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Land Rover Freelander



  • bg54bg54 Posts: 21
    How do I get involved with the LR lawsuite.. 30,000.000 4 years no trade in value and 2 death traps. LR Has NOT refunded the money that was to go towards the 2004 when they replaced the 2002 with the 2004 freelander. Any help suggestions will be sincerely appreciated.

  • bg54bg54 Posts: 21
    Yes.. I had a 2002, and they replaced it with a 2004.

    2002, problems.. Oil leaks, transmission, electrical, brakes.

    2004, Transmission, intake vale problem they could NOT fix.
    It was becoming a death trap. Also, just stopped working
    and would not start up had to have LR tow it in.

    Land Rover would NEVER commit to acknowledging any of the problems and HAS NO SUPPORT TOWARDS RESOLVING THESE PROBLEMS.
  • dbfinlaydbfinlay Posts: 13
    There were never any fixes or redesigns to this motor. The one they gave me in November 2005 failed in only 18,000 miles (13 months). I had to purchase my third motor at 66K miles for nearly $5,000.00. Now, becuase the motor factory (Rover) closed down and sold out to a Chinese company, all motor replacements are rebuilts constructed from engine blocks that have failed at least once already. Trade your freelander before factory warranty coverage expires. expect 100% abandonment from Land Rover when the warranty is up. Cheers, Dave
  • December 2006 : I was driving from Memphis to IL for my grandma's funeral. I pulled off in Cape Girardeau, MO to stop for gas, as I was going through the intersection my 2002 Land Rover Freelander with less than 50,000 miles on it stopped accelerating. As I pushed on the gas, the vehicle was not moving. I let it coast to the side of the road as cars sped by me. Here I am on my way to my grandma's funeral, a single woman a few hours from Memphis and 100 miles from St. Louis. I called my mom in St Louis and we started calling tow companies to tow my vehicle. I then called the Land Rover dealership in Memphis thinking that is was still under warranty up to 50,000 miles. The gentleman that I spoke to, I believe his name was Scott, said that my warranty had just expired. "It was 50,000 miles or 4 years". I then turned over the Land Rover business card in which the salesman had written the warranty information on and it said 50,000 miles or October of 2006. My Land Rover was less than 2 months out of its warranty. Because of this "Scott" said that they would not be able to help me. I had my Land Rover towed to a transmission shop in Jackson, MO. I then waited 2 hours for my mom to drive down from St. Louis to pick me up. I missed my grandma's visitation that night and drove my mom's vehicle to the funeral in Girard, IL the next day. Jason from the transmission shop said that it would be around $3200 to rebuild the transmission and that it would take at least 2 weeks. I had to rent a car in MO to drive home on Sunday to be at work on Monday. On Monday I called Land Rover corporate office. "Caroline" said that because I did not buy it from a Land Rover dealership and it had been previously owned they would not honor the warranty under "goodwill". She also said that my warranty had expired in May, when the dealer that I bought it from specifically called Land Rover when I bought it and wrote it down on the back of the business card October of 2006. I ended up having my Land Rover towed to another more reputable transmission shop in Cape Girardeau; it took them a month to install a new transmission. The guy at the transmission shop told me that he had a friend in St Louis who used to work for Land Rover and said that the transmissions needed to be recalled and thought that they would be within a year or so. He said that there are numerous problems with these vehicles. The transmission was $3227.04 and my rental car cost for the month was over $600 for a total of $4500. I drove up on a Saturday to pick up my vehicle in Cape Girardeau, MO…happy to have it back….
    Less than a week after I had my Land Rover back the temperature gauge went up and it started smelling hot. I drove it to the nearest service station and they looked at it. They said that the hose to the coolant system needed to be replaced, they said it might have happened when the new transmission was put in. They replaced it. It still smelled hot as I drove it but they said that the coolant had shot all over my engine. I drove it a few miles and smoke started coming out and the temp gauge went up, I turned around and drove it back to the service station. They looked at it again and said that the cam shaft seal had shot off and it sprayed oil all over my engine…. he put the cam shaft seal back on and filled it up with oil and told me to take it to the dealership when I could. I drove back to work, by the time I got to work my Land Rover was overheating again. The dealership was a good 20 minutes away so I had to have my Land Rover towed $75. The Land Rover dealership called and said that the cam seal needed to be replaced and the coolant container had a crack in it. Total $924.81 and a week in the shop.

    Tuesday, April 17, 2007: my Land Rover has a little over 51,000 miles on it…drove downtown, on the way back my Land Rover started smelling hot. I drove it to the nearest service station. They opened the hood and looked at it and said that all of the engine coolant was gone. They asked me if I recently had it worked on because the coolant reservoir was not attached properly, "the bolt was stripped" is exactly what he said. He said that he would fill up the reservoir and the weight of it should keep it in place until I got it to the dealer to look at. I drove maybe 3 miles and my car completely overheated and shut down at another gas station. When we lifted the hood, the coolant reservoir was empty and there was oil all over the engine again. I had it towed AGAIN, to Land Rover $75…once again without a vehicle. I called Shirley in Service at the Land Rover dealership the next morning and told her how the service station had told me that the coolant reservoir was not attached correctly, the bolt was stripped and that it was just replaced by The Land Rover Dealership in February 2007. She said that she would attach my history with the work order. The Land Rover dealership could not get to it to look at on Wednesday…finally Shirley called me back around 3 on Thursday to tell me that "she had some bad news". "Somehow the timing belt had shredded and coolant was in the engine and the engine is gone." 4/20/07: I went down to the Land Rover dealership. Talked to Shirley Curtner the Service Advisor. She gave me the invoice for the repairs needed to my Land Rover. Invoice reads, “Found engine coolant has oil in reservoir. Found timing belt shredded. Rec Replace Engine.” $6780.87. And the service work from 1/24/07 : “Engine Leaks Oil”. Asked Shirley what would cause these major problems. She said that she would ask the technician to come in a talk to me about it since the service manager Dennis was not available. She came back and said that the technician was busy. I asked to talk to the owner, she was not in. Talked to the General Manager, Eric Suffield. I explained my story again, he said that I would need to contact Land Rover North America (800 number) in my owners manual, “they would have to approve any repairs, he could not do that within the dealership.” Called Land Rover N/A on 4/20/07. Talked to Brian. I explained the situation again to him. He pulled up my file from when I had contacted them when my transmission went out. He said that I would need to talk to Caroline, who originally took the information. He said, “I will get with Caroline and she will get back to you within 1-2 business days.” I said that this was unacceptable and asked if she could call me back today. She did call me back within the hour. She told me, “I will need to speak to the Service Manager at Bluff City Land Rover”, she asked what the GM had said about replacing the engine and I said that he told me that it was up to Land Rover. She kind of laughed and said that she would speak to him as well. She ended the conversation by saying that she would get back to me in 1-2 business days.

    I am a single parent. My Land Rover is what gets me to work everyday. It is my livelihood, it is how I take care of my son and myself. Since December I ha
  • what is the status of the petition and class action?
  • How are we getting this media storm to develop? I have contacted local media here and have heard nothing...has anyone else had any luck?
    Anne in Memphis
    [email protected]
  • tiredoflrtiredoflr Posts: 40
    I have finally gotten some feedback from a local consumer reporter. They have asked me to file a report with the highway safety commission, which I have. I suggest that you all do that as well. I am waiting to hear back on that now. I still haven't been able to obtain a lawyer as they all seem scared of the Big Bad Land Rover, I'm still looking. We have about 50 people the numbers are strong. Every person counts. I am getting emails from overseas as well, but I don't know if they can be included. The forums that I have seen over there are just as bad in regards to the LR Freelander. Apparently when it failed over there...they stuck it to us Americans and Canadians to make more money......unfortunately for us, it worked.
  • Imagine that...that stinks. I have already filed a report with the safety commission and I received the paperwork from the BBB in the mail today...I know that they won't do anything but it won't hurt to file a complaint...50 is good...I am sure that there are a lot more...I wish that we could start a site specifically for would probably draw more people. Please keep me informed and let me know what I can do to help....I am going to speak with the owner of the dealership this weekend...and proceed from there...
  • 2002 Land Rover Freelander $19,006.39

    New Transmission at 49,159 miles $3227.04
    New cam seal, coolant reservoir,
    and hoses at 49,532 miles $924.81
    New Engine and timing belt
    at 52,000 miles $6,780.87

    Land Rover not standing behind their product, voluntary $11,000 repossession to the bank, PRICELESS

    Land Rover Freelander: For people who want to sink thousands of dollars into their vehicle, for everyone else
    Honda, Toyota, or Nissan.
  • jdurlingjdurling Posts: 2
    Hi Could you add my name to the list? I brought I freelander with 43,000 on it 2003 I have had the freelander for 11 months and put 13,000 miles on. Apparently my my head gasket broke and flooded the engine w/anti freeze and the sleeves drop and the piston dropped. I have a extended warranty ( lucky for me thinking ahead) However I wouldn't have wasted the the money in buying either it I know they were aware w/it. Besides that I am going to end up w/a rebuild motor and what says when I get to 50 miles it won't happen again. So where can I sign up? I should f stayed w/Audi .
  • jdurlingjdurling Posts: 2
    I tried to email you @ [email protected] keeps coming back as not valid. :sick:
  • tiredoflrtiredoflr Posts: 40
    Hi, sorry that you had trouble with that. If you copied directly from the forum, the @ sign would transpose in the address box. Just hand type it and it should work. you can also give me your email and i'll send you one from that account and then we will be all set. This had been an uphill battle for all of us and they really have some big guns on this (in regards to lawyers) that is making it really difficult to obtain counsel. Again, sorry for your trouble with my email and your car. Look forward to hearing from you. Bridget
  • Please add me to the list too, a freelander 2002 owner with a lot of problems, including transmission.
  • sufferingsuffering Posts: 5
    Is there a class action lawsuit for landrover in the works? Ive had problems with my 2002 freelander also. New engine, new transmission, brake problems (rotors, discs etc.) 65000 mi approx had to have a new transmission, 85000 mi approx had to have a new engine, around 90 to 95000 a new right front axle, rotors, discs and the brakes and rotors have been nothing but problems since then. Ive talked to the landrover dealership and they say that the 2002 freelander has been problematic since introduced for the first time here in the U.S. in 2002. They have discontinued making them,For those reasons, but they didnt offer any advice nor recall the car as a Lemon eventhough they know about the problems and that it is a bad car. :lemon:
  • phxlanephxlane Posts: 1
    My issues havent been major as any of yours. Bought my 02 LRFL 3 years ago used. Loved the vehicle. Mostly minor issues --- constant check engine light, 3 stereos, 4 sunroofs, and overheating.

    Until now, surging power and insessant check engine light. I have had it in for the past 5 or 7 weeks. Picked it up numerous times and the check engine light would come back on in the next day or so.

    I only have a few thousand left on my extended warranty. I service it fully and the unreliability is unacceptable. LRNA is not helpful when I called about my recent service experience. Today the rep actually said 'check engine light, sunroof, and overheating are characteristics of the car.' Wow!!!!!

    Unacceptable product and unacceptable service. I work in a professional environment and have friends and colleagues who are thinking about a LR purchase. I made sure I have explained my situation too them. :sick:
  • trburtontrburton Posts: 22
    Up for any lawsuit. I babied my Freelander for 55000 miles. Not a scratch. Never replaced Rotors & replaced pads only once. Loved the handling & snow traction (800 miles from TN to DC & back in 8 inches). No problems until transmission started slipping at 45000. It was replaced under warranty. Engine made noise when I picked it up at Dealer. Noise continued in cold weather at startup. Dealer said "not to worry". In August noise started & engine disintegrated
  • tinslotinslo Posts: 1
    How can you, in good conscience, sell this horrible car to yet another innocent unsuspecting consumer? This is my dilemma. I can’t dump this death trap onto another human being. It’s not right. Land Rover should bear the brunt of this horrible product they have produced, not anyone else. Someone is going to become seriously injured. It’s irresponsible and selfish to SELL this problem to yet another person.
  • I'd like to save you a lot of time and money and say NEVER BUY A LAND ROVER!!!

    I have a 2002 Landrover Freelander, bought it two years ago at the end of its lease. It was serviced regularly and I loved the car...that is to say that I was a little shocked at how expensive it was to service but figured it was worth it to keep it running well. Last November the engine light went on and we were told it would be 2,000 to replace an intake manifold. In March of this year the engine temperature went all the way to the red. We took it to the dealership and they said that it was the thermostat...another 2,000. Now five weeks after getting that fixed the temperature gauge went to the red again. We have it towed back to the same dealership and they said sorry...coolant has leaked into the engine. Bottom line you need a whole new engine...price 7,000. So far, not counting the 800 to service the vehicle this year alone...I'm talking oil change, fluid change, etc. We've spent over 11,000 on this car. Landrover needs to recall these cars...they're the worst cars on the market. Apparently Land Rover has no respect for its consumer and couldn't care less that it's got faulty cars on the roads. If you know of a good class action suit against landrover...let me know.
  • Let me be the first one to "Second that". I'd like also to save you a lot of time and money and say NEVER BUY A LAND ROVER!!! You don't want to buy a car with no company behind it. That's the issue, the 2002 Freelander has too many issues compared to any other car that I had (multiple BMWs, multiple Benz, Toyota, American cars).
  • tpeeltpeel Posts: 17
    Anytime you see the temperature gauge go to red, open your hood and check the reservoir tank. If there's no coolant in the tank, fill it with water (or to the max) Turn the heat on to full and run the car. if the coolant disappears, refill it- It's an air pocket. Keep doing this until all the air is gone and the coolant stays level. Land Rover of new Rochelle told me @ 53,000 miles that I needed a new engine For $6,700 mmm, My mechanic replaced the radiator for $ 600 did a complete engine diagnostics and found nothing wrong. 8,000 miles later I still get air pockets once in awhile but the engine is fine. The bottom line is, that if it was a Range Rover or LR3, thaey would treat you like gold. Jason, you are a [non-permissible content removed].
  • trburtontrburton Posts: 22
    My situation exactly. Transmission at 45000. Engine at 55000. LR would not cover new engine. Repossession to Land Rover Capital after they added my engine invoice to amount owed LR Capital prior to repossesion. I had worked out deal with dealer to pay for engine after 30 days. On the same day LR Capital demanded full note payment including added engine repair, LR Customer service called me and said that they would not cover engine. My total cost to own for 55000 miles was over $55000. $1.00 a mile.
  • i haven't paid off my freelander yet but with all these never- endng problems, i want to get rid of it asap. the only problem with me is that i have a poor credit to buy a new car. when i first got my freelander my apr was only 3.9%. now my credit gone bad with money eatting freelander, i don't know what to do. anyone with an advice? :cry: btw, i sent an email to join the law suit as well
  • i agree 100%, so now what are you going to do with ur freelander? store it?
  • robinettrobinett Posts: 1
    What would it take for a class action lawsuit? I have an 02 Freelander. I bought it used (only 1 previous owner) and have had it just over a year, good maintenance record. A couple months ago there was a ticking noise and the check engine light came on, I had it hooked up to a computer but showed nothing. Then a few weeks after the ticking started, the car was real sluggish and was really loud. I took it to the mechanic they hooked it up to a computer and they said with everything it is showing wrong I would be better off buying a new engine. It is parked right now as it has been for the past 2 months. I still have to make payments, can't afford to fix it, and can't afford to get another car. What can be done? How many people does it take to get a class action suit? Any idea if this is a real possibility? :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • kwatlandkwatland Posts: 2
    I'm in a very similar situation. I've had nothing but problems with my 2002 LR Freelander SE. I'm curious to know what the email address is to join the lawsuit. I would love to get rid of this car but in the same turn would hate to dump this on anyone else. I'm more than disappointed in my Land Rover and would never buy a Land Rover again. I tell everyone I know how much a piece of crap they are. Please forward me the email address so I can join too!
    Thank you.
  • kwatlandkwatland Posts: 2
    Please add me to the list as well. I have a 2002 LR Freelander SE and have had nothing but issues with it since the day I bought it. I still owe money on this car and can barely afford to keep up with all the repairs as it is. My transmission hasn't blown yet...but after reading these posts it seems I have nothing to look forward to but problems with this vehicle. I'd like to be included in the battle.
    Thank you.
  • alpineralpiner Posts: 8
    Does everyone here know that Land Rover is a subsidiary of FORD MOTOR COMPANY?
  • 08lr308lr3 Posts: 76
    unfortunately - yes
  • tiredoflrtiredoflr Posts: 40
    Yes, they were acquired by them a few years back. They are under the corporate umbrella but still function separately as a fully independent subsidiary. They will still be responsible for their crap rover.....
    Is their any reason why you would mention this.....? :mad:
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Ford is actively shopping LR and Jag. They supposedly have a deadline for bids for the middle of next week. I suppose the new buyer could assume warranty obligations or leave them with Ford or maybe they could try to shift them somewhere else?
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