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Land Rover Freelander



  • No sense repeating what has already been said in many of the above posts.
    Leaking coolant? check Mystery 'check engine light'? Check Did I say leaking coolant?? Check Check

    I had my car - 2003 Freelander at the dealership for the past almost 2 months at a cost of $1300.00 for a car rental while I 'patiently' waited for a replacement engine - $10,000 covered by my warranty which has now expired thanks to several overpriced repairs that exceed the value of the car which I still owe $11,000 on!

    I received an engine after calling customer service at the prompting of the service manager who was getting no where with LR by himself.

    I shudder to think where this engine magically appeared from when there is such a long back order. I shall be trading this car in ASAP even though I know I too will have a ridiculous negative equity.

    Customer service at the corporate level is pathetic for a company selling cars with such a big price sticker. I was very disappointed and shall not be purchasing a LR again. oddly enough, I drove a VW Jetta as my rental - I used to own one - and it was the most relaxing time I've had behind the wheel since I bought my LR. I didn't realise how paranoid I'd become to running low on coolant and the engine overheating!

    Please let me know when and if there is a lawsuit going. I'm in 100%!!!!!!
  • Well guys I hate to be the one to bust anyones bubble,but these engine in these vehicles are called " interference" motors. Which means exactly what it says. the pistons interfere with the valvles and if you have them go out of alignment" i.e broken timing belt" you will damage the valve assemblies. This is a costly repair as I just did this with my eclipse. The repair of a broken timing belt with an interference motor is not cheap, Now in your Land Rover Free Lander repair manual it states that the timing belts MUST be replaced at 60k intervals. As the timing belts are made of rubber and not of achain material as most US domestic cars are. If you do the proper maintenance on your vehicle you will save money. Timing belts are only about $150.00 and to have them installed if you can't do so is a few hundred bucks extra. That is a bnig savings compaired to a 2k head job. Instead of giving this lawyer a few hundred bucks out your pocket to sue, take that money and put it towards your maintenance. I too have a 04 land rover freelander and love it, so don't think I am not talking from experiance.
  • Fferik, That is helpful information on the timing belts, however the head gasket failure is an issue that is unavoidable and every Freelander owner should take heed on. These gasket failures are not supposed to happen on these vehicles, and are generally occuring anywhere at between 30,000 and 50,000 miles on many of the reports I am reading in various forums.

    You may love your '04 Freelander now, but I will assure you it is the same piece of [non-permissible content removed] engine that we all own (barring that you put an non Series-K engine into the vehicle, which were installed into all Freelanders purchased between 2001 and 2005, when the model was discontinued for this very failure and resulting multitude of complaints).

    When, and I seriously mean when, your vehicle experiences this failure, you will think very differently about your beloved vehicle. I don't mean to sound rude or condescending, but having spoken with several Land Rover and non-Land Rover mechanics, you will come to the realization that timing belts, failed gas-filter assembly, transmission failures and every other defect in this vehicle are minor once the head gasket failure happens and slowly destroys your vehicle.

    You sound familiar with these vehicles, so I am surprised that you are not advocating as the rest of us are, to rid yourself of the vehicle while you still are able too. Even Land Rover mechanics advised to sell or trade in the vehicle as quickly as possible, as only replacing the engines that are no longer available can fix the head gasket issue. Get rid of your Freelander as soon as you possibly can!
  • rgunnrgunn Posts: 17
    I had the belts replaced on my Freelander at the cost of 600.00. It had nothing to do with the car leaking coolant into the engine. My Freelander is now undrivable at 80,000 miles. I hope you have better luck than the rest of us. If I were you I would do some more research and get rid of it. I also loved my Freelander when it was drivable, but now after a year and thousands of dollars lost it has been nothing but a nightmare. All that car did was add stress on me and my finances. Get rid of it before something bad happens. I wish I would of known all this info before hand. Maybe I wouldnt of had to go though what I went through.
  • moe71moe71 Posts: 11
    I called LR the other day and they quoted me $1800 dollars to change the timing belts. I have spoke to Howard Gutman the individual who is handing the class action lawsuit (he can be reached at 19735981980) he said unfotunately lately they LR has been so willing to deal with the issue, probably because there is so many issues to deal with. I don't know what to do...unfortunately I am not in the situation to get a new vehicle, but on the other hand I don't think I have a choice.
  • rgunnrgunn Posts: 17
    Is this Howard Gutman taking on the lawsuit or is he just looking into the issue? Does he think he can do anything for us ?
  • I spoke with Howard Gutman (phone 973-598-1980) a few months ago and he stated he was not going to take on any class action lawsuit, but was looking into individual lawsuits or claims against Land Rover Dealers for reclaming money lost/spent on our repairs.

    I chose not to replace the engine that would have been required, not to mention no engines are or were available for replacement with the model discontinued and nor any rebuilt engines currently available. So, Mr. Gutman said without me spending the $7,000-$10,000 on a new engine, he could not help me.

    Recent posts have given some speculation that he was considering class action, but after speaking with him, he was far from the money or resources to take on such an endeavor.

    Each of us have to deal with the vehicle failures and our respective financing companies. I would highly recommend making the financing company aware of the head gasket failure as they occur, the warning signs are very clear and obvious, starting with a constantly slow to more rapidly draining coolant overflow. Land Rover is not being cooperative whatsoever, and anyone who indicates they are either is lying or avoiding the issue.
  • My second post to this forum.....I'm the 'new' owner of an 03 I bought for my son's first car - and horrified that I didn't do more research beforehand. I know I need to trade it in or get rid of it, but so far we've had no problems (70K on it now).
    In your opinion, is there any value in replacing the head gasket as a preventative procedure? And that the thermostat could be replaced with a different one to help prevent overheating. Any thoughts on this? thank you for your time!
  • No, and no.

    First, the head gasket failure is a result, not a cause. The head gasket fails when the piston sleeves start moving. (They are not supposed to move) The sleeves are iron inside an aluminum block, so many asumptions about the failure are made regarding overheating. Aluminum and iron expand at different rates at different temperatures.

    However, many of these engine failures occur without reports of overheating. Also, many reliable engines have iron sleeves in aluminum blocks. BMW, Mercedes, etc.

    Therefore the failure could simply be the sleeves were not properly designed to hold themselves in under any temperature.

    Both of my engines failed in the middle of Winter in the Northeast.

    Trade it. Immediately.

  • Dave is 100% correct. If this problem happens to your vehicle, and eventually it will, you will be inevitably stuck with a 2000 or so pound paperweight.

    Trade it, sell it, do anything but try to keep it or fix it.
  • rgunnrgunn Posts: 17
    Please trade it in ASAP. I replaced a head gasket at 80000 miles soon after that, I noticed some of the same symptoms it had before. I knew it was going to need a new motor eventually, but I didnt think it would start acting up that soon after the repair.I just gave mine back to the finance comp. My credit is screwed. Trade it in as soon as possible. I would hate to see you go though what I went through.
  • sswvsswv Posts: 1
    My mom bought a Freelander in 2004 and the engine just blew this past Friday. She has kept up with scheduled maintenance and dealt with all the electrical annoyances such as power windows breaking down. And now the cost of a new engine will be $10,000. Landrover has no integrity if they do not issue a recall on these engines for these owners...they probably saw this coming and that is why they stopped putting this model out on the market.
  • Well my LRFL is 04 with about 70+k miles. Alot highway.What I have found is the oil that these engines take which is 0w40 or 5w40 breaks down fairly quickly. Not to be a Dick as someone puts it, but I am almost sure that when you folks take your cars to the local lube shop I almost bet that they put the conventional 5w30 in place instead, which is going to F up the internals. I know as most people they take the cheap way out. I know when I do my own oil change with the 5w40 or 0w40 it cost me about 7.99 per qt which these vehicles take 5.5 qts along with $16.99 Air filter an a 8.99 oil filter. So please don't be so be so judgmental when most of the time these problems are operator error. The Gutman guy seems to be going for a pipe dream, The first lawyer stopped because they knew there was no case. Once LR inspects your vehicles they will know what you did to it and how you treated it. SO be careful before you drop any money into this case. If you guys feel the need to get rid of yours go for it, but don't try to make money off of a neglected maintenanced vehicle.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,772
    I think the people at the Land Rover dealerships disagree with your assessment.

    267 Freelanders are listed for sale within 500 miles of where I live.. Not one of them is offered for sale by a Land Rover dealership.

    Actions speak louder than words, and I think that speaks volumes. Even the Land Rover dealers know better than to own a Freelander.

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  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    That's an interesting metric. Of 71 Freelanders for sale within 500 miles of Boise, 5 were at Land Rover dealers. A couple were CPO cars.
  • rgunnrgunn Posts: 17
    I paid around a hundred dollars for my oil changes. Most quick lube places will not do LR. I am sure if that were the problem I wouldnt of been in the mess I am in with this POS.
  • cyd68cyd68 Posts: 9
    I paid $80-100 for each oil change and made sure they used synthetic oil. Quick lube places don't have the filters & they will not do the oil change. Im also in a huge mess, I replaced the engine, the rotors, twice on the same side. Fuel pump has been replaced. We have all had the same problems, that is not a coincidence. LRNA, is well aware of all of the problems and that this car should've never been made available to the public. The Freelander is not a safe vehicle, it dies in the middle of the highway, you have no brakes, no steering control, no lights. this car has ruined my credit. It sat at the LR dealership for 10 months waiting for a rebuilt engine. During that time LR tried to sell me a honda, element. they were only willing to give me low kelly blue book for the car & add on $7000 to the loan to pay for the engine. I was screwed no matter what decision I made. Im turning the car into the bank this week. It will be a load off my shoulders, but a POS that I still have to pay for.
  • This is for fferik. I don't know which makes me angrier, your comments or LR. If you would read what others have been saying you would realize that this is not neglect by the owners but neglect from LR. If you would call LRNA you would find that they know that they have a problem but they aren't willing to do anything about it. After reading this forum for a couple of months now and looking back over all the similar problems that these cars have had for several years, I don't believe for a second that this has anything to do with an oil change. Apparently, your Freelander hasn't had this overheating problem yet, but you can bet that it will eventually. When it does, there are not any engines to replace it with and you are just out of luck. I don't think an oil change will take care of that for you. My LR had 85,000 miles on it when it sat at the dealer for 9 months with all the guts from under the hood in the passenger compartment. (that's how LR treats your vehicle when they don't care) So I guess you only have about 10 to 15,000 miles left before you have to eat your words.

    I fortunately don't own my LR anymore, and financially things worked out ok for me. I still read the forum because I just can't believe a company can get away with something like this. Then for someone like you to blame this whole mess on the owner is just too much. You need to realize how bad other people are hurting over LRNA's lack of involvement in this problem and maybe you wouldn't be so full of yourself with your oil comments. Mark my words, your LR will have the same problem sooner or later.
  • I have been reading a lot of these posts today, and only wish I had read them earlier. I am the original owner of a 2003 Freelander and was told that I need a new engine today by the same Land Rover dealership who sold me this "vehicle." Please understand that this "vehicle" has been well cared for, all services were done as scheduled, and at 61,000 miles the cylinder sleeves are moving which damaged the head gasket and makes the service engine light come on....three times in the past two weeks. Oh, and that is right after I had almost $3,500 in engine repairs done less than 2,000 miles ago (intake manifold and timing belts). If anyone knows about a class action law suit or any other legal channel please let me know. I reside in Florida and just don't know what else to do, but the problems I am having, as well as others in this website, seem to be the result of an engineering problem and not because of poor maintenance. Oh, sorry that I almost forgot to mention that I had the brakes done three times, had two window regulators go out, two spare tire racks broke, the rook leaks by the interior light , and had several electrical problems, too. Funny how I actually equated Land Rover with quality, as most would with Mercedes or Porsche. I have owned over thirty cars, and must say that this thing is the biggest piece of junk I have ever owned or heard of!
  • I have a 2005 Freelander and have nothing but problems with it. Two weeks after I bought it, it just stopped in the middle of the road, they said it was engine related. There have been numerous things that have gone wrong with the car. New Intake Manifold, new moon roof, new visor because the light stayed on and burnt its way through the plastic causing my battery to drain, passenger side window calapsed, ticking noise when I drive. Coolant constantly leaking, new resevoir....too many to go on. It has been in the shop more than 10 times. We were told that we need a new engine at 52.000 miles. Since it was over warranty we have to pay however, the problem was a continuous problem. They just never found the reason for the ticking. We asked for our money back and are waiting for an answer. If this doesn't work, we plan to continue on with an attorney to have it declared a lemon. You said that financially things worked out for you, how so? A little light in the dreaded Land Rover Black hole!
  • Yes, things did work out for us. I wrote about it in an earlier post. I almost hate to say too much about it because I realize we were so very lucky with it in the end. I know others may not be so lucky and that makes me sick. We bought our 03 Freelander from Carmax in 04 and bought their extended warranty (Max Care). When we had trouble with the vehicle we took it to Carmax (that's what the warranty required) and they would always have to take it to Landrover . It then sat at LR for 9 months waiting on the motor. Max Care was to cover the cost of it but their aren't any motors to be had so finally after we found our car sitting on the LR lot unlocked with the entire guts from under to hood sitting inside the passenger compartment we took pictures and went to Carmax and said enough is enough. Carmax also disagreed with the way our vehicle had been treated and also realized that they too were being lied to by LR and the ball started rolling. Carmax then decided to use the warranty money allotted for the motor and they paid the rest of our loan and bought it back from us. Carmax was then going to sell it wholesale for scrap. During the 9 months, Carmax had been giving us loaner cars to use (since we had the warranty), so they were out a car for all that time too. A representative from Carmax called me everyday for 9 months letting me know the statis of my car. They also called LR everyday to check with them on the statis of a motor showing up. Carmax bought our car back and then reimbursed us the 9 months of payments if we decided to buy another car from them some day. Buying our car back was not contingent on us buying from them again though, just an extra bonus and they wanted to earn their good name back. They really didn't need to earn their name back though since we realized where the problem came from. After a few weeks we did buy a car from Carmax again and you can bet we bought the Max Care warranty. We used to not buy extended warranties.
    I don't know if this helps you or not. I hope something will. You might check with Carmax about buying your LR. I have know idea what they would give you for it but they do buy cars from people. When you are ready to buy another car, Carmax obviously really took care of us whereas LRNA didn't offer or do anything to help.

    Good luck!
  • rgunnrgunn Posts: 17
    There are alot of great deals out there form starving car dealerships. If at all possible I would get rid of it asap. Even if you go upside down on the loan it would be better than the finacial headache that Landrover causes. I wish you the best of luck. Sorry I meant to send message to 2003 owner. But you get my point
  • kimc13kimc13 Posts: 5
    I have to say that I feel bad for everyone that still owns one. I am so glad to finally be rid of mine. I bought a new CUV on 2Jan and got $1200 for my 2002 Freelander that only had 86232 miles on it! Needless to say I still owed $6819 on it! It sucked but I would have paid anything to get rid of it! If they told me they would only give me $1 I still would have said. I am just so happy to be rid of it! I am writing my last post in here and wish all of you the best of luck! :)
  • OMG... I just found this forum and read through the posts since November. I have a 2005 Freelander SE with 34,000 miles on it. I haven't really had alot of problems with it so far (2 transmission issues, speakers, door handle). I am still under warranty (or think I am). I was just notified by my brother who visited for Christmas that I'm low on coolant. Is this the problem with the head gasket everyone is talking about. Does this engine failure issue apply to the 2005s?

    Thanks for any info.
  • Krystilia, The engine issue applies to all year Freelander engines. Yours may not have gone bad yet however. Coolant can go low just over normal use ..... or the Freelander coolant reservoir may have cracked. They were known for that too ... mine did. The warranty is 4 years from date of sale or 50,000 miles. If you're under warranty, bring it in fast...... No matter what however, get rid of it. They ought to give you a heck of a good trade for an LR2 if they still have any. That car is all Volvo underneath and is very well made.

    If you trade it anywhere else you're going to get nothing, but you still need to do it.
  • Any idea what folks are getting for these on Trade-In at say someplace like CarMax? What is everyone else buying these days? I would like to stay with a small SUV but know next to nothing about cars.

    I was just contacted by Land Rover to confirm that I am still under warranty until Aug. 22, 2009 or 50,000 miles (currently at 34,000).
  • I traded in my 2004 Freelander HSE (36,000 mi) in November on a Toyota Tacoma. After a lot of bargaining, I was able to get $10,000 out of my dealer. I guess Freelanders are getting to be difficult for dealers to sell because everyone knows about the problems they have.

    FYI...mine was still under warranty as well. My decision to sell it was based on the fact that I had to travel 50 miles each way to my dealer, a total of 18 times in 3.5 years. In total, I think they had it about 6 weeks. Also due to the fact that parts, especially engines, are getting difficult to find. A warranty does you no good if there are no engines to replace yours with! I decided to take the hit on the trade in and be a little upside down, rather than take my chances on engine failure.

    For what it's worth, I know several people that have CRV's from several different years and LOVE them. My mom has almost 200,000 miles on hers with no significant problems.

    Good luck.
  • Right now is a great time to get out of your Freelander, even if it is broken. Provided you can be approved for a standard car loan, you can trade your Freelander without being "upside-down" (owing more money than the new car is worth).

    Car dealers are in such tough times they will sell a car on the lot listing at $25,000 for say .... $15,000. Because they will take $15,000 on a $25,000 car, they will write the paperwork differently. They will sell you the car for $25,000, and give you a $10,000 trade-in for your worthless Freelander.

    They still get thier $15,000 (the difference), and your loan paperwork goes through the bank fine because the new vehicle carrys the book value of the $25,000 loan you now owe.

    Car dealers have always done this to some extent to make trades look better. Insulting the customer's previous car can cause them to loose the sale.

    FYI There is nothing illegal about it. Not even regarding tax. Sales tax is always on the cash part of the sale, which in this example is $15,000 no matter which way they write the paperwork.

    Good Luck,

  • 04 - I assume you mean the Honda CRV... very interesting as I just got an e-mail from my brother saying he could get me one at cost. I guess I've been pretty lucky, My Freelander has only been in for warranty service 2 times in the 4 years I've owned it. Overall, it's been a great car with very minor issues. I'm just worried about the whole engine thing. I spoke with Land Rover yesterday and they said they do have an outsourcer who replaces the engines, so it is possible to replace them... I just have no idea at what cost out of warranty. My Freelander is paid off which is why I'm hesitant to sell it and go back to monthly payments on another vehicle. Kelly Blue Book puts trade-in value at around 8,000, has them running around 12,000. What to do, what to do....
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,772
    If you read back over the last 1400 posts, I think the proper decision will become much clearer..

    Even if you got $10K for it, and bought another $10K car...

    My wife really liked the Freelander.. I'm very glad that we never bought one..

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