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Toyota Sequoia Maintenance and Repair



  • tiptontipton Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Sequoia SR5. It's only got 16k miles, driven "gently" in city traffic, mostly for local errands, taking kids to school etc.

    Two different repair centers said I need new tires, shocks & struts. The cost to replace the shocks and struts about $800, and another $800 for tires! They also said I need a front end alignment and tire rotation at LEAST twice a year just to keep the tires from wearing incorrectly.

    I'm told that the stock parts were crap to begin with, but if I pay for better quality..they will last longer, hmmmm.
    Is this typical of Sequoia's?

    Do you think my husband (with basic automotive skills) can replace the shock absorbers himself? The maintenance on this SUV is killin' us! :cry:
  • trapper51trapper51 Posts: 27
    Have you tried banging your hand on the top of the dash - this fixed my 'D' light when it was flakey for 2 weeks - hasnt gone bad since. Really. Good luck.
  • trapper51trapper51 Posts: 27
    Have you seen the Chiltons Sequoia Manual? $30 or so.
  • trapper51trapper51 Posts: 27
    No real Radio mods - just forcing them to test that tiny speakers were blown - pretty intuitive but tough when the problem is itermittent. They finally saw the light when I put on guaranteed stereo signal from a cassette. Yeah - i can research light mfgrs for better and better bulb 'promises' but the ones I KNOW work as promised are in the Highlander. I guess I;ll just have to pull one out and try it - I assume no incompatibilities - they're just 12v.
  • trapper51trapper51 Posts: 27
    Not in my opinion, parts are good. I suspect repair shops read these posts too and fuel the FUD. I have had 1 alignment in 6 yrs, am on 3rd set of tires - Dunlop OEMs were junk for 54 and 60 miles so went to heavenly Michelin Cross terrain and now its sister tire - same proce better mud and snow - i do go off road,lightly and into sand here in New England - pull a 4000 boat/trailer. Have never never replaced my shocks (at 160k) - and they also get dunked in the ocean launching the rig. Find a guy who owns a garage/shop, and ask his opinion. Best of luck,
  • 72heaven72heaven Posts: 17
    My 2002 has 57K. I've had to replace the AC, that was very expensive, and currently the rear latch is broke. Overall our Sequoia has proven to be an excellent vehicle. Wife loves it (that's what counts). Is your 02 4x4? If so how often do you engage it? We have never used the 4x4 option.
    Is that bad?
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    Right ...... the radio tends to be very "boomy". What's the deal with "guaranteed stereo signal from a cassette.??
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    My 02 Lmtd is 2WD. 80,000 miles to date. In Arizona I don/t need 4WD. No need unless in snow or slippery conditions. Mileage is a bit better w/2WD and long term maintainence (usually after warranty) is lower. The broken rear latch is pretty common. Plastic part.
  • wilnerwilner californiaPosts: 34
    not yet but i'll try tapping my dashboard, thanks for your reply.
  • slaquer5slaquer5 Posts: 1
    Where did you take your truck to get the latch fixed and how much was it. I need to get mine fixed
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    My Toyota dealer is Right Toyota, Scottsdale AZ. Jon Jones service mgr. Frank Vitaro writer. 480-778-2271 great people.
    Cost Parts $65.84
    Misc $6.38
    Labor $100 flat rate
    Total $172.72 Hope it doesn't happen toooo many times!
    For the 1st time had new brakes all around, transmission flush etc at 77,000 miles. $678.00 total. It's a great Sequoia.
  • 72heaven72heaven Posts: 17
    Don Moore Toyota in Owensboro, KY. $176
  • toneloc1toneloc1 Posts: 2
    I have 2002 sequoia SR5, 3 of 4 door handles have completely broken off. Took it to the dealer hand a DSPM inspection and toyota feels this is not a manufacturers defect. Would like to know if anyone else has had this problem and what was done by toyota.
  • petro33petro33 Posts: 192
    toneloc1 If you do a search of this site you will find many of the sequoias have this problem. When you look at Consumers report on how cars hold up over time it shows that sequoias have problems with "body Hardware" I think is what they call it. Even though mine is a first year vechile all the handles are ok but I have had problems with the hinges that keep the door open when the vechile is on an incline. I had to replace two on them, and one of them failed and the dealer replaced it at no charge.

    But the motor and transmission work like the day i bought them. silky smooth.......

    Good luck, I'm waiting for the '08s and the big engine so i can haul a bigger trailer.
  • 72heaven72heaven Posts: 17
    How much was it to replace the hinges? Both of my rear passenger doors won't stay open. A real pain.
  • petro33petro33 Posts: 192
    I dont remenber, I'll go look it up but i seem to remember it was something like $ 300 for both back doors. Plus I just noticed they aren't working properly now. and it has been about a year and a half since they replaced them.
  • smitty64smitty64 Posts: 4
    You HAVE to call Amy at (1.800.REMOTES) and ask her to get you the clone remote for the Entertainment system. It took me about three weeks to find her, but I was not going to spend $200.00 plus to get one from Toyota!!! $40.00 plus shipping and it works like a dream. Be sure to note that the slide cover on the front of the remote hides the buttons you need to operate the system. Good luck!!!!
  • Thanks Smitty.

    I had already given up and purchased one I found on Ebay for $125.00

    I did try and they said they couldn't help me without knowing the mfg. I wasn't sure other than it was Toyota Factory installed equipment. least we know in case anyone else needs help or I have to purchase a back-up. DO you remember the model# so we can reference it here?

  • arslanarslan Posts: 36
    My radio works but not the lights. So, at night, I have a difficult time locating the pre-set buttons. I don't think it's a fuse, because I had this problem on-and-off for several months. Does anyone have a clue as to the problem and how much it would cost to repair?

    Alternatively, I could replace the radio, but I don't the radio protruding from the dash. Any recommendations on other radios, preferably with MP3?
  • ksheikhksheikh Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Sequoia with 57K miles and it is doing the dame thing. Dealer also told me that this is normal for these trucks. I am going to take it to an other dealer.
  • kiddogokiddogo Posts: 14
    My wife was in a rear end collision, she was hit from behind by a car and the light pole that the other vehicle took out in the melee. The rear spoiler, rear hatch, rear bumper, hitch, all had to be replaced. The sunroof was fully open at the time of the accident and now it sticks. You can open it but when you try to close it, you need to pull it along. Body shop says they are not experts here and it maybe wear and tear...I think not. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    What does anyone hear about a diesel for the new Sequoia or Tundra (will likely come there first)?? I'd buy one in a flash. The Q7 Audi is coming with two diesels. One a V10 that will pull stumps. When you have driven (hauled) with the Sequoia, the Q7, though nice is a bit tiny (as in small).
  • jose01jose01 Posts: 1
    I just purchased (last week) a 2001 LTD with 57K miles 2WD :) .

    So far so good, I love the SUV but have noticed several things:

    1. When I hit 60MPH the steering wheel shakes a bit(not a lot just a little). I have an appointment for an alignment tomorrow and hopefully that will take care of it.
    2. I noticed that the License plate lights where not working and I changed the bulbs and they are still not working. I looked in fuse box for a fuse specifically for this but the only one I found was for the rear end lights.
    3. It has the JBL stereo which really sounds awfull, I thought the speakers were blown but now that I have seen other people say that that's just the way it sounds I am wondering. I will have it checked anyway.
    4. I also did notice that the breaks are sometimes shaki when I apply them when going a little fast (over 40) and I try to come to a stop really fast. I can live with that as long as it does not lead to a bigger problem.

    Soooo, so far that is all I have to report. I would appreciate any response from anyone!!
  • lbert17lbert17 Posts: 4
    I have an 03 with the same vibration. Tried everything from speed balance to alignments. Nothing helps. What I finally found was the dealer never greased anything under the car when it had sevices,especially the slip joint in the drive shaft. It was all shiney from rubbing. After proper greasing the problem was less noticeable but apparently 3 years without grease did the damage. No going back without large expense.Also I never knew about using the 4wd every once in a while to get the oil flowing in the front rear which could also be the culprit because the vibration is strong on pass side floorboard,steering wheel and center console. My vibration goes away after 70mph!
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    My 02 Lmt with 82K had some shakes around 55K. We suspected two things might be the cause. One the front discs may have been warped which could cause front end and steering wheel shaking. In this case the discs where true and the vehicle did not require new pads and disc turning until about 70K. At 55K we did replaced the lousy original equipment Bridgestones (noisy and minimal traction) with one size oversize Michelins, had the road pressure balance and four wheel alignment completed with no further shaking. We do bring the vehicle to the Michelin tire dealer about every 8000 miles for rotation and balance. Smooth all the way up to interstate plus speeds.

    Good luck .... a Sequoia fan.

    p.s. There are no grease zerks on the drive shaft U-joints (or anywhere else) on my 2WD 2002 Limited.
  • I have an 04 LTD, that I recently traded my 04 4-Runner for. The Sequoia had 60,400 miles and my 4-Runner had 66K.

    I was really disappointed with the ride of the Sequoia and started looking at the forum for possible problems. I was hearing a roar in the front end and after taking it to my local Toyota dealer had them replace the lower ball joints(recall) and then had them replace both front bearings. I still have the roaring noise, but not as loud or pronounced. The truck rides so much better and any vibration I was feeling has gone away. The tires are new Yokohama Geolander H/T-S. It was something the dealer put on before I purchased the truck. I'm thinking the noise I'm hearing is now attributed to tire noise. I'll leave them on and let it go until replacement, but will put the Michelins on when it comes time. I had them on the 4Runner and it really made a difference over the Bridgestones I had.

    Don't know if this is helpful to you, but perhaps you should look at the bearings and ball joints if you have not considered it.

  • Harbo,
    I'd like to ask you what size tries you put on your Sequoia and whether the original rims were 16" or 17".

    I am due for a new set and do not want to install another set of OEM Uniroyal tires which are 265/65/17. They are too soft and the wear was very uneven. I also beleive that the originals are way too small for a big truck like the Sequoia. However, at the same time, I do not want to increase road noise. My Seq is very smooth and quite now.

    I am looking for tires one size larger in profile, 265/70/17, but worried that there might be complications with using sizes different than OEM size.
    Any feed back on your experience is appreciated.
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    My 2WD carries 16' rims with 265 / 70R 16 Michelin LTX M/S.

    The standard for the 17' is a 275 / 60 R17 which is a nice wide tread tire. Either way I have had good luck with the LTX M/S Michelin. I'm near 30,000 miles on this set and it looks like another 40K left.

    Good luck ........
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    p.s. I run 38 psi frnt, 36 psi rear when empty. 40 psi rear when loaded.
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    Mikey, is that a 4WD?
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