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Nissan Altima



  • jag7jag7 Posts: 3
    I would go to a different dealer... they are not VERY difficult to get as informed, since i test drove 3 of them, and each was with the red/charcoal interior. They told me that it was difficult to get the gray/charcoal ones. Hold out till you get what you want... they are out there.
  • otoluvaotoluva Posts: 167
    " I love the styling.. but it has some small knick knacks that bother me"

    Can you be more specific max as to what really dont you like about your 05 Altima. :)
  • 1652116521 Posts: 11
    Wondering which brand of tires people have put on their 3.5SE?
    Its the unpopular size 215/55HR17.
    I still have the stock tires, turanza el42.
    Its an o.k. tire but prefer something that rides softer with less noise.
  • altima6altima6 Posts: 3
    Hi All -

    I've had my new 2005 Altima for about a month now and have noticed major noise with the sunroof. It almost sounds like the sunroof is shifting around when it is closed and I am driving. When open it sounds like something is being blown around inside the sunroof. Has anyone had issues with this? I took it to the dealer and he told me it was simple car shift. I find it very annoying. Looking to see if anyone had this problem and if it was resolved.

  • pidlypidly Posts: 1
    have a starting problem...when it is cold car starts fine...when the temperature rises outside or the engine is warm the car will not times after waiting 1- minutes the car will start at other times will not start until the outside temperature cools down....when I turn the key the radio and all equipment works until I turn the key all the way then everything shuts down like not getting any juice....
  • rayfeurrayfeur Posts: 6
    No, I just keep getting the computer reset to get out of limp-mode.. Autozone does this free at any of there stores, some charge a small fee,,, 10-20$

    You cannot trust the dealer,, I going today to Autozone. and verify the service codes, so the right part gets replace and I don't have to spend that much money... good luck to you
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Sad to say, but we sold our beloved '01 Altima GXE Ltd. Edition this weekend. It had been nickeling and dimeing us to death this past 1 1/2 years. It had just shy of 80k miles on her, but it was time to move on. As the wife wanted a smaller car and didn't want a Sentra like I drive, she bought a Mazda3 S and we couldn't be happier. The power is almost like the Altima, it's a 2.3 liter engine. The shifts though are silky smooth.
    It was a great run with the Altima but now we've "zoom zoomed" on. I will still lurk in here from time to time. Wishing y'all many miles of trouble free motoring with your Altimas!

    The Sandman :sick:
  • mbplus3mbplus3 Posts: 1
    Similar to you -- I have a 2000 Nissan Altima SE; bought it new in July of 2000. But I have 96K on it; it was at 91K when the problem hit. You likely have a leaky maifold gasket. I did the tune-up, new plugs, air filter, cleaned air intake, gas additive, fuel filter, etc. I have an OBDII and reset the memory. Within a day or so it came back on with the same message about "multiple misfires". Took it to the Nissan shop and they got the same message and found the problem...all for a mere $634.50. At least the problem is solved and the engine idles and runs smoothly.

    p.s. be sure NOT to have them include a diagnostic charge (about $65) for a diagnostic that you already will give to them!
  • 4him24him2 Posts: 3
    My 2002 Nissan Altima does the same thing! Stalling all the time and it is also a lease. I am thinking of filing a lemon law suit against Nissan if they can't fix the problem. I would like feedback from others on stalling while idle.
    Can someone help me?
  • 4him24him2 Posts: 3
    Does this help the stalling? Will the car get worse if driven like this?
    My car stalls all the time and it's a lease and I'm not putting any more money into that vehicle. I have already replaced the engine.
    Please reply, someone!
  • rbevz67rbevz67 Posts: 69
    ANy know how powerful the BOSE system is in the 2005 Altima? The one in the 2005 Maxima is 320 watts but I swear they sound different, so I do not believe this is what the Altima gets. The dealership is clueless - they told me theyre the same.
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    150 watts right???
  • rbevz67rbevz67 Posts: 69
    Not sure. I saw that figure on some 3rd party sites. Anyone try the stereo? Is it worth the upgrade or should I just invest 2k into my own stero?
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    with BOSE had 150 watts.

    I don't think the 05 Altima is any different.

    I remember thinking that 150 watts wasn't a lot, but rated the BOSE system in the Altima as one of the oh well.

    The Previous Gen Maxima had a 120 watt CD player and a 200 Watt CD (00-01) CD6 (02-03)

    I LOVED the previous generation Maxima...almost bought a used one instead of my Altima.
  • I am curious about a few things regarding the Altima from 2002 and up. I only want responses from Arizona residents who are driving in our extreme heat. I want to know how does your car perform in this heat compared to the rest of the year. Cooling, gas mileage, Air Conditioning. Also list any problems you have had related to the heat and how many miles you have on your car now?
  • ewe2ewe2 Posts: 20
    Just wanted to know if anyone else thought the A/C heating configuration was odd. I recently bought a 2005 2.5S with A/C. Upon going to the dealer and then being shown this little info in the owners manual. I thought I'd ask around to see what other people thought.

    Taken from the owners manual.

    Defrosting or defogging.

    When the "Windshield Only symbol" is selected. The air conditioning automatically turns on (However the indicator light will not illuminate) if the outside temperature is more than 36 degrees. The air conditioning system will continue to operate until the vehicle is restarted, even if the the air flow control dial is turned to a position other than the "Windshield" position.

    Heating and defogging.

    When the "Windshield and Floor symbol" is selected. The air conditioning automatically turns on (However the indicator light will not illuminate) if the outside temperature is more than 36 degrees. The air conditioning system will continue to operate until the vehicle is restarted, even if the the air flow control dial is turned to a position other than the "Windshield and Floor" position.

    Dehumidified defogging.

    When the "Windshield Only symbol or the Windshield and Floor symbol", or positions in between are selected, the air conditioning automatically turns on (However the indicator light will not illuminate) if the outside temperature is more than 36 degrees. The air conditioning system will continue to operate until the vehicle is restarted, even if the the air flow control dial is turned to a position other than the "Windshield" position.

    I think it's very odd that they would make a car that in order to deactivate the A/C. You would have to restart your car. For reference refer to pages 4-12 thru 4-21.

    If anyone knows of a fix for this I would greatly appreciate the info as I find this both gasoline and power robbing in the performance of my Altima.


  • My wife drives a 2003 Nissan Altima 3.5 SE. We purchased it recently off a 2 year lease with approx. 50,000 miles on it. It is in immaculate condition and a delight to drive (I can't take my hands off it) with one exception. There is a subtle rattle coming from the right front end. The rattle can be heard on any road surface. Several mechanics including the local Nissan dealer have tried to diagnose it. All of them initially suspect the strut but after closer inspection none of them have ended up thinking it is the strut. The suspension is tight and the wheels are well balanced. One of the mechanics replaced the strut bracket and tie rod end which did not help.

    Can someone please help diagnose this problem? It is not something we can't live with but it is a shame to have this annoying rattle on such an otherwise delightful car.
  • My Altima started doing this weird thing just a week ago: it will idle with no problems. If you try to rev the engine in park, it will stall and die. But, if you press the gas SLOWLY, no problems. I changed the fuel filter, but no dice. Has anybody else seen this problem? The car will drive for about a minute and then stall. Cap and rotor?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi, you might want to check through our Idle or Stalling problems discussion, also. Welcome - hope we can help.
  • Did you ever find a solution to your rattle Steve? I have thesame problem on my wifes 2003 Altima but on the right front. Notice you now have an RX300. I had a 1999 RX300 for 4 years and enjoyed every day of it. Not one problem in 4 years. I now have a 2004 Sienna that has performed well so far.
  • mf15mf15 Posts: 158
    What is going on with Nissan not abs or side airbag otption for 2006 on SE with manual trans have to swithch to auto trans to get this. Is this a mistake or are they stupid. Very confused. Old Mike
  • deminindeminin Posts: 214
    We will probably be trading cars in the next couple of months, and the Altima and Maxima are both on our "short list". Given that the pricing of these models is so close, are there any advantages/disadvantages that one might have over the other? I welcome all opinions and suggestions. At this point, on paper, the extra couple of thousand for a Maxima would seem to be the better value.
  • bru4bru4 Posts: 1
    I bought a 2005 Maxima 3.5 SE and it is a great car. However, the low-profile tires do not give the smooth ride of the standard tires. You feel small bumps in the road. The other negative for me is the hair-trigger accelerator. A small touch to the pedal and the car takes off. You can get used to that, but I really noticed it after driving a rental for a week. The car has a more comfortable seat for the passenger than the Altima. Both driver and passenger seats have good lumbar support.

    My wife and I (seniors) are seriously thinking of returning the Maxima for an Altima 2.5, however. We do not need the power and the larger size. There is also the recommendation that premium gas be used for optimum performance. We have used regular some, with no noticeable difference.
  • deminindeminin Posts: 214
    Thanks for the tip on the "hip-hop" tires..I will probably ask for regular tires on any vehicle we buy. We, too, are retired, and are planning on taking some trips next year...if gas prices don't go ballistic. I want a responsive car with excellent seats so I can click off 6 or 7 hundred miles in a day without having to go to a chiropractor to get my back and legs working again.
  • Hey Mike,

    The same thing happened at the end of the '05 model year. I have an '03 Maxima SE 6-speed and my lease is ending in a few weeks. I started looking several months ago and the Altima SE was one of my possibilities. The first time I went to the Nissan website, I could build a 5-speed SE with the "Sport Plus" package that includes the Bose stereo, sunroof and spoiler. A few weeks later, there were no options available with the manual. Then a few days later, the manual SE wasn't even available.

    I noticed the '06 SE is available with the 5-speed manual, but no options. I inquired on another website discussion and a Nissan salesman told me this is something that happens at the end and beginning of every model year. He claims they start up production of automatics first since they account for the bulk of sales. Whether this is true is beyond me. Who knows?

    Anyway, I've moved down the automotive food chain a little due to gas prices and my own budget constraints. I'm now shopping the Mazda3 and Honda Civic. Too bad Nissan doesn't have a good entry level vehicle yet.
  • mf15mf15 Posts: 158
    Thanks allfiredup, my son got a se manual 05 but no abs or side bags against my better judgement, the price was ok but he could have done better if he did not walk in there before I gave him edmunds info. Had to bring one in from another dealer not many manuals around from 05. The fed him a line that they loose their holdback if they have to bring one from another dealer, which I am pretty sure is bogus. Oh well live and learn. Sure has lots of power but I have not driven it eough to listen much for rattles or determine high speed road manners. Loks nice inside but prbably not up to Honda standards, but he is 26 so it is nice enough. He drove accord v6 and TSK and was not impressed but this car he is impressed with for power. If it is as reliable and safe as Honda I will be impressed. I am happy about the July 05 build date, hopefully they had all the kinks out of the line and perhaps even made some improvements from the early 05's. Old Mike
  • I am the owner of a 2005 2.5S that I bought three months ago. I previously owned a 2002 2.5S and 2003 2.5S. Loved the cars, and my experience with their reliability led me to purchase an 05. Since the day I drove the car home, the remote trunk release (both the key fob and the inside switch) malfunction at least twice a day. The car has been to the dealership 5 times with very unsatisfactory results. Most times they "can't replicate problem" but on visit number three they did replace the car's computer (apparently signal was coming in to the computer but nothing coming out). That wasn't the culprit, and within days the electrical problem was back. I am getting really mad at Nissan (perhaps just this dealership in particular) because I estimate this fault has occurred at least 180 times (twice a day X 90 days). Anybody else has this issue? Is Nissan doing something different in building these cars?
  • I have the same problem with my '05 SE-R but it only happens maybe once a month. If I turn the ignition off, then back on, it's fine. I did bring it to the dealers attention and I got the same "unable to duplicate" answer.
  • Well,
    The mystery has been solved about why my key fob won't work on my 5-speed Altima, and it boils down to operator error (how hard is that to swallow?).
    The Altima has logic built into its computer which will not allow the trunk to open when the car is moving. This logic is fed by the wheel speed sensor. The set up makes lots of sense for an automatic, where the car is always completely stopped before being put into park and the ignition switch turned off.
    However, on the manual transmission cars, this same logic can cause havoc if you turn the ignition switch off while the car is still moving. This is my habit sometimes, where I will turn the ignition switch off while still moving (sort of coasting into a parking spot). If you turn the ignition switch off while the car is still moving (and I mean 2 inches of movement before a complete stop), the last thing the computer remembers before being shut down is that the car is moving! So you go to get out of the car and try the remote trunk release, it won't work. The computer thinks the car is still moving, despite being shut off!
    By turning the ignition switch on and off while the car is stopped, you recycle the computer, it samples the wheel speed sensor, determines there is no movement and Viola! the trunk opens.
    My local dealership did not figure this out. Apparently they have access to some Nissan trouble-shooters on a hot line who suggested this remedy. In the past week I have been diligent about making sure the car is COMPLETELY stopped before I shut the ignition switch off. This seems to have solved the mystery of the intermittent remote switch.
  • mf15mf15 Posts: 158
    Well I finally got to do a 15 minute drive in my sons Altima SE 5MT, my first impression is torque steer and more torque steer even in 4th gear. I was driving it hard so I could get an impression of how it handles, was on back roads. Next time will take it onto a high speed road. Did not hear any rattles, nice engine sound, perhaps a little floaty in the suspension. For me this will take some getting used to since I have always driven low power automatics and my GC is rear wheel, wife has 200 hp escape auto and I do not get this type of torque steer. I really believe that you have to watch yourself on wet or snow covered roads there is so much power, but I was having fun. Makes me think that my next car shoud be Legacy GT with auto but am trapped for two more years in my GC lease. Really dont need GC since my wife owns the Escape. Old Mike
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