action regarding the violation of 93A, which is the Consumer Protection Act. We are not going to push the lemon law, although, I hope that this class action may force a revamping of the law that these manufacturers know how to get order to stick the responsibility onto the consumer. I was waiting on a woman from CA who said that she had a lawyer who had an office in Boston. I haven't heard back and I'm still seeking counsel. I hope that she gets back to me. The lawyer friend that I spoke to, he doesn't handle this type of stuff, but he suggested we take the 93A route.
  • I briefly spoke with a lawyer in town about this. We definately need people to join together. The Freelander is was a terriabel vehicle (Consumer reports stated that over 60% 2002 owners reported problems with their vehicles. The most of any vehicle made for that year. Considering the cost we all paid for our vehicles something needs to be done.
  • Be prepared for a new engine. That's exactly what happened to me. The engine liners are know to shift and move on this model and the head gaskets are also known to blow which means you will leak fluids in the engine from the oil and from where the coolant is thus causing a "spill". Under my hood was completely soaked in oil - like an explosion. I still haven't heard back from you via email...kitten2
  • I did get back to you at your hotmail account again...please check as I am anxious to get discuss this with you and get going on something. His office is on the east coast, not sure if it's boston...but he travels everywhere.
  • I am pursuing this through a firm. Once again any Canadian consumers looking to jump aboard, please contact me.
  • Sorry, I was confused, I thought I had spoken to another woman in California too (CA) sorry about that. I did reply to your email via my hotmail...( I think yesterday...)
    I just sent another one two minutes ago. I am still not getting a whole lot of feedback from attorneys here so, if your attorney can represent all of us...mine as well get going and do it that way. I'm up for the best solution!
  • WDorman - Is this guy representing you?
  • OK, service just called. It's a seal on my engine that has let go......causing the leak....but he issists that it has nothing to do with the lining or the head gasket....
    Another thing....he mentioned..'have you had your timing belts done ($1800); it is a scheduled maintenance at 72,000; He then asked why no one had mentioned it.....well, my car has been there since around 60,000 I don't know why he didn't tell me....Is this guy serious....I guess he's trying to exxonerate himself from any further costs...what an ***hole! I wanted to try to trade my car in this weekend.....but, forget it now.....I hate this company so much it hurts.-
  • I still see no email from you...I'll keep checking. I have posed the question to my attorney about reprsenting all interested parties for an International Class Action and am waiting to hear back. You said you had some many people are we looking at?
  • Wouldn't it be the seal around the head gasket? I don't know much about cars, but I do know the engine design is poor and all the complaints and bulletins I have read are about fluids leaking into the engine. I'll see about the timining belts on my vehicle. Do you have that in writing somewhere that it is scheduled maintenance?
  • Have you pursued anything yet with this lawyer?
  • He said that is should be in my owner's know, that thing you read every weekend. ......right....
    Why does he tell me this almost 20000 miles after when my cars been there since around 60000....? Anyway. I don't know why the email hasn't gone through. I have sent two. You can send another with your number if you want (I know that you cannot post numbers here.) I'll call today if you like and we can get the ball rolling. Bridget
  • I did get it and just replied.
  • Kitten, I think it's about 9 of us so far, but there are other forums. Can we start a petition forum of some sort? I didn't know how to start a new discussion. This way people can see it and sign up. I don't know if they will allow that on here or not. We have to find a central point so people know where to get information. We can discuss if we get this email thing figured out.
  • I'm in. My 03 Freelander developed a coolant leak at around 45K miles and has been burning coolant ever since. Land Rover feigned ignorance about the problem although all it takes to diagnose it is a simple Google search. There is a serious design flaw with the Freelander - the cylinder liners drop allowing coolant to leak into the engine.

    As for my car, they finally agreed to put in a new engine (the same flawed design of course). Well guess what, 4 days after they supposedly installed the new engine, it's burning coolant again! My belief is they did not install a new engine - either put in a rebuilt one or tried to repair the damaged one.

    Land Rover seems completely unwilling to accept any responsibiity for selling a defective product. I think a fair settlement would be reimbursing all owners at least 50% of the purchase price. I'm not holding my breath though. And I will certainly never, ever buy another Land Rover or Ford product.
  • Hi lrjunk, if you have not already emailed me and are at all interested in joining our class action, please do [email protected] is the email that I am using to organize and keep track of anyone interested. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you
  • Hi,
    I would also like to be a part of the petition/law suit. My 2003 Freelander has broken down 13 times in 18 months. Let me know what I can do? Thanks, Lora
  • Thanks, I got your email. We'll talk soon!
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