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Transmission saga continues- my car is a medical mystery

ladylollieladylollie Member Posts: 1
edited May 2014 in Mazda

I am posting this in hopes that someone has some ideas as to what may be going on with my car.
I have owned my 2006 Tribute for just about 3 years now. 18 months ago my O/D Off light started flashing, and the transmission started slipping between gears. I took it to my local AAMCO (there really isn't another transmission place in the area) who said the transmission failed and needs to be replaced or rebuilt.
They said a rebuild will essentially mean I would be getting a new transmission and recommended that as our rout. I agreed. They rebuilt the transmission, and $3000 later, I had my car back. AAMCO put a 12 month/12,000 warranty on it and all I was good.

That is until this last month when the transmission started slipping between gears again (this was a low speeds, between 2 and 3) and the OD Off light started flashing again.

AAMCO read the code and said it was reading for issues with 4th gear, and that without pulling it out they have no way of knowing. Of course the warranty had just expired a few month prior, but AAMCO was willing to "work with me". They pulled out the transmission, said they replaced a belt which looked to have burn marks on it, a few valves, said it looked good put it back in the car (charged me $1,300) and sent me home.

100 ft away from the shop my engine light came on, I turned around, they read the code said O2 censor (which was an issue before) cleared the code and sent me on my way. When I got home I realized none of my car remotes (to lock/unlock car) are not working and will not allow us to reprogram them.

On my way down to work the next day the OD Off light started flashing again. I drove it back to AAMCO. They held it for another week saying they troubleshoot it all, replaced a few sensors, the car seems to be shifting just fine, but they can't get the OD Off light to stop flashing.

After a week of this I asked to take my car back to try and drive it (since they said that they fixed everything and the only problem is the light, and probably a computer issue). Well, the car will not accelerate, it bucks between gear 1 and 2, does 2 to 3 OK, but when it tries to go from 3 to 4 is struggles to switch gears, and will usually struggle going past 40mph.
The OD Off goes on and off. Sometimes the car does OK sometimes it struggles.

if you read this whole thing and have any advice/ideas as to what might be going on, it would be really appreciated!!!

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