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Lincoln LS Fault Codes

jay556jay556 Member Posts: 3
edited May 2014 in Lincoln

My lincoln seemed to lose some of its forward power and so I got one of those code readers to see what was going on. Originally it showed a number of C0 codes. I ended up clearing them thinking it may have just gone into a limp mode. Anyways after clearing them I took it for a drive around the block, the power seemed better but then the 'E' came on the dash. I rescanned the codes and it has the following:

Powertrain - Auxilliary Emission Controls - ISO/SAE Controlled
P0403 - Exhaust gas re circulation "A" control circuit
P0443 - Evaporative emission system purge control valve circuit
P0446 - EVAP system canister vent solenoid fault conditions

Powertrain - Transmission - ISO/SAE Controlled
P0743 - Torque converter clutch circuit electrical
P0755 - Shift solenoid 2 circuit conditions
P0760 - Shift solenoid 3 circuit conditions
P0962 - Pressure control solenoid "A" control circuit low
P0966 - Pressure control solenoid "B" control circuit low
P0970 - Pressure control solenoid "B" control circuit low

Regarding the emission control items (the first 3), the last time i had the car to the Ford dealer he indicated there was some problem with my catalytic converter and that there were some error codes related to that. He suggested not bothering to fix them because quite expensive and not really needed.

The powertrain/transmission codes are maybe more worrysome? I have done a bunch of web searching to find out if anything I might be able to do/check - haven't found anything meaningful to me. Thought I would post here on Edmunds to see if anyone has any suggestions. Might it be a simple fix or is it necessary for me to trudge down to the Ford dealer and pay them a bucket load to scan themselves and tell me what needs repair. Any suggestions/guidance greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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    jay556jay556 Member Posts: 3

    Took to dealer. Turned out to be aux fuse #106. The fuse was worth about 25 cents but the repair cost me $150. Their diagnosing of the problem took them a little time I guess.

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