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Land Rover Freelander



  • Want a laugh read the threads you see from this guy from the begining to the end. He was hyping this worthless crap factory the Freeloader up before it even arrived. He made it seem if you did not own one your car life experience would forever be incomplete. For months he sold this junk as gold and he had never rode one, seen one, or really knew anything about them. Then when they arrived he was helpping everyone find one, kind of like the guy who would be pointing the way to the nearest cliff to a pack of lemmings. Leading the unsuspecting and trusting to their hell on earth (Freelander ownership). Then when actual Freelander owners started finding out what a worthless pile of crap the freelander is (year after year, and its funny how everyone was hopefull that the next year model would be better). Tincup47 was like the guy on the Titanic telling everyone, "look its just a small leak the company will fix this minor defect. Now I am going to get a better look at this small crack while they lower me down in this life boat. I will be right back up to reassure you all that its just a small defect." Then all the sudden Tincup47 dissappears, gone, POOF! not a post to be seen. Kind of rowed off in his life boat so to speak. Well I am sure he did not drive off in his Freelander because we all know he would not have gotten very far. Trust me if you want to laugh till your sides ache start from the begining and work to the end.
  • okwocheokwoche Posts: 1
    I had same problem with my freelander, the difference being that i could lock and open all doors with the remote from inside apart from drivers door, and from outside this could he done only by use of key. The solution was to change the whole locking unit on the drivers door as it is the master control for the central locking system. Till date that problem is gone.
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