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Toyota Sequoia Maintenance and Repair



  • rkasperrkasper Posts: 3
    I have an intermittent problem with my gas gauge. I have an 03 Sequoia which has been problem free until now. The "Distance To Empty" (DTE) shows that there's lots of gas but the gauge reads empty and the gas light is on. Anyone else have this problem? Does anyone know the fix? Any help would be appreciated.
  • lubes4u2lubes4u2 Posts: 8
    I've tried to talk to two different Toyota dealers in Tulsa (Riverside / Jim Norton ) and both want to reduce the trade-in value by over $6K yet they say the lights have no bearing on their decision; yeah right !
  • vickruc1vickruc1 Posts: 10
    I also had this problem with my 2003 Seq Limited. It was still under bumper to bumper but my dealer saw the issue, knew what the fix was, and solved it the first time correctly. I believe it was a sending unit. Liberty Toyota in Burlington NJ. All of my service there has been honest and reasonable. (I've also had work done on my 98 Camry out of warranty)
  • rkasperrkasper Posts: 3
    Thanks vickruc1. I have an extended warranty but they want to charge me a diagnostic fee, plus there's a $50 deductible. Too bad I don't live in Jersey -- I'm in North Idaho so not too convenient. My dealership here has not seen the problem. I am hoping to get more answers and that they agree in what the problem is. That for the info on the sending unit.
  • xman1035xman1035 Posts: 52
    I have a 2002 Toyota Sequoia SR5 4x4 with 45,000 miles on it and a two days ago the VSC, Trac, ABS, and brake lights came on. I had the brakes serviced at my local Toyota Dealer in January of this year. The brakes work fine and so does the vehicle. I have had no problems with my Sequoia until now and I have it serviced by Toyota routinely. I have read on this site and on that others have had the same problem. I appears to me that this brake system light problem is very common for 2000-2003 Sequoias. I will file a complaint with NHTSA ( as I see this as a serious safety issue. I bought a Toyota for reliability and safety. I will take my Sequoia to the dealer and see how much this is going to cost me. I will keep all of you posted.
  • markg1717markg1717 Posts: 2
    I too have had ongoing issues witht the VSC TRAC and ABS lights on my wife's 2003 Sequoia Ltd. The lights began coming on at about 25k at which point the dealer suggested we replace the brakes (apparently there were fault codes but they were lost as they were pulling them...). The brake replacement fixed the problem temporarily. The lights came on again at about 35k. This time the dealer thought that the issue was a faulty wheel sensor but apparently was able to get the lights to go off after tapping the sensor (they felt that maybe a loose piece of rust had made its way into the sensor). At 48k they came on again and this time they replaced the traction control computer to the tune of $1,600. After arguing, they agreed to split the cost with me. The lights have just come on again (54k), only 10 months after the computer replacement and now the dealer wants to charge me $600 to replace a wheel sensor. Needless to say I have 0 confidence that they are diagnosing the problem correctly. The service tech can't even tell me what the safety risk is by continuing to drive the car with the lights on. I bought a Toyota for their reliability but this is ridiculous. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • markg1717markg1717 Posts: 2
    Can you say more about re-setting the VSC/Brake light? How do you do this? It's been constant annoyance for my wife's 2003 Sequoia since about 20k miles. Thanks.
  • lubes4u2lubes4u2 Posts: 8
    Didn't know resetting the VSC Trac Lights was something the owner could do on their own. That would be cool. If possible, I'd like to know about this too. Filed a complaint with the NHTSB this morning. Thanks.
  • myotamyota Posts: 2
    I'm new here so, hello.
    I have an 03 sequoia 4wd w 133k on it and have a loud roaring noise. I replaced both front wheel bearings and the noise is still there. Any help?
  • myotamyota Posts: 2
    I had the same prob when I changed my brakes, I would suggest that you disconnect the battery for about 1 min and let the computer reset it self. It worked for me. It's amazing that I found this board and every single problem described is a problem I have had or am having currently.
  • alannutsalannuts Posts: 2
    The gas gauge basically reads a resistance to ground. The function of the sender is to change this resistance as the float in the tank goes up and down. There are four types of settings, and I don't remember which one Toyota uses, but the cause could be a signal wire touching ground, a sunken or partially sunken float, or a bad sending unit. I tend to agree with the guy in PA that the sending unit is the most likely suspect because you said it was intermittant.

  • alannutsalannuts Posts: 2
    It drives me crazy that the doors lock when you put the car in gear. Especially when I get out of the car and try to get something out of the back seat. I have a 2002 Sequoia. Does anyone know of a way to disable this feature while leaving all other lock functions working? BTW, Ford allows for this feature to be programable using the keyless entry pad.
  • 19841984 Posts: 16
    see your owners manual - you can override.
  • rynick2rynick2 Posts: 9
    I had this warning light come on after my warranty had expired. The dealer I purchased from wanted to repair at a cost of close to $2000.00 I called Toyota corporate and complained but they said I had to take it up with my dealer they would not help. I conferred with another dealer who also diagnosed the problem the same as dealer 1. They said the computer was out and the ABS function was not working but brakes would continue to operate safely just without ABS. Dealer #2 contacted Toyota corporate and went to bat for me. They ended up getting Toyota to warranty the computer and charged me the labor close to 400.00 It all comes down to the dealer if the part is out of warranty.
  • lubes4u2lubes4u2 Posts: 8
    Glad to hear someone is getting results from Toyota Corporate; they are anything but helpful to myself or most here on this site. If anyone has further contacts, we would be much appreciative.
  • mytoyotamytoyota Posts: 1
    I have a "06 with 4500 miles and it has done this since day one. I've had it in to the dealer 2 times and they won't even acnoulage that something is there. What I've figure is happening is as I brake and am almost to a stop, the transmission down shifts and the RPM's jump up a little as this happens and kind of lurches the vehicle forward just as it's about to stop giving me the sensation that "I've been rear ended". This phenomenon also happens after I've come to a complete stop and am sitting for up to 10 seconds. The transmission will down shift, you see the Tach. Jump a little and the vehicle lurches.

    I also have a problem with the vehicle drifting hard to the right when I let loose of the wheel. This occurs even on flat roads with no crown. The dealer insist it’s only from the crown in the road and I agree that there is some to be expected but no matter how little crown I’m off the road within 50’ or so.
  • I have a 2002 Sequoia - 34,500 miles. This problem just started with mine as well. I'll be fighting with the dealer for a new computer.
  • Your "lurching" issue appears to be somewhat different than what I am experiencing as I have never noticed the feeling of "being rear-ended". There's definitely something going on since there are similiar issues with the TRAC lights on models from 2001 thru 2006.
  • Help! 01 Sequoia 92k 2wd. Can't get the rear liftgate to open. I can hear the lock work when I hit the remote so I'm assuming it's the cable assembly. Murphy's law kicked in and I have a 4" nail sticking out of the sidewall of my left rear tire. My spare has never been used so my plan was to replace the damaged tire with it and use another tire I already have for a spare.

    The owners manual was pretty vague about where the hole to crank the spare down is located, but as best I could tell it's on the rear door sill and the door must be opened to lower spare. Is this correct and does anyone have suggestions as to how to remove spare with the rear hatch closed?

    Also can you recommend a good online dealer to buy the cable assembly? I called a local dealer and asked for a repair estimate over the phone and was told to expect $450-$500.I've got a good friend who owns a great body shop and he said bring it over so I can avoid the dealer ripoff but I need a source for the parts. I found the part #s by doing a forum search but could find no info on a trusted online partshouse. Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post.

    As a side note: You've always heard the saying, No good deed goes unpunished? Well my tale is proof. Knowing that I had an extra car, a close friend asked if I'd rent him my Seq. for a week so he could haul his extended family on a weeks vacation. Not going many miles but needs space. I hated being asked but I'd trust this guy with my life so I said "Mike, I don't want money, I won't miss the truck. Take it." He insists and gives my $250. We're both members of the same Sunday School class so I say "OK half goes in the collection plate"
    The rear latch broke and the tire was ruined while he had it. No good deed goes unpunished.
  • 72heaven72heaven Posts: 17
    I have an 02 Sequoia also. But my auto locks don't engage until after I take off. Then when I go to "park" the latches dis-engage.
  • jisjrjisjr Posts: 2
    Just had the same thing happen on my '01 LTD. Dealer looked up under the handle to the liftgate and said that a little plastic piece which connects the handle to the cable had broken. Ordering the piece Monday and hoping it is an easy fix.

    Had to really squint to see the break.
  • stein1stein1 Posts: 2
    I also have a cracked manifold gasket in my 2001 seqouia and called Toyota to complain. I spoke to the rep who said he never heard of any complaints before about this. I found that hard to believe seeing about how much this problem has been written about on this site and others. I also told him about the VERY common rear window proble and again, never heard of any complaints about that either. It seems that unless we as owners contact Toyota and complain about these problems they are able to say they know nothing about them. This is a very expensive repair that seems to affect this truck and Toyota should either do a recall or address this issue. If anybody else has had problems this is the number to call : 18003314331. Press option 4 then option 3 then wait to speak to a rep. Hopefully they will address this and reimburse those of us who had to replace this part.
  • manamymanamy Posts: 4
    I'm in the same predicament. I think my father in law actually broke my rear door latch by slamming the door. But he was loading some groceries that he had bought for my wife! Anyway, I have talked to a couple of dealers about this latch and the only way to get the door to open is to remove the back panel which they say is very difficult. I may try to remove myself if its going to cost$400-$500.
    As to the tire, the hole is located on the sill. You may be able to look under and see if it could be cranked down from underneath the car. :lemon:
  • The lock actuator broke. Couldn't get the spare down until that was fixed so you could get the rear hatch open to get to the crank hole. Sure not as handy as GMs thru the bumper crank hole. My buddy says you don't EVER want that to happen again. He put a screw in the plastic piece to reinforce the cable and lubed and greased everything good. Charged me $280 and I gave him $300.
  • manamymanamy Posts: 4
    I am amazed that there is not a hidden cable that you could pull as an emergency to get the rear door open. I will be honest, I like the truck but the repairs for it are very expensive. It may be time to try an american car again. For $280, if you are located near Chicago I will have you guy fix mine too!
  • manamymanamy Posts: 4
    yes mine was just out of warranty and had to come up with $2000. :lemon:
  • jisjrjisjr Posts: 2
    Had the same problem on my 2001 LTD. Saved myself $350 for a new motor by having the old motor taken apart and the contacts on the brushes wiped clean. Apparently, with little or no use, the contacts may form some rust on the surface and prohibit any 'real contact' between the surface. Once cleaned, the rear windows opens and closes beautifully.
  • My 2003 4WD Sequoia SR5 makes a noise when I turn to the left at 10-30 MPH between a 1/4 and 1/2 turn of the steering wheel. If I'm going slower or faster, or make a sharper or more gradual turn it won't make the noise. Turning to the right doesn't make the noise either. It makes the noise whether in 2WD or 4WD modes. It is a metallic sounding "rhythmic" noise that is related to speed. In other words, it is faster at 30 MPH than it is at 10 MPH. The dealer looked over the front suspension completely but found nothing wrong. We replaced the front tires since they were ~75% worn, but it made no difference. Any suggestions?
  • I have a 2005 sequoia Sport model. This model came equipped with an air suspension system. Every time I go over a speed bump or small bump in the road it feels like my rear suspension bottoms out. The dealer told me that this is normal due to the air suspension, but I refuse to believe that this is the feeling of a almost new rear suspension. Anybody have any issues like mine. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks...
  • dgutdgut Posts: 12
    My 2001 sequoia has done the same thing. In 2004 is when the problem first started. The VSC lights would come on and beep and we would loose traction briefly at random times (small bumps, trying to get out into traffic quickly). Sometimes the VSC warning lights would come on and stay on for days. We brought it to our local dealer and were told nothing was wrong, possibly a malfunction of the yaw rate sensor but it was functioning normally. It was mostly an annoyance until 8/18/06. 3 hours into a 14 hour road trip the VSC lights came on and there was beeping, again annoying but scary. We had just had the car into our dealer for a check engine light on 8/3/06. As usual, they said everything was working fine and that it was probably just a loose gas cap. Which we had heard several times before when the check engine light was on. We arrived at our destination, parked car for about 1 hour. Drove about 1 mile when the VSC went into total activation in traffic. This incident was different than before. Like your wife my husband had no way to stop the vehicle. The brakes do not work when this happens and all power to the engine is cut. All you can do is try to get off the road. We were almost rear ended and we had to go up on someone's lawn. We brought the car to the local dealer (Columbia, SC). $191 later, we were told it was just a sensor problem not a equipment failure and the part would take 3 days to get. Service rep advised us to drive vehicle back to CT and have sensor replaced there and that it was perfectly safe to drive the vehicle. That was a mistake! We were going 70 mph on an interstate in heavy trailer truck traffic when the VSC went into total activation for no reason. We could have been killed if we were not in the right lane and had a shoulder to get onto. When the shoulder ran out we were 1 foot away from a guardraid in front of us and about 1 foot away from passing trailer trucks going 70 mph. It was terrifying! We drove home slowly in the right hand lane. The next day I made an appointment with our dealer. I drove very slowly on all back roads. About 2 miles from dealer VSC went into total activation AGAIN. This was the first time I had experienced this. It had happened to me before briefly, but this seemed to go on forever. I could not stop the car! I was coming to an intersection with a Stop sign. Luckily I got under control and was able to stop. When I arrived at the dealer I told the service people to "keep the car, I don't want it anymore!". I left the car there and had the dealer bring me home. I am waiting to hear from a Toyota rep. We have had many other problems with this car, tires, brakes, exhaust manifold, rear hatch (3 times), check engine light comes on all the time, A/C, and one time we had our tires rotated at dealer and a couple of weeks later a wheel stud broke off because all of our lug nuts were loose! We could have been killed in that one too. I will never feel safe or trust Toyota Service again. I want to tell anyone with a Sequoia to be aware of this serious safety risk.
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