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Land Rover Freelander



  • Hey, don't believe Land Rover when they tell you that they have an outsourcer who replaces the engines. Mine sat at Land Rover for 9 months waiting. It never got one. There aren't any engines. LRNA knows that. Don't get stuck with a broken down car, sell it immediately.
  • Wow, wish I had read this a year and a half ago! That's when we thought our problems were starting. Since we bought our new 2003 LRFL we have replaced the brakes at least once every year. We followed that up with new headlights about every 1.5 years. Replaced the sunroof motor. Replaced the taillight assemblies. And then we started to experience an overheating engine. Keep in mind that we have always taken our vehicle to the LR dealership that we bought it from here in Vancouver, Canada. Since day one! After about 18 months of overheating engines, and many trips to the repair shop, the engine finally gave out and we had to replace it. It was out of warranty and so we were on the hook for the price. I was fuming mad and demanded that LR take responsibility for the problem they seemed unable to diagnose or fix. The dealer "reluctantly" agreed to cover the cost of the engine if we would pay the labour. Unhappy, but better than nothing, we paid the labour and had our engine replaced in September 2008. I thought it ironic that at the time that I went to pick up the vehicle after the engine was replaced that another LRFL owner was in getting their engine replaced. Same model year. I commented to the service rep about this and he said it was rare. After reading a few pages of this blog (about 20) and all describing the same problem, it is very clear to me that LR is not telling their "valued customers" the truth. Not once was I ever told that this epidemic was happening, nor was I told what would eventually happen to my engine. After reading this I will be in to see the dealer tomorrow and pursue getting back the $3800 labour costs we paid to replace the engine. Don't even get me started on all the brakes that I have paid for!
  • sripleysripley Posts: 39
    Posts related to over-heating and coolant leakage is most likely the Head Gasket Failure.

    Shamfan -- you're Freelander clearly has the problem, my advice would be to look at whatever you can do to trade it in as part of a different vehicle purchase or else you end up trapped with trying to work with your lender and credit/repossession options or othe legal course.

    Krystalia-- you may have the issue, my advice would be to check the oil cap on the engine, underneath the cap you should see an emsulified oil/coolant goo, it will be sticking to the cap and look like oil mixed with coolant. Otherwise, re-fill the coolant overflow cannister and observe if the coolant level drops during a week or two week period, look for ground evidence of a leak, however if it is the Head Gasket Failure, there will be no ground leakage. My coolant tube in very front of the engine broke/was brittle, which can happen over time, you would see ground leakage if was that.

    Again, ALL of these vehicles will inevitably have the Head Gasket Failure happen, it is only a matter of how many miles and when. The design of the engine is the source of the problem, so any refurbished engines would bear the same defect. You are advised to get rid of the vehicle, via whatever means you have to do so. Repairing will only further drain your savings and not benefit you with a long term fix to the problem as these issues will happen again.

    The other F4 Error is being widely reported also, is unrelated to the Brake Light Switch recall on this vehicle. You may want to check another Freelander Service technician or location for a 2nd opinion as this error light is not driver related and is the lesser of the failures reported in these vehicles.

    Bottom line, Freelanders from 2002-2005 (2005 year was discontinued) are pieces of [non-permissible content removed] and there is no fair salvage value as now it is fully known these vehicles are complete failures. You will be lucky to get $5000-$6000 on one with no issues, and $1000-$2000 on one with the terminal failures mentioned.
  • I purchased my 02' FLLR for 11,200 in feb 07' at a nissan dealership. I paid the down payment with my FEMA money after losing my car in hurricane Katrina. After 3 months problems with persistant overheating occured. Landrover and independent mechanics both advised on THERMASTAT replacement which is situateded under engine. :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: Charged me $900. Overheating appeared again. Expansion tank $300. Overheatiing again. Engine suddenly died in traffic on vaca in dallas from austin. Car stuck in dallas for two months. Thankfully my nissan warrenty covered the 5,000 engine. Now after 4 months with the check engine light always on, we're broken again. The air sensor needs replacement. And thats just the begining of other "codes"wrong with it. No money. On top of all this my car was broken into for the radio 1.5 months ago. The dash is still all bashed in.
    So I'm pondering on what to do now. I owe 7,500 still. Warrenty company says I've met my max on coverage. Talk to the bank? Trade for parts? Class action? Claim bankrupsy at 29. ??????????????depressing
  • Since posting my frustration with my POS Freelander, it has been sitting in a drive way of my parents house. I can't drive it at all. The dealership has been nothing but horrible to deal with, they don't return calls and when they do it's a hassle for them to help or give advice. My husband and I owe 8000, the value is probably 11000-12000 in our area and the cost of fixing the pile is about 13,000. The problem all occured before the warranty expired, they just failed locate the problem - but they sure did find other problems on the way. Anyway, my husband was talking with his brother last night about going through insurance. The cost to repair is greater then the value of the car - can't we just salvage it? I know it would suck to have no car out of it and no compensation but it's an idea. We are thinking about seeing an attorney. We've already spoken to one and he is familiar with Landrover. How sad is that?! Good luck to all!
  • kpencekpence Posts: 11
    Hello Everyone,
    I just thought I'd let people know of my recent events with selling my Freelander.
    I let it sit for almost a year after getting the replacement engine and loads of other repairs to it for fear of it breaking down again and not being able to afford to fix it.
    Thankfully it was paid off when the engine went out.
    I sold it to Carmax yesterday for $2,000.00. A very sad day, it ran beautifully all the way to the store and I had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach but, it's done and I'm free of the nausea and worry over the whole mess. The dealer told me the industry calls them Freeloaders and acknowledged that it is common knowledge that they are lemons. We need to band together and sue Landrover. My only reservation is that I know nothing about how that sort of thing works. I did register a complaint with the gov. website suggested here on this forum but, I'm wondering where to begin to get some recuperation of $$$ for all of the repairs. Well that's my story. Just thought I'd let people know what Carmax paid for my 2002 Freelander SE with 75,000.00. They won't put it on the lot, just sell it on at auction. All in all a sad and painful experience to what I thought would be my ideal car.
    All Best, Kim
  • i have a 2003 landrover freelander the main issue is sometimes u turn the key and it wont start sometimes it will the dealer keeps insisting its the battery which has been replaced 4 times i have also had a new starter put in but still have same issue anyone have similar problems and any remedy?
  • I have a beautiful deep metalic red 2004 HSE with the premium 18" wheels. Unfortunately, good looks alone does not make a car.

    I found it interesting to note that the reliability ratings on MSN autos gives the Freelander a perfect score... no significant problems!!
  • Wow, I seen quite a number of technical issues of Freelander 1, I'm just wonder do any of you facing the same problem for this new Freelander 2? Have they rectified the old problem and creating this totally new Freelander 2?
    Please help if possible..
  • kpencekpence Posts: 11
    I didn't know a new Freelander 2 was being made.
    They (Land Rover) can't be that stupid can they?
    My advice... DON'T but it!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,699
    The Freelander 2 is known as the LR2 in the USA..


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  • Thanks, maybe I would look for other alternative.
  • Funny thing is, I hear the LR2 is the most reliable car that Land Rover has ever built. It's essentially a Volvo with a Land Rover badge.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,699
    I hear the LR2 is the most reliable car that Land Rover has ever built.

    Faint praise, there... ;)


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  •'s all relative, right? I'm sticking with my Toyota...
  • Land Rover replaced Heater core ($1,300) to address disappearing coolant.
    Founf on the net the real problem. Car running good, but I have replaced the complete thermostat assembly, the sensor on the bottom hose of radiator and engine coolant sensor. Radiator Fans work only if i turn heater on. Replaced Wiring Harness for cooling fans but now fans still don't go on a engine heats up and I have no heat now.
    Any suggestions besides unloading the car? I 'd rather break it up into parts.
  • kpencekpence Posts: 11
    Go ahead and sell it off as parts NOW! There is no winning with this Lemon.
    Everyone knows about them in the industry. The engine rebuilt is worth more than the whole car. Sad fact.
    Good luck to anyone who still owns one.
  • spunky2spunky2 Posts: 3
    I have a 2002 Land Rover Freelander with the exact same problem as everyone else..with one exception, I am now in need of a 3rd engine. I have 62,000 miles on mine - have had every maintenance done on it at LR. They also said my drive shaft is about to crack in half. My quote for the work to make my car drivable: $14,774.52 (I owe $5700 and trade in is $2800)
    So after making a big fuss I have 2 options... LR of America will give me $6000 towards my repairs or $10k towards a new LR2. ($5700 of that will go towards paying off my car)
    I can not afford a new LR2, and I have zero confidence in LR since consumers report rated the LR2, LR3, Range Rover and Range Rover sport the least realiable Suv's. That is all 4 of the vehicles that LR sells.
    I don't know what to do... I feel like I have no other option than to buy the LR2 that I don't want and can't afford. -a 48mth least would be $411.17
  • Does anyone on this forum have a 2005 model? Are you experiencing the same issues as reported with the previous years?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,699
    1) Any chance they will just give you the $6K for the car without repairing it?

    If so, take it, and sell yours for parts...

    2) Is the $10K off a new one off your best negotiated price? Or just off MSRP? If it's the former, take the deal and re-sell the car.. You should be able to break even, at least. If it's the latter, never mind.

    3) If you can get $2800 for your car, come up with $3000 somewhere else and ditch it now... No way I would put another dime in it..


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  • Stop giving them money!!! I did something similar when my 1999 Discovery II died -- I purchased a 2004 Freelander. That car died on me as well (coolant leak issue), and Land Rover totally didn't care. I ended up losing a bunch more money (about 20K on both cars combined).
    I would just sell the thing for 3K, and kick in the other 3K to pay off your loan. Then go buy yourself a Toyota, Honda or Subraru. I personally bought the Subaru Forester and it was the best thing I ever did! I'm so glad to no longer have to beg Land Rover to help me when their lousy cars fail.
  • spunky2spunky2 Posts: 3
    the dealership suggested I have a lawyer call LR of America, that would work better than me calling back. The dealer even said that anything less than 100% payment on this 3rd engine is unacceptable.
    I don't want another LR regardless..
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,699
    I don't give legal advice, but I'm betting Land Rover has more money for lawyers than you do.... Most customer service centers will refuse to talk to you, once you mention lawyers or a lawsuit. They will just refer you to their legal department. So, make sure you are done negotiating with them, before you go that route.

    Financial advice: Do whatever you have to do to get rid of the car now... If you spend any more money on it, you might as well flush it.. The financial loss has already happened... Don't throw good money after bad.

    Good luck,


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  • shamfamshamfam Posts: 10
    Yes, I have an 05. I have all the same issues. It's actually sitting in my parents driveway .....undriveable! It makes me sick! My husband and I are actually sending a package to an attorney to lemon this piece of crap!
  • Hi Krystilia,

    I'm sorry to hear about your FL.

    What type do you have SE 4dr or SE3 3dr? Also, how many miles do you have and what are/were some of the prob's you have?


    ~ Jeff
  • I guess I didn't have much of a choice. no money to pay off the upside down balance and can't continue to pay for it. Mine has sat in my driveway with busted manifold, transmission issues, and on and on and on... The only good thing is that the car's body is in excellent shape (02 Freelander) Land Rover had such an excellent reputation at one time and people bought their cars based on that reputation. Now, it is JUNK! pure d junk.... My credit is down the tubes and the house that I once wanted to own is out the door right now.... I will still owe the difference on that damn car even after the repo.... Understand, I am not at all happy about this route, but I could not keep up with it... something went wrong everytime and the warranty ran out last year.... ha ha ha ha shame on me...
  • spunky2spunky2 Posts: 3
    I now have an 02 freelander sitting in my driveway, that needs it's 3rd engine and also a driveshaft....
    the car has 62k miles on it, and in great condition - along with new tires. should I sell it for parts? Sell it with the exact repairs needed spelled out? and how much should I do this for?
    thanks for all the advice!
  • dmallodmallo Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2005 Freelander not quite two years ago. Today I found out that it suffers from the same fate as many of the others have written about. $6500 to replace the engine. Coolant leaking into the engine. I have replaced brakes and rotors twice in the two years. I have always had regular maintenance done on the vehicle which was performed by LR at $100 a pop. It has 72,000 miles on it and probably the worst part is that I still owe $12,000 on it. Wish I would have seen this forum a few weeks ago, I would have been able to get something for it as a trade in.
  • moe71moe71 Posts: 11
    What I don't understand is why isn't something being done about this. I have complained to everyone under the sun. I contacted the lawyer, but didn't really think he could help me. I still owe 6500...and yet my trade in value in excellent condition is only 3500. I can't believe that they haven't recalled these cars yet!
  • Have you complained to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration? That's where complaining counts. IF they get enough, they'll initiate an investigation. Maybe if we all start calling them as well as complaining to each other ...
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