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Nissan Altima



  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I know the Jetta 1.8T is more expensive than the Altima is. I have one that I just bought 5 months ago. :)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    OK, just want to make sure we're comparing similarly priced models. $3 grand is a big difference IMO.

    BTW, I went to the NY Auto Show, and the Nissan and Infiniti stands, right next to each other, were easily the most crowded at the whole show. They showed the Z, the G35 sedan, the G35 coupe (gorgeous!), the Murano, and the M45 (ugly!). Plus the whacky new Quest concept.

    The VW stand wasn't nearly as crowded, then again they didn't really have anything new to show, just an anniversary Golf. Mazda was right next to them and was far more crowded.

  • 93fsu193fsu1 Posts: 97
    I just test drove an SL today. Great ride, comfortable seats, love the telscoping steering wheel, but the interior was even crappier than I expected from all of these posts bashing it. I thought it would look cheap, but not this cheap! They also had one with the fake wood trim and it just made things look even worse. I think the huge dash has a lot to do with it, plus they should have used a differrent material.

    I would have bought it on the spot if it wasn't for this glaring weakness. I'll wait for the Murano.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The wheel tilts and telescopes, right? That's pretty rare.

    The wood is optional, most cars don't get it.

    Try the G35 sedan. It has a tad less room in the rear seat, but the leather is glove-soft and it has lots of luxury features. Even the back seat's power window switch is one touch up and down.

    260hp, RWD, what's not to like?

  • speedracer3speedracer3 Posts: 650
    In the latest issue of Motor Trend they showed some sketches of the upcoming Accord. It looks very good (at least the drawings do). The blurb with the drawings mentions Honda's intensions are to go for a great interior a la VW/Audi. IMO if Honda pulls off a great interior with that sleek looking body, it will mean a huge blow for the Altima.
  • aftyafty Posts: 499
    The "wood" trim on the Altima is awful, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

    Steering wheel does both tilt and telescope. It's very nice.

    As for the Accord chasing VW/Audi with their interior, Nissan said the same thing before the Altima came out. We all know how that turned out. I would wait and see before drawing any conclusions.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The Mazda6's interior is definitely a step up for Mazda, so maybe Honda will follow suit. We'll see.

  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    Has anyone placed an infant seat in the Altima. How is the room back there? Does a seat fit behind the driver? I’m 6’3” 260lbs and drive a 97 A4 2.8Q. Needless to say our infant seat can’t fit behind the driver’s seat and the front passenger seat needs to be pushed way-forward to fit behind it.

    The rear bench is basically useless with 1 infant seat back there (will need to put 2 back there soon)

    Like many I’m looking at the Passat, but the $’s and HP of the 3.5 seem compelling (haven’t driving one yet). Interior seems…”ok”…from pictures I’ve seen.
  • storytellerstoryteller Posts: 476
    While we can agree the Altima interior is disappointing, Nissan itself is doing remarkably well. Sales for March are up 15%, led by strong sales of Altima. The Nissan Recovery Program has met its goals a year ahead of schedule. All in all, the resurgence of Nissan is one of the most exciting developments in the auto industry in recent years.

    Some of the criticisms of the Altima interior give the impression Nissan really laid an egg here. Hardly. The Altima's success has helped them recover strength so they can be around to turn out an Altima with a nicer interior in a year or two.
  • zoomzoom79zoomzoom79 Posts: 272
    They did lay a rotten egg. If they had put the cash in the Altima's interior from the go they could justify their high-end pricing more and it would have resulted in more sales. I for one would have a Altima in the driveway if the interior were on par with a Maxima. So they are sacrificing sales now to make more profit and then they have to turn around and spend more R&D to redo the Altimas interior. I'm beginning to see why Nissan got in trouble in the first place.
  • pathmax00pathmax00 Posts: 22
    With 18900+ in March already exceeding capacity the Altima is hardly a rotten egg. I guess all those buyers are stupid and think the altima’s interior is a piece of junk! No one buys a car just for the exterior either. The same people come here over and over again and say the same thing "The interior is cheap" I think we get that your guys don't like it already. I don't like the interior of the Acura mdx its all cheap hard plastic in fact a lot of cars have eliminated soft plastics. If you guys hate the Altima so much why are you here? Go praise whatever car you drive in your own forum. Nissan has and will continue to rebound and be a force.
  • speedracer3speedracer3 Posts: 650
    I think that the average "joe" consumer puts less emphasis on the interior as we car nuts do. Let's not forget that the average american car has a cheap interior and it doesn't stop their sales. The Altima is a good car despite the interior, but it would have been even better if they had spent a few more bucks in there.
  • zoomzoom79zoomzoom79 Posts: 272
    At that rate they will sell about 80,000 Altimas. No where near the volume of the Camry, Accord, and Taurus. I never said Altima buyers were stupid but saying just because they have sold XXX number of Altimas this year doesn't mean anything. Look how many cars Hyundai sold in their first year. Look how many Taurus and Focus models are sold. Hardly the epitomy of quality there.

    I never said I hated the Altima either. In fact I believe I said that if the interior were on par with the rest of the car I would have one. But it's not and I don't. My 00 Civic has a more well put together interior AND soft-touch plastics. Go figure. At $17,000 the Altima's interior might be acceptable to some but at $25,000 - $28,000 it's way below the class standard which includes the Acura TL, 130, and Nissan's own Maxima (which has it's own vice with the rear axle). Maybe they should offer an upgraded interior just in the 3.5 V6 models. It would definitely help justify the cost a little more.
  • gerapaugerapau Posts: 211
    I believe that the 18900+ sales is for March alone. If they continue at that rate they will sell many more then the 80,000 that you mentioned. Still no where near the Camry and Accord but I doubt that Nissan has the capacity to build that many Altimas. As far as the interior goes, I will agree that it may not be as nice as some of the cars available in the $25,000 - $28,000 range. That said though, I believe that you would be hard pressed to find another car in that price range that has as good an engine/drivetrain as the 3.5 SE. To get the TL, that you mentioned, with as powerfull an engine would mean that you would have to go to the Type S and pay much more then the price range that you quoted. While it appears that you, and many others, base your buying descisions more on the interior of a car, I would bet that most people buying the 3.5 SE do so for the fun to drive aspect of the car.
  • March was 18,917. Feb. 14,771. Two month total of 33,688 which is 202,128 for a year. Here's the kicker - Nissan CANNOT build 202K Altimas in a year! Their current capacity (that they have stated) is 190,000 Alitmas per year. The Maxima is on pace to sell about 120-150,000 this year (over 25K in the last two months). So Nissan's Altima/Makima sales of about 300-350,000 will be very comparable to the 350-420K of the Camry or Accord. Not the same numbers, but probably their best ever based on sales.

    Also, alot of the discussion of the interior must be balanced with the sales numbers. I don't recall where I read it (might have been on this site's Altima review) but Nissan is selling 4 4-cyl models for every v6 SE. Given that the price for the 4-cyls is significantly less, many people are obviously happy with the interior they are getting in their $20-25K Altmia S or SL.
  • joe249joe249 Posts: 95
    When does it come out"
  • pathmax00pathmax00 Posts: 22
    I’m sorry I should have clarified that the 18900+ figure was the month of March only! I also agree that once you get over 25000 the interior should be better. I do believe that it will get better as Nissan recovery continues. Toyota and Honda are full of money and can afford to pump in the extra dollars at this time, but even these two giants are cost cutting lately.

    If the Altima had my Maxima's interior I would have one! If I was in the market for a 17000 to 22000 family car that’s can seat five comfortably the Altima wins without question!
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    We drove a 3.5 Manual today...My wife actually said she likes it...not that it was ok...that she liked it.

    I was too busy looking out the windshield and flying through the gears to notice much of the interior. Though I do like well designed interiors...former A6 now A4...looking seriously at Passat.
  • kelly523kelly523 Posts: 18
    ivan_99, I have a 2.5S with a child seat installed. I'm 6' tall, and the child seat fits fine in the back seat with plenty of room for my daughter to move her legs. However, my seat isn't all the way back. Hope I don't sound like Captain Obvious, but I'd suggest placing your seat in the car and then checking on how you and it fit inside.

    In terms of interior quality and fit/finish, there have been improvements in the more recent cars built when compared to the earlier cars. Mine was built in Feb 02 and I was pleased to see a higher level of fit and finish in terms of fabric quality, alignment of seams, etc. Yes, the plastic is hard, but since I don't sit on it I didn't worry too much about it.
  • bqwaietbqwaiet Posts: 8

    Sorry if this has been covered before in advance. I have a question regarding tires on the 2002 Altima 3.5's. The Nissan website and literature says that the manual, (I have ordered one supposed to be here 4/30, canNOT wait, but guess I gotta), anyway the tires on the 5 sp. are supposed to be P215/55VR17 V-rated Tires and on the Automatic they are supposed to be P215/55HR17 H-rated Tires. V for very high speed I am told, and H for High speed, something to do with the amount of time they can go at high speed, in any case better tires than the R's w/ the V being the highest of the 3.

    I just went to a nearby dealer and had a peek, and both the auto and the manual had R rated tires, which bummed me out, so Nissan is playing a switcheroo, can anyone clarify what they have recently recieved if they recently got one or what they are seeing at the dealers, and also is there anything I can do if/when my car arrives w/ the R's. I saw the Nissan website states that it can change any specs without notice, so I'm guessing not.

    Whaddaya think? Also, if you are familiar with these tire ratings and can expound a bit that would be nice.
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