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Toyota Sequoia Accessories and Modifications



  • lumber2lumber2 Posts: 184
    Contact av electronics and see if the can supply the parts (no connection)
  • usairj1usairj1 Posts: 5
    What was the Brand of the Deflector? I would love to put the same one on my new 2004 Salsa Red SR5. Additionally, I just purchased a set of Vizualogic 7" A1000 DVD Headrests from These have the DVD built into the screen itself. What would be the best TV Tuner to add onto the system? Also where did you get your 900mhz headphones? I know I'm full of questions, but this is gonna be FUN!!
  • tbltexttbltext Posts: 21
    Ever watch monster garage on Discovery channel? Well Jesse James the customize guy, had suggested on one of the shows, when you put larger rims on any truck it would be foolish to not upgrade the braking system, I guess he meant putting larger calipers or something.. I saw this episode a while ago and wasn't really paying to much attention, put that caught my ear. I had been considering 20" on my old vechile but once I heard that comment, I put the money in the bank, not worth risking my families life on astetics. Could by why some have braking issues...
    feel free to comment if you saw this show...
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    Didn;t see this but I do know I should get upgraded brakes. That's why I driver slower when I have my 20's on. I have 15k miles on my truck now and when I need new brakes I'll probably replace them with upgraded brakes (that is if I don't give my truck to to my wife to drive regularly...I have an annoying ticking noise in my sunroof area that the dealer can't fix,thats got me wanting to get rid of it).
  • I have looked all over the web but still can't find any company that make clear corner for my 2005 sequoia. Can anyone help??
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    You are probably right. No one makes it. At least from my research as well.
  • carlosmcarlosm Posts: 3

    I was planning on adding Fog Lights myself. How did the installation go? Did the fog lamps fit good? Did they come with the appropriate wiring harness?

    Thanks for you help.
  • sahdsahd Posts: 1
    Are you still towing with this vehicle?
    I need to add a hitch / wiring to my 2003 soon and would be interested in how yours is still working.

    Did you check with the dealer for installing this for you?

    Both the hitch dealers and toyota dealers I have spoken with say there is no part to extend the trailer harness from under the vehicle to the bumper.

    Thanks. SAHD
  • lait2000lait2000 Posts: 33
    Yes, I am still using my TOY to towing my boat and my Jetskies. All Hitch & Wiring and my 10.4" Overhead ROSEN DVD I installed by myself. A Hitch & Wiring I paid around $180 and very easy to install. If your TOY doesn't come with the towing package then you will need addition relay. This cost about $25. You don't have to cut or cream anything. Just plug and play. This will save a lot of money. I am trying to figure out how to post pictures on this forums so anyone can view. These are exactly same as installed from TOYOTA manufacture. You can leave your email here. I will send you all details.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
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  • deathvarkdeathvark Posts: 2
    I've been considering bigger wheels (no bigger than 20' though) when I read these replies....
    The only thing I don't understand, is WHY DO YOU HAVE AN OPTIONAL 20' WHEELS from the FACTORY?
    If you go to Toyota website and start building your Sequoia, the TOYOTA itself gives you an option to have them on your car. I saw one on the dealership, when I was buying my '05 4 days ago - Enkei 20' wheels (I think the Deep 6 model) and 295/45/20 tires. So I would imagine, that Toyota has tested the wheels and suspension, prior to offering it to the market? I don't know if that option was available in '04, but it is now.
    I can understand, when people go crazy and put 24-26' rims with low-profile tires, but 20' rims with some 285/50 or 295/45 leave just a tad smaller "meat" between the rim and the pavement...
    Wouldn't you agree?
    Max :confuse:
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    I totally agree. 24's or 26's are crazy because you will probably have 35 or 40 series tires on it which you can easily damage your wheels. Not only that, how in the heck will you be able to change out a tire if you get a flat? I'm not the strongest guy , but my 20's are pretty darn heavy.
  • skifamilyskifamily Posts: 1
    Hi owners

    Can anyone reccomend a particular brand (Toyota, Weather Tech, Husky) that makes the best rubber floor mats for the Sequoia. In particular, I would like the 2nd row mat to spand across the width of the 2nd row so the trampling kids have a place to put their muddy ski boots.

    Thanks in advance...

    Also, the cargo area mat are also what I'm looking at too
  • johnshome1johnshome1 Posts: 8
    I have the Husky liner. It goes from the rear hatch area to the foot area of the 3rd row seat. You take the 3rd row seats out, cut the premarked cutouts for the seats, and place the mat down, putting the 3rd row back in.

    As you are looking for the 2nd row, I can only say that I've owned Husky liners in the rear cargo area on all of my SUV's (total of 4 over the years) and they are great. I've also used the Carpeted Catchall Mats. These are great, as you can take them out, hose them off, hang them to dry overnight, and put them back in and they look good as new. Plus they tend to match better than just the rubber Husky mats.

    I've ordered from muliple times. They are about the cheapest and quickest, and would recommend them again.
  • jmccooljmccool Posts: 5
    Hello All,

    I have a 2006 Sequoia 4wd and want to install a lift kit on the front only, just to level the vehicle. The lift kit I like is a coil over replacement such as the Fabtech with adjustable lift. Does anyone have a kit like this installed and want to share their experiences? My biggest concern is wear to the CV joints due to increased angle. I'm assuming with auto disconnect hubs the CV joints turn even with 4wd turned off. I would also be curious as to what the maximum tire size is that I can mount to the 16x8 factory alloy wheel.

    Thanks for any input, advice.

  • motorawaymotoraway Posts: 3
    Hey all-

    Sorry to bother the masses with something so mundane, but I've been trying to determine what most of you are using to clean and polish the wheels on the Sequoia. I'm assuming most of the accessories and mods group are "enthusiasts" so if I've posted in the wrong spot forgive me. I've got a 2004 Limited 4x4 in black and I can get it looking pretty sharp but the wheels never seem to stay clean for any amount of time. I know the factory 17" wheels are "alloy" but does anyone have any suggestions on shining them without pitting or etching them?

  • luvmytoyluvmytoy Posts: 1
    Just got my '05 Limited LE Sequoia four days ago. Absolutely love it.

    The factory installed DVD player will allow you to play the video on the Navigation screen (in addition to the drop-down second row screen) when the transmission is in Park and the Parking Brake is set. Now I can totally understand the liability reasons for inhibiting showing the DVD video while the vehicle is moving, but it does kinda stink for the front seat passenger on road trips. I'd love to hear if anyone has found a way to enable DVD video on the Nav screen when the car is out of Park and the parking brake is off.
  • Can anyone tell me where I can get some discounted leather seats to put in my Sequoia?
  • fnkshtlfnkshtl Posts: 1
    What's up

    I'm glad to have a sight for Sequoia owners. I have an SR5 with 22" rims 305/40/22 tires, for about a year and I haven't had any problems so far. They rub a little when locking out (u-turns). The ride to me is not much different than my factory rims and tires. It's a daily driver.
  • jerivas69jerivas69 Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2005 Sequoia and I'm very disapointed because I was told by the dealer that they do not have a satellite radio kit (either XM or Sirius). I really want to have it integrated with the navigation system, does anyone know who makes the 2005 navigation systems for the Sequoias???? I been told Fujitsu Ten and I been told Denso. Also, does anyone know how I can add XM to my navigation system??
  • docondocon Posts: 1
    Just got our 05 limited sequoia and we have the same question. Surely someone can figure out a way around this issue so that the passenger can enjoy movies on long rides. Any luck?
  • chipdipchipdip Posts: 2
    i had just got a new 05 myself, i read your question and thought that would be nice. so i went to observe the issue. i found there is a green wire at your e-brake switch on the peddle. i'm not possitive right now but in a bit i will unhook it and see if it works. i'm 70% sure that is the wire. i'm not sure if it needs to be grounded or just free. i will reply later with the answer.
  • chipdipchipdip Posts: 2
    i should have known better, it's a toyota one wire isn't going to fix anything, somehow it also works off of the wheel sensors. i'm going to have to look at a wiring diagram for this one. but if anyone has a fix already that would be nice.
  • Let us know what you come up with. I wouldn't know how to read the wiring diagram and I do want to be able to route the video to the front while moving - for the passenger of course!

  • czechm8czechm8 Posts: 23
    This might be of help to you. The Toyota NAV units are made by Fujutsu Ten/Eclipse. I just installed an Eclipse AVN30D, which is a model only available to dealers as an aftermarket upgrade. It is essentially the Eclipse AVN5435, but without pre-amp outputs and also includes a direct plug in for the steering wheel controls on my '05 Sequoia.
    My '05 did not have the factory NAV, but there is a small molex plug that only has three wires in it that should be plugged into your factory head unit (mine was just taped out of the way). One wire is the reverse sensor wire, which is used to activate the rear camera I installed when you put the tranny in reverse. It also is used for the NAV to detect when you are moving in reverse. If I remember correctly, this wire is black/yellow. Another wire (I think it was green/orange is the speed pulse wire. This is used to monitor/calibrate your forward speed. The third wire is the parking brake relay. This is used to disable the DVD playback and NAV destination changes when the parking brake is off.
    With my Eclipse head unit, I simply had to ground the wire that is supposed to attach to the factory parking brake wire. This tricks the head unit into thinking the parking brake is on and all the previously disabled functions are now available to you.
    You should easily be able to test this by pulling your factory NAV head unit out and finding the small plug I mentioned with the three wires. I just used a pin-point tester and confirmed the wires by putting the transmission in reverse and seeing wich wire goes hot. The same can be done with the parking brake wire. Once you figure out which is the parking brake wire, you can simply ground it and that should defeat your parking brake relay.

    If you have not already, you folks should seriously check out forums. There are hundreds of Tundra and Sequoia owners on that forum that deal or have dealt witht these issues everyday. If you become a subscribing member like myself, you will have access to all the TSB's (technical service bullitins) that are published by Toyota as well as wiring diagrams, schematics, etc. for your specific vehicle. I would be seriously lost if it weren't for the good folks on that forum.

    Good luck!
  • rmartin1rmartin1 Posts: 2
    I just purchased an 05 Limited with the 10-speaker system, but I cannot find 10 speakers. I can see the tweeters and door mounts (2 tweeters, 4 door mounts) but where are the rest? I don't hear a sub-woofer anywhere....anyone know where Toyota put the rest?

  • czechm8czechm8 Posts: 23
    I have an '05 w/10 speaker also. It's odd how Toyota counts!
    Front doors:
    tweeters in A-pillars = 2
    7" Woofers in door = 2
    2" Midrange in door = 2

    Rear doors:
    Coaxial in each door = 4 ( I guess a coaxial counts as 2 speakers!)
    That's it. No subwoofer.

    By the way, the factor JBL amp is under the black catch tray in the center console. Just pop it out and you will see it.
  • rmartin1rmartin1 Posts: 2
    Thanks czechm8!

    Odd is the right word for the speaker count.

  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    Wonder if theres a way to upgrade that amp with an aftermarket. I haven;t popped it out to tAKE A look, but does it look like a typical amp with ground, remote, and power wires?
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