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Land Rover Freelander



  • Hello fellow Freelander owners.
    I have a 2003 that is my wife’s car which has 17k miles. She is a stay at home mom, hence the low mileage. I have two months left on my warranty.
    Today I dropped it off at LR because the rear passenger side window motor went bad, the right side was replaced 8 months ago.
    Although I have not had any engine or drive train problems, I did have to replace the front brakes at 15k miles which I thought was unusual.
    So when I’m sitting with the service writer, he warns me that I should get rid of this vehicle as soon as I can. He goes on to mention all the horror stories about this vehicle that I’ve read here. So when I got home I googled “Freelander problems” and found this site.
    The car is paid off and I was actually thinking about keeping it for a while as my wife’s previous car (Mazda MX-3) we had for 10 years and sold it with 30k miles because we had a kid on the way and needed something like an SUV. We never had a single issue with that car. But now am reconsidering.
    Can someone please advise at what mileage is the earliest that these engine troubles start to come on?
    Miami FL
  • 73tr6,
    I'm not sure what the earliest mileage point is but I can tell you that we had our first troubles with overheating at about 20k. At that time, the LR service center in IL did not mention needing to replace the engine. We had trouble thereafter with the transmission (they replaced it) and with goofy things like the rear hatch latch. We also have had brake work done about every 10k - 15k miles. I chalked that up to pulling a motorcycle trailer between IL and FL a few times but now I think it's just because LRs are made with poor quality parts.
    The LR service guy told you to unload the car?!! Wow - there's an endorsement. You shouldn't need to hear that advice twice. Unload it fast before it becomes difficult to sell. Sooner or later the LR name is going to lose its luster over these poor quality vehicles and the failure of the corporation to respond effectively.
  • The soonest I have seen an engine failure in the Freelander is around 30,000 miles.

    If you are going to keep it get an extended warranty you have up to one month or 1,000 miles before the factory warranty expires. If you want to dump it do it now and take it to carmax. They seem to be completely clueless to how troublesome Freelanders are as they keep buying them up left and right.
  • Thanks for the advice, the service writer also suggested taking it to CarMax. As soon as I pick it up I'm having it detailed and taking it to Carmax.
    By the way, he also was trying to get me into a new LR2 lease, but no more LR for me.
    Thanks again.
  • Hello,

    I just wanted to encourage you with making a decision with your Freelander. I have a 2002 and the first problem I had was with BOTH rear window motors failing. Then the sunroof. THEN THE ENGINE! Extend your warranty NOW if you are going to keep it. Otherwise, I recommend getting rid of it quickly.

    Best Wishes,

  • kimc13kimc13 Posts: 5
    As we all know the media is the best way to get Land Rover's attention. I don't know about anyone else but waiting years for a lawsuit, isn't going to help me now! I have started sending emails to every newspaper and news show, i.e. Dateline. I think we should be taking all the chances we can to get our stories out there. I still agree that the lawsiut should go forth, but I also believe if we get to the media things will go much quicker. Please get the word out, write letters and emails to every newspaper and news show. Eventually we will get attention...
  • Hi Kim, yes, the undertaking of the lawsuit is a long nightmare, but it also makes our claims legitimate, especially when we have a lawfirm conducting extensive research that is consistent with all of our problems. I have been emailing every news (paper, online, and television) source available for about a year now, with no resonse. I have been encouraging everyone, since the beginning to use any connections that they have in order to get this on the news. I have connections myself, but they are sports related, but still I've tried to use them. I have contacted the consumer reporters in 10-20 major metro areas, along with ABC World News, Dateline, just to name a few.....but, If everyone does do their part, it may work. This lawsuit will hopefully not only help us, but potentially help future victims. Thanks for writing.
    My email is [email protected] in case you want to join or speak off forum. Thanks, Bridget
  • Oh my as I hold my head reading all your writings.. my overheating problem of my 2003 Land Rover Freelander started at around 55-58,000 miles. My local dealer has no history of me reporting a problem with the coolant.. however I had just had my car in for repair of the ignition switch and then these coolant problems happen.. I wrote a letter to headquarters in N.J. and copied my dealer. No response from N.J. and local dealer didn't do anything. Since then periodical problems of having to add coolant.. and just today it was in the shop and they tell me that I need a new engine.. some $7000.00. Who today has an extra $7000.00 to put into a car that has 77,000 miles on it.. or 3,000 miles for that matter. My husband are setting up a meeting with the dealership owner for next week and are making a request of buy the car back from us and take it off our hands.. Not sure what will happen.. of course they can replace the engine and then resell the darn car and do what ever they want with it. I find their practices very unprofessional and completely unfair. They were aware of these problems with the engine gaskets even as the cars sat on the lot ready to be sold. And when you take your car in for repair and these problems come up they act as if they had never seen these problems before. They need to wake up.. and come clean with all that purchased their faulty engine product and do the right thing.. enough of us owners will ruin their reputation.. we have to stick together and go forward.. this is completely un-just! I can be reached at [email protected] Wish me luck with my proposal this coming week with the owner of my local dealership! Take this car off my hands.. and pay me to keep my mouth shut is my plan. Thanks.. Colleen
  • File your complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. If you want, e-mail me and I'll give you my story and the contacts I made - [email protected] Can't do that in this forum.
    I just had my 2002 engine replaced under a deal negotiated with Land Rover corporate. Guess what - the NEW ENGINE IS LEAKING OIL LIKE SIEVE!!! It's back in the shop. This is a recurring nightmare.
  • Please add me to the list. Leaked coolant and overheated now have engine problems.
  • Hey Cgibson, have you contacted me previously through my email? We have a class action formed and currently being heavily researched by a talented group of lawyers out in San Fran. There are over 100 of us. It's a long process, but you are more likely to see results this way than to fight alone (based on actual experience). Please email me at [email protected] if you haven't already (please note @ site can be dropped or transposed when copied and pasted)
    Thanks, Bridget
  • tpeeltpeel Posts: 17
    Let me tell everyone-even if they replace the engine with a rebuilt one-(they are rebuilt in china) it's going to fail again probably within 12,000 miles. Land Rover of Larchmont told me i needed a new engine @ 52,000 miles. I have 69,000 right now and it it still drives.. I still need to check the coolant level everyday. Air locks galore.
  • YEP!! Same here. First, the "new" engine leaked oil. The dealer's service center appears to have fixed that problem but, now, it's leaking coolant like mad. I'm going back to Land Rover corporate and filig another complaint with the NHTSA ( If everyone of us will file with the NHTSA, we might succeed in having these forsaken things recalled. Then the proper party (Land Rover) will have to pay for the problem instead of us.
  • Hey Colleen,

    I was curious to know how you made out with the dealership!

    Hope all is well,

  • Hi. I'm Pat, and I own a freelander.

    Found this forum the other day after a visit to my LR dealer. It so appears I have contracted the dreaded "dropped cylinder" plague. I found it odd that they could tell that from an external inspection. Then the service advisor said he has seen this a few times. Paid my $108 for the diagnosis and left. Then I began my readings here. Always wanted a land rover; careful what you wish for, I guess. I 'm sitting at just about 78k miles, with a loan (like many of you, I'm sure), and I'm still in disbelief with the $6500 estimate. I have had several other issues as well, most of which have been mentioned here. What is this company thinking?

    Well, please count me in with the class action litigation. I have e-mailed today to get some contact info. What a sad lot we are.

    By the way, has anyone reading this forum noticed a land rover ad on the screen? This seems to be money well spent by them. Like Nike advertising on an amputee forum.

    Anyway, I feel somewhat less alone in this now. Sorry to all of you who are going through this, but it is better to have some company.

    A wonderful day to all.
  • I am an unfortunate "sucker" too. I bought a "pristeen" 2004 Freelander, only to spend over $2500+ so far. And I've only had it 11 MONTHS!! First the lights. I constantly replace burn-out lightbulbs. Next, the over heating. Then the cracked radiator w/fluid spilled everywhere! Next, when I step on the brakes, the interior and exterior lights come on. Next, after $900 for just FOUR PLUGS, I now find out I need plug wires - for an extra $1,000. Next, my transmission slips and my vehicle almost comes to a stop (SUPPOSEDLY, the "plug wire" thing. Now I find out that there had PREVIOUSLY been some upper head gasket work that was NEVER revealed to me by the dealer. Car ran like new money when I first bought it for about 30 days. Except for the service engine light, which the dealer CLAIMED they fixed and that the car had been completely tuned and looked over.

    I, like the rest of you, have a love-hate relationship with this car. I would love it if it worked right. But I HATE it because it is a NON-FUNCTIONING MONEY PIT!!!

    Where do I sign on the dotted line for the class-action??
  • I'd like to find out some more about this lawsuit that you have going on, how do I go about joining?, as I am currently trying to figure out what to do, while LR of Marin wants me to pay $4200 just to open the gaskets of my 2004 freelander, not guaranteeing that would solve anything, and this after having paid $2500 3 weeks ago for suposedly fixing the coolant problem. And they say if they need to replace the engine it'll be $15,000, which is more than the care is worth.
    I must say I feel somewhat dumb that I didn't know about any of this sooner, but knowing this now, I don't know that I could even sell it to anyone, even if it were up and running.
    thanks for sharing and be well
  • please let me know how to join this lawsuit, or who I can contact about it. I can't seem to get any feedback.
  • Post your e-mail address & I will get back with you about the class action.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    If you mark your email address public in your profile, you'll avoid some of the spam harvesters, since only other members will be able to view that info when they click on your user name.

    Or you can set up your CarSpace page and use your CarSpace email.
  • here i sit with a piece of junk in my yard and a hole in my pocket i have a landrover freelander 2002 first the a/c was wacked had to go 70mph to get it to work then the alarm was off rolling windows up and down then the brake lights would blow out all the time now the timing threw and blew a piston landrover should pay any one know about this law siut thing i want in i am sick over it all
  • tpeeltpeel Posts: 17
    Once again folks

    The replacement engine they will put in won't last more than 12,000 miles! If you want to replace the engine-find a good trustworthy mechanic and buy a Honda engine and go from there. I saw this on the english postboard-it will cost around the same but it's a Honda engine not a rebuilt engine coming from China.
  • thank you
    it's, [email protected]
  • Please contact me at [email protected]
    Please note that if you copy and paste the email the @ sign can be transposed.
    I will send you our lawyers information. Thanks, BRidget :shades:
  • You can't put a honda engine in a US spec freelander.
  • G'day, my name is Robby. I live in Canberra and unfortunetly I have also been lumbered with a landRobme freelander. I am passionate and deperate to do something to recover monies, time and frustration spent on this company. Does anyone know of a class action case in Aus? If there isn't one i am ready and willing to take on those charlatans.
    email: [email protected]

    thank you..
  • Hi Bridget,
    I have already tried emailing you twice, and I'm not sure if I got thru or not, I will try one more time. Perhaps you could email me, [email protected], or at work [email protected], I would be very grateful if I can talk to someone about whether or not, when and how to join the lawsuit.
    I have already filed a complaint with NHTSA like many of you before me.
  • I've not received any response from the CA law firm either. We have a statute of limitations to worry about and need to know what steps are being taken to get this suit filed, so, if I don't hear something from them in the next week, I'm filing my own pro se case.
  • Hi Bridget,
    I have already tried emailing you twice, and I'm not sure if I got through or not.
    I have already filed a complaint with NHTSA like many of you before me.
    thanks? I have the same problems with 2002 freelander(45.000 miles) twice transmition replaced , train problem, engine, passenger window powers....

    here is my e-mail:[email protected]

    please let me know ,

    thank you in advance

  • kpencekpence Posts: 11
    Hello, I've just been told by my dealer owned service provider that I need to replace my engine at a cost of $7,000.00. A bit of history for you:
    While driving the other evening my service engine light came on and a then the temp. gage went to hot. I went right home and the next day had my car towed to the dealer.
    $250.00 cost.
    After reading just a few pages of the forum I realize this is probably all to familiar to all of you.
    I'm wondering if I should have the engine replaced at the dealer, join the lawsuit and do nothing to the car now, find someone to put a honda engine in the car, sell it for scrap or what.
    Oh and I just paid $450.00 to replace the passenger rear window mechanism a few weeks ago.
    Any help anyone can give to me would most appreciated.
    Best, Kim
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