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Land Rover Freelander



  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    Please keep in mind that Ford was not the designer of the Freelander either.

    That was Land Rover under BMW ownership.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Good point - sometimes you buy a pig in a poke eh?
  • groviergrovier Posts: 1
    Could someone please advise how to join a class action suit against LandRover ?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    While you're waiting for a reply to your question you may want to review some of what has already been discussed here regarding class actions by typing "class action" (without the quotes) into the "Search this discussion" box at the top of this page on the right side.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • cary27519cary27519 Posts: 5
    I like to join any lawsuit against Land Rover and/or Ford.

    I baught brand new 2002 Freelander, i continue having problem since i baught. Almost every month i had to take my LR back to garage. Now warranty just expire and i have some trouble with Air intake manifold and Thermostate leak which cause overheating, .... no help from Land Rover, Out of Warranty, ... will cost $1,800. I never see lausy customer service. We need to collectively file suit against LR/Ford. my e-mail: [email protected]
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    "Class action" sounds like a big hammer, but some of you may be better off talking to your own attorney, a lemon law attorney or your state's consumer protection agency or the BBB. You may do better not being lumped in with a crowd. Often you can get a free or cheap initial consultation too.

    Or maybe John Grisham's The King of Torts influenced me a bit too much. ;)
  • cary27519cary27519 Posts: 5
    any news regarding lawsuit against LR, I have 2002 Freelander keep breaking down. Now it stop in the mioddle of the road,...was scary for my teenage daughter.

    No help from LR to fix it, as it just goen out of warrenty.

    [email protected]
  • I would like for Land Rover to buy back my 2003 Freelander. I purchsed it used on 4/30/07. It overheated less than a week later.I have brought it back to dealer(SEWELL) three times for a commulative period of about 50 days overall. They sent it to Land Rover to check out.Initially, the coolant dissapeared after 5 days, and then I found it to be leaking into the engine.The engine is also knocking. The first trip back to dealer, nothing was done, "no leak found". The second trip, I wa told that there was a hose replaced and that the problem was fixed. The service engine light came on and two days later the coolant had completely dissapeared(into the engine again.)The third time, it was brought in on JULY 3rd and this past week it was finally decided that there was engine problems and it needed replacing at my cost or $6500 as trade in(I paid $15000. I towed the truck home.Please help. I have initiated correspondence with LR manufacturer via letter on July 2nd and was contacted by phone on July 20th, and they siad they would check into it.I have contact BBB and have found 2 attorneys that will review my case. i am in theprocess of betting papperword submitted to them for review. What else can I do to get it bought back by the manufacturer?
  • ooomamelooomamel Posts: 2
    I would like info on the class action suite against Land Rover... My 2002 is toast!!!!!!!!!! And I still owe 11,000 on it!!!!!!!UUUUUGGGGGGGGGG
  • Good news to everyone! I have a lawyer that has begun researching and is going to help us as much as he can!
    If you have not already been added to my email, please send me an email at [email protected]
    If you have already contacted me, then you have an email from me with the lawyers contact info and next steps. Thank you to everyone for your patience, I know this has been painful for many!!!!
    Bridget :) :)
  • I bought me my freelander in feb of 07, its been in the shop 5 times since then and is about to go back in.( I would have it there now but landrover is backed up for 2 weeks, wonder why) But ive had the same things go wrong as everyone else, I just dont see how a company like landrover, can make such terd. I regret getting rid of my trooper now. What sucks is I still have 4 years of payments on it, and Im not sure how to get rid of it and still at least break even. If anyone has any ideas, it would be greatly appreciated. I think my next car may be a hyndai, I bet theyre better quality than a lr.
  • Well, hop on with our lawsuit if you'd like......
    In the meantime...if this is affecting your livelyhood...insist on them taking you sooner and let them know that everyday you spend out of work is going to be what you give them as a bill.....or through your lawyer. They have an obligation that they are letting go....they are treating people like dirt and it's just not right.
    You can also see how much you can get for it from Toyota or Hyndai.....just for kicks :lemon:
  • I'm hoping that even though we are in Michigan and the lawyer is in CA that we will still be included in the lawsuit. It is actually me daughter and son-in-laws car, that's been sitting since may, because they can't afford to get the transmission fixed and they owe more than it's worth cause it's not worth anything!!

    Thanks for the info
  • Yes, you should be fine. This is a Lawsuit that is spanning through the US as far as I know; if not, North America, as that's how they function as well.
    Talk to you soon. Bridget
  • I have an 02' Freelander with all the same issues. within the 1st two yrs of ownership, my car died while driving. After being towed to the dealership (Solon, Ohio) I was told that no problem was found. Skip to 4 yrs later, I had my oil changed at an outside service place. They told me I may have engine issues due to oil in the coolant, and coolant in the oil.
    Took it to LR twice until they would admit a problem. They finally admitted that I needed a complete engine replacement. I was still under warranty, but they said they would not fix it!

    I had an attorney send a letter, wrote letters to the local newspapers, but nothing helped. Then I filed a claim w/ the BBB. I got a call from the Consumer Affairs Dept. in NJ saying they would have LR replace my engine...and they would pay for it. I was screaming with joy at work when I got the call after years of frustration. My car has had multiple other issues-bad harmon karden speakers, 3 window regulator replacements, brake pads needing replaced early, etc.

    I also had a knocking noise in the front end which they also fixed (installed viscous coupler and carrier barrings supposedly $2,500 in repairs.)

    Now that the engine has been replaced, LRNorth America wants me to sign a release and settlement agreement basically giving up any rights or claims I may have against LR in the future. After reading all of this, I don't think I should sign anything.
    Any suggestions?

  • I wouldn't sign anything. Gather all of your paperwork and join this fight. You don't have to have the car in your possession to join this either, so you can tell them to shove it if you'd like.
    Ya, that banging sound too.....had it repaired about 6 time when they actually installed my strutt the wrong way.....don't get me started. Email me your information and i will send you the lawyers contact information. [email protected]
    Note: if you copy and paste, you have to fix the @ sign as it may be transposed or changed.
    thanks, Bridget
  • WOW! I'm glad to see I have some company...On the other hand, I'm sorry to know that all of you are having the same problem. Mine's a 2002 that I bought brand new. Had all kinds of problems with the engine cooling system during the second year and had the transmission replaced the third year. All under warranty. Problems seemed to be fixed then but, now that it's out of warranty, it overheated again and, this time, the LR service center is telling us that the engine needs to be replaced. At our cost, of course! LR is stupid to allow this to boil over into a class action lawsuit. They'd preserve their reputation and goodwill by paying for engine replacements on an individual settlement basis. Instead, they've angered so many people by slow and ineffective responses that they're going to lose a lot more than the cost of a few thousand engine replacements. I'm putting a big fat sign on mine that says "Don't buy a Land Rover - engines must be replaced when they overheat! (It's not defamation because the statement is true!) I live on a main street in my town and everyone who lives nearby will see it. Tiredoflr, I'll send you my info - I hope the lawyer moves this along as fast as possible.
  • Everyone should understand the following: Land Rover cannot "make-good" by providing replacement engines. That is out of thier control. Fact: Freelander engines were made by an outside company that went out of business, and the factory equipment used to build Freelander engines was bought by a Chinese Company. Reasonably assumed rumor: Land rover sends our defective engine blocks to the Chinese company to be rebuilt - every "rebuilt" engine we install for $6000 to $7000 is constructed from an engine block that has already failed at least once. My second engine was at 48K miles. 12 months and 3 weeks later (just outside the 12 month warranty) - engine #3 at 66K miles. Everyone please make every possible effort to join the class action suit. Keep your documentation, submit it to the attorneys.
  • I had this battle with Landrover for over a year and a half. I went through corperate and they ignored me and so did the dealership. I had my landrover in for the SAME problem atleast TWENTY times. I had everything from engine lights to sucking through 2 bottles of antifreeze a week. Often while driving it would slip into some sort of idol state where it would cut to like 20% power I could slam the gas and go a whole 10 miles an hour.... real safe on the highway. Eventually it got so bad it would have a hard time starting. However, I purchased extended warantee for 100,000/6years. Eventually after having it in for the nth time they told me the engine was shot. This was with less then a month left on my warantee. They tried to tell me replacment was going to cost $6500 for the motor and after labor and such around $13,000. After a year and a half of that crap that was just the icing on the cake for them. My STERN belief was that they saw the milage that was being put on the car. I was at 97,500 miles and they were waiting for my warantee to blow and then stick me with the bill. HAHAHA, hilarious. Uhm, yeah, after a brief fight with the dealership and the insurance company they were forced to replace the engine for my insurance deductable.

    Shortly after that I was told that two other cars were brought in that very same week with the same problems. Both which were out of warantee. This is obviously a manufacturing defect, I dont care if the engine was made by a seperate company Landrover should be held accountable for this problem.

    The final diagnosis I revieved was that the engine sleve on the motor had dropped enough that the antifreeze lines were dumping antifreeze into the engine. This obviously destroying the engine. I have all documentation for every time I took the car in along with the one that showed all the replaced items on the motor. Feel free to add me to the list. I would like to be reimbursed for all the crap they billed me for for trying to fix the problem that was only just recently solved. I had everythign replaced from water pumps to all sorts of lines. I had these problems for over 25,000 miles. Honestly in the year and a half I had it in atleast twenty times and every time replacing some thing new. I feel sorry for everyone who has run out of warantee. Goodluck with your class action suite. Please feel free to e-mail me and keep me informed on your progress.

  • I have not received an email with the lawyers information?

    [email protected]
  • I would like to join class action suit as well
    Melissa [email protected] If you find anything out let me know
  • After months of hard work and searching, we have found a lawyer that specialized in class action within the automotive industry. If you have not emailed me already, please do.
    [email protected]
    (if you copy and paste this address, make sure you double check as the @ sign and _ can be removed or transposed.)
    Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.
  • First let me say that I hate that we are all going through this! I am having the same major problems. From the press the gas and go nowhere to the overheating, and my favorite the HDC Light! I am so glad to know that the proper steps are being taken to hopefully get this resolved. Any information needed I can supply.

  • I just registered my complaint with the Office of Defects Investigation on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. If you look at some of the complaints, it appears that some of the recalls may have started there. Its worth a shot.
  • This is a great idea. I called the NHTSA last week (apparently before you filed your complaint) and was told that no complaint had been filed regarding the engine-overheat problem. I also am going to file mine. There seem to be loads of us who have this problem so, if everyone affected files a complaint with NHTSA, the engines might be recalled whether they're out of warranty or not.
    Meanwhile, LR apparently is addressing these on a case-by-case basis but, in my experience, they're not responding unless you keep pestering. In our case, they've cut a deal with the service center to replace the engine on a warranty basis (even though the car is 15k miles out of warranty) and then split that cost with us. This means we'd pay about $2,500 for the engine replacement instead of $8,000. We shouldn't be paying ANYthing, of course. Does anyone know whether an owner can recoup the cost of repairing or replacing a part (uh, like and engine) if NHTSA recalls that part after the owner has already paid to have it replaced or repaired?
    My concern with a class action suit, Bridget, is that it'll take years to reach closure and, once the attorneys' fees have been paid, we won't be made whole individually (even assuming we win). Also, I'd like to do my own due diligence on any law firm that's going to represent me. What's the name of the law firm and have they asked you to collect our contact information?
  • I'd like to send you the info via email as to not give out any of their information on the web. I agree that it can take time, but it's the only option. I attempted to go at this by myself and 18 out of 20 lawyers said that I didn't have a shot in the dark.....go with class-action. It's the only way to prove absolute neglegence and knowledge of huge problems. Please email me at [email protected]
    Please remember to double check email if you cut and paste as the @ sign drops or is transposed. Thank you!
  • I will be contacting Bridget at the listed E-mail address. I have experienced identical issues with the cooling system on my daughter's 2004 Freelander. This vehicle is equipped with the 2.5L V6 MPIDOHL 24V engine.

    I just authorized the dealer , Matheny Imports Inc. in Jacksonville Florida to replace the original engine, 53060 miles, with a rebuilt. The vehicle has been at the dealership 11 times prior to the installation of the rebuilt engine. In addition to the work at the dealership 4 new tires were installed and the front brake rotors and brake pads were replaced at 26456 by an independent repair shop. The rebuilt cost 6,247.97 and is warranted for 1 year.

    The vehicle is out of warranty by 3000 miles and I was denied any relief from Land Rover even though the issue with overheating first became apparate at 45805 miles. My daughter noticed the temperature gauge momentarily spiking and then returning to normal. The service invoice from the dealership states that the problem was due to the expansion tank and cap were leaking. These parts were replaced.

    During the 3000 miles after the expansion tank and cap were replaced coolant was added several times approximately a pint at a time, from the low mark on the expansion tank to bring it to the max line. The vehicle was in Ocean City Md. where my daughter has a summer job. The closest dealer is in Virginia Beach which is 250 miles away from Ocean City. When I tried to arrange an appointment at that dealership I was told that since they were the only LR dealership in 450 miles that they were to busy to look at the problem in a timely fashion.

    Because of the proximity of a LR dealership and time issues I topped off the expansion tank gave her a gallon of coolant with instructions to her and boyfriend, he is a mechanic, to check the coolant level in the expansion tank every 100 miles and she returned the car to the dealer in Jacksonville Florida. During the trip it was not necessary to add any coolant.

    I thought that Land Rover was a quality company that stands behind their products, what an expensive mistake.

    I hope to hear from more Freelander owners, misery likes company.
  • Add my name to the growing list of Freelander owners that has had a Freelander SUV in the shop for on going cooling system problems, only to now have the engine go out at 56K miles.

    Without any warning the engine lost power, and stopped dead going up a hill on West VA I-77S. I should add this location was 20 miles from any town having a tow service.

    Now the fun starts trying to get to Mableton GA. to see our new grandchild.
    I asked that the car be towed to the Land Rover Shop in Dayton OH. Cost $420

    Next we found a hotel and had a late dinner. Cost $130
    In the morning we found it would not be easy to rent a car for one-way out of state. We would need two rental cars, one to get us to a larger city and one to get us out of state. Cost $210.
    We made it to GA and have rented the third car. This is for a week allowing time to get back to Dayton. Cost $350.

    The Land Rover shop tells me they have looked at my car and it needs a new engine. Cost $3,973.20 plus tax and that Land-Rover will pay $1,500 of the bill.

    I will review my options but in the end it will cost me both time and money. The cooling problem should have been fixed the first time it was in the shop. Also I should not need to surf the net to find this is a problem that will take the engine's life at a early age.

    I ask the shop what was found to be the cause of the problem and they told me that they do not get paid to check for cause. I then asked if the cooling problems could be the problem and was told no.

    If anyone has any ideas other than what is listed on the board let me know.

    This engine problem, just after warranty is out, is just one more reason not to own a Freelander.
  • Goodness, i am so sorry to hear that. If you haven't already, please send me an email at [email protected] Please note that the @ sign may be dropped if you copy and paste. I will send you all the lawyers information so that you can be formall added to the lawsuit. Thanks, Bridget
  • It took me less than 10 minutes to file a complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and it didn't cost a dime. If enough of us complain to the NHTSA, they'll launch an investigation. That's the only way I know of to get these engines recalled. Here's the site where you can file your complaint:
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