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Toyota Sequoia Maintenance and Repair



  • I've been thinking about these issues and the dangers that seem to be eminent. Have any of you thought about having the data retrieved from the computer's memory on your vehicles ? Automobiles with today's technology should have the capability of tracking everything these vehicles do; does anyone know if I'm on the right track here ? I'm wondering if a local dealer could print off a report from the computer's computer ?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Tracking issues came up earlier this week on the Straightline blog:

    Car buyers must be told of black boxes
  • I have a 2003 sequoia with 29,900 miles.. Dealor says the 30,000 mile check up is due, with a cost of $560.00...I have been faithful with oil changes when required and had to install new brakes a few months back..the truck is running great.... But to pay $560.oo for a check up..Is this 30,000 mile check up worth it... I am wondering if 2003 owners with more miles than 40,000 have had there check ups and are they runnning into problems because they did not get the check up at 30,000.. the service center expressed the importance of this 30,000 for draing of fluids and someting about the fuel pump... thanks in advance for your commments...
  • arslanarslan Posts: 36
    My 03 Sequoia has about 57,000 miles. I've changed the brake pads and turned the rotors twice; the tires were replaced once, from Dunlop to Michelin; one tranny flush at 30,000 miles and regular oil changes at 5,000 mile intervals. Other than the common nuisance problems noted above, my SR5 continues to run smoothly.
  • Was wondering if anyone of you may have the same noise as my 02 LTD 4WD. The intermittent buzzing noise occurs when I turn my engine off and it can be heard from the rear driver side wheel well. It goes away after 15 minutes.

    What could it be? Rear AC?

    Thanks in advance for you response.
  • Your problem sounds almost identical to our experience. We had trasmission replaced in 2001 Sequoia at about 90,000 miles. We purchased this vehicle used and Toyota Certified. Now here we are 4 months after transmission was replaced and truck is doing the same things as before lurching, slipping out of gear, etc. We had it towed to another Toyota dealer who says we need transfer case. Service person also said, "Did you know you have 2 different size tires on your truck?" He added, "This can cause transfer case to go bad." I'm suspecting that it can also cause transmission problem. Now I want to know how Toyota certified my vehicle with 2 different size tires.
  • dgutdgut Posts: 12
    Dealer ran computer diagnosis and concluded the Yaw Rate sensor and steering angle sensor would both have to be replaced at a cost of $1,070. Toyota has refused to help us out in any way even though this malfunction could have cost us our lives. Dealer trying to help us. We have reported this safety concern to NHTSA. Found same problem on another 2001 Sequoia on the NHTSA web site reported in Nov. 2003. They too lost control of vehicle at 70 mph on interstate. If any one else has had this problem with Steering Angle Sensor, please reply.
  • Toyota Certified means taking a trade-in and wash the exterior of the car and vacuum the interior and putting it right back on the lot for sale.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    The trade-in must have less than 85,000 miles on it and be less than six model years old to be certified. The 160-Point Quality Assurance Inspection probably does include a wash and vacuum.

    I'd be curious to know what size the spare is - or maybe it's a real Krispy Kreme donut? :shades:

    More here - Certified Used Vehicle Programs. I'm assuming you're still within the 7/100 limited powertrain coverage?
  • Service manager now says that he made an error - tires are all the same. Of course he told me this right after I had all 4 tires replaced. They had about 9 months worth of tread left.
  • Hi,

    I am experiencing the same problem you mention with loud roar noticable during accelleration. I have an '03 Sequoia Limited with 64,000 miles and I just had both front wheel bearings replaced but the roar/whirring noise persists. My mechanic is perplexed. Can anyone shed any light on this issue? I didn't see a response to your query and wanted to know if you have resolved the problem?

    Thanks to anyone who can help.
  • 2005 Toyota Sequoia
    We keep having this awful problem when we come to a stop light/sign. We are jolted forward. It feels so intense that my Husband & I have both gotten out of the Sequoia on several occasions thinking that we had been rear-ended. Toyota says it must be the engine surging when the a/c motor starts - but this is awful. I can't believe that a $45,000 suv would throw it's passengers forward in order for the a/c to work. Has anyone else experienced this problem or is it just our Sequoia?
  • It is a very common problem. The Tundra and Tacoma has it also. Please do a search on this forum and you will see that it is the propeller shaft that is causing it. I had the dealer grease it and the problem will temporary go away for awhile until it comes back. Then, you do it again. I got it done the first time under warranty but I believe they will charge you. Just complain nicely to your SA and he may waive the charges.

    Also, it happens in the Lexus SUVs as well but they issued a TSB to get it fixed. For those of us who owns Toyota, it is too bad.

    Good Luck.
  • We went with Michelin Cross Terrain SUV. Definitely a better ride than the stock Dunlop tires. Ours is an '03 4WD SR5.
  • Seems like there are various problems with the VSC light being on. I'll just post my experience and details of the problem for comparison. Our '03 4WD SR5 just had a problem with the VSC and traction control lights staying on. We took it to the dealer and were told that the entire VSC/ABS/TRAC system was out and we needed a new "Computer" totalling $1600, mostly for the part. Our truck is about 3 and a half years old with about 40,000 miles. The service guy was no help at all. We asked him to get us in contact with the regional service manner and were told that "he won't talk to you". I asked if I could have the regional service manner tell us personally that he wouldn't talk to us and he refused to get us in contact with him. I then called the 1-800 number I've seen posted on this site (800-331-4331) and lodged a complaint. They gave me the number of the customer service rep (I think that's her title) and we contacted her directly leaving a message. Within about an hour we got a call back from the service department that they were going to replace the part under warranty. Something to note is that the guy from Toyota looked up our service history and said that they take into account the fact that we've done most of our service at the dealer up to this point.

    While this is good news, knowing that we could potentially have another $1600 repair at 80,000 miles makes me concerned about the long term reliability of this thing. The Toyota representative had no specific information on a TSB related to the VSC system for my '03. Has anybody been able to distill all of the various VSC problems reported on this board to determine if there is anything in common with them? Maybe we could come up with a fairly comprehensive VSC problem survey that people could fill out in a thread on this board.
  • dgutdgut Posts: 12
    We also had major problems with our VSC system. See my posting #1563. Our problem was diagnosed as a Steering Angle sensor and Yaw rate sensor. We contacted Toyota and got no where. When these sensors fail (in our experience) the results could be deadly. When you are going 70mph on an interstate and all of a sudden your VSC system activates (cuts power to engine and applies brakes, the only thing you can do is steer) and does not stop until the vehicle comes to a stop is terrifying. We were lucky we were in the right hand lane and could get off the road, if not we would have been involved in a serious accident. We were told by a dealer that sensor problems were nothing to worry about and driving the vehicle was safe. He was dead WRONG! We have no trust in Toyota service and did not repair the vehicle, We got rid of it! We traded it into the dealer. I would be more than willing to fill out a survey of VSC problems.
  • We had the same problem on our '03 limited. It took about a year for them to figure it out and they did fix it. They never seemed too worried about it. We also have a problem where our brake light comes on & stays on, but there is plenty of brake fluid. It stopped for about a year and just did it again today. It goes in Tuesday. It is now out of warranty so we'll see what they say.
  • I have a 2001 Sequoia and I seem to have some kind of problem when my A/C is on. It seems to take alot from my engine or bogg down my transmission. I am not sure what it is but the transmission shifts harder when I have the A/C on and it seems to take longer for it to shift but when I turn the A/C off, it runs fine again...any advice out before I take it to the dealership? I don't have the lurging at the stop lights that other people mention. Only hard, slow shifting when I drive especially up a hill with the A/C on. Thanks
  • I just had a blow out of my Dunlop tires on my Sequoia a few days ago on the highway. The blown tire did some damage. Has anybody had a tire failure? Will Dunlop replace the nblown tire and will they pay for the damage?
  • Mine was stuck as well. I checked with a volt meter, and found power OK. There are two wires plus ground.
    The motor is a DC Permanent magnet motor. There are graphite brushes inside. I suspect the brushes get stuck, and eventually wear to the point where they lose contact. A sharp rap with a screwdriver will allow the springs to reset the brushes.
    I expect that it will happen again, but it only takes 15 minutes to do. Cheaper than a new motor.
  • We lost one of our key sets with the remote unlocking device for our 2003/2004 Sequoia. When I called the dealership, they quoted a price for the key, remote and programming of about $300.00.
    Can anyone suggest a less expensive alternate route?
    I am not comfortable with just one set of keys for any vehicle.
  • We too have had the brake light problem and yes, the dealer said it was hypersensitive to the level of brake fluid. It has "mostly" gone away, but we still see it stay on from time to time.

    And the rear window getting stuck. I swear this happened to me as well, but I finally got it to go up and figured it was user error as it had never happened before and hasn't happened since, but seeing others on this forum mention it convinces me it's a real problem.
  • Our Sequoia is nearing 30K and the dealer is suggesting the cabin air filter is recommended for replacement. Has anyone done this and did they think it was necessary? We have done all the other routine maintence as recommended but this seems it might be an unnessary expense. We live in suburbia and drive on paved roads and not off road or in dusty or dirty conditions. Where is the filter anyways? Under the dash or in the engine compartment?
  • Did you get your 30K mile check up?? If so, what did they charge you? My dealer wants to charge $550 for the check up... I had my oil changed every 4000 miles. they did replace my airfilter one time and it was about $20.. I think it goes behind the glove box.. not sure ..
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    I have 75K on my exceptional 02 Limited. Where the heck is the Cabin filter. My cabin seems very pure !!

    An outstanding Sequoia by the way, that takes the place of two (2) cars for family trips. Talk about economy !!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Check out the Edmunds Maintenance Guide for 30k service recommendations and what the estimated cost is for your zip code.
  • Kelley.
    Sorry to take so long to get back with you. I hope you have already solved your problem, but if not here goes.

    You will need to go back inside of the rear hatch :( , sorry about that. Find the attachment point of the cable, it may have come loose. If it is tight in its hold down you can tweak the attachment point just a little and hold down by bending it away from the latch assembly. What you are doing has the same effect as shortening the cable.
    Good Luck.
    John :)
  • has anyone given you an answer? I have a 2001 Sequoia and I would like to get another set of keys. Thanks
  • Do you still have a master key? If you do then you can purchase the Toyota blank key at for $30 -$35 a blank key. Part number 89785-34020, bring this key to any Walmart to cut, cost 2 bucks. For the remote you can purchase from ebay. It cost about $8 -$12. Make sure you buy the remote with the last characters are BAN (ex. XXXXBAN)This series is for 2003-2004 sequoia. After that you can find my posted in this forum for the procedures to programing both key and remote. These are very simple steps and you can do it yourself and save lot of money.
    For the 2001-2002 sequoia, the key has a electronic CHIP different from 2003-2004, the remote is also different. both are cheaper than the 2003/2004. Blank key around $15-$20, remote is about the same price. The programming are little bit different. Both procedures are also available on this forum as well. Good luck!
  • put the very back window down, gets awesome air flow this way and your dog will love it.....
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