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Toyota Sequoia Accessories and Modifications



  • Where did you get your backup sensors? I was searching online for some and the website I came up with that looked the best was They seem to have great promotions everytime I check on them. But I like to hear about a company before I buy. Has anyone bought from them?
  • I am looking for backup sensors to put on my Sequoia. Reverse Backing Systems has back up cameras as well as sensors. I think that is the company I am going to go through. I backed into someone last month and it is costing me waaay too much! if anyone knows anything about this company let me know. i like to hear good things before I buy from them. They seem pretty good.. good deals and promotions
  • aliminalimin Posts: 80
    I had my dealer install a 2 sensor ultrasonic back-up alert system from a company called Trilogix Electronics Systems from Ottawa, Ontario. Product is called "Driving Aid Wireless Vehicle Back-up Alert System" and my model is the BAT-2W. Two ultrasonic sensors are placed on the rear bumper leading to a main control box. That box wirelessly sends signals to the display unit, usually located near the rear view mirror. Because of the side air bags, mine is mounted on the top of the dash near the left side. The unit beeps when the Seq is in reverse, increasing until a steady tone means you're about a foot away from hitting something. There's also a display of distance, but I usually depend on the audio to keep out of trouble. It has been handy for parallel parking. I think it was around $200 installed.
  • I need some advice please. What are thoughts on a grille guard for the Sequoia? I do take it wheelin-not that hard though, so it's would be mostly a cosmetic thing. I also would like to have a place to put some more lights, we live in
    CO. and do lots of driving out in the middle of nowhere and the extra lighting would be great. Also, if anyone would have a pic, that would be great.
    It's an 06 timberland jade limited. The grille guard would cover the the whole front end and be black.
    Thanks for the comments.
  • I'm about ready to get a 2006 Sequoia in next week and still have time to add the Nav system before it leaves the port. Is it worth the money and can it be keep up-to-date?? Also, who makes it? Thanks..Harry
  • Does anyone know if the Navigation and DVD in the 2005 Limited can be bypassed to allow use during driving. The DVD front monitor is what I am refering to during driving.
  • Does anyone know if the Navigation and DVD in the 2005 Limited can be bypassed to allow use during driving. The DVD front monitor is what I am refering to during driving.
  • So, let me get this straight - You want to be able to watch a DVD while you're driving?! Perhaps you'd enjoy a good conversation on your cell phone at the same time too.

    Just do all of us a favor and tell us what roads you drive - so the rest of us can avoid them.
  • Very helpful comment. Mostly want my passenger to be able to input Nav while in route and for my kid in the middle seat to have a better view at a screen. And now that you mention it, it would be nice if the Sequioa had bluetooth for the cell phones like the Land Cruiser.
  • I recently purchased a 2005 Sequoia and I'm looking to upgrade the sound system. Any recommendations, personal experiences or don't dos?
  • I have a new 06 Limited arriving in the next two weeks custom built so I could get the luxury option with the 2nd seat as a bench as opposed to the quad buckets. Question is can the Nav. system come with the 3-1 JBL 6 disc. changer? I have 01 now and that has the changer and don't want to loose this feature. Dealer printout on this vehicle show a am/fm cd single disc. but dealer says its wrong anyone know whats right? Thanks
  • We have the 2005 Limited. Got it in April-May. We got it built with Nav and premium sound. They said at the time we could not get changer. At present using single CD system behind Nav screen. A hasle when your used to a changer. Would have to be a 2006 change.
  • thanks for the note on this I phoned the dealer this AM and they said that if it showed up with a sigle they will change it out and that this car can have a factory changer.
  • anyone have instructions for adding an additional keyless remote to a 2004 sequoia?
  • FYI..I decided not to get the nav system. I thought for almost $2000 I would do better with the Garmin 2730 due out in Jan 06 for a little over $1000. And it comes with XM radio which for some unknown reason the Sequoia does not!
  • If you have the JBL 10 speaker premium system, then you are in for a wild ride.
    The external amp is located under the tray in the center console. While it is an analog amp, it is turned on by a digital signal from the head unit. So the amp is useless without the head unit to turn it on.
    The three-way component sytem in the front doors is also an odd setup. Tweeter is in the sail panel of door, 7" woofer and 2" mid are located in the lower door. Crossovers are built into the factory amp. There are coaxials in the rear doors.
    Depending on what your desires for a new system are, you will be much better off replacing the entire system like I did. For the reasons mentioned above, replacing any one of the factory system components is difficult and the resultant increase in sonic quality will be small.
    Consult a local audio install shop for suggestions and find out if they have experience with your specific vehicle.
  • Yes, it can be bypassed. Not permanently, but by a series of keystrokes to access a setting on the setup screens. It re-sets itself every time you turn off the vehicle.
  • Hi,
    I saw your pictures on your mods and was just lookng at the running board lights. I was just in the garage thinking how I could do this add on myself.
    I was wandering if you can help me out here. Where did you get the lights firstly, and how did you wire them in? are they wired so they come on when you hit the remote entry or when you turn on the lights or signals? If you have a play by play install method, that be fantastic. Really appreciate your help on this.
  • I just bought a 2006 Toyota Sequoia SR5. The salesman told me they could install a 10 inch DVD, but today I was told they are not able to do that due to the the way the middle console is installed on the top of the ceiling. It is the kind that has a few compartments for sunglasses. Does anyone know if a 7 to 10 inch DVD screen can be installed on this car (email me with a picture)? Is there another company that can do it (bay area)?
  • I have a 2001 Sequoia and went with the 2" levelling kit (Metal Spacer) on the front. I had the same concern with the CV angle. The cure was to add 1" spacers to lower the front differential (available from Total Chaos).

    My goal was to increase travel, so I couldn't stop there. My next concern was the stock ball joint, so I replaced the upper control arm with Total Chaos arms which allow for increased travel with a much stronger ball joint. Of course the increased travel also means new Bilstein shocks and a limit strap. I fit 285/75/16 BFG KMs with minimal rub to the mud flap.... so they had to be removed and replaced with a chunk of mud flap off an 18 wheeler. I did not loose any turning radius, but there is a slight frame rub at full turn... not enough to bind up. The truck handles great on and off road.

    Posted photo today with list of mods in the photo forum.
  • :shades: My kids have lost the remote to the factory installed DVD player. I called the dealer and the remote is $130.00. Does anyone know if you can actually control the player somewhere without a remote? Are there other places to purchase this remote. I also read that the newly purchased remote may have to be programmed? I LOVE MY SEQUOIA!!
  • I think you need a dealer or audio installer that knows what they are doing. It's just an excuse because the dealer doesn't know what they are doing. Run away, fast! I have an '05 with the sun roof and a 15" overhead monitor, so it is definately something that can be done.
  • See my posted #1101 on the problem section on this forum. I posted 2 procedures: one for transponder key and one for remote.
  • Does anyone know where I can purchase the SMOKE BLACK chrome package?
  • Hello
    I am going to install 2 amp on the factory stereo. Does anyone have any suggestions where to mount them.
  • dcoxdcox Posts: 3
    Check out for some other options. I have the A1000 model and have been very pleased. The replacement headrests match the leather perfectly. Installation is much less invasive and they can be taken out if you sell/trade the vehicle. A competent local car audio/video dealer should be able to do this easy!
  • We lostm our remote for our sequoia also... What did you find out about replacement or using the palyer with out it?

    Thanks :)
  • I have a quick question. I currently own a 2001 Sequoia Limited with the JBL sound system. It sounds like both speakers in the front doors are blown, so I'm thinking about just replacing all of the speakers at once (with the exception of the tweeters). Has anyone replaced the speakers themselves? I'm not looking to spend a fortune, so it would be nice if I could do it myself. Also, if anyone has any advice as to what type of speakers to use with the factory head unit/amp, it would be appreciated.
  • baglebagle Posts: 5
    i dont know but i jsut put on a afe intake and love it and have had no problems
  • baglebagle Posts: 5
    I just put a AFE intake on my sequoia and love it. install was easy and the hp was a noticeable difference. and for a gas applications thats very rare. fuel mileage has went up about 1.5 mpg. on the hwy 65 mph iam getting 24 mpg. i have no check engine codes like i hear with the K&N. this was a nice couple hundred $$$ well spent. :shades:
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